America First? 200,000 Troops Deployed To 177 Nations

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There was no shortage of cuts proposed in Trump’s budget for 2018, which was released earlier this week. However, as Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes, one of the few departments that did not receive a haircut was the Department of Defense. If the proposed budget ultimately passes in Congress, the DoD would be allocated an extra $54 billion in federal funding – a 10% increase that would be one of the largest one-year defense budget increases in American History.

To put the proposed increase in context, the United States already spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined. Meanwhile, the additional $54 billion is about the size of the United Kingdom’s entire defense budget.

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With over half of all U.S. discretionary spending being put towards the military each year, the U.S. is able to have extensive operations both at home and abroad. Our chart for this week breaks down military personnel based on the latest numbers released by the DoD on February 27, 2017.

In total, excluding civilian support staff, there are about 2.1 million troops. Of those, 1.3 million are on active duty, while about 800,000 are in reserve or part of the National Guard.

On a domestic basis, there are about 1.1 million active troops stationed in the United States, and here’s how they are grouped based on branch of service:

Internationally, there are just under 200,000 troops that are stationed in 177 countries throughout the world.

In 2015, Politico estimated that there are 800 U.S. bases abroad, and that it costs up to $100 billion annually to maintain this international presence.

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LetThemEatRand's picture

Obviously this is all because North Korea was always a Yuge threat to the United States.  Did anyone else notice that Drudge (who advocated for the Iraq war) is going full retard on NK as some kind of imminent threat to the US?

Cheka_Mate's picture


"There is no guarantee that diplomacy would succeed. But it might. And even if it failed, demonstrating that a good-faith effort had been made would make it less difficult to contemplate, carry out, and subsequently explain to domestic and international audiences why an alternative policy, one that included the use of military force, was embraced."

- Richard Haas, Council on Foreign Relations 


Haass was born in Brooklyn, the son of Marcella (née Rosenthal) and Irving B. Haass. His family is Jewish (Wikipedia)


philipat's picture

Perhaps he meant "American Empire First"?!

greenskeeper carl's picture

Ya. One of the main reasons I voted for him is because I don't want to go to war with Russia over Syria. The rest of this stuff is disappointing, but not really surprising. I'd advocate cutting a solid 200B a year, maybe spread out over 4 years for a starter. If our 'leaders' can't keep America safe(the mainland) on what Bush II spent his first year in office, they all deserve to be fired.

techies-r-us's picture
techies-r-us (not verified) greenskeeper carl Mar 19, 2017 10:16 PM

None of those 177 countries gets over $5 Billion a year like IsraHELL does. America first. Nope. Israel first.

Mano-A-Mano's picture
Mano-A-Mano (not verified) techies-r-us Mar 19, 2017 10:17 PM

Every American politician has his tongue embedded in Aipac's anus.

kavlar's picture
kavlar (not verified) Mano-A-Mano Mar 19, 2017 10:19 PM

Coprophagic critters they are.

Bro of the Sorrowful Figure's picture

only 204 in Syria? guess they're not counting the CIA mercenaries and ISIS recruits we're funding and training.

cue in cue's picture

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Déjà view's picture

34, they not know WWll ended 72 years ago in RICH Germany who has budget surpluses 4-FOUR years in a row...

German budget surplus swells to record post-reunification high

Stuck on Zero's picture

I can't quite make out on that map how many troops we have on the border with Mexico...

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

Gotta keep those Commies and the International Communist Conspiracy in check both at home and abroad.

We have mandatory drug and alcohol testing, why not introduce random 'drinking a glass of water' testing for all members of the legislature as a precaution. Good enough for ol' Jack Ripper!


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Once you realize the goal is not domestic defense but other goals, then the realization why they can't live on the first year Bush Ii budget is apparent.


Even generals and congress critters feed at the defense budget trough for second careers in the former and votes and campaign contributions in the latter.

besnook's picture

korea is the gateway to china. the japanese opened it. the usa tried to go through it but the chinese closed the door on them. it is a great place for a prolonged proxy war that kills mostly north koreans and chinese.

the people who run the usa have lost their fucking minds and aren't even looking for them because they don't know they have lost their minds. they just want to save the empire like all the past empires have tried to save their empires. the usa may be the last empire if they are as crazy as i think they are.

nmewn's picture

He's doing exactly what he said he would do and everyones shocked? And yet, he's reported to be a Russian agent by Fake Nuuuz...lmao!

LetThemEatRand's picture

The Trump I voted for said he was going to pull back from foreign entanglements and focus on America first.   North Korea is not a threat to the United States.

nmewn's picture

Pretty sure he ALSO said he was going to rebuild the military from the cannibalism of the Obama years.

LetThemEatRand's picture

He did say that he wanted to "rebuild" the military (which is already the biggest in the world).  But I also remember him saying that he would make it more efficient so as not to increase spending.  His current plan is to cut funding to other programs (that need cutting) and gift the money dollar for dollar to MIC.

Are you seriously for that?  Do you believe the military is underfunded?

Jubal Early's picture

His point is that Trump is a neocon wolf who got elected by wearing sheeps clothing.  Election fraud much?  Can you point out one area where he is de-escalating.  Certainly not in Syria, and I read over the weekend that 2500 marines were landing in Kuwait and getting ready to "help out" in Syria.  And what about his bullshit about Russia "returning" Crimea.  Its all propaganda for the stupid goy who can't stay focused for even a single news cycle.

Terminus C's picture

You see, Trump did what he was expected to do.  He was to re-legitimize elections on the "red" team.  Bammy did that for the blue team.

What we are watching is a WWE storyline writ large.

Enjoy your soma and stop thinking too much.

shimmy's picture

Yes, this is pretty much it. These people are all the same and just play the heel and face roles when needed. Amusing so many can't grasp this after they've seen close to two decades of the exact same shit and nothing about Trump so far indicates he is going to be different. 

stacking12321's picture

you voted?

well, serves you right, in that case.

if you give them permission to rule over you, then you have to accept whatever scraps are thrown from the master's table.

LetThemEatRand's picture

You realize that you just voted for a comment, right?

stacking12321's picture

you realize that there's a huge difference between voting in a voluntary opinion poll on zero hedge, and voting of a political race, the winner of which gains the supposed right to employ violence and threats of violence to rule over you, right?


Mustafa Kemal's picture

"He's doing exactly what he said he would do and everyones shocked?"

I hear this meme alot. I suppose if they repeat it enough some of us will believe it

Lost in translation's picture

Drudge is MSM. You haven't figured that out, yet?

Jubal Early's picture

"Did anyone else notice that Drudge (who advocated for the Iraq war) is going full retard on NK"

I noticed he was going full retard on Tranny's, faggots (Milo), and lesbian.  Clearly this kike is in league with the entire destroy the goy/greater israel agenda.


Hubbs's picture

Trump knows he has to keep the military on his side to get the initial phase of his swamp cleaning completed? Then what happens?

Uchtdorf's picture

Young Marines will tell you that they are tired of fighting for nothing. Trump could be on their side by bringing them home.

buckstopshere's picture

He who defends everything defends nothing.

-Frederick the Great

Aristofani's picture

I guess your are referring to those who have their heads up tRump or respectively  the corporate democrat party arseholes.

Facts are facts.

tRump: “I’ve always opposed the Iraq war.” On March 15th, the Pentagon announced it’s plans to send 2,500 new to Kuwait to await their deployment to Syria and Iraq.

Is-Be's picture

A thumbs up for mentioing a great Prussian.

Has anyone seen Prussia recently? Or is it a victim of Genocide, you hypocritical pricks.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Mar 19, 2017 9:56 PM

Glad to see Djibouti, Africa, made the map. Finally. What a shithole and a waste of fucking money. Bring them all home. We don't need a military base in Djibouti. Not now. Not ever.

buckstopshere's picture

Djibouti is necessary for the petrodollar.

Unless the US transitions from the petrodollar to the gold-silver dollar, Djibouti will continue to be a priority.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) buckstopshere Mar 19, 2017 10:09 PM

Bullshit. But if you want to believe in fairy tales, by all means, continue to indulge.

Edit: awwwwww. Someone is awful butthurt about a shithole few Americans have heard about. Cui Bono.

buckstopshere's picture

A member of SEAL Team 6 (DEVGRU) was killed in Yemen not long ago. Yemen is a stone's throw from Djibouti.

As long as the US defends the petrodollar, Djibouti will be a key asset.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) buckstopshere Mar 19, 2017 11:10 PM

BS. Djibouti is where the US drone operators reside.

I don't give a shit about Yemen or any other part of the ME. Nor do I care about any part of Africa.

They are not the problem of the US.

If you want to play merc, by all means, go ahead and play. But self fund and stop wasting US Taxpayer money on your little games.

Djibouti has nothing to do with the fucking petro dollar. Zero. But keep on blathering. You are proving my point.

nmewn's picture

Djibouti, thats a "former" French colony ain't it? ;-)

HRClinton's picture

Sheik Djibouti, Sheik Djibouti.

Shake Sheik, shake! Shake Sheik, shake!  Sheik Yerbouti, Sheik Yerbouti. 

-DC and the Sunshine band

Krungle's picture

But then China will have a base there and we won't won't and then what?! 

Krungle's picture

So troops in 92% of the countries recognized by the UN. That's only an A-, obviously we can do better.

IronShield's picture

Agreed, FTW, bring them home. They'll be needed here soon enough.

Bigly's picture


bruno_the's picture

C'mon Tyler. How many in your home country? No US troops in Bulgaria????

buckstopshere's picture

“If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) buckstopshere Mar 19, 2017 10:12 PM

You can spout that BS all you want.

Bigger bombs solve problems like that fat little idiot in North Korea.

Boom boom out go the lights. Easy.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Bigger bombs solve problems like that fat little idiot in North Korea.

Boom boom out go the lights. Easy."

I completely disagree. Are you talking about nuke first strike? You may be right that you could "solve problems like that fat little idiot in North Korea."

but what happens after that? The invasion of Iraq was also easy peasy. How is that going? Moreover, it you dont kill all of them with that strike, you better be prepared to do it anyway. Unlike Americans the NK do know how to fight and die in large numbers. 

Moreover, you have just removed the idea that USA wont do first strike. Would definitely change the game in ways you might not imagine.

Now, on the off chance you were not talking nukes, again yes, you might be able to get him, but what a mess you will end up with. 

"You can spout that BS all you want."

Weve heard it before and we are living with it now.

PS: after the fall of the berlin wall, the deep state needed new cold war bogeymen. They found NK and Iran to work very well. Think for a moment what their lives have been like because of all our UN supported sanctions, same as Iran.  You could solve NK crisis by simply talking with them as humans.