Intel Chair: "No Collusion Between Trump and Russia... Leak Is The Only Crime"

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Just as was predicted, based on the expectations management being undertaken by high-ranking Democrats, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes confirmed on Sunday that he's seen no evidence of collusion between President Trump's campaign and Russia.

As The Hill reports, Nunes was asked during an interview on "Fox News Sunday" if he has seen any evidence of any collusion between "Trump world" and Russia to swing the 2016 presidential election.

"I'll give you a very simple answer: 'no,' " Nunes said. "Up to speed on everything I have up to this morning. No evidence of collusion."

However, Nunes notes that the probe did discover one crime during the probe - related to the leaking of former Trump aide Michael Flynn's name and transcript...

"The one crime we know that's been committed is that one: the leaking of someone's name ...,"


"That's what we're trying to get to the bottom of: were there any other names that were unmasked, leaked and leaked out?"

And Rand Paul is demanding that whoever leaked transcript of former NSA Michael Flynn's contacts with Russian ambassador should "go to jail"

Glenn Greenwald sums up the farce well, given the way these Russia conspiracies have drowned out other critical issues being virtually ignored under the Trump presidency, it’s vital that everything be done now to make clear what is based in evidence and what is based in partisan delusions. And most of what the Democratic base has been fed for the last six months by their unhinged stable of media, online, and party leaders has decisively fallen into the latter category, as even their own officials are now desperately trying to warn.

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Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Reason won't matter to snowflakes. They'll cling to the comfort of their illusions.

Erek's picture

Hmm. It seems the "Intelligence" chair is leaking on the snowflakes.

Looney's picture

... No evidence of collusion

But… but… 0bama said… Hillary said… 17 intelligence agencies said… CNN said…

Looney  ;-)

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) Looney Mar 19, 2017 11:07 AM

Trump is in the clear regarding the Ruskies. 

But here's a collusion between a Russian skier and a patch of snow.


VIDEO: Skier Shocking Fall Caught on his Helmet Cam


#GoPro and #GoDie

TrollandDump's picture
TrollandDump (not verified) xythras Mar 19, 2017 11:07 AM

That's gotta hurt !

Latina Lover's picture

Be of good cheer, democrats. You can rely on fake news CNN to maintain your delusions.

CuttingEdge's picture

Gotta feel real sorry for that head-exploding ugly fat cunt Michael Moore...not.

Manthong's picture

‘Intel Chair”..?

Is that anything like a stupid toilet?

I was in intel when “military intelligence” was a known oxymoron.

Flynn was probably the best man for the job, but he was not head’s up in time to the boss(‘s)..

That’s a shame.


justin423's picture

In this case, yes.
Nunes is compromised, so the House Intel committee is being kept in the dark.

Grassley got the SCIF briefing with the details.
McConnell and Burr were NOT invited, so the FBI trusts Grassley more than Burr and McConnell.

Look at the video of his presser from Friday.
He was in complete disbelief at how bad it is and was barely holding it together.
This is Abscam big.

hope_talk's picture
hope_talk (not verified) justin423 Mar 19, 2017 5:39 PM

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TwelveOhOne's picture

Share your snuff films somewhere else.  Try to be relevant.

Manthong's picture

I never click on links I do not know the source of…

WTF is the “snuff” you refer to ??????

TwelveOhOne's picture

I didn't click on the link either.  It appears from the two hashtags he ended his advertisement with, that the skiier might have died.  Hence, my wording.

Jein's picture

His links blast you with spyware 

TwelveOhOne's picture

Thanks, another good reason not to load it.  

Although, I have clicked on some of his links before.

So: how do I remove his spyware?

StychoKiller's picture

Run Firefox in a Linux Distro.

caconhma's picture

By allowing to different intelligent agencies to share raw data, Obama his ruined the entire US intelligence operations. It has been a treason!

Instead of working independently, collecting new sources and info, various intelligence agencies will:

  • Compromise and endanger their sources. A mole in one agency will compromise the entire US intelligent community operations and sources
  • Instead of doing their own job, various intelligence agencies will be busy analyzing somebody else info

Nobody in the entire intelligent community stood up and protected the US intelligent operation. Just look at Flynn, a former military intelligence chief was a paid Turkey agent and getting money from Russia State enterprises. It is absolutely disgusting!

chubbar's picture

But Coast Guard intel (one of the 17 agencies) SAID that they had intel on Russian hacking! (Sarc) OK, did anyone really believe that the fucking Coast Guard gets involved in this type of shit? When the morons get on TV and start pounding the table about 17 agencies all reporting ANYTHING at the same time, you can pretty much guarantee it's complete Bullshit. That those fucktards believed it themselves just goes to show how stupid those asshats really are.

New_Meat's picture

lawyers' creed:

"if you have the facts, pound the facts, if you have the law, pound the law, if you have neither the facts nor the law, pound the table."

- Ned

{or "What difference, at this point, does it really make?"}

Manthong's picture

“if you have neither the facts nor the law,…”

Maybe a .45 ACP could work.  


nmewn's picture

Been saying all along "government officials who wish to remain anonymous" committed a felony when they released Mike Flynns name.

He's an American citizen.

Suck it CNN ;-)

Jonas Parker's picture

Don't eat the yellow snow (flakes).

Zorba's idea's picture

I'll call that a "time out" chair for the incorigibles.

LetThemEatRand's picture

The Deep State/MSM trots out shit like this precisely because the facts don't matter once the narrative is set.  Half the country will go on thinking there's no way the story would have made it this far were there not some there there.

A rope leash's picture

...and once the narrative has solidified, it's fed to schoolchildren as "history".

Zorba's idea's picture

The difference in today's narrative is back in the day, Fake News makers were insulated from disruptive facts. For those who have awakened, the Internet of things holds the Legacy Liars accountable in unprecedented ways. This has truly become ground zero for the nation. The desperation and lunacy being displayed 24/7 by elites, as an aarp aged citizen, is the most extraordinary experience in my life. The more they shriek, Lie, and double down every day, begging america to believe them, it reminds me of some mafia movie where the guy screams NO! NO! NO! before getting whacked. One iconic moment from past legacy media liars, is etched in the memory of 9/11 when they broadcasted that WTC 7 just collapsed due to collateral damge with WTC 7 standing in plain sight in the background. For me, that will remain a constant reminder of what america's corporate media is... a Terrorist network intent on destroying Truth and lives.

chunga's picture

Was there any "collusion" involved with Comey's on/off/on/off investigation of Honest Hill'rey?

It's funny how that question won't even occur to any of the frauds in congress. C'mon Trump, give this thing a nudge if you really want to drain the swamp.

DJT - "You can't review 650,000 emails in 8 days."

MsCreant's picture

I have wondered if some of the strategy is to keep him on the run, on the defensive, so that if he does go after some of the elite who need to go down for their crimes, that it will be framed as a dictator abusing his power, engaged in partisan politics. 

I wonder if he can go after them at all without looking like Mussolini?

chunga's picture

Guys like Schiff, Schumer, and Blitzer will say that but they hate Trump no matter what.

Trump's deplorable supporters know the score and will criticize if he doesn't go after them hard and now is a perfect opportunity. It was the Dummycrats who demanded this investigation but want the scope restricted to Russia, and Russia only. And the rEpublicans won't bring this up either because they suck too.

The first rule of Swamp Club is you DO NOT talk about Anthony Weiner's laptop.

Jubal Early's picture

"Guys like Schiff, Schumer, and Blitzer will say that but they hate Trump no matter what."

This whole "jew media hates Trump" meme is starting to put off a foul stench.  For one thing Trump has yet to do anything to stop this war for greater Israel.  Or take this latest leak/Russian collusion news.  After months of bluster, its a nothing burger.   Is Trump really made of that much teflon, or is this all a show for the goyim and all the ignorant jews.

Just keep on scrolling.  It really is starting to look like Trump is a crypto jew:


Dancing Disraeli's picture

Most Jews are globalists first and Zionists last.  That's why they hate Trump.

Jubal Early's picture

Check out this list of jews who worked to get Trump elected, they certainly don't hate him...

divingengineer's picture

Unlike #pizzagate.
There will never be a story there, even if they catch Pedoesta with his dick where it doesn't belong.

kellys_eye's picture

That's ONE baseless accusation against Trump down - three billion more baseless claims to go......  FFS, when will those snowflakes wake up?

SMC's picture

When they are cold, hungry and wishing the lights would come back on.

MsCreant's picture

No. They will blame Trump.

divingengineer's picture

Unfortunately you are correct.

SWRichmond's picture

They will blame Trump regardless.  Whether or not Trump will be blamed for anything bad is not a consideration.   It has been rendered moot by the MSM.  It should not be a factor in any decision making process.

So I'm ok with turning off the power, stopping the food, and so on, if anyone was so inclined.  Liberal city pukes have it coming.

Stop voting to steal from me.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Baseless accusations to try and draw attention away from what the Dems actually DID, with evidence and all.

Libtards wreck everything they touch, even the hard work of theorists who until recently achieved an amazing level of success in converting conspiracys into fact.


DaddyO's picture

<- They'll cling to the comfort of their illusions ->

Isn't delusions a better word choice?

There's a part of me that wants the tide to change quickly, for the intel and deep state apparatus pendulum to swing back the other way.

This slow motion train wreck is wreaking havoc on my libertarian leanings. I keep hoping against hope for a dramatic event like indictments and perp walks.

The best outcome would be the elimination of the many 3 letter agencies that have become pygmalian.


Giant Meteor's picture

Yes, delusion, due to the illusion ...

Madness .. in short

Pathologic insanity if ya wanna go clinical

Canary Paint's picture

Yeah... If something gets out there enough, it sort of sticks in people's minds.

I remember seeing statistics, don't remember the figures, of the scarily large amount of people who, years later, thought WMDs had been found in Iraq.

It turned my stomach to see the unsubstantiated Russia hysteria because I am certain many will remember only the initial fervor.

I just recently read about the Availability Heuristic an aspect of which is that people remember more easily vivid narratives. So which is more vivid: the loud, garish initial claims and all their disturbing implications or the generally quieter, more rationally presented results of an investigation?

I bet I will hear a Clintonesque Democrat tell me about how we survived a Russian-infiltrated political regime 15 years from now.

Giant Meteor's picture

Most reasonable people are sickened by this entire shit show, feel they have no say, nor control. As always it is mostly a partisan echo chamber, while the real events take on a life of their own. The great many, the unwashed masses are merely riding on the crazy train, and the reality is could give two shits. Other than that, another percentage spits back up what they are told on the tee vee .

Yes, this paints a bleak picture, but there you have it.


Giant Meteor's picture

Indeed so, however it is AMPLIFIED .. by magnitudes.

With each little go round ...

Thats why I say, this sucker will blow, the timing and the nature of the catalyst (one black swan too many) of course the only real unknown. Just like in the old days, when boilers were blown through the roof and ended up 4 blocks over, failed pressure relief ..

At least we have the NFL and fantasy football, so there is that ..

and snap 

Automatic Choke's picture

actually, no.   this sort of shit has been going on forever.   (look up LBJ and his pig-fucking opponent).  it is only in our modern age of the net that the truth can be glimpsed through the msm curtain.   before that, there was no chance of dissemination of facts that ran counter to the official narrative.

MsCreant's picture

I got chu' puppy face! Meanwhile, bullshit has never been disseminated so quickly, either. MSM is a pastiche of bullshit. The internet contains truth, but it is also a poisoned well. 

Let's hope the free market of ideas stays free. Free speech means the right to lie and get caught and punished for it.

Giant Meteor's picture

Excellent points, especially the poisoned well. 

Upvote to you both btw ..

SWRichmond's picture

What the internet has made possible is to easily and repeatably be able to see the remarkable variability in the reporting of a single event, as reported by many sources.  Any thinking person will quickly realize the amount of bias in all reporting.  

And that, all by itself, becomes a deep rabbit hole quickly.