Jean-Clown Drunkard for Dinner

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Jean-Claude Juncker: “In Europe, the choice is to eat what’s on the table or not come to the table at all.”

You sure about that, Jean-Creep Druncker?

Certainly, the choice in Europe is to eat the EU baloney sandwich.  However, we could cook for ourselves, or we could eat elsewhere, or we could order take-out, or we could get someone else to cook for us, or we could go to a fast food joint, or we could microwave a TV dinner, or even go on a diet................etc,etc,etc.

You see there's a whole wide wonderful world of pabulum possibilities out there. The EURO Gyro mystery meat selection is merely one option, and we've grown tired of your monotonous mainstream menu, not to mention the inflated prices, decadent decor, conceited chef, assanine arrogant manager, moronic maitre d', incredibly incompetent staff, and entirely excessive "service charges".

Enjoy your Stale Stuffed Soufflé you supreme scum bag!  

Try the Marinated Moules Mariniere avec vin rouge. A simply superb succulent Chef Le Pen specialty.

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Marine looks great in that 10 gallon hat and especially since she's all hat AND all cattle.

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May I suggest for monsieur, an appetizer of fresh rocky mountain oysters, and for dessert a large helping of fresh steamiing cow pie.

Bon appetit Juncker you arrogant bastard!

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Love it, Marine LePen takes HRC's egocentric "I'm with Hillary" and makes it for the French People, the Citizens of France.

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I'm hittin' dat in a cowboy hat

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LoL! That fucking crook! Fucking alcoholic statist. He's fair game to be mocked until the day he finally dies! Want some cyanide... Uhh salt, with the expensive meal? Which you made US Europeans pay for! Spiking your glass is a lost cause. The only thing you have eyes for!

Mind explaining the world how Luxembourg on it's own is going to give ownership of asteroids to mine to the world? The US, China and Russia would like to know.

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So many lies and outright FAKE NEWS about The Haggi..A seriously misunderstood part of Celtic culinary history.there a at least three species of The Beast.

On the steep sided hills one type can on run from left to right,this is The Hillside Haggis.its right legs are approximately 4 inches shorter than its left making it very fast when running along the mountains but hunters understood this and this one was hunted to extinction.

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Jean Clown Drunkard would be best to describe this poor crazy wannabe.

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to be properly european.. "banale ancien concha" seems to rhyme better with this toe-rags name :)

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Who will choke first on a haggis? UK or EU?

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"It was the coldest winter in a thousand years. We were so hungry we took entrails and stuffed it into a sheep's stomach and ATE it!"

So that's how haggis was invented.


" You didn't make that haggis. " 

Barf Oblamma, Brown Porcelain Bomber In Chief 

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I'm patial to haggis, try it without thinking about what  it is.

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You don't want to know what's inside your haggis
                               - Edward VIII


" You have to pass the haggis to know what's in the haggis. "

Nancy " I don't give a shit. " Pelosi 

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Hag manay (spelling/)...haggis and wiskey (scotch of course) is whats for New Years Eve.