AAPL Reaches New Record High

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Just one more thing...


Record high stock price... NOT record high EPS expectations...

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This big money looking for a place to park, EPS doesn't mean diddly squat right now so expect valuations to get even more rediculous in near the future.

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Yeah but compared to $SNAP apple has several 1000% upside so by the fucking dip!!!!

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BTFD is outdated strategy. Its now....BDBFBS. Buy dips buy flat buy spikes. Just buy!

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Apple continues to go up, in share price, meanwhile, Western countries around the world are being flagged as in entering recession. The fact is, we have never solved any of the real issues that were created from the 2008 crisis. The stock price of Apple is an illusion, nothing more.



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Well, lots of people getting considerably ridher of all those "illusions"...


Just remember, it isn't a "profit" until you sell...

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Absolutely.  Paper wealth is sooo intoxicating, until paper promises go poof. 

Example: Radio Corporation of America (RCA)

From RCA's 1929 high of $114 the stock price dropped for the next three years, reaching it nadir of less than $3 per share in 1932.

RCA was the predominant technology leader of its day. Nevertheless, it lost 97% of its value.


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Long Apple = Long Snowflakes.

Have you been to an airport or sporting event recently?

Thousands visually plugged into their "smart" phones.  

I've seen people get aggressive with one another at electrical outlets and charging stations  trying to keep their mini boob tubes juiced up.

God forbid they might have to have a meaningful conversation with anyone. 


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 That pig is ripe for some puts.

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"I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to keep my nuts warm"...Earnest Borgnine

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my two cents worth....

thats what my april 105 puts are worth now. Paid 3.45 *sigh*

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 You'll do well.  :-D  

  Sit tight and love the premium.

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just look at the Dow Jones Propaganda index...


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Niggas can't be broke if they are buying 800 phones every year, with 100 dollar a month plans....

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"Thou Shall Not Eat From That AAPL Tree, Or Thou Will Surely Die"

"Not quite dead. I could pull through. I think I'm getting better."

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The market is dead....and earnings are meaningless....Telsa $1000! Central Banks love bad Apples!

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I's rathas have a news iphone den dats healthcare.

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Wait til QE4 when the Fed directly monetizes stocks...overtly. I suspect the Fed has been in the market covertly since 2014. 

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Compared to many other valuations, AAPL is far from being in a bubble. It's instead priced rather conservatively.

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If you've seen the unsaleable crap with all the useful ports missing you'll realise it's a bubble.

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Keep pushing Warren.....HHHHHEAVE!!!!  Make it go HIIIIIIIGHER!!!!

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Hey! There is a bubble! Time to call bullshit. *On wut?* Ewwrry fookin thing!

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Look at it this way: Zero wave analysis is the opposite of Shep wave analysis.

ZW: sell stocks, buy PM 

SW: buy and sell on timely opportunities

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Hey thanks for that post.  I know about Shep wave and like them. I do not want to start a big argument on here about that. They are good and I like them.  


But I cannot find any information about the Zero wave analysis. What does "buy PM" mean?  I found a Zero wave apparel store in oregon. But nothing about a zero wave analysis site. 

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ZH has such a weird blind spot on Apple... as do most commenters...

really never any reference to software or tech or comparisons to other tech companies.

Do you people like raging against apple fanboys more thwn making money?

Sure seems like it, cunts.


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Agree.  There is a blind spot in general.  Too much working of their agenda and emotion rather than objectively calling market moves.  That is why as I say above I have found value in the analysis from Shepwave. 

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My mother in law was sold some "great investement stocks" at the peak of the previous bubble, aapl right now is looking like a "good investment" too /s

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Okay this is simply amazing.  A lot of you here talk about Shepwave.  Well, i checked them out recently and just two weeks ago they put out a special report on aapl and totally nailed this.  Gotta say I am quite impressed with the precision of their market calls.  There are some smart people on this board for sure. 

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Dude, the wave man rocks.  But there are not many actual traders on ZH. THe ones who are on here and are making money already know of SW.  It is good that you finally found the light. LOL

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Looks great, maybe they should remove a few more ports and useful features?

How about a macbook without a keyboard next as they already removed all the useful ports.

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Oh no Tyler, don't do this. You will get the cadre of Apple haters, California haters, civil liberty haters in a spin here. Please post bad news about Apple.

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 Is it just me, or is the macro [vs] ES earnings chart divergence an almost perfect overlay  with TSLA and APPL?

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I would purchase a new MacBook Pro 15" but prices are too high.  I don't mind paying a premium for Apple products but that premium has become too extreme.   

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You mean like the iPhone having specs that match an android phone from China made three years ago.

You can buy a $250 phone that destroys the iPhone7 in every way. Build, speed, screen, and camera.

BUT APPLE HAS THAT COOL PORTRAIT MODE!!!!!!! add $100 billion more in market cap.

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I still build myown PC's and have had no use for any Apple product. My wife is another story, Apple products are made for women and the current crop of what used to be known as men. Iphone? check, Ipad, check and when she wanted a laptop, Macbook pro 15' w/touchbar. So much money and no touch screen? Yet, she is very happy. Why? because she plugs it in and not only does it work but it syncs with all her other apple crap and she had virtually zero learning curve. Even I have to admit it is one slick piece of tech.

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Totally unrelated, but this is the demographic SNAP is intending to make money from.....


http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39328156 Don't know whether to laugh or cry!



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I had an iPhone I bought used for $50. I did not see what the big deal was with it being an apple. It stopped working and I just went down and bought one of the cheapest phones they had. ZTE no contract out the door $59. There is nothing I can't do on this phone. This charging over $100 for a phone of any kind is manure fresh and deep. The public is getting financially ripped to shreds.