Central Bank Shell Game: What Sweden's Negative Interest Rates Do To Consumers

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Authored by Nick Kamran via LettersFromNorway.com,

Sweden’s welfare state supposedly allows for success while providing a safety net for those unable to keep up with the market. In principle, it is an ideal state, achieving a utopian like state. However, Sweden’s touted economic success has come at the expense of the Krone (SEK) and long-term sustainability. Riksbank, the Swedish Central Bank, like their European contemporaries, have undertaken experimental policy, driving real and nominal interest rates below zero.

Not All Growth is Equal

Since 2014, Swedish deposit rates have been negative. Not only has overall negative real interest rate policy affected housing, but it also drove Swedish consumers deeper into debt. Embarking on the dual mandate policy may have staved off recession it created greater problems for the future.

Sources: The Swedish Central Bank (Riksbank), The World Bank and the OECD

Although current deposit rates are negative, at a record low of -1.25%, and the latest GDP print came in above forecast, at 2.3%, the growth rate has been tapering since 2015. Sweden’s “hot” GDP growth, relative to the region, could be attributed, not to industrial growth, but rather increased government spending, funding social programs. Additionally, with no incentive to save, consumer debt has taken off, along with the housing prices, while disposable income lagged. Swedish household debt is now at a record high. Hence, the Swedish growth story is not organic but rather a borrow and spend one.

Source: The IMF Working Paper WP/15/276 by Rima Turk

The Riksbank Shell Game

Swedes, like Norwegians, are victims of the “exchange rate versus housing price shell game.” The SEK received today for the sale of their inflated flats has fallen 30% against the US dollar (average USDSEK in 2014 was 6.86 vs. 8.95 on March 15, 2017). Stockholm housing rose 31% during the same period in SEK terms, negating the recent gains over the same period. The SEK fell 23% against gold in the same period.

Hence, the “Swedish Model” is under attack. The egalitarian underpinnings, unwinding with the negative rates, are driving a wedge into Swedish society, creating extremes on both sides of the economic spectrum. The rampant consumerism, encouraged by artificially low rates, continues to widen the wealth gap. Coincidentally, the middle class deteriorated the most between 2014 and 2015: the same time that deposit rates took a dive. Furthermore, the negative savings rates are driving the average person to “gamble” on speculative investments instead of saving, building a future over the long term.

No Pain No Gain

Recently, inflation has been heating up. Near zero from 2013 to 2015, it edged up to almost 1% in 2016, and printed1.8% in February. Much of it is supply driven: rising import prices attributed to a falling SEK. The real interest rates, currently at -2.3% (Repo Rate – Inflation), fell -.4% since last month. At some point, Riksbank will either have to raise rates or the government will have to intervene to avert a currency crisis.

Interestingly, Sweden is one of the most economically diverse nations in the world, ranking fourth in economic complexity. Historically, Sweden has been an industrial and innovation powerhouse with firms like ABB, SKF (ball bearings), Astra Zeneca, and H&M. An economy like Sweden’s could more easily adjust to a sustainable interest rate than almost any nation. Although there would be a short-term housing bust, the money would quickly flow into the other and diverse industries, creating new opportunities rather quickly (there is precedence).

Hence, instead of undertaking experimental rate policy, Riksbank and the Swedish government should be engineering a soft landing or a “controlled crash,” adjusting taxes and policy to ensuring a smooth transition to sustainability for the general population. There is precedent from Iceland that already exists.

It is clear that the negative rate experiment is neither sustainable nor helpful to economic growth. It only inflates bubbles while widening the wealth gap in Swedish society. A once prudent and financially conservative people are now getting drunk on debt, wrecking their futures. The very premise of Swedish society is under attack. Nevertheless, it does not appear that this policy will abate anytime soon. There seems to be one lever in the Central Banker’s control room: interest rates. If anything, they may get more aggressive with it.

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Now Rockefeller is dead who knows what will happen. Funny how zerohedge isn't mentioning it don't you think?

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Funny that you missed the article!

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cue in cue (not verified) Thoresen Mar 21, 2017 6:58 AM

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Really, where have you been?


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  There is one investment strategy that has been historically proven to preserve wealth amidst negative interest rates, currency crises, and rising inflation:

 Gold and silver.

 Is this time different?

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too many gold bugs about for my likeing


gold to trade at $600 first imo before it sees $1500


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Stupid article, interest rates are NEGATIVE in real terms (corrected for inflation) everywhere.  having a nominal negative rate is just being honest about it.

You could graph housing prices against number of conforming loans issued (e.g whatever the swede norm for 20 percent down is).

Now when you renormalize rates, housing prices have to crash....  The only question is how long does it take.

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Gotta let the wool grow thick on the sheep.  Then, when the political advantage is greatest, the 1%ers will shear the flock!

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Sweden has been over-run by the libtard globalist that will destroy the country from the inside-out through massive middle eastern immigration.

It's toast already.

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Janet Yellen is panting down the 200 meter track holding the baton. The winner receives a basket of Wiener Schnitzel.

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She is holding the armload of knives that she catches daily and bleeding profusely.

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I initially skimmed your comment and pictured Janet panting and holding bacon.  Mental eye bleach.

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And a nice golden dog turd.

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only LIBOR moving up as it has been can alter these central banks  course.

The MARKET will crush their positions , long bonds, and they will panic like every other investor

next thing you know, people are talking about the technical solvency of the central banks, and the  politians will

tell us the central bank is strong and stable.

The good news is i have AUSTRALIAs property bubble  busitng in the next few months. 2017 is  THE YEAR for this.

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Negative rates, coming to a central bank near you soon compliments of Yellen and her unwillingness to (meaningfully) raise rates at all time highs. I'm sure that 50 bps will be sufficient when the next turd hits the fan. But relax, she is gonna unwind the balance sheet to all those retail investors! /s 

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Weimar World, forward, march !  "Print print print ...."   Ad absurdum

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Swedish population as politics both are braindead.

Let them untill dead by starvation.