French Presidential Race: Marine LePen Far Ahead Of Rivals In Secret Polling

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An editor at French daily, Le Figaro, has alluded to secret polling data which show the Front National’s Marine Le Pen polling close to 34% among those with intentions to vote in the first round of the French presidential election.

Authored by Damien Cowley,

Surveys in the public domain consistently have populist LePen ahead of her rivals in the first round, at 26-28% of intentions to vote but losing to whichever rival she faces in the second.

A score of above 30% in the first round, however, would significantly boost her chances of continuing to victory on May 7th.

In his recent article on the failing efforts of the media and political classes to thwart LePen’s continued rise, editorialist Ivan Rioufol cites ‘sous le manteau’, or hidden surveys in circulation which show LePen likely to score double her father, Jean-Marie LePen’s 2002 score of 16.86%.

The politically correct ‘Maginot line’ of France’s elites can no longer hold out against the popular anger of the French public, Rioufol writes, arguing that the threats by leftist intellectuals and celebrities to quit the country in the event of a LePen victory are actually boosting her campaign. Likewise for scare-mongering media warnings on a ‘return to the 1930s’.

The French media and political establishment are now openly contemplating a LePen victory, with frequent reference to the Front National ‘at the gates of power’, an eventuality until recently considered impossible.

Outgoing president, François Hollande, who describes it as his ‘final duty’ to keep LePen from winning, and who is actively campaigning with government ministers in Front National strongholds to keep LePen from power, has recently admitted that she may win. Privately, Hollande is said to fear that LePen’s support is under-estimated in the opinion polls and that the momentum of a high score in the first round could make it difficult for any rival candidate to beat her in the second.

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Mr 9x19's picture

the magic of franc maconnerie, whatever the 2nd turn, the term " front republicain" means  the left & right make union to prevent the acces of the throne to extrem right, always been, will always remain.


her only path is 1st turn with massive contestative vote that elect her by mistake.



wildbad's picture

they debated yesterday.

i heard the "wrap-up" on the german propaganda radio station DLF (Deutschlandfunk). nothing surprising at all.

re: the debate: it was all of the emasculated men against the only lne with balls: Marine le Pen. They were all virtue signalling and offering zero in the way of acknowledgment of the dangers of islamic migration.

re: the radio coverage: nothing substantial, all negative innuendo and scare tactics. same as the brexit fear mongering and the trump killary coverage.

fake polls showing Macon as the great globalist hope are presented but failing as they are born


Omen IV's picture

Celebrities threatened to leave and Obama went all out for Hillary - same game plan in France - amazing how the globalists are all rigging the system against the CITIZENS

eekastar's picture

Why, the gall/guy doesn't hurt me a bit 

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847328_3527's picture

I'll have to wait for Woof Shitzer from Fake News CNN  to tell me what the chances are.

Mementoil's picture

I'm afraid Marine Le-Pen's chances of winning are small.
France will have to experience some more Islamic terrorism in order to realize what it is up agaisnt.

Mr 9x19's picture

the reel problem, for europ, IS NOT, EXTERNAL ISLAM TERRORISM....


eeeeeverybody think they come from outside of europe to make attacks. it is plain fucking wrong..




you think all those niggers slaming allah akber came there in boeing plane from africa just for the event ?


L.O.F.L !!!!


you cannot fix what is already genetically implanted in the architecture of a countrey: its population.


it is fucking too late and nobody get it. so much sad. europ used to be nice place 50 years ago.

oncemore's picture

Yes they are here.and we see it feel it every day.

Jim in MN's picture

I think the deeper problem is the loss of intellectual credibility and values among the French Left (not just in France but to stay on topic).

It used to be that the 'spirit of revolt' naturally ran Left in France, until the Socialists under Mitterand got a transplant of pap instead of spinal fluid way back in the 1980s.  Ever since then it's been mincing, namby-pamby shadowplay throughout the French political elite center.

Now the French in general are having a hard time leaping the old barricades, which have been effectively relocated with the Leftist elite on the wrong side (the INSIDE) along with the corporate-media-academic 'flaccid state'.

On the OUTSIDE, there are not many large parties to coalesce around.  Marine Le Pen is the most effective choice, even if the thought of a Right-wing popular revolt is culturally bizarre in France.

The trick, methinks, is to make it not be a Right-wing revolt, but a true Populist revolt.  Is Marine capable?  Much depends on the answer to this.  I have seen on the ground reports of 'deep blue' labor and farming towns going her way.....I know it is possible.  Could end up being another 'stealth turnout' victory if she does pull it off.

Also Macron is just such a fucking stooge for the banks and globalists.  I mean seriously.  He's worse than Hillary was.

EuroPox's picture

What?  You can't trust the polls or MSM in France?  Good job that doesn't happen in US elections....

Ghordius's picture

polls of the Dutch elections were quite accurate, weren't they?

nope. I stick to my prejudice of a special issue of the English-speaking press, particularly in the US with it's 6 media megabusinesses and the "Murdoch Effect"

EuroPox's picture

Good morning!  The Dutch polls were certainly more accurate than others have proved to be.  I don't think it is just "English speaking press" that has a problem.  MSM is simply propaganda these days - just depends which side they are on.  

Ghordius's picture

Good morning, too. isn't that a kind of circular argument? sure, lots of MSM is propaganda, or spin for special interests, but do you follow foreign press, particularly such that is not in English? besides, sometimes it's exactly the propaganda of the other sides that highlights the failings and lies of the first

this article, btw, is about an editor of "Le Figaro" going "rogue" against the "accepted wisdom" of the French press corps

EuroPox's picture

Benjamin Franklin said: "Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see" - it is still true.  I read several English language versions of the foreign press on a daily basis, but it is as hard to find anything there, as it is in the British or American papers.  Hong Kong's South China Morning Post used to be excellent ... but that was some time ago (as was the Sunday Times when Harold Evans was the editor but that is even longer ago!).  There is nothing available today, that is a one-stop-shop for 'truth' (whatever that is); you get bits from many sources and try to make sense of it.

I had understood the point of this article!  It is, however, a sad comment on the state of the MSM that the 'truth' only emerges when reporters 'go rogue'.

Global Hunter's picture

like Sven Goran Eriksen or whatever his name is with the Benetton ad of the black baby for the avator is the ZH pro Muslim immigration troll, Ghordius is our pro European Union, statist bureaucratic troll.  He says all sorts of stupid pro European Union shit on these boards.

EuroPox's picture

I have had a few discussions with Ghordius on ZH and pretty much know where he stands on things.  There are times, such as this, where he raises some valid issues and I live in hopes of learning something.

gatorengineer's picture

Well, if you want to learn something, here are a few easy ones.  There is NO large media outlet that is not globalist.  There is never a question as to what side they are on, they are on the oligarch's side.  You can take a temperature and trends by reading the Wall Street Journal, and Russian Times website. to get opposing views, fo the same issue.

This website is getting to be a mess, this article on LePen, polling high is two down now from one saying she blew the debate.....

If Franklin were alive today, he would say believe NONE of what you here and 10 percent of what you see.  Look around you observe, and ask yourself, if you are in Amerrika, how those big strip malls are paying their property taxes and mortgage notes when one third of the units are vacant.  Ask yourself, how a mall has stores that sell nothing but tea or olive oil, and still cover a cost to open the store and staff it, of say 15k a month.  Ask yourself how people with 100k coming in are living in a 500k house driving 2 new cars....  you will quickly get to the point of NONE of it makes sense.

EuroPox's picture

The only issue I have with what you say is the bit about ZH being a mess - the fact that you can find articles with opposing ideas is good and is what is missing in the MSM.  It would be great if other outlets would just stick to the facts and let us draw our own conclusions based on the facts.  Sadly, all MSM outlets, present their conclusions and push their opinion based on a few facts that support that view - but they don't give you any of the contrary facts.

TBH I never did understand how most shops survived - there never seemed to be anybody shopping in so many of them; the margin on the bits they did manage to sell must have been huge.

Koba the Dread's picture

How do those little botiquey shops that never sell anything survive? It's very simple: they are all money laundering operations, every one of them. Look, every town in America has its drug manufacturers and drug smugglers and drug farmers. Every town has a thriving drug trade. These operators don't need to launder millions and billions of dollars. A hundred thousand a year clear is good enough.

In my little town, the town jeweler lived in an 800 square foot house with his wife and two teen-age children. Then I noticed him palling around with some boys I know who were bringing it back from Mexico. Then he was palling around with some boys I know who were bringing it back large from Colombia. Then he was flying to Mexico City to meet with a former Miami banker and present fugitive whom I'd known since he was a teenager. That was in 1985. Now that jeweler owns half the town and has a 25-acre estate in the country.

He was ambitious and the Mexico and Colombia and Mexico City boys were very ambitious. But even your local meth manufacture, your local grow-light folks need to clean up that money. All it takes is a willing store front, a clever accountant and a good tax lawyer and you're in the money.

Ghordius's picture

you know shit about what "Ghordius is", fella

I am very actively involved in pushing for deportations of fake war refugees, for starters. and quite critical of the EU, though I often have to defend... the truth about that alliance in front of pure lies, which you seem to gobble up like candies

furter, "statist" does only apply to me insofar that I am not an anarchist, "bureaucratic" even less and...

... you are trolling here, specifically you are trolling me, with your assumptions

gatorengineer's picture

I will bite, whats a fake war refuge?

Publicus_Reanimated's picture

20-year-old El Salvadoran men claiming to be 16, coming to the U.S. because, they say, their lives are in danger in their own country, and enrolling in high school.  That would be "fake war refuge".  You want more?  Sunni ISIS sympathizers in Syria requesting asylum in Europe because, they say, they are fleeing the war in their country when they are actually bringing their war with them to a softer target.  Enough?

Ghordius's picture

it's actually the other way around. a journalist does his true job when he goes "rogue"... versus vested interests / government

that's why so many journalists get in jail, or are killed, where they are truly doing their job. Turkey comes to mind, but many other countries, too. of course there is also the phenomenon of the pretend "rogue", as well as the new phenomenon of "written to confuse algos"

EuroPox's picture

Sorry but I think you are tying yourself in a 'Gordian Knot' there!  When you say "it's actually the other way around" you confuse me!  We are both saying that (given the current state of the MSM) a journalist (often) only does his 'proper' job when he goes rogue ... there is a risk that we might be agreeing about something!

Ghordius's picture

damn, true. well, next time we can chat about Brexit, I'm sure we'll find something to fight about, there

EuroPox's picture

Hope so!  I am very much looking forward to Article 50 activation next week!  Have a good day. 

gatorengineer's picture

Dont hold your breath on Article 50 being activated, and it sticking.

EuroPox's picture

Please do tell me if I am wrong but as far as I am aware Article 50 is a one-way street - once you have done it, there is no mechanism for you to withdraw it!  Now clearly BOTH sides could agree to a withdrawl but if the UK goes ahead next week and then changes its mind, the EU can still force the UK out - or it can revise the terms of the UK's continued membership.  Just like getting a divorce, once the decree nisi is granted, you are on your way out!

Ghordius's picture

all true, but it would not be in the spirit of that thing, the EU, to force the UK, be it in or out

in fact, this exact "forcing" would be the death knell of the institution, and even the most fervent europhiles know that very well

it would be a bit like Scotland leaving the UK, changing it's mind and England saying: "you bastards, no", and this is perhaps one of the few comparisons you can really make between the Union Of Nations called UK and the club of sovereigns called EU

EuroPox's picture

Well since Junker is very clear that he wants the UK to suffer if it leaves (which he can't because the UK has the better hand), surely the EU needs to send a message that you can't fire off Article 50 in a fit of pique and expect that there are no consequences.   If you change your mind and want to come grovelling back, there will be a price to pay!  Otherwise, countries will be 'threatening' to leave all the time.

In any case it ain't gonna happen, there would be riots and the UK would, immediately, fall into civil war if anyone actually does stop Brexit!

Re Scotland - I really don't care what the Scots do, so long as they don't think they can keep having a new referendum every couple of years - until they get the 'right' answer.

homonohumanus's picture

 It is not the first time I notice a couple bravado coming from them. I can parse through it whereas "things" like "l'immonde", "les echos," "libération", etc. litterarily falls out of my hands.

Global Hunter's picture

Yes its just the English press that is corrupt every other mainstream media on the European contintent is doing God's work...oh no wait you don't believe in God...doing Allah's work.

Fuck off Ghordius you Euro piece of shit.

Ghordius's picture

very kind of you, but what is your argument? I am a Catholic, why do you assume about my faith? or put me in the same ballpark as the chairman of the Vampire Squid, or...

... wait a moment. Allah? you are American, aren't you? tell me more, in the name of whatever deity you prefer, what your country is doing in Yemen, and in alliance with whom. give me a break, will you? this hostiliy versus an european commenting on ZH about european Affairs is a bit provincial to start with. what is your wish? that this place becomes an echo-chamber of let's say Eastern Texans with a sprinkle of Russian immigrants in the US? really?

Bay of Pigs's picture

Calling this a pro Russian site is absurd. Many here are Americans who are critical of our own government, for good reasons, and have little to say or do about Russian politics and policy. I've met and seen lots of Russians and dont care much for them. Unfriendly, grim and humorless people.

Almost like you buy the horseshit doled out by the MSM, Comey and the left with this ridiculously false narrative.

Ghordius's picture

I did not call this site pro-Russian, I just acknowledge that there are pro-Russian apologists, here, in the same way as I style myself as an EUR apologist, note. and it's a good thing that we hear the pro-Russian side, imo

note further that some here are, imho, pro-Russian people living or coming from the Balkans. there is, again imho, a sizable faction of Serbians, for example. with very interesting POVs

I have to say I like Russians. perhaps as much as I dislike some Russian government policies. and it's very hard for me to dislike the younger women from Russia, for starters

what I could do without is that Russian/American Nihilism. imo a very bad thing. leads to nowhere... and many bottles of liquor

Koba the Dread's picture

"Eastern Texas", Chordius? You do know your American ethnography, don't you! Great laugh. Thank you.

rbianco3's picture

Did they finish counting the Dutch ballots yet?

I recall reading it would take a few weeks.

Akhenaten II's picture

Vive la France. Marine Le Pen gives Merkel and Hollande a serve;

TheSilentMajority's picture

Goodluck LePen. You are the last hope for France.

Viva LePen!

ManTheMan's picture

I am an anarchist at heart so for me, none of these clowns will change anything because they do not offer a societal alternative. LePen has it easy because people are angry but she is a sales woman like any other politicians that is given a large room in the media. The FN ruling over France will be a disaster, just like the other parties have turned out to be. 

The only guy who says reasonable things at this stage is Asselineau, who managed to get enough support to officially candidate for becoming president. However, no matter what the message, the system is so screwed up and locked that nothing will happen. The situation is quite similar to what happened in the US. One can only be disappointed with how Trump surrounded himself with so-called "banking-swamp-creatures". That's just too bad for the vast majority of the people.

It's been a long time ago since the CIA started to highjack France's elites. I don't see how LePen can deal with that, she would be too easy to bring down to be honest. But I simply don't trust this cow, she runs a lucrative family business called the National Front, and is given plenty of room in the media to spook people who grew up to be brainwashed with a disgust reflex toward this party. The fact that Macron, a noone who comes from the filthy banking industry is becoming so popular should trigger the bullshit detector of anyone with a non-retard IQ.  But the polls keep showing him ahead. If he is elected, this is going to be the end of this country (it's more or less already there anyway).


Ghordius's picture

I thought that even a societal alternative is anathema for "anarchists at heart"?

I feel I have to defend Marine Le Pen, here

first, that "cow" is a cheap ad-hom (or ad-femme?), and you ought to be ashamed of that, it diminuishes the other arguments

Ghordius's picture

second, France's elites are the same that had the gall to tell Bush/Blair that they were lying, regarding Saddam's WMDs, and all they got to show for it was more insulting jokes like from Homer Simpson and some Freedom Fries in the Congress Cafeteria

where is your "anarchist at heart" position when dozen of ME countries get destabilized? for the greater glory of smash-and-grab imperial pretensions? how many dead, how many war refugees more until you recognize such themes?

how much "under the spell of the CIA" were those French elites, when they spoke truth to power, in this case Uncle Sam's?

ManTheMan's picture

If you're talking about Chirac and Dominique de Villepin, let me ask you: where are they today ? The system chose Sarkozy, a pure made-in-US product who ensured that people be screwed. Hollande took over to finish the job.

As to anarchy, I am not sure we are talking about the same thing, considering what you are juxtaposing in your sentence. Anarchy requires a vast majority of enlightened individuals. I am not naive enough to think that this will happen during my lifetime, we humans have become a joke, and this will most likely go on to the bitter end. I am indeed that pessimistic.

Regarding the LePen business, you may not be aware of how the elected mayors coming from the FN ranks have screwed up the towns they had to administer. How do you think this party will manage at a national level, considering their poor results at a more local one ? 

The ONLY candidate who vows to respect the constitution is Asselineau. I don't like this guy though, he comes from the (formerly) prestigious French school of Administration (ENA) and nothing good should be expected from such formatted minds.


Ghordius's picture

"Regarding the LePen business, you may not be aware of how the elected mayors coming from the FN ranks have screwed up the towns they had to administer. How do you think this party will manage at a national level, considering their poor results at a more local one?"

poorly, of course. but it is not an argument, in my view. fresh/new parties have a learning curve, too, highly visible in how badly M5S mayors are doing in Italy, for example

yes, politics is expert business. but expertise can be aquired

interesting argumentation you have there. pessimism paired with disgust for elites... while actually asking for an elitist-like "vast majority of enlightened individuals"? honest puzzlement, here, paired with curiosity. for example, does your stance not make you even more disgusted about populistic arguments?

where in history did we ever have a "vast majority of enlightened individuals"? most people want to care about their own work/business, their families, their near environment. methinks you are asking from the majority something that it's simply not possible. perhaps if you would accept humans the way they are, you could reach some reconciliation with the human condition, imho

homonohumanus's picture

BS, they have only a couple cities and they are by no mean no worse than the other, Menard is doing his best and a pretty good job considering the support from other level of governments.


You guys are just promoters of BS... the member of the FN that get elected are condemned on the slightest misbehave whereas you have so many people that hae a free pass even when they have been condemned multile times by extremely lenient judges...


Repeating the same crap over and over does not make it more pertinent or correct...