Merkel Offers 'Olive Branch' To Russia As "Solution To Many International Conflicts"

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After admitting to notable differences with President Trump during a press conference with Japanese PM Abe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel poured some cold water on the neocon narrative as she appeared to offer an olive branch to Russia - hardly painting Putin as the enemy of all and destroyer of worlds.

Speaking at a news conference in Hanover with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, German Chancellor Angela Merkel rebuked President Trump's comment that Germany owes U.S. and NATO “vast sums," saying that no country spends its entire defense budget on NATO, reiterating her view that projects such as crisis prevention, foreign aid count toward defense budget, not just military spending.

Hmm... spot the odd one out!

And finally Merkel stated that:

"we want to have possibilities for scaling back sanctions when the Minsk accord is implemented, because we want to include Russia as an international actor in the solution of many conflicts."

Clearly offering an olive branch to Putin - something that we are sure the Democrats and Neocons (who now seem to be acting in unison) will, we are sure, reject as soon as possible.

So with Trump seeking better relations with Russia... and Merkel seeing Russia as a potential partner in solving the world's problems, how long before NSA/CIA leaks expose the German Chancellor as a 'puppet' - because, if not, how else can such a well-respected global leader possibly reach out to the enemy of all and destroyer of worlds?

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froze25's picture

Slovenia, needs to start pulling its weight. I know, I know they are a key player with a robust army that really provides more than they gain.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Hell if Greece is that well armed, how about driving the bankers and refugees out of your Country you fools!

Jubal Early's picture

What is it, 5m greeks facing 50m turks?  And Greece has all those islands to defend?  2.4 is nothing.

Luxembourg I find interesting.  Aside from being the biggest EU tax haven it is phenominally rich.  But who wants to waste money on Zato's wars for greater israel.

HopefulCynical's picture

...something that we are sure the Democrats and Neocons (who now seem to be acting in unison)...

NOW?! Where have you Tylers been all these years? Nation building, endless war, expanding Medicaid, cutting the legs out from under actually conservative/libertarian GOP pols...seriously?

As to Merkel, she may have decided that WWIII doesn't sound like so much fun after all. Then again, this could be a big head fake, too. We shall see.

the phantom's picture

Fake news.  The Minsk accords can never be implemented as the Ukies will make sure they won't hold up their end of the bargain... as is the case.  

FreddieX's picture


On this issue Merkel clearly took the hint, which Trump may have spelled out to her more clearly when they met in private, that Trump wants detente with Russia and does not want the conflict in Ukraine to stand in the way of this, though her choice of words in response were carefully ambiguous and were clearly intended to give her political space
I am very gratified to know that the American administration and also the President, personally, commits himself to the Minsk process. We need to come to a solution of this problem. There has to be a safe and secure solution for Ukraine, but the relationship with Russia has to be improved, as well, once the situation there on the ground is clarified.

Minsk is a good basis, but, unfortunately, we haven’t made yet the headway that we want to. But we are going to work together with our experts in the next few months to come on this issue.
This comment is simultaneously a concession to Donald Trump’s desire for detente with Russia – making it seem that Merkel agrees with Trump that an improvement of relations with Russia is a “necessity” – whilst actually imposing a condition that this depends on “clarification” of “the situation on the ground” in Ukraine. What Merkel is saying is that the “necessary” improvement in relations with Russia depends on “a safe and secure solution for Ukraine” to be achieved through implementation of the Minsk Agreement as she interprets it.

Essentially this is a form of words Merkel has hit on in order to justify keeping the sanctions in place.
The German elite has had to endure for three years a Chancellor who has done serious damage to Germany’s critical relationship with Russia, and who has brought Germany’s relations with many of its EU partners to the point of crisis. As elections in Germany loom, will they stick with their current Chancellor as Germany’s relations with Washington also now start to become more difficult, or will they finally start to look for someone new?

Old Hippie Patriot's picture

It looks like the opposition to Merkel will be mounting a phony, Romneyesque anti Merkel campaign, judging from the results of the recent SPD convention. There is little hope that Germany will remain the advanced, prospering nation that it has been.

FreddieX's picture
Unfortunately, this does not mean that Merkel will definitely lose the election next year. Her greatest single skill as a politician, and her greatest single political achievement, has been to create a political desert around her.
It is important, however, to remember that in Germany Chancellors and governments rarely lose power through elections. Indeed until 1998, when Gerhard Schroder’s SPD defeated Helmut Kohl’s CDU, in post-war Germany it had never happened.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Trump to Merkel - "Angela. Dude, listen - I ordered your name removed from the NATO ViP evac and untouchables lists, OK? No hard feelings, just business - cost cutting. I suggest call soon Vlad - if I may, I suggest a very friendly tone, you guys need as of now to make some arrangements with regards to this updated situation. Bye Felicia, uhm, sorry - Angela"

French Bloke's picture

Seems she was well and truly Trumped!

Old Hippie Patriot's picture

It looks like the opposition to Merkel will be mounting a phony, Romneyesque anti-Merkel campaign, judging from the results of the recent SPD convention. There is little hope that Germany will remain the advanced, prospering nation that it has been. Germany also suffers from a duopoly like the US.

fbazzrea's picture

i suspect we should credit Trump with Merkel's turnaround on Russia. he mentioned last week he was going to consult with her on Russia (nice way of saying the opposite).

a smooth move around the MIC-NeoCon/Lib war machine, PDJT!!

Anasteus's picture

You may bet on it. It definitely paid off to visit America.

Pretty nice U turn. The flunky works like swiss watches.

Ghordius's picture

"Fake news.  The Minsk accords can never be implemented as... "

as a reminder, the Minsk Accords are... a table and a process. a discussion, really

four people sitting there. a German, a French, a Ukrainian and a Russian

note who does not sit at that table, does not participate in that process, trying to find a way... for peace

the phantom's picture

The Minsk Accords are a roadmap, so they tell us.  Ukraine promises to implement constitutional changes to provide for “decentralisation”.  Once they are given that status , in exchange, all "foreign armed formations" will be withdrawn.  This is a non-starter for the far-right in the Ukrainian gov't, with local far right militias (Azov battalion, etc.) instituting blockades coming out of Donbass.  Clearly illegal, as they are not even a gov't force... but allowed by the current junta nonetheless. Why?  Answer:  Because it's a corrupt, oligarch controlled, banana republic, that will not (cannot) fulfill their obligations.  Any progress is minimal, only to go back to square one in short order.  It's a story only Sisyphus could love.

Ghordius's picture

whatever Dr. Merkel decides, even she would be hard pressed to sell a world war to Germans

WOAR... does simply not sound good, in Germany and EU countries in general

in other places it might sound swell, but in most of Europe we still are asking ourselves how the heck did the US gov find a way to call us to arms and trigger Article 5 of the NATO Charter, the "I am under attack, defend me" clause of that military alliance, which led us to witness our boys and girls being sent to Afghanistan, with Russian logistical support to boot

and now, we are hearing rumours and innuendos that Washington might not come to our defense, in return... if we don't spend moar for military toys, to the tune of six times moar then Russia

stoicism is needed. I am very thankful that we are used to resort to that virtue and worldview

French Bloke's picture

That depends if you believe there is an enemy. Thankfully people are waking up and realising who the true enemy is and it's not Russia. AIPAC & Deep State have a lot to answer for.

earleflorida's picture

since the early 20th century when greece was on top of its game... it never was truly democratic. the wealthy always found a way to sqaundering the countries wealth into just a few hands

HowdyDoody's picture

Greece at 2.4%!? It certainly looks like the right sort of politico took over the Greek government.

Latina Lover's picture

Go easy on Slovenia. At least they have beautiful women, unlike many of the German Dog faces.

Silver Bug's picture

Other Western countries are going to be forces to warm up to Russia, as Trump is not going to back down, or capitulate on his relationship with Putin. Trump has staved off the threat of WW3, Hillary would of jumped with both feet into a nuclear war with no regard to the rest of the west. Thanks god.

The central planners's picture


"we want to have possibilities for scaling back sanctions when the Minsk accord is implemented, because we want to include Russia as an international actor in the solution of many conflicts." 


Its a broken record.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

"So with Trump seeking better relations with Russia"

How is Spicer saying Trump expects Russia to give back Crimea to Ukraine "seeking better relations"

HowdyDoody's picture

Germany, here's a suggestion. Ditch NATO/CIA/etc. Spend 0.5% GDP on equivalent working Russian hardware and spend 0.2% cleaning out the Soros-created 'migrant' infiltrators.

gespiri's picture

Classic chess game.  It's also a move straight out of Sun Tsu's "The Art of War" which is to deceive your enemies by keeping them guessing all the time.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

What?  What enemies?  You think Russia appreciates that type of rhetoric? Don't overthink things there sizzle tits.  Russia is Israel's enemy and Trump is the Zionist's puppet.  It's really that simple.   

All this noise from the left MSM is keeping you decieved and guessing.

fbazzrea's picture

as much as i like Sean and think he's doing a great job considering he has to feed the wolves without gloves almost daily, at times i think he grasps for straws and departs from the official narrative. still feeling the pain from his "more enforcement" quip's effect on a couple pot stocks even after Session's comments au contraire.

BritBob's picture

Can Russia be trusted?


Russia is a member of the UN C24 decolonisation committee and supports Spain's claim to Gibraltar. (supporting the lesser adversary). So much for the human and democratic rights of the people of Gibraltar and so much for that so-

called sovereignty claim:

Gibraltar - Some Relevant International Law:

Can anyone even see a valid claim?


RedBaron616's picture

I could care less about Gibraltar. Only Spain and Great Britain get spun up over it. The rest of us don't care.

earleflorida's picture

other than the fact its the gateway to the north atlantic... and as a matter of british sovereigns, pesky little ireland is the gateway for england

Ghordius's picture

the point is not if Russia can be trusted... by US/UK warmongers

the point is if Dr. Merkel (and who she speaks for, i.e. the German Conservatives) can be trusted... by Russia

and the answer is a resounding... yes

folks, even Putin was talking about a trade alliance stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostock... and he might soon speak again in those terms

you have been had. wake up and smell the coffee

HowdyDoody's picture

Germany needs the guts to act in its own national interest, not the interest of the US/Zionists.

Ghordius's picture

guts? well, how about Dr. Merkel's decision of opening her country's borders to one million war refugees?

denying, among other things, Hungary to become a huge concentration camp... on EU funds?

calling Turkey's Erdogan move for moar EU money to keep the Turkish borders shut, which now are shut, again?

you can criticize Angie for all that, but you can't deny that her government has guts

besides, it's the German Nation's call to decide what German national interests are in the first place, isn't it?

the chickens are coming home to roost, folks

Pork Rind's picture

that's why America has open borders too, to save Hungary

Ghordius's picture

that's lunatic talk... as usual. the "if country X does this, country Y has to do that, too"

aren't you sick of that? if yes, why do you help to sustain that narrative?

HopefulCynical's picture

So, the German "conservatives" are represented by Angela "Europe will be majority Muslim; deal with it, whitey" Merkel, huh? That's what passes for conservatism in your neck of the woods?

You guys are so boned. How sad.

earleflorida's picture

last i checked, london's mayor is muslim--- AND, they (british gov't.) welcome jihadist with open arms as does Saudi Arabia with the agreement that do their 'naughty' outside the said kingdoms.

Ghordius's picture

well, what passes for conservative in Germany is still kind of... in Germany, you know? and not commenting of things vaguely heard in some KKK-affiliated "We are of German descent, har, har" websites... somewhere else

a typical German conservatives knows what a Turk is, for example. that's the Muslim that works for him as a truck driver, or Suleyman over there that bakes bread and makes very good croissants. he or she even made vacations in Turkey, and visited Ephesus, and drunk the famous Turkish beer called Efes

but, again, your whole US media still wants to make you believe that there is no such thing as an European conservative party, and you still don't even notice that

RedBaron616's picture

Only NATO spending should be shown on the charts. Total war-making spending, particularly for the U.S., includes many areas totally outside of Europe.

madashellron's picture

She is just trying to get reelected.

Ghordius's picture

well, yes, that too. by whom? German Conservatives

you know, the kind of people that according to English-speaking press outlets does not even exist

HopefulCynical's picture

Yes, magical German conservatives, who welcome rapefugees with open arms...and pants down...

Ghordius's picture

yes, tell me more of those "rapefugees". do you have recent articles of "bottom grabbing" war refugees?

yes, the magical German conservative that welcomed millions of Russians of German descent before, and welcomed a million of war refugees, and...

... is even processing them and sending them back - which is aka deportation - when their claim of persecution is false

that "magical" German conservative, as magical as your thinking and belief in the "rapefugee" articles of Ultra-Zionistic "Islam, bomb it" MIC-sponsored "you gotta spend moar for arms" stuff

HopefulCynical's picture gotta spend moar for arms...

While the rest of NATO lets eeebil ol' Unca Sam foot the bill, we're $20 trillion in debt, officially, and another $150 - 200+ trillion in the hole for "unfunded liabilities." Meanwhile, you folks have cradle-to-grave everything, and the goddamn audacity to lord it all over us.

Hey, I'm happy to shut NATO down, kick the UN out, hunker in the bunker and wait on those lovely peaceful Muslims to culturally enrich all dem fine, fine Euro wimmenz.

Somehow, I don't think that ends well for Europeans. Just a guess. Thing is, it's not our responsibility to pay for your socialist utopia.

Ghordius's picture

this comment, imho, really is kind of iconic, and representative for many Euro-American misunderstandings

you don't pay shit for anything european. particularly since August 15th, 1971. what is your problem with our social spending? is that the same problem some of you have when we try to have balanced budgets?

NATO? it was the US gov that called us to it's defense, through Art. 5, for Afghanistan

it's an alliance. it's your call to decide if you want to quit it, but don't try to find irrelevant excuses for that. meanwhile, most of US military spending isn't for anything european

you guys have a huge problem. your US Democrats (with the help of your US Republicans) kind of sold you that we Europeans are something like them. well, some are, but most simply aren't, both ways

you believe fifteen impossible things before breakfast, including that "Muslim Invasion" stuff, or that everybody ought to hunker in a bunker because Armageddon is mentioned in a religious book and you can't wait a few millennia for it

"the goddamn audacity to lord it all over us"... where? when? how? who?

sorry, I can't change this continent (or the world) to fit it in your prejudices. it's simply too small a box. I can only try to help you to enlarge that box, and for that... you would have to open your eyes, first

HopefulCynical's picture

Dearie, if Europe had to pay for its own defense there would be no cradle-to-grave for any of you. believe fifteen impossible things before breakfast, including that "Muslim Invasion" stuff...


Wrascaly Wabbit's picture

So now Global Political Brinkmanship is the the menu de Jour!

IridiumRebel's picture

Don't t nuke me bro!