New Zealand Expels US Spy With Broken Nose And Black Eye, After "Incident"

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It's not just US-Russian relations that have devolved to the level of spontaneous diplomat expulsion. According to Reuters, New Zealand has expelled an attache at the U.S. Embassy after Washington refused to waive his right to diplomatic immunity in relation to a police investigation of a potentially serious crime, after an "incident" which gave him a broken nose and a black eye, media and authorities said. New Zealand Television said the man had worked alongside New Zealand’s intelligence service, the Government Communications Security Bureau, which is a member of the so-called Five Eyes signals-intelligence alliance binding the U.S., the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

In other words, the unnamed diplomat was most likely a US spy - which would explain why the government refused to strip him of his immunity -  who got into a fight, and quickly vacated the country.

New Zealand police said they responded to the incident near the capital Wellington on March 12 involving an employee of the U.S. Embassy. They did not say what work the employee did or give any other details. The U.S. government later declined a police request to waive the employee's diplomatic immunity, the New Zealand Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

“Officials in Wellington and our Ambassador in Washington, D.C. have clearly conveyed to the United States the expectation that foreign diplomats obey the law in New Zealand and are seen to face justice in New Zealand,” Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully said in a statement Monday.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully announced the expulsion of the U.S. diplomat Monday

According to the WSJ, details of the alleged crime haven’t been revealed. Local media reports said the diplomat was a technical attaché who left the country last week with a broken nose and black eye after an altercation in Lower Hutt, a Wellington suburb. The man’s identity and alleged injuries couldn’t immediately be confirmed.

A U.S. Embassy spokesman in Wellington wouldn’t comment on the investigation, but said the mission is communicating with New Zealand authorities. “We take seriously any suggestion that our staff have fallen short of the high standards of conduct expected of U.S. government personnel,” he said. Mr. McCully said the U.S. State Department had assured the government that all the allegations made against the diplomat would be fully investigated.


Under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the 187 signatory nations guarantee that diplomatic, administrative and technical staff of embassies and other missions will receive “immunity from the criminal jurisdiction of the receiving State.” A New Zealand Police spokeswoman said officers were called to an incident in Lower Hutt’s Tirohanga area early on March 12, by which time the man had already left. Serious crimes, she said, carry a potential jail term of at least 12 months.

The New Zealand Herald at the weekend confirmed the man was an embassy attache and said he had left country with a broken nose and black eye. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Embassy said it was in touch with New Zealand authorities.

"We take seriously any suggestion that our staff have fallen short of the high standards of conduct expected of U.S. government personnel," the spokeswoman said.

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xythras (not verified) activepatriot Mar 20, 2017 12:22 PM

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This has got absolutely fuck all to do with any aspect of the article.


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One does not simply waltz into Mordor, make a wanker of oneself and expect to walk out without medical aid, cuz'...

Understand the Waitangi Treaty... and why the British Empire had to agree this with some natives armed with wooden clubs...

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yank goes NZ - messes with ALL BLACKS - nose breaks - yank goes US.

Feel good story of the day.

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"...after an "incident" which gave him a broken nose and a black eye..."

Was he expecting the usual Pussy-Rules American 'football' whilst playing a game of Aussie-Rules 'football?'

toady's picture

Sounds more like a bar fight.... you don't usually face charges for getting your ass kicked in football.... Australian rules or no!

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

More likely a story involving a gerbil, his boyfriends a-hole and a cigarette lighter.

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Xythras seems to have struck a nerve there, Schlomo.

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And yet another of Xythras multiple accts speaks.

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They seem to rarely read the comments.  However, they do respond to -- a few weeks ago I reported a spammer who was clogging a couple articles up (40 on one, 20 on another, if memory serves which is doubtful), and the spam was removed in short order.  Not sure if the account was removed, but I didn't see any more spam from it so, likely.

Doesn't this run on Drupal?  Don't they have ways to detect multiple accounts from a single IP?

I myself just signed up for a second account, but that's so the script I'm writing to email me when someone responds, doesn't re-read articles as my user -- because that then removes the "new" indicator for new comments.  Haven't heard back that it was approved yet thought, I think I have another day before 7 have passed and I'll ask them about it.

(It would make more sense to try to obtain read-only access to the comments portion of their database, as that'd likely be much less of a load than requesting the entire page of articles that I've commented on, but, one step at a time -- I want to prove the utility of this first.  Actually I have, for myself; it's working great.  But I'd like to be able to demonstrate it to others as well.)

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FWIW, I just e-mailed them and asked that they rectify this issue re. xythras.  Let's hope someone takes action.  

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It would be of value if the administrator(s) of this site took action and removed xythras (and any additional accounts xythras may use here).

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Or ,  since the Federal Class is very Gay  oriented , some incident in a park.  Probably a native and not a New Zealander, since the pathetic Anglo Saxons are generally Gay too.

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The technical diplomat was Embassy attache Colin White.

White, a technical attache at the US embassy in Wellington, was understood to have been working with the GCSB spy agency. 

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Spy vs. Spy

The guy was doing "technical work" (read computer surveilliance) along with the Kiwi secret service on an op inside the country that went sideways. He ended up with a broken nose that required a visit to the hospital (which means it was a little more than a broken nose). The hospital reported it to the local police who called the local MP and that got the whole government woken up in the middle of the night & the US attache on the 1st flight out of the country the next day. Something went down in NZ that got hot to the point a lowly comp nerd in the van outside got hurt.

I don't seeing it being this guy suddenly going for a round of fisticuffs at the local brew house just for fun to get back to the states but then again NZ is just an island, might be he was bored & trying to find a way back home.


fockewulf190's picture

More than likely there was alcohol and stupidity involved. Reads like a typical bar brawl: this dude got shitfaced, hit on the wrong girl or started talking shit, started a fight with a sucker punch (there is your assault charge), did no real damage to the guy, and he ended up getting a righteous ass kicking which sent him to the hospital.

Either that or he got smashed during an attempted rape. Was arrested, the cops tried to press charges but couldn't because his diplo-dink status wasn't lifted, so he got booted publicly. He's either already fired or pending termination.

Milton Keynes's picture

 or was banging someone's wife.. Or he was working long hours, someone was giving his wife the horn,

he got into a showdown at the bar...  Asses were kicked.  


Look to see if he files for divorce in 6 months.

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It has been several decades since I passed through Lower Hutt, but at the time it was a tough working/welfare class neighborhood with quite a bit of gang, drug and other criminal activity.  Not exactly the kind of place I would expect diplomats to be frequenting.  Perhaps it has changed?


kiwidor's picture

Tirohanga is  not a working class suburb.  This incident involves sex and drugs.

Joe Davola's picture

Kim Dotcom's people found out the cable guy wasn't really the cable guy?

kiwidor's picture

most surveillance done remotely.  if you get caught, likely you will get the  Wilkinson fate. Death by 'air rifle'.  all spies are cads by definition. fuck 'em.

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Spying on Trump and got wacked by a deplorable.

But write it up as just a rugby accident when he ran into a member of the All Blacks team.

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I wonder if Infratil/ longroad energy had a connection?

stilletto2's picture

Non story. Boy went to party, had arguement over trivia (Kiwi prob said trump was great - Yank said hates Trump), Yank got thumped (common end to NZ arguements) went home. end of story. Same story happens every weekend in every suburb near you!

PS. I grew up in NZ. Got thumped alot and thumped a few back. Who needs Cops - just sort it out outside.

kiwidor's picture

while stupid us politics is divisive, it is generally more important to snowflakes who won't thump someone.

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

What is funny is that the Chief of Protocol M. Swain gave him a public slap on the wrist with a wet lettuce and sent him home.

What is not funny is the right royal rogering the RSO would have given him in the back room before the recall.

And the electrodes being lovingly warmed up by now for his return and eventual 'de-brief'. Wouldn't want to be in those briefs at this time.

And his wife will  go back as well? Remains to be seen.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock


Erek's picture

"...the high standards of conduct expected of U.S. government personnel..."

What "standards" - with all the sleaze going on in Washington since God-knows-when!

mc888's picture

"...the high standards of conduct expected of U.S. government personnel..."

like... the Secret Service getting caught doing hookers and blow, or drunk driving, all on the taxpayer dime? Oh yeah, that standard of conduct.


Jambo Mambo Bill's picture

Fake news, It was Putin who done it!

thatthingcanfly's picture

Well, did he at least win the fight? What did the other guy look like?

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Literally, a black eye.

mily's picture

Did he step onto a broom, tripped on a pavement or was reaching for the soap?

TheMeatTrapper's picture

He had a Harry Reid exercising accident.

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"Did he step onto a broom?"

How's Hillary involved in this?

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Sounds like he was, at least, putting the "dip" in diplomat.

You know it's bad when they beat your ass. They are pretty sure you will not be punished, is my guess, so, you know, accidents will happen.