New Zealand Expels US Spy With Broken Nose And Black Eye, After "Incident"

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It's not just US-Russian relations that have devolved to the level of spontaneous diplomat expulsion. According to Reuters, New Zealand has expelled an attache at the U.S. Embassy after Washington refused to waive his right to diplomatic immunity in relation to a police investigation of a potentially serious crime, after an "incident" which gave him a broken nose and a black eye, media and authorities said. New Zealand Television said the man had worked alongside New Zealand’s intelligence service, the Government Communications Security Bureau, which is a member of the so-called Five Eyes signals-intelligence alliance binding the U.S., the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

In other words, the unnamed diplomat was most likely a US spy - which would explain why the government refused to strip him of his immunity -  who got into a fight, and quickly vacated the country.

New Zealand police said they responded to the incident near the capital Wellington on March 12 involving an employee of the U.S. Embassy. They did not say what work the employee did or give any other details. The U.S. government later declined a police request to waive the employee's diplomatic immunity, the New Zealand Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

“Officials in Wellington and our Ambassador in Washington, D.C. have clearly conveyed to the United States the expectation that foreign diplomats obey the law in New Zealand and are seen to face justice in New Zealand,” Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully said in a statement Monday.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully announced the expulsion of the U.S. diplomat Monday

According to the WSJ, details of the alleged crime haven’t been revealed. Local media reports said the diplomat was a technical attaché who left the country last week with a broken nose and black eye after an altercation in Lower Hutt, a Wellington suburb. The man’s identity and alleged injuries couldn’t immediately be confirmed.

A U.S. Embassy spokesman in Wellington wouldn’t comment on the investigation, but said the mission is communicating with New Zealand authorities. “We take seriously any suggestion that our staff have fallen short of the high standards of conduct expected of U.S. government personnel,” he said. Mr. McCully said the U.S. State Department had assured the government that all the allegations made against the diplomat would be fully investigated.


Under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the 187 signatory nations guarantee that diplomatic, administrative and technical staff of embassies and other missions will receive “immunity from the criminal jurisdiction of the receiving State.” A New Zealand Police spokeswoman said officers were called to an incident in Lower Hutt’s Tirohanga area early on March 12, by which time the man had already left. Serious crimes, she said, carry a potential jail term of at least 12 months.

The New Zealand Herald at the weekend confirmed the man was an embassy attache and said he had left country with a broken nose and black eye. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Embassy said it was in touch with New Zealand authorities.

"We take seriously any suggestion that our staff have fallen short of the high standards of conduct expected of U.S. government personnel," the spokeswoman said.

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south40_dreams's picture

The US does not have spy's. We have field service technicians

I am Jobe's picture

Cultural Attache' is what they are being called. 

south40_dreams's picture

The US does not have spy's. We have field service technicians

CRM114's picture

Well, your honor, the accused's last words before being knocked unconscious were "Rugby is a game for pussies".

"Was it really necessary to hit him twice?"

Just once, which gave him the black eye. He broke his nose when he hit the pavement.

SmilinJoeFizzion's picture

An Obama hire for sure

Greenspazm's picture

Doesn't seem to have been a honey trap, then.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Could have hit on a Tranny, tho

Rolln's picture

Why would they ask to waive diplomatic immunity just for a fight?? Petty...

francis scott falseflag's picture

he tried to measure kim dotcom for an orange jump suit without the court's approval

Radical Pragmatist's picture

Re: “We take seriously any suggestion that our staff have fallen short of the high standards of conduct expected of U.S. government personnel,”

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!..."take seriously"..."high standards"...Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!...Snort...Sniff...

From the same Elite hacks that belched out the one woman wrecking crew, vulgarian nitwit Victoria Nuland.  Man, that was funny...

WillyGroper's picture


candy green?

sounds paperclippy to me.

Pgg1507's picture

 “We take seriously any suggestion that our staff have fallen short of the high standards of conduct expected of U.S. government personnel,”

"Short of the high standards" you mean the one that goes "don't get caught?"

AustrianJim's picture

"high standards of conduct" - that's the punchline, right there.

taketheredpill's picture



All black...and blue..I get it.


Paracelsus's picture

   Maori women can be very sexy before they stack on 500 pounds.

     I am still pissed about the way the Americans didn't back up the Kiwis during

     their investigation of the Rainbow Warrior sinking in Auckland harbor.

     The French Secret service group was arrested and an arrangement was made to 

     sequester the two agents on a tiny atoll for two years (which they didn't complete).

    Still, it was murder. A Dutch photographer drowned when the explosive charges went off,

    sinking the ship rapidly. Murder is murder and I doubt whether anyone remembers him.

    The New Zealanders and Aussies (Anzacs) paid an enormous price in lives to liberate France

    and Belgium in WW1, as the cemetaries dotting the landscape of Europe will attest.

    And WW2 : Libya and Tobruk, Egypt, Greece, Crete, and others.

     French PM Mitterand was pissed off because the GreenPeace boat kept sailing into areas

     of French Polynesia used in nuclear weapons testing for the French "Force de Frappe".

      New Zealand is very vulnerable to trade sanctions, producing a bit of frozen mutton and

     lots of butter for export.  

hooligan2009's picture

the kiwi government sought 9 million kiwi dollars (5-6 million US back then) as blood money and inconvenience caused by the french government ?

see bottom of page 7 of 28 (9 million sought by NZ)

Yen Cross's picture

      Too funny. 

cherry picker's picture

There should be no such thing as diplomatic immunity or any immunity.  Remember Blackwater with their 'immunity', raping and murdering in the ME and not a worry?

This guy in NZ must have done something, maybe tried raping a local and got trounced for it.

Send him back to NZ.


insanelysane's picture

Don't fight with trannies, just walk away.

SmittyinLA's picture

Sounds like fag drama to me 

BitchesBetterRecognize's picture

probably another "rape/abuse/drug case" by those wonderful USA personnel working overseas, and now is just a PR smoke screen for appearances ....  

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Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 20, 2017 2:32 PM

The location of the incident was in Lower Hutt, a part of Wellington.  He might have had a run-in with Jabba's boys.  You just can not dump your cargo at the first sign of Imperial cruisers.  BTW, why does New Zealand have an intelligence service?  That is like saying Canada has an intelligence service.

kiwidor's picture

nz has more than two intelligence services.

Paracelsus's picture

   The Russians have historically overstaffed their embassies overseas, often with very pretty

secretaries and chambermaids (honeytrap bait), but it is understood these are all KGB types.

The Israelis used a classic honey sting to lure Mordechai Vanunu, leaker of atomic weapons photos,

to Rome, where he was bundled onto an El Al jet. Hope the nookie was worth it!

  This is normal and has been going on for thousands of years.

My beef is with the spies posing as NGO's so they can wander around war zone areas unmolested.

They put other war correspondent, Red Cross types, and others at risk, by dishonoring,and devalueing

the non-combatant shield of neutrality.The biggest boost to their safety is the locals (often women) who will 

look out for their security, but only if they feel they are the genuine article.

  Years ago the Taliban executed ten Iranians they had captured. The Iranians claimed diplomatic status but

were shot anyway. The Iranian gov't was kinda pissed off about it.

The there was the US agent accused in Pakistan of murder. He was being followed and harassed by some 

locals on motorcycles, during his embassy duties of photographing various locations in Islamabad (?).

  Perhaps there needs to be a different classification for intelligence officers.

Question:  Did those thirty spooks captured in Aleppo ever make it back home? Anyone?

cheech_wizard's picture

What? The U.S. plans to overthrow the New Zealand government? Didn't see that one on the radar.

Always remember:

Q: Why will there never be a coup d’état in Washington?

A: Because there’s no American embassy there.

tuetenueggel's picture

Broken Nose and black eyes don´t need immunity. If you run into a fist, it´s simply bad luck boy. You better would you have kept big mouth shut.

ReZn8r's picture

I hope someone managed to kick him in the balls as well.

Pork Rind's picture

Probably a Jew. Most US foreign Embassy personel are Jew, they pay for the priviledge, it's the Clinton pay to play. NZ is where Jewish Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsberg swore she would flee to, if Trump should be become President. I think Streisand also swore she would move to New Zeeland, Jew Steven Spielburg already has a home there. Jews are already destroying New Zeeland, I read recently that New Zeeland was tearing down all their racist, xenophobic road signs, and naming their roads after the aboriginese heroes.

Pork Rind's picture

It was about 20 years ago, the Israeli Mossad was caught stealing the identities of handicapped New Zealanders. The Israelis were using the stolen passports to hide their identity while committing acts of terrorism elsewhere. The New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark objected, in fact there was a war of words between Helen Clark and the Israeli government. Next thing you know, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark nearly died when the door flew off her twin-engine plane. You never heard from Helen Clark again, and New Zealand suddenly becomes rabidly pro-Israel.

Pork Rind's picture

And at the same time, the Australian government was in a war of words with Israel. The Israeli ambassador to Brazil was caught having sex with Brazilian children, and Brazil chased him out of the country. Israel then tried to appoint the same pedophile ambassador to Australia, the same ambassador who had just been chased out of Brazil. Australia didn't want him. In other words, Israel has been bullying Australia and New Zealand. Brazil and Israel were in another spat just last recently over another creepy Israeli Ambassador, next thing you know the Brazilian President is impeached.

Pork Rind's picture

and at around that time 20 years ago, the Swedish Prime Minister was in a war of words with Israel, she was gutted in the belly in a Swedish department store, she didn't survive.

kiwidor's picture

Mossad are active here again.  the Helpful Helpers are accomodating Helpful thugs who keep getting caught, thinking their distractions will steer us in the wrong direction.

NZ did not become pro-israel, and it is not.  it is very easy to get lost in the bush here if you are an israeli tourist.


Pork Rind's picture

it is very easy to get lost in the bush here if you are an israeli tourist.>>>



venturen's picture

Did it involve a sheep?

Kagemusho's picture

Lots of strange visits to Antarctica recently by some very high level people (like the Orthodox Pope, a former astronaut and Lurch Kerry) ,  and Kiwiland is a major transit point to there. Long ways to go for important people to travel just to stare at ice, penguins and leopard seals. Makes you wonder just what's up down there...

sheikurbootie's picture

Bar fight, is my guess. 

Just to clarify....we have NO spies like James Bond stereotype anymore.   I worked in a hot zone US embassy with yellow card access (highest security level).  Spies today are ordinary dudes ( I only met one lady spy -fat) that have a knack for conversation and master of the language.  It's very basic intel gathering.  They rely on moles or more likely friends in the host country to provide scuttlebutt.  Everything else is electronic/data surveillance.   We are more effective at spying on our friends and allies than the enemy. 

Crusader75's picture

Kiwis don't take crap.

Hope Copy's picture

Web search reviweled that he was mrried and the area has its libtards (a Rudolf Steiner School in that area).  I say that there was an argument over something illegal that the seller was rather noxious about (a couple of doobies?).   Fist-a-cuffs and that, add up to about a year.

kiwidor's picture

no one will argue about a few doobies.  a few grand worth of meth is another story.