Newt Rips into Comey, Calls Today's Testimony 'Pathetic'

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We all knew the shills at the FBI were 'investigating' Russian phantoms, hoping to find more nothing. If we learned anything at all from today's morose testimony by James Comey it is that he's unwilling to confirm investigations were underway, or even considered, to reveal the leakers that keep disseminating sensitive information to the press. Bear in mind, this is a felony punishable up to 10 years in ape raping prison, yet no one seems the least bit interested in who was committing them.

We can hardly conclude that Comey is a democratic shill, considering he was instrumental in making Hillbot look like a literal prisoner one week before the elections -- with the announcement of his pointless investigation which he later redacted.

Newt weighed in on the matter which he described as 'idiotic' -- confounded at the juxtaposition of Comey freely admitting to investing Russian phantoms, but unwilling to even say he might look into the leaks.

Pray tell me, why?

What sort of game is Comey playing anyway? As far as I can tell, he's a bull in a China shop just making a mess and a lot of noise -- but doing nothing other than that. Lots of accusations are flying on both ends, but nothing is ever revealed or concluded. He's probably the most universally hated man in America, from both sides of the aisle, yet there he is shilling away.

How can anyone believe a word coming out of this man's mouth?
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Lest we forget, this administration is playing 4d chess with 2-bit criminals. Who here would be surpised if in 2 weeks Trump provides the proof of Obamas involvement with the wiretap that had been in his possession  for a month? 

He is well aware they are out to crucify him and heretofore the gambits have succeeded not just a little bit, but rather spectacularly. 


One by one the known traitors (comey, priebus, pence) will at minimum be marginalized and at best led away in shackles. I realize justice has been absent for decades and were all a little anxious to have it restored, but lets let the players take their positions solidly before siphoning the swamp impetuously, eh?

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Just read Comey's comments.  It is government policy not to officially confirm or deny links.  By confirming or denying an investigation he states that would be confirming or denying the validity of the leak.


The real action is Manafort and Bannon.  Manafort is obviously the one most likely to beunder fbi investigation for coordination between rooskies and the Trump campaign.  Salon is sometimes useful.  Bannon is likely under FBI surveillance also.  We can thank Nunes' big fat mouth for that little nugget as reported by Salon.  Lol.


Is Flynn under surveillance?  It would be best for him to assume it if he doesn't have the brain power to figure it out on his own.  

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Comey has the bully act down pat.  "We're going to do anything we want to do, and you smaller kids are going to like it."

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Hey comey isn't that bad for a 1 percenter.   He managed to piss off just about everyone lol.  He also wants to hire more pot heads.

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Its bizarre that i trust foxnews more than any other msm news station. Hahaha wow the world has been flipped over! 

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Me too.  I would never have guessed this would happen.  I guess the others did a really really good good job of dressing up in sheep's clothing all these years....

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a more important (avOided) part;

would be the many many times,
the info(s) was used during the campaign

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We can hardly conclude that Comey is a democratic shill,

Actually, he proved himself a Dem operative. Announcing reopening the Clinton server investigation was just getting ahead of the story, since the material wasn't under his control. Later, when nothing came out, came the expected 'nothing here to see.' Don't confuse damage control with integrity.

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ZH loves Newt?  Wow


Newt one of the leaders of the swamp

A Woodrow Wilson lover.

Progressive big government whore.

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No, we do not love Newt. Everyone serves a purpose. In this instance, Newt is a bridge between neocon shills and the truth.

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Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 21, 2017 1:12 PM

Anyone appointed by Owmyballs, I mean Obama, is tainted.  It was a mistake to keep this guy as FBI Director.

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I am starting to think that Comey himself might be implicated in "Pedogate"

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Yes, ever since July he's acted like just another puppet.

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He probably knows about Trumpy's pizza proclivities too!

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so.... no intent ?

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Trump needs to fire Comey.  End of story.

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Anyone see the arrogant look on Comey's face? It's like he is saying he is the one with the real power. He needs to be taken down, shamed and never able to get another job again.

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Or just hang the asshole!!  I'll buy the rope!

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Whatever it takes to wipe that fucking smug look on his face would make me happy.  

He's clearly a real scheming prick.

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Trump is encouraging Comey to talk.


And then Trump will bury Comey with his own evidence based on Trump's people's investigations.


Comey is fucked.  Comey is going to resign in disgrace at best - perhaps jail.

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Orangegeek - That's what I've been feeling for weeks.  Every time Trump gets entire 60 minutes drubbings by the beta male news (entire Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow & Chris Hayes shows) - it seems he is teeing one up for a home run.

For the past few years (or as Trump would say, "Since Melania & I took that ride down the escalator at Trump Tower") he has seemed to very publicly (and intentionally) put his foot in his mouth, spend a few weeks letting everyone pile on, then come out with facts to make them all look like the asshole they are.

I'm hoping like hell that will be the case again here.

Anyhow, his opponents and journalists have a big collective set of balls, when Hillary sold 20% of our Uranium supply to Vlad.   In addition, Obama sat idle while Vlad walked into the Ukraine and Syria.  By the way the press handle this, you'd think that Trump rode in on horseback with Putin to invade these places.  It sickening.

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Can you post just one picture of RF forces in Donbass or STFU with the Ukraine bullshit?

Oh and about Syria, Russia was invited by the current elected government of the country.  If anyone walked in it was the US and allies who are bombing and fighting there illegally.

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Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III can have Comey perp walked out by his, all too happy, honest agents.


The press wonders – or pretends to wonder – why it’s held in contempt by more than just a small handful of people. Maybe the pressies should read what they publish.

This is not spam. It is what you need to know about electric cars, the NDAA and Facebook (video).

Why The Press Is Hated... Lies, Deception, and Cover Up




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Seems that IC is nothing but partisan Democrat hacks. A pathetic, embarrassing collective of corruption.

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The dog and pony show continues. Does anyone really care about all this bullshit?

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Its hard to take anything Newt says seriously since his middle name is NAFTA.

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Newty and his Heritage Foundation friends came up with the ideas for the individual and corporate mandate.

Newty is an opportunist and nothing more.

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Comey is Irish Trash .... I was right from the git go ?

Insurrector's picture


You would do right by gitting and going AH. 

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I am the only one looking forward to retirement?  How come these Newt types never, ever go away?  this cat was relevant two and a half decades ago.  How does someone that looks like that (remarkably physically unattractive) have such an ego??

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You do know he converted to Catholicism?
DC= District of Catholics. We've lost control to foreigners and they're NOT Russians. He is a foreign agent imo.

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I think Newt and many others are missing the point. Unauthorized leaks are a felony.  What Comey is inferring is the leaks were authorized, and as a result there is no need to investigate them.  So what we should be asking is if the leaks were authorized and if so by whom.  Are there people further up the food chain than either Comey or Trump who could provide this authorization?  Do they truly have this authority?  What are their motivations?  Who the fuck is Comey's real boss?  Who the fuck is Mike Roger's boss?  These questions dig at the heart of the Deep State.  

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It was also inferred that many of the leaks might be false. He mentioned a few times that they couldn't either confirm or deny the veracity of many of the reports circulating in the press, many of which, he stated, were entirely false. So it is also quite possible that the 'unauthorized leaks' are not leaks but rather lies. 


Now, it seems to me that spreading false information about what is going on at the highest levels of government should be some sort of offense. But on being questioned about this by Gowdy (I think), he stated that he believes that reporting false stories to the press is not a crime. 


I believe his role is that of the Deep State, right now, namely to ensure that the current Administration is on a short leash and can be brought down at any time. Either Trump gives up on draining the swamp or he will be devoured by its alligators.

Right or wrong, he is a very brave man - as are his family. 

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You can use ZH as a guide to the amount of bull shit that is going around the Internet at any given time.

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"We can hardly conclude that Comey is a democratic shill"


Perhaps, but with the knowledge he carries with him - along with all of the attendant 'risks', what should the average man conclude...?

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Comey is a Deep state shill, desperately trying to keep the FBI relevant and at least an equal to all the other "alphabets" in the IC. Every time he appears before Trey Gowdy the committee should play David Bowie's "Lets Dance" and brazenly mock this schmuck everytime he opens his mouth. 


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If Newt isn't Deep State, then nobody is.

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He earned his position when he folded like a cheap suit during the gov. shutdown, 22 yrs. ago.

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There were FIVE FBI offices that wanted to investigate the Clinton Foundation but were stopped by Loretta Lynch. Have those been allowed to continue? "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow (Comey) knows!" But he ain't sayin' (except for Trump-then he says a lot).

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Comey promises to investigate all the things so they can identify who to never prosecute. All law enforcement above the state level is a globalists' immunity machine. 

Guess which side Comey was on in the HSBC scandal. HSBC, the bank of choice for drug cartels, Clinton Foundation, general global douchebaggery and bribery operations.

Until that little prick releases the contents wiener's laptop, none of this matters. 

jago's picture

comeys trying to J Edgar his way to lifetime status.

"Welcome Mr. C , lingerie? 3rd floor!"

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Vomey is a weasel. He uses the excuse of secrecy and not ocmmenting on investigations to hide corruption and political motives.

It is very apparent that the government agencies cannot be trusted with the powers that have been given them. Time for a congressional campaign to removing powers that government agencies are not ethical and honest enough to handle. There has been enough of this politics masquerading as security and we should all be sick of it and the weasels who administer it.

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Shake the town down.  As of July 01, 2017 The Federal Bureau of Investigation, known as the FBI, will cease to exist.  That's what we do!

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Oh looky, Newt backing his buddy Trump... the fake news/liar.  Maybe Newt has the proof, give us the proof, Newt, heh.

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I've never seen such a bungling FBI Director.  He seems to give greater attention to his Grecian Formula than his Bureau.

Insurrector's picture

Not like Trumpy's bona fide styling gel.