Obamacare Repeal Status Update

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As with anything, the status of the repeal of Obamacare depends on your politics...


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The White House...

Source: Townhall.com

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If this goes down, he will have lost momentum to make yuuuge changes


Edit...that first attempt/plan sucked the big one....

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I think the term clusterfvk is appropriate here.

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Ok. I would second that


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You have been reported to  abuse@zerohedge.com as a spammer.  Let's hope they take action.

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xythras (not verified) John Law Lives Mar 20, 2017 6:45 PM

What a noob, no one attends that email. 

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By publishing the email he just whitelisted it for spamming robots.

OMG, such a dumb ass.

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Trump should announce NOW that he will veto this piece of legislation if it comes his way. It will vastly raise his standing in the country.

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Indeed....but he could be playing the house and senate for the fools they are....ACA could die on its own before the midterms. ....have what he wants ready just before them....I suspect many members would be motivated if only to save their seat



 vidi vici veni

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come on Trump, keep  twitting! do what you do best! lol



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You wouldn't know a pussy if you trip and fell on to one! MastubateControl. 

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Its not Trump you maggot, its RINO's & progs.

And ObamaCare is dead, deal wif it ;-)

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... nigga's reign is over - fuck off now

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Kill it with fire!!

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Nuke it.  From space.  It is the only way to be sure.

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No cartoon representing the people's perspective of oboingo care.

Maybe a picture of a poor schlep with big medicine and medical insurance's hands in his pockets while the government keeps the schlep distracted with inane statements from schumer, pelosi, grahm, and mccain.

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The problem with ObamaCare is that all it did was bail out the private insurance companies.

I don't know about everyone else, but I've been buying health insurance on the individual market for 12 years now, bought it for a few years in the '90s, and have been paying attention to the cost of health insurance, and what you get at what price-point, since the mid-'80s.

Unfortunately most people I know have never fully paid for it.  They seem to think a good family plan costs $200 a month, because that's what they've had to pay after their boss has paid $1,000, and now they're outraged to find out what this shit really costs.

This isn't new.  The Nixon Administration introduced HMO plans in the mid-'70s because they could tell the healthcare finance was collapsing, even then.

It cracks me up that most of the things people hate about ObamaCare are the things people hated about pre-ObamaCare; the things ObamaCare was supposed to fix.  It was awfully damn predictable that ObamaCare wouldn't fix the problems, because the problems are of the nature of private health insurance.

Whatever; ObamaCare was a huge bait-and-switch, to nobody's surprise who was paying attention.  ObamaCare deserves all the disrespect it has earned.

What's really funny though, is watching the idiots who pretended all the problems had to do with ObamaCare, and now they're holding the pointy end of the stick trying to come up with a solution that preserves the insurance company's racket but isn't a total ClusterFrack.  Ha.  Ain't no such aminal.  Smarter people would have learned the lesson from ObamaCare, but apparently we're not dealing with rocket scientists here.

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consider youself +1000 upvoted

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Good to see you got McCain & his girlfriend Lindsey in the correct political party - Democrats.

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Lost in the policy and economic arguments is the civil rights / liberty issue:

ROBERTS and pals said a penalty was a tax (though Congress had not and WERE it a tax, the court could not have yet heard the case because if the anti-injunction act (I believe, defer to lawyers).

This was complete nonsense and Congress should, and can, disregard a plainly un-Constitutional ruling. Congress declared it to not be a tax, the SC can not agree to hear it then change it via judicial fiat.

Important because he also wrote that the 'individual mandate' - fedgov can fine (sorry, 'tax' you in a penalizing way for not purchasing a product from a private company) you, but they could not have used the Commerce Clause to do it.

The upshot is Congress *should* explicitly say that being forced to pay a fine for not having purchased insurance is NOT A TAX, and that Americans may not be forced to buy something by the federal government.

This power, to compel citizens to buy something or face fines (hefty ones now) deserves more attention.

Because while they engaged in rhetorical legerdemain to allow Congress to do so, if it stands, there is no limit to what we may be fined or jailed for not buying.

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WTF? SCOTUS ruled ObamaCare as a Tax. Chief Roberts cast the deciding vote, nonetheless. You are correct that this issue deserves more attention than ever.

Now, if you're correct on the remainder, I agree this point should be argued again before the Supremes. Hopefully that old witch will either defer or go room temp as I sense she will vote against any change out of spite.

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You are right.  Furthermore, when the supreme incompetents ruled, they abrogated the vote of congress. The new bill needed to be ratified, again.  Then, again, taxes and funding must originate in the House.  Laws, rules, we don't need no stinkin laws.

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Remember 'ole Gruber...?


 It was a cleverly concocted $revenue-generating scheme, right from the jump start.   The 'players' already existed, all that was needed was carefully crafted marketing plan, with a bullet-proof catch all (and where else, but the 'Commerce Clause') - Done!!

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I remember Hans Gruber,

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But you pay when you are young to help cover the costs when you are old. We need a national single payer plan. If you don't want to sign up, you don't have too, but when it comes time for you to want or need insurance, you payments will account for the periods of time that you didnt pay as well.

Is this agreeable to all those who don't want to be forced to buy health insurance?

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Sort of an extension of the current Heath Savings Account. But can others use your money when you don't? And then if your bill is bigger then you savings can you take from others? Then should we all just have a payroll tax based on certain key personal information? And then the care is metered out as needed? Then can the government just take all of the money and give it to the military contractors so they can "lose" it and bomb the fuck out of foreign countries secretly like they do now so they can protect their grip on power through fiat debt money that keeps us all enslaved? 

Get rid of these fucking government dickheads sticking their noses in our business and free the economy. Send most of these stupid regulations back to the states and let them be the guinea pigs for legal "ideas". Nationalize the FED, make money issued by the Treasury without debt backed by Gold and Silver as the constitution says, and jail the corrupt bankers and politicians. Have free markets and price discovery for all goods and services and the economy will flourish. Then we can all be wealthy to a degree and we can afford to just pay the medical bills as they come in similar to how it was in the 60's and 70's. Well at least the part about being more wealthy. This has been going on for a long time now and it needs to come to an end.


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Yes, but good luck getting the damn Democrats to leave us the hell alone.

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Vermont was set to go with a single payer system but (un)ACA bureaucrats insisted that Vermont keep the (un)ACA as part of Vermont's single payer plan. Keeping the trial lawyers, insurance profits, and bureaucrats at the health care feeding trough insured that Vermont's single payer plan would have been at least as as expensive as the (un)ACA so Vermont's Democratic governor gave up and shelved it.

It seems like an opportune time to resurrect Vermont's single payer plan. Why doesn't the GOP encourage Vermont to do so by exempting Vermont from the (un)ACA? Doing so would weaken the (un)ACA and encourage other states to develop their own plans. Massachusetts already had Romney Care. Democrats, it seems, would rather undermine anything offered by Republicans than actually allow Vermont to go forward with a single payer plan despite claiming that's what they want. Democrats and Republicans are so beholden to special interests that Republicans try to destroy Obamacare only when they knew Obama could veto their efforts and Democrats only profess to want single player but refuse to move it forward when it is possible to do so in Vermont.



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Isn't that what Irwin Schiff rotted away in prison over?

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Obamacare smells like pelosi's crotch!!!

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Could just as easily had that little Democrat standing on top of Pelosi's bearded clam... same stink and flies.

But my eyes do appreciate the substitution of that relatively appetizing fish instead.

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Have you ever dined in Iceland?

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America like it was is gone.

America is a police state. The people just don't realize it yet.


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Meanwhile, Trump is tweeting and doing rallies. If he does't get it together very soon, his presidency is over. First 100 days are very important and he's wasting them.

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Absolutely rihgt.  Trump can do good things with regard to getting rid of dumb regulations and probably help with more jobs, but he is losing all his political capital in the first 100 days for sure.  First immediately taking on Obummercare is a big mistake.  Now these dumb tweeks on the wire tapping.  Even if true, WTF who cares ?   The debate on the debt limit which starts in June absolutely kill him.

Trump most of of his time and political capital mopping incompetent Obama shit and dumb tweets.

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Maybe, but on the other hand he has already done more than his predecessor did in 8 years.

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Important to you maybe....let ACA die on the vine....when it is gone and there is nowhere to turn, perhaps we will get support for real reform.... would likely be worth the wait


Vidi Vici Veni

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I mean  Trump was always eccentric. But in the 80s and 90s he was at least able to act like an adult. What the hell happened? 

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He bought a Vet, dyed his hair and got caught snorting  lines of a 17 yo's ass.

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If he got caught doing all that you know it would be all over the fake news sites instead of only in your pathetic troll post here. 

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Sounds like jealousy..............Quit sucking hind tit at momma's house and go make your bones, snowflake.

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By eccentric do you, by any chance refer to questioning Obama's clearly fake birth certificate, his obviously tranny wife and preference for men, the 9/11 "fairytale", or the fake "weapons of mass destruction" story. I bet he doesn't even believe the "story" of the Kennedy assassination!
Wow, what a nut! Just like me. Read Griffiths book "The Creature from Jeckyl Island" and find out how the real world works sonny. In the meantime confine your comments to the Huff Po where low mentality types post.

Did you think you were on a fake news site like the Huff Po?

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They don't have a 60 vote senate magority so they have to do what they can under the reconcilliation process.