Watch Live: FBI's Comey And NSA's Rogers Testify To Congress On Russia, Trump

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FBI Director James Comey and NSA head Adm. Michael Rogers hold their much anticipated testimony over Russian interference in the US elections, breaking their public silence for the first time before the House Intelligence Committee.

As The Hill adds, spectators and media lined up down the hall in preparation for the hotly-anticipated open hearing, where lawmakers are expected to press Comey to respond to President Trump's claim that former President Barack Obama "wiretapped" him during the campaign. It remains unclear how much the two officials will be able to discuss in a public setting, and many expect the hearing to quickly produce fireworks from a committee fiercely divided over what to investigate first.

Frustrated Democrats will push officials for evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow — while Republicans will seek to get to the source of a series of media leaks of sensitive information believed to have come from the intelligence community.

Watch the hearing live below.


Earlier: a preview of today's main event

Today at 10am, the directors of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Security Agency will break their public silence and give keenly await testimony about their investigations into possible links between Russia and President Donald Trump's campaign at a rare open congressional intelligence committee hearing. They will also be grilled on Trump's explosive allegation that he was wiretapped by his predecessor Barack Obama.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey and Mike Rogers of the National Security Agency will speak publicly for the first time about two issues that have riveted the American public for weeks and further divided the country's two ever-at-odds political parties. The stakes for Trump could hardly be higher according to AFP. Representatives Devin Nunes, chairman of the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and Adam Schiff, the panel's top Democrat, have called Comey and Rogers to testify as part of their committee's probe into allegations that Russia meddled in U.S. elections.  Other congressional committees also are investigating the matter, mostly behind closed doors. But amid a furor over whether Moscow tried to influence the 2016 presidential race on Trump's behalf, lawmakers said they would make public as much of their probes as possible.

Trump and his entourage's possible ties with the Russia of President Vladimir Putin have been the subject of much speculation since before he was elected on November 8.

US intelligence agencies in January took the extraordinary step of stating publicly that they had concluded that hackers working for Russia broke into the email accounts of senior Democrats and released embarrassing ones with the aim of helping Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. Even since then, the question of whether Trump and company were or are somehow in cahoots with Russia has dominated the national conversation. A congressional panel so far has found no evidence that Trump's campaign colluded with Russia, its chairman said Sunday.

Based on "everything I have up to this morning -- no evidence of collusion," by Trump's team and Moscow, Representative Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News.

Meanwhile, Moscow has denied involvement in the hacks, and Trump has denounced the tumult over alleged Russia connections as a "total witch hunt."

Monday's hearing was also expected to address a second explosive issue: Trump's accusations that the Obama administration wiretapped his phone at Trump Tower in New York during the campaign. Trump on March 4 tweeted that Obama had "tapped" his phone -- a charge that has consumed political debate in the US capital.

Several congressional panels have launched investigations into Russia's alleged interference, including the House and Senate intelligence committees, which have jurisdiction over the nation's 17 intelligence agencies, and the House and Senate judiciary committees. The FBI is also probing Russian interference in the election. The question remains whether the agency has opened a criminal investigation into possible ties between Trump campaign aides and Russian officials.

Monday's hearing promises to be a very public showdown between the FBI and lawmakers, with the national security world certain to watch whether Comey drops a political bombshell. Members of Congress have expressed frustration over what they call the lack of cooperation from the FBI about Russia and Trump's wiretap claim, which Obama and an array of other officials have flatly denied. The issue of wiretapping first surfaced last month, when Trump's national security adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign after it was revealed he had misled top officials over his contacts with the Russian ambassador to Washington to discuss sanctions Obama had just announced against Russia over the election hacking.


Around the same time, The New York Times reported that US intelligence had intercepted calls showing that members of Trump's campaign had repeated contacts with top Russian intelligence officials in the year preceding the election.  Nunes has said that the intelligence committee probe focuses in part on who revealed that Flynn had unreported private contacts with the Russians over the sanctions issue.

Adding to the intrigue, Trump's attorney general Jeff Sessions recused himself from any Russia-related inquiries after it was learned that he had met twice with the Russian ambassador in the months before Trump took office, and had failed to disclose this during his confirmation hearing when asked a question about such contacts and speaking under oath.

Domestically, the controversy over the wiretapping claim has pulled attention away from Trump's effort to push through other key items on his agenda, including the planned repeal of Obama's healthcare law, tax reform and his controversial travel ban. Critics say it has also debased the already coarse tone of political debate in Washington and eroded the president's credibility at home and abroad.

Some of the fallout has been international in scope: The White House was forced to retract a charge repeated last week by its spokesman Sean Spicer suggesting that Britain's intelligence services aided the Obama administration in the alleged wiretap. That claim has strained relations with America's closest ally. Still, as recently as Friday, Trump repeated the claim in an aside during a White House press conference with Angela Merkel. "As far as wiretapping, I guess, by this past administration, at least we have something in common, perhaps," Trump told the German chancellor, referring to a WikiLeaks report in 2015 that the US had monitored calls involving Merkel and her top aides for years.

For those not near a TV, the hearing will be live webcast by C-Span.

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AntiLeMaire's picture

What current TIES does Trump have with Russia?

Schiff just said he has, but AFAIK he hasn't!

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Adam Schiff is a total pizzagater...look at his pedo face!

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Didn't the government investigate those charges already and found nothing ? (But kept the investigation ongoing just to keep the fake media going on about it)

AntiLeMaire's picture

Report most likely NOT written by any British (former) spy, that should be clear by now. This is the judgement by other, real, (former) British spies.

Despite whatever Schiff is saying.

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Who fucking cares!...

President Pence is still taking us to illegal war EVERWHERE ELSE!!!

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Whatever bizarro world you live in has a President Pence?



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Is this the Adam Schiff show... or the James Comey hearing?

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Chris Dakota (not verified) moorewasthebestbond Mar 20, 2017 9:19 AM

Jews gonna Jew.


There's picture

Even the 65 Cabinet officers and top WH staff who happen to be Jewish.

It's hard for a Trump supporter not to be terribly confused. Just can't figure out who you should hate any more?


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da JOOS did it


That is all.

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Watch his ticks though.  Revealing as hell.  They got nothing, and are getting buried.

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Mr. Schiff needs to provide some FUCKING EVIDENCE is he is going to make these statements.  Jesus this guy says anything without someone calling bullshit.

LyLo's picture

Jesus.  If any CA residents are curious why everyone doesn't seem to care about CA problems (even dire disasters that affect rural regions of relatively sane people) look no further than Schiff.  Bear in mind, he represents you to the nation.

And for the record, he's one of the smartest and most able representatives that state has produced in recent years.  Let that sink in for a minute.

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Not a secret conversation, a public one, and a wiretapped one...

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DNC -2017 Revised McCarthy rulebook: see 3(a) sub paragraph 4(b)  

If you, your spouse, or someone in your immediate family conversed with a Russian at a dinner party, ate hors d'oeuvres off the same serving dish as a Russian, or were seated at the same table with a Russian, or Russians, within the last ten years, [and you or your family are Trump supporters], your family member/s and you are suspect of being Russian agents, anti-American conspirators and stooges of Vladimir Putin. Please contact Mr. Schiff, Al Franken, Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi and the committee on anti-American Activities.


There's picture

And you have repeatedly denied and covered up any bizarre contact...

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This is all 100% fake news. It's circumstancial BS and a fishing expedition concocted by the Democrats because they ARE SORE FUCKING LOSERS...and cannot get it through their thick boneheaded skulls that their dirty, corrupt and crooked Hillarroid LOST LOST LOST!!!! 

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Ludicrous! almost 20% of Rosneft WOOOT. That kind of money (just a fee on that sale is almost 1 BILLION USD) for just a promise to look into dropping the sanctions!?

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Both of these 2 directors are the best lying pieces of s..t on this world with ZERO credibility.

Comey had little of it and now has nothing left after the last few months. So the world has to believe these two scumbags?

zero evidence, zero credibility... 100% fake people ... THAT is a (spy) agency director.

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The war drums are pounding...

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the SOB Rogers said "we don't talk about ongoing investigations and keep confidential information secret" with a straight face.

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The NSA guy is going to blow the FBI guy pretty soon.

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Huh; I would have figured the other way around as Comey comes off as a bit of a poof.  (Are we still allowed to say that one?  I can never remember.)

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

He's in French Polynesia at the moment.

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now Comey is up there saying the FBI 'is very careful about protecting information' of ongoing investigations. He did say they have briefed the Intelligence committee...

what a shit show. 

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I like Russia, Russians and Putin.

FBI and NSA stick your propaganda up your you know what.

I also like China and the Chinese and Europeans and Africans and Mexicans and South Americans.

Why does the USA feels everyone is their enemy?

Maybe it is best they look at Washington DC and the answer may be found.


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Paranoid tribe members and their shabbos...someone always out to get them

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LOL NSA chief said that some things are only need to know.

Reminds me of something ...


Darling:  It's top security sir, I think that's all the Captain needs to know.
Melchett: Nonsense! Let's hear the list in full!
Darling:  Very well sir. "List of personnel cleared for mission Gainsborough, as dictated by General C. H. Melchett: You and me, Darling, obviously. Field Marshal Haig, Field Marshal Haig's wife, all Field Marshal Haig's wife's friends, their families, their families' servants, their families' servants' tennis partners, and some chap I bumped into the mess the other day called Bernard."


Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

God I despise this gubmint unauthentic gobbledygook.  Our gubmint, including intel, is much much too large.

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All i hear is conspiracies and that all the evidence is classified 

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yeah agreed ..a very loud sucking sound seems to be eminating from my tv since adam shaft started speaking bout 40 mins ago. hasnt stopped since

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Democrats job now is to keep their flock in a permanent state of agitation. 

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Mike Rogers is serious...very serious.   

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"we are very careful about diseminating details from open investigations" 'need to protect peoples privacy'


ive been in a coma comey makes me laugh fucking asshole. "leaks of classified information are serious.. and cannout be tolerated"


does this guy think people dont watch the news. shit if you watch cspan hearings then you cant be that ignorant.

this effin guy!

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Note: Both Comey and Rogers were not sworn in!

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Interesting and says much. :-)

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yeah i was wondering about that too!

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Oh, well I guess they must not have a Satanic Bible handy.

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The only thing that I notice being repeated,

"We are investigating, looking , following facts, ...."

Something that they do EVERYDAY since their inception. So they want the Americans TO ASSUME that Russia HAS DONE something to help Trump.

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Is it me or did Comey and Rogers both just imply the Classified Information leaks came from the Intelligence Committe?

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Will Donna Brazile be reporting?

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no just authoring the questions for the dems. sorry, no live appearance. i know i know, weve all missed that gorrilla grimace face she has. soo sexy if youre into primates.

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Especially the authentic blue hair, really goes well with orange, hope we get to see it.

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I love donna's reporting ...she leaks us the questions befor they are even asked ..

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He said: Leaking of FISA derived information


Signalling that there was a FISA warrant !!

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No No Yes to Rogers questions.

Incidental collection, no intelligence value. So ...