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Authored by Robert Gore via Straight Line Logic,

Empires have one historical constant: they fail.

President Trump likes deals and campaigned on his deal-making prowess. Negotiation requires parties who respect each other enough to bargain in good faith. It is a lost art in US foreign policy, replaced by imperatives: we tell you what to do and you do it. This makes the US government the world’s most hated institution. Negotiation poses an existential threat to a Deep State grown powerful and wealthy imposing US dominance on the rest of the world, and increasingly, the American people. Dominance implies unipolarity; negotiation implies multipolarity.

During his campaign, Trump resonated with voters and put the Deep State on alert, voicing two criticisms of unipolarity: its cost and its failures. Trump’s criticism of NATO, particularly of costs borne primarily by the US, should be an opening salvo in a wider war against the costs of US empire. The US has over 800 bases in over 150 countries. The annual expense of maintaining those outposts is substantial, and other personnel costs, high-tech weaponry, and foreign military interventions run into the hundreds of billions. (Foreign interventions are usually kept off budget by one of Washington’s beloved accounting tricks.) Total annual spending for the military and intelligence, including veterans benefits, is close to $1 trillion.

There is significant waste and corruption. The Defense Department has never passed an audit, and trillions of dollars remain unaccounted for. Most of the intelligence agencies’ budgets are “black box”—undisclosed—but waste and corruption on a comparable scale is probably a safe assumption.

All that money has bought multiple failures. The US has turned the Middle East and Northern Africa into a chaotic quagmire that has led to increased terrorism and refugee flows in the millions. Trump’s campaign adroitly played on popular fears of refugees and terrorism, but he’s maintaining the policies that produce them. More US forces are being sent to Iraq and Syria, and one special forces’ operation in Yemen has resulted in the first US military death (and the deaths of at least 10 Yemeni civilians) on Trump’s watch. He has shown no inclination to stop or curtail drone strikes, covert operations, or proxy warfare.

Trump’s military policy in the Middle East has been indistinguishable from Obama’s, and a subtle diplomatic shift demonstrates that US unipolarity, rather than multipolar “deals,” will continue to be the order of the day. Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran was a throwback to presidents Kennedy, Nixon, and Reagan, who negotiated arms control agreements with hostile powers. It has achieved its primary aim - nobody claims Iran is now developing nuclear weapons - yet Trump and team continuously criticize it. Iran has taken a substantial risk with the nuclear treaty. Muammar Gaddafi explicitly renounced nuclear weapons and terminated Libya’s embryonic program, while Saddam Hussein never had them, and the US violently deposed both of them. ( And US officials wonder why North Korea “clings” to its nuclear program!) Yet, Trump officials have put Iran “on notice,” called for renewed sanctions, and rattled the invasion sabers because Iran fired missiles that were not banned in the agreement.

An objective assessment of repressive “state sponsors of terrorism” in the Middle East would conclude that Saudi Arabia is at least as culpable, if not more so, than Iran. Saudi Arabia has supported al Qaeda offshoot ISIS (which Iran is fighting) in Syria and Iraq. It is waging war against its tiny, impoverished neighbor, Yemen, on the unproven contention that the Houthi rebels they’re fighting are an Iranian proxy force. Al Queda in Yemen has been the beneficiary of this Saudi campaign. The US has been helping the Saudis, providing weapons and other military and intelligence support. After a Saudi missile, bought from the US, struck a Yemeni funeral, killing over 100 people, Obama held up an arms sale, but Trump is reconsidering and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is pushing for it. Thousands of its citizens are dying of malnutrition, but relief convoys can’t get through because Saudi Arabia has bombed much of the infrastructure. Yet, nobody is putting Saudi Arabia “on notice.” Trump recently sat down with the Saudi deputy crown prince for a convivial lunch.

Yemen marks the latest in a string of American military adventures stretching back to Korea. These forays have increased the power and wealth of the US military-industrial-intelligence complex, but have not attained any concrete military objective, i.e., winning. In Washington, nothing succeeds like failure. Trump has promoted some of failure’s architects to prominent places in his administration, and he’s increasing the military’s already bloated budget, with no check on its spendthrift ways. Notwithstanding failure’s staggering costs in blood and treasure, substantial elements of the foreign policy, military, and intelligence establishment, (including Hillary Clinton), want to train their sights on Syria, Iran, North Korea, Russia and China. After sixteen years the US cannot win a war in Afghanistan, but they want to take on the world’s second and third largest military forces (and nuclear arsenals) and three of their allies.

Trump’s voters elected him to reject, not buy into, the establishment and Clinton’s absurdity. Russia and China do not have the economic or military strength to build empires. (Nobody does; empires dissipate, not increase, strength.) They recognize the multipolarity the US rejects, and are leading diplomatic, financial, and economic initiatives with nations stretching from Southeast Asia to Europe. Whatever noises Trump made about establishing better relations with Russia have fallen by the wayside in the wake of the Russian “election hacking” and undue influence allegations. His administration’s stance towards China has been nonstop bluster. Last week Tillerson told North Korea it had better shape up or else, the “else” being possible US military action (LINK). As Justin Raimondo has argued, the tense and highly militarized situation on the Korean peninsula requires negotiations between the US, the Koreas, and China; saber rattling could lead to Korean War II or worse.

Trash talk, gestures, and threats may play well to domestic crowds, but they don’t get you far in international relations. If Trump engages in skirmishes over the Deep State’s surveillance of him, but carries water for its disastrous policies, including its surveillance of the American people, then his election was a waste of time. He can recognize the evolving multipolar world and negotiate, compromise, and deal, or he can try to maintain the US’s fading dominance. If he chooses the former, he has a shot at greatness. If he chooses the latter, his presidency will fail with the US empire.

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Logan 5's picture
Logan 5 (not verified) Mar 20, 2017 6:49 PM

Start by dealing out some prison sentences to pedos

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) Logan 5 Mar 20, 2017 6:52 PM

If that empire is build over a swamp, tough luck.

Start draining the swamp in order to save the empire from crumbling.

Trump Can’t Lose White Working Class Voters With a Bad Healthcare Act


Dyler_Turden's picture

At least if the empire falls during Trump he can rebuild it.

Doubt Cankles could have done it. She would have turned the failing empire into affirmative actioned tribal wars

john doeberg's picture

Trump might have some tough day ahead but I'm sure he'll get us through if he brings order to Congress.

If he let them career politicians prance around, who knows what will happen. 


Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) john doeberg Mar 20, 2017 8:00 PM

The Russians helped Obama beat Hillary.

"this is my last election after I will have more flexibility"

"yes I will transmit this message to Vladimir"

Obama agent of Vladimir Putin.

Why no FBI investigation on that?

DownWithYogaPants's picture

His election under no circumstances could be considered a waste of time if for no other reason than the supreme court and gun rights.

This does not even mention the entertainment value and the exposure of the deep state.

We'll see on the foreign policy.  Deep state is probably yet controlling it.

kavlar's picture

"Empires have one historical constant: they fail."

All Empires from the West have failed because of one reason: Israel.

techies-r-us's picture
techies-r-us (not verified) kavlar Mar 20, 2017 8:52 PM

Time to get rid of that shitty country.

greenskeeper carl's picture

You are kinda missing the point. The 'empire' and the blood and treasure required to maintain will have been a proximate cause for why this country fails. Best to just dissolve the empire willingly than go to war and lose trying to maintain it. The average American is worse off from us having troops in 150+ countries. We are worse off from the neocon buffonery we have been engaged in for the last couple decades.

BarkingCat's picture

Tyler, hit then spammer with the hammer. 

Tiwin's picture

Went to your site.

It Sucks.

You are an MSM wannabe.



What the wife calls 'stupid news'

Sudden Debt's picture

Nah, Hillary and the squad are homefree. Trump won't do shit about them...

BingoBoggins's picture

Stay on point. (looks at upvotes, shakes head)

greenskeeper carl's picture

What have you seen that implies they aren't home free?

StagStopa's picture

Author: very cogent and well written. Absolutely undeniable. The sheeple have been had once again.

WernerHeisenberg's picture

"If Trump engages in skirmishes over the Deep State’s surveillance of him, but carries water for its disastrous policies, including its surveillance of the American people, then his election was a waste of time"

Not all wasted, the false hope that one can overthrow an enemy occupation government with an election needed to die.  The rest is up to the patriots.

fbazzrea's picture

the false hope that one can overthrow an enemy occupation government with an election needed to die.

i don't think the jury's back yet. Trump deserves more time. i'm not saying we need four years but it's too early to call the game. he's making some moves. let's see what happens.

techpriest's picture

I do think he's right about "one election." Who here knows the agenda of their local city councilmen and mayor? Who knows where their sheriff stands on interposition?

zen0's picture

Lose the empire, save the country. Simple.

Anteater's picture

"We had to destroy the country to save it!", you mean. Goldman and MIC now control America,

the very Deep Swamp symbols of Lucreferalian Worshipry Trump promised to FREE USA FROM!

He's a crypto-Jew, so is his family, and he's doing the bidding of Deep State and Wall Street,

while running his Russian mob infested TH&C in NYC and pay-for-play Mar-a-Lago in FL, and

charging American taxpayers $3.5M for his private security. YUGE way-over-the-top Corrupt!

lucitanian's picture

If you think there is a Russian influence on Elections through wiretaps or conversations or whatever, why has no one asked about the influence of dual national Israeli agents corrupting your democratic system in terms of coercion, money, media, and spying? Surely that is a far and away bigger case.

And, as long as the POTUS is run by the "deep state" it doesn't matter who's in the White House, a trained speaking monkey could do the job. Changing players makes no difference as all have to be beholding to the real powers behind the curtain to get there anyway, and then play ball to stay. (BTW Deep State has always been incorporated with Wall Street as well as the MIC and Media, so there's no reason for the "and" in your comment and it's not "now" that they control. Its since the 60s)

What did you expect?

Sudden Debt's picture

America is in decline for over 2 decades.

What people don't realize is that not every sector declines at the same speed and only the successfull sectors are shown on tv.

America is losing 4 to 5% of it's wealth each year. It only needs to lose another 10 to 15% and it all ends.


Giant Meteor's picture

Astute observation, although I say much longer than 2 decades, and much the same reason cited .

My recollection is early 70's and throughout, as result of the tumultuous 60's

Nixon Ends Convertibility of US Dollars to Gold and Announces Wage/Price Controls -August 1971

Say hello to the 2 income trap, and credit (debt) to make up the difference in previous "affordability" / living standards

"Downsizing" became a huge part of the lexicon, bit by bit, piece by piece, once thriving manufacturing, industrial might, strip mined, while Americans accept 2 income debt trap existence, working harder to earn a buck, that bought less and less ..

Each administration, jiggering the numbers, metrics, to show things were just peachy, when in fact the direct opposte was true.

No  or low inflation? Oh really .. how bout, wealth (health) care, "education", automobiles, food, housing, energy ..

Once thriving cities slowly start to resemble bombed out Dresden ..

Small town USA, rustbelt? Fucked, Middle America? Fucked .., we won't even get into coal mine country, Doubly Fucked ..

But heh, thank God for "silly con valley" and such. Thank God for San Fran, and the fucking Hamptoms .. etc.

ok, end of this rant 

Did I mention FIRE SECTOR, The steady and relentless Finacialization of Every Fucking Thing ?

Finance accounts for what percentage of GDP today, as opposed to say. that other time, 60's early 70's ?

Last I checked shuffling paper for money (more paper) by some estimates today, 40%

Ah yes, "money for nothin" and the chicks? They definitely ain't for free, at least not like they were in the 60's ..

American Gorbachev's picture

Peak USA ?  1956 

coincidentally along with highest % of union membership in manufacturing/transport, and the largest middle class in world history (til the chinese get domesticated), plus us president orders GB, France, Israel out of Suez (and they immediately comply)

since Sputnik 'tis been all downhill, but that credit card (backed by insane hubris and verrry big guns) still has no limit

but it will, the question is only "when" ? 


Giant Meteor's picture

When indeed, but she's gonna be a beaut ... why when this thing blows, there won't be talk of "greatest recession since the great depression" is my guess, although my other guess is, they have a "plan B, at the ready ..

I still maintain, Trump was a fluke. I know not many agree with this thesis, as mostly I hear, he' was approved, never would have made it without "deep state approval" etc. 

Well if the "Russians" can be believed, they are saying the same thing ... long odds, it was gonna be "Hillary."

There is a fucking disturbance in the force .. is my thesis .. and just in time to make things real interesting too ..

American Gorbachev's picture

i often wish that i felt the way you do, but i'm almost completely convinced that he was 'engineered' into office for the purpose of managing another "controlled demolition" (ala 2001, 2008), getting the blame, delegitimizing his supporters and policies, all while keeping the military and financial ponzi scheme going at ... what is Yiddish for "ludicrous speed"?

i believe he will buy them another ten to twenty years ala "the Japanification" of the U.S. (stasis and utter demoralization of a generation, conditioned to embrace their slavery, courtesy of the FED)

as an up close and personal observer of the Clintons for forty years, i struggled mightily during the dark days of last year when her 'inevitability' was trumpeted daily, (yes, i often fell for the bullshit, but the LA Times polling gave me hope) to think of what possible 'great good' might come from her presidency

the best i could come up with was... the cultural/ideological split would intensify, the markets/economy would blow (perhaps as 'scheduled') and the dissonance and disatisfaction of white, rural, middle-class, church-going, gun-owning, traditionalist/nationalists would be compelled by circumstance (spark?) to take to the streets en masse, whereupon she would send in the military to quell them, up to ordering them to "fire", and they would refuse to do so

thus would endeth the U.S. in its current, sclerotic and corrupt form.  

this boil needs lancing, the band-aid needs ripping off

i fear the current administration was hired to continue the slow peeling


Giant Meteor's picture

"this boil needs lancing, the band-aid needs ripping off" of this, there can be no doubt.

In many ways, the "the Japanification" of the US, has already been with us. Hell the US invented that game. Obviously it is of tremendous benefit to be the worlds "reserve currency." I understand what you are saying. And yes, by all appearances, Trump is playing into the "deep state" hand, for the reasons you have outlined (and others.)

So stipulated.

Trump as we know, has had deep involvements with banks, and OPM, (other peoples money) and of course, of "strategic bankruptcy." Nothing obviously on THIS SCALE .. and Christ, how crazy does one need to be, to even consider being the chief executive of this gigantic shitshow ..  

However ..

If Trump has proved nothing else, he has proved he is (understatement) a wildcard, who I believe, can be counted on to do the "unthinkable" at any given moment in time.

Sure, I have eyes! Hiring into the squid, unquestioned support of Israel, questionable "appointments" , back peddling, and of course, buildup of the military. So of course, status quo rules appear to be firmly in place. But are they? I maintain the game afoot is much bigger than Trump, or any other single thing, or set of pre-arranged code, and circumstances, or any single human being, or even the "deep state itself! The global pooch, has been screwed one or two, too many times.

The globe is now groaning under the weight of multi decades of runaway corruption, lying and hubris. Events will now take on a life of their own choosing, Trump or anyone else be damned! Old ways will continue to fall by the wayside, bit by bit, as it becomes clear that they are now in the grand scheme of things, due to nature itself, and of math, mostly meaningless.

I am telling you this, I have never been a fan of Trump, I think he is an extraordinary bullshitter, created by a cult of personality, and also one who has had, let us say, more than a few questionable credits, in his long history of making "bank." My point is, I don't maintain my personal thesis, he was a "fluke" due to my faith in the system, nor due to Trump being a dyed in the wool, "three dimensional chess playing genius."

Trump on the other hand, in my own opinion, is his own, giant meteor .. 

I look to what he has already decimated. A mind blowing feat, in a short period of time. Several long time political dynasties KNOWN also for their own brand of multi decades corruption and deep state parlor games, and skullduggery, pushed asunder ..

Clinton Global Initiative? Folding Like A cheap suit .. And I do believe, there has already been punishments, quietly meted out.

In case anyone has not noticed, TIME, has seemingly sped up (it hasn't.) But If one surveys the volume of "important" headlines, and in my opinion, the most under rated and less observed, are the ones to pay closer attention too, these developments are on a GLOBAL scale, unfolding at break neck pace. And when it comes right down to it, somehow, some way, TRUMP always seems to get woven into most all of them, directly or indirectly, as a wild card!

I can only surmise, the deep state has HAD a plan B in waiting, which in my opinion, made no difference WHO was in power, as inevitability is, inevitability. Perhaps Trump has forced the hand, perhaps the timing gets kicked into high gear .. Or perhaps something far more sinister ..

Will he get the rap?

Well certainly . Will he TAKE the rap? Definitely not. That is not Trump.

His main mission will be to survive the deep state, survive everything FIRST and FOREMOST!

Can he? Will he?

Well if his previous personal history is any guide thus far, one thing he has demonstrably proven, beyond a shadow of doubt. He is a SURVIVOR, and has come back, RE-INVENTED himself, over and over and over again. I mean, I hate to come right out and say it but he is the ultimate, teflon don. SHIT, has he not shown this to be true?

Trump is, who Trump is .. the first order of business for him is to survive, stave off the relentless attacks, coming from every angle, and at the same time LEARN THE NEW GAME QUICKLY, and hopefully hire to his weaknesses, which, he has plenty of ..

And never forget. Trump swam with ALL these fishes, all of them. So sure, let these selfsame assholes go "nuclear" and watch him, (as he comes up to the line) and delivers the next verbal one two punch, with an extra round house kick to the groin. Watch his media and political detractors continue to "cringe" as all these assholes have shit in their closet, things that they do not want others (John Q Public) to know, nor see the light of day ... and THAT for ALL of them, is the true nuclear option ..

Now it goes without saying, I could be entirely wrong on all of this, but thats my present "outlook."

In any eventuality, this shit is going to continue to get very real, and deeply personal, for a good many folks .


Upvote btw .. ;)

simulkra's picture

"2 income trap" surely comrade this is no way to talk abt womens' heroic victory to be as equally wage slaved as men. Indeed this great leap forward almost halved the cost of production!

wisehiney's picture

.gov needs to work on restoring the respect of it's own citizens before worrying about foreign opinion.

Petty tyrant mutha fuckas been trying to shove more shit down our throats than they have any foreign peoples.

Trump is right.....

   Slash and burn,

       Hack and cut,

           Starve the fucking beast.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

He's not starving shit.  He's just funneling it into the MIC

Anteater's picture

Moar than 'funneling'. Congress just gave MIC $563B 'to last until September 30th'.

That's a $1.1T a year MIC, to cover the massive $6T black hole of MIA funds at DoD.

You remember, Rumsfeld forced to admit $2.3T was missing on 9/10, then the next

day, a UAV cruise missile slammed into the Pentagon, destroying the Congressional

records of the investigation, and then the Y2K backup tapes in a NJ data warehouse

were 'accidently erased.' Come on, America, wake the frack up, we're almost 404!

wisehiney's picture

We will see. It looks like he may cut foreign base funding and foreign military financing. 

turnball the banker's picture
turnball the banker (not verified) Mar 20, 2017 6:56 PM

Anyone notice the debt clock keeps coming down?Since Trump inaugeration has come down from 19.987 to 19.814.

StopBeingstupid's picture

Because the morons in charge used up all free cash instead of issuing more debt now the debt ceiling has been reached and the govt has 1 month of cash . These idiots are going to regret not having a war chest in a month when they have to negotiate a new debt ceiling. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.

Zero_Ledge's picture

You're going to be really, really disappointed in 6 months!  Sad !

turnball the banker's picture
turnball the banker (not verified) Zero_Ledge Mar 20, 2017 7:23 PM

Are you saying this is a dead cat bounce?

Zero_Ledge's picture

Despite any short term technicalities, I can assure you the debt is very much headed UP.  Sheesh.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Watching Trump live in Louisville.  Looks completely relaxed, energetic.

Wonder how Obama is doing on his sudden extended vacay on the other side of the planet whilst SpyGate unfolds....

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Well Shit.   I'm glad he's relaxed.  Biggest debt bubble in the history of humanity, no coherent realistic number breakdown of a solution in sight,  WWIII lookin like it's about to pop off due to hungry MIC he's supporting, and he's chillin. YOu think his sons will get drafted?

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Totally relaxed.  Crowd loves the guy.

What happened to Obama?  Holder said he and Val were 'ready to roll' against Trump and then 'poof'...

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

Yes, just like (((Alex Jones))), he's a great improv performer.  You'll never hear me question that. 

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Yeah, Alex is great.  Excellent provocateur.

turnball the banker's picture
turnball the banker (not verified) Yes We Can. But Lets Not. Mar 20, 2017 7:29 PM

Believe the correct term is agitprop

SilverRoofer's picture

Obama is taking it in the ass

Literally ask Big Mike it will tell you

WillyGroper's picture

"Watching Trump live in Louisville."

where they just nailed 2 pedo-cops?

Trucker Glock's picture

Did they move the White House to Louisville? 

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Which is "WHY" Trump isn't the President and Pence "IS"!...

The best part of this read is that they are BOTH FAILURE(S) and there are "NO DEALS" FOR THIS GOVERNMENT LEFT TO MAKE, other than selling the NEXT WAR "TO LOSE"!!!

WillyGroper's picture

how about negotiating terms of bankruptcy?

that's what he was selected for.