Time for the US Army to invade Canada

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With the passing of David Rockefeller and Trump's pro-USA policies, we're seeing a number of interests in alignment that point back to one thing: a Pre-Industrial isolationist America, as we saw during the 20th century, as opposed to a New World Order leader creating superstates and intervening in costly foreign wars.  Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan - it all boils down to modern colonialism, a post-industrial colonialism; as we explain in our book Splitting Pennies.  

Pulling back our troops from the middle east, closing the majority of military bases in the world like those in Germany and hundreds of other places, will leave our soldiers with little to do - putting them on the streets to fight gangs is not practical (especially with the high instances of gang members enlisted in the US Army already).  Logically, there's one best solution - 'as a practical matter' that means the 'best bang for the buck' - INVADE CANADA.  It's not our idea.  Take a look at this site, it's been up for a long time:  http://invadecanada.us/

You know if it wasn't for Benedict Arnold (Yup, the traitor of later) losing a key battle in the Revolutionary War, Canada would probably be a part of the U.S. (But much like New Jersey, we probably wouldn't want it).

Reasons to invade Canada, instead of Syria:

  • More convenient.  Canada is one of two countries where the US could stage a real tank invasion, like Hitler did "Blitzkrieg"  America could have "BlingBling" and just roll over their non-existant border
  • Spoils of war.  Canada has it all!  Gold, oil, trees, minerals, coal - name it.  
  • Canada may as well be part of US.  Who are Canadians?  They are the jerks that didn't want to leave the cozy British Empire.  
  • They speak English (although poorly).  
  • Probably will not put up a fight. 
  • Common currency system - "Loonie" can be easily absorbed into USD.  All of Canada can be 1 Fed district.
  • Although USA has invaded hundreds of countries mostly illegally - there's only ONE COUNTRY in the WORLD other than the BRITISH that has ever INVADED USA's borders - and that country is CANADA.  In fact, they nearly burnt the white house down to the ground.  Read about it here.

You think it's nuts?  Think again:

 This Is the War Plan America Will Use When It Invades Canada | The National Interest Blog

What Would Happen in the Minutes and Hours After the US Invaded Canada? - VICE

Revealed: America's Secret War Plan to Invade Canada | The National Interest

And practically, while we're looking in caves for Terrorist camps, Canada is probably harboring more terrorists than anyone would care to admit.  With their security lacking 'free love' policies on immigration, anyone who can't get into the US, goes to Canada.  We all know it.  

It's time for our military planners to step up and take action.  Canada, you're next.  And hopefully, the last and only.  Mexico can remain behind Trump's wall.  


To learn how the Global Elite manipulate financial markets that ultimately make or break COUNTRIES - checkout Splitting Pennies - (read: Splitting Dendrites) a real mind opener.  Re Route your Axons.  Pick up a copy today!

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Readers might enjoy "The Mouse that Roared" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mouse_That_Roared


A fictionaL account of an invasion of the USA - which is undertaken by a tiny European Principality called Grand Fenwick with the aim of losing the war and getting the US to fund the Principality along the lines of the Marshall Plan. To make things look a bit more realistic they don't tell the small 'invasion army' of 24 men armed with longbows that they are meant to lose, and the invasion army captures some nuclear weapons in New York, thus putting the USA in a difficult position. Until this happened they hadn't realised that the US was at war.... 

When the US finds out what Grand Fenwick had planned they neatly turn the tables by surrendering to them, thus putting Grand Fenwick on the hook for the whole of the US national debt...

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... invade Canada? LOL!

Americans can't even "invade" the BLM hangouts in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and Watts, CA ghettos without getting their collective asses kicked in ... ;) ... wait, they're Americans too? ... but, they say they're African-Americans and that their lives matter most and they hate the white folks. /s

... btw, in case Americans forgot, the war-mongers thought Vietnam was an easy pick to bully; the lowly Vietnamese with their farm tools kicked the US soldiers to submission ... just ask the Hanoi songbird and Aridzona treasonous senator John McStain about his collaboration with the Vietcong to save his "heroic" ass and resulted in the death of American POWs and soldiers. /s

... and of course, the US was invaded by Kenya without Americans knowing it and they even voted Kenya's most famous citizen, Obumboclot, as POTUS ... go figure. ;). /s

... meanwhile, just let President Trump fix the US problems ... and everyone wins ... bigly :)

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All shits and giggles aside, Canada is about as good of a neighbor as you could hope to get, you know they would mow our lawn if we had to leave town for a month and you wouldn't even have to ask, the Mexicans on the other hand.......

What the USA really needs to invade is the Global Corporate Monster house, these are the Faceless fuckers that need their balls nailed to a wall.

Corporations guiding Social policy and attemptinf to supress free speech is a Huge threat to our way of life,

The Dead Entities must be Held Accountable and regulated out of Policy Making, forever,


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Curling stones could be the perfect IED camouflage 

runnymede's picture

Benefit: Gretzky could take the recently vacated Rockefeller seat on the CFR

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 I'm amazed some Canadian ZHrs are taking this seriously. You're sounding like BritBobs.

Feel free to Xanax.

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"They speak English (although poorly)."

Please allow me a Canadian who is bilingual in English (Canadian) and American translate my opinion of that statement so that everyone in America can understand.


Howdy Y'all

We's hea up in Canader wood likes to tell y'all that we's sorry you caint unerstand whats we's sayin.


Dodgy Geezer's picture

I presume that the British Commonwealth would come to Canada's aid. After all, they came to ours.


So you would be fighting Brits, Aussies, South Africans, New Zealanders... I wonder if the Indians would like to join in...


Alternatively, of course, all the Brits. Canuks, Aussies, Indians and the rest could simply leave the jobs they had in the US and see how you got on without them... 

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Maybe we could pound the shit out of the Mexicans again... that should take a day or two...

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Why do they call them Mounted Police? 

runnymede's picture

Canada = US' lebensraum


We'll even build an isolation wall around Vancouver, which Canada should have done long ago.

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We burned down your white house already don't make us do it again! eh!

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You have some reading to catch up on.

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and Canada wasn't in the war of 1812?

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The British did - 1812.


Canada became a marxist shit hole in 1867.


But nice try.  Keep sending us that maple syrup.

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Say what you will, but Canadian troops had constant contact every day at Kajaki Dam in Helmand Province.  We're talking about Katyusha Rockets, the big ones.

I saw them there every time I flew in on the Louis Berger MI8 flying dump truck, and the results of their frequent combat patrols coming in on Blackhawks at KAF.

I would be proud to shake the hand of any Canadian who served in Afghanistan.  Their troops weren't a bunch of fat bodies in pt gear lounging around the DFAC and Coldstone Creamery all day long, like some branches of the US military I won't mention.

If we invaded Canada, they would be smart to throw hamburgers at us.  That would guarantee them a win.

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Canada is much much larger than the us and must count for at least 25 states if push comes to shove.

But Canada is not interested to be part of the US for the simple reason  Canada value its sovereignty while 50% of Americans do not and would rather let in millions of illegals and shleppers. 

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Who gives a shit what Canada wants.


We'll just take it.

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how did that work out last time?

bluskyes's picture

If you didn't have welfare, you wouldn't need border walls.


Stop feeding the fucking birds!

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I fly the Gadsden flag. I would not recognize an Amerikan federal "government" any more than I recognize a Kanadian one.

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Making Canada a state is a move in exactly the wrong direction.

Iterative secession is the only thing that can give each of these unblendable ideologies their own space. Read the Federalists and Anti-Federalist papers. The arguments for consolidating the states into a federated union was to eliminate wars between the states. All it did was move the wars to be within the union and enable bigger, more costly wars outside the union.

Wake up!

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I think the author is missing the global trend of a collapse in big government but if you missed that then certainly going next door and stealing from your neighbor might seem like a good idea...........I think Germany tried to do that with Russia a while back too but it didn't work out too well as I remember.

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.I think Germany tried to do that with Russia a while back too but it didn't work out too well as I remember.

You're reading the propaganda that Germany-is-evil history. Dig a little deeper and you'll get much closer to the truth. That's much easier to do now with the internet.

One clue is to read about the kind of equipment Russia lined up to "defend" their border. It wasn't "defensive" equipment. Also, Germany did not "invade" Poland. They just reclaimed what was taken from them in the ridiculous Treaty of Versailles.

And then of course we have the Nuremberg Trials ... and the obvious holohoax.

Pay attention. Choose a different spoon if you're going to accept spoon feeding. Otherwise, dig. It's all there after you break through the purposeful obfuscation. But it does take application of common sense.

mtl4's picture

Yes Germany got screwed in WW1 and elected Hitler to "make Germany great again" all conspiracy aside, but no surprise you still completely missed the point.

withglee's picture

you still completely missed the point

I even missed your attempt to make it more clearly.

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If look into what was planed for the federated union. It was to be incredibly lose, essentially each state was an independent country. The federal government was in charge of the military and little else.

withglee's picture

If look into what was planed for the federated union.

No it wasn't. It was the camel's nose under the tent. Read Maclay's journal. You'll see within a year the whole camel was well inside the tent. And read the Anti-Federalist papers side by side with the Federalist papers ... taking each in turn. There are about 90 of each so this is no small task ... but well worth it. The Anti-Federalists had it exactly right ... and were proven so in less than 10 years. Knox got his standing army in just 6 months ... and as was predicted, he then immediately started his war ... which has been going on continuously ever since.

perkunas's picture

I think Id rather see us both joining the commonwealth, breaking from crown was a mistake. What did we get for it Obama, Trudeau, and trillions in debt, to unknown bankers.

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Wtf?! There's five minutes of life lost.

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The problem with this article, is that the NWO "is America", Trump changes none of it, and in fact he is all for it. Do you see him campaigning to end the FED. How is his campaign of not supporting the biggest terrorist organization in the world, "Saudi Arabia" going?. Bombing Yemen shows you how far he will go to support the Saudis. How is his swamp doing, with Jamie diamond and Goldman Sachs. NATO is run by America, they make all the rules, they will never pull out of Nato. They need them to fight their stupid wars in the middle east, as for Canada, they are under their control, and need no changes.

Fed-up with being Sick and Tired's picture

I did not vote for anyone, so I am neutral. Trump is as Anti-Elite As the Clintons, meaning NOT. COME FUCKING ON, the nincompoops who believed his bullshit need to move to Canada and wake the fuck up.

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I am Canadian and I don't belong to NATO.  Wouldn't join if they paid me.  I won't have anything to do with murderers and war mongers.

I am not five eyes either, that is for Canadian traitors who give everything to the USA, screw them.

I think Putin is more honest and smarter than your leaders of late.

Ottawa, some city in Ontario that has no clue as to how a lot of Canadians think. Ottawa is like Washington, steals your money and spends more than it takes in.

VZ58's picture

As a Canadian you are a member of NATO.  Your fellow voters elected communist dipsh**sin Ottawa, Alberta and Ontario. Pretending, doesn't make it not so.

We are well on our way to being Sweden complete with SHaria law one day. Please invade USA so we can end this insanity up here.

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Went to a hockey game. They sang .... 'we stand on God for thee'

Canada: You will not get away with this.



bardot63's picture

Q.  Why do Canadians do it doggy style?

A.  So everybody gets to see the hockey on the TV.

LawsofPhysics's picture

I agree.  Not that that border really matters. Fish in Canada all the time, just jump in the float plane, stay low, and enjoy many hidden gems in the great white north.

Buster Cherry's picture

I would like Alberta to become part of Texas.

TheVillageIdiot's picture

Nope. But we play Cowboys & Muslims

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All your maple syrup is belong to us.

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Americans need to thank Canadians for nearly burning down the White House.  It was this burning that led Americans to change the color from pink to white.  Imagine Trump in the Pink House...  Americans can now do Canadians a favor by burning down Tim Horton's.  By the way, the gangs in Chicago can easily invade Canada and win within a few days; there is no need to spend so much money moving military divisions especially with nearly $21 trillion in debt.

ObserverFromMontreal's picture

Most of the above reasons make sense, except for the statement that we speak english poorly.

Caleb Abell's picture

Most of the folks that live in Monteal will tell you that if you speak English at all, then you speak poorly.

silverer's picture

Sounds like a plan. But would the Canadians be better off or worse off? I think worse off. Hold your ground, guys! lol

TheVillageIdiot's picture

So they would be different from the average American how?

Miss Informed's picture

When doughnuts become the new petroleum this will be seen as inevitable.

Northern Flicker's picture

Invade in winter.  It will be easy - most Canadians go Florida and Arizona at that time.  Downside is you'll miss hot beaver soup when you arrive.