Trump Embeds 'Loyalty Monitors & Enforcers' Across Cabinet Agencies

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In an Orwellian-sounding step, The White House has planted politically appointed aides in government agencies to monitor President Trump's Cabinet secretaries’ loyalty (according to The Washington Post).

Barry Bennett, a former Trump campaign adviser, encouraged the embed strategy, however.

“Especially when you’re starting a government and you have a changeover of parties when policies are going to be dramatically different, I think it’s something that’s smart,” Bennett told the newspaper.


“Somebody needs to be there as the White House’s man on the scene. Because there’s no senior staff yet, they’re functioning as the White House’s voice and ears in these departments.”

The network of political appointees reports to Rick Dearborn, left, the White House deputy chief of staff for policy, according to administration officials.

As The Hill details, every Cabinet agency has an embedded appointee, with the job title senior White House adviser, who is situated near the secretary’s office, the newspaper reported.

These appointees report to the Office of Cabinet Affairs instead of the Cabinet secretary. 


The appointees serve as observer and White House enforcers, the Post reports, ensuring that the agency’s leadership implements the president’s agenda.


Agencies with embedded appointees include large departments like Energy and Health and Human Services, as well as smaller agencies including NASA, records shared with the Post from a ProPublica Freedom of Information Act request show.

Some of the aides are reportedly being shut out by the secretaries and the aides.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has shut out the aide in his agency for offering unsolicited advise during his staff meetings, the Post reports.

Sounds very Orwellian even in the face of constant leaks - maybe better to full drain that swamp first?

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Billy the Poet's picture

So true. Members of the executive branch should not be required to follow the President's orders.

Mazzy's picture

So Hilary would've done differently?

Red Team or Blue Team doesn't matter too too much.  We're simply at that stage in history and conditions are ripe for these kind of events to happen.  So they happen.



fbazzrea's picture

i suspect the president's loyal team will appreciate having someone at their back while busy with new responsibilities. dropped in the midst of unfriendlies 'til they build their own team.


Chris Dakota's picture

Because Obama the wannabe dictator has set up the Black House in DC and thinks to dethrone Trump.

Jäger's picture

Dictators tend to get stuff done- good or bad- Trump, not so much.

Billy the Poet's picture

So Hillary did win then? That'll be a great relief to Mika and Rachel.

Chris88's picture

He has gotten a lot done so far, he hired 10,000 unionized, federal GED recipients and is starting construction of a metal fence.  MAGA! Winning! /sarc

Billy the Poet's picture

TPP is dead. A man who is reported to be a Constitutional originalist is heading for SCOTUS confirmation. The media and the left have gone visibly insane. And Trump still has three years and ten months to go.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

They are throwin you scraps while the goldman boys sack the treasury.

Wait till the debt ceiling thing goes down, he's going to have to cave on most everything or get the crtl-P cut off

Billy the Poet's picture

Obviously Trump is not the Messiah and just as obviously it's wrong to say the he has done nothing or that a right leaning court is just a scrap.

Why do people get so upset when they realize that the lesser of evils is less than perfect?

mofreedom's picture

Welcome. We've lived before without DC. I don't get no vacations and therefore no "public servant" should either have a better car than I. Agree?

Chris88's picture

Yeah, plenty of "originalists" appointed to SCOTUS over the decades, you tell me the last time they truly upheld Article 1 Section 8.  Relying on one branch of an extortion racket to check the power of another is realy laughable.  I'm glad he scrapped a government managed trade deal for his version of managed trade, AKA mercatlist (leftist) nonsense of telling companies who they can trade with, hire, and where they can produce.  He's not making a dent in spending, he has committed to growing nearly 80% of federal expenditures (entitlements + military).  Give it a rest, Billy.

Billy the Poet's picture

I could give it a rest or you could listen and think. Trump's value is that he is one more step in the process by which the system radicalizes individuals. Do you have the ability to consider such an idea or are you married to your role shouting "Down with Trump?" You'll see that there is much more going on than just team loyalties if you make the effort to look.

crossroaddemon's picture

I'm not entirely clear on what it is you're shooting for here. Are you saying you support Trump because when he inevitably fails (or succeeds, since I think he's working the other side of the street) it will cause more people to give up on politics?

Billy the Poet's picture

There are over 300 million people in this country and I can't predict what any one of them will do.  But Trump was the monkey wrench candidate, the political equivalent of beating on a piece of malfunctioning equipment. When banging doesn't fix the problem what's the next step?

Also note that the media and government are undergoing major convulsions simply because Trump is president and not because of any particular Trump policy or appointment. The people might not need to reject the system, the system is rejecting itself.




nmewn's picture

Hey man, you're telling all the was supposed to be a surprise ;-)

Billy the Poet's picture

You gave it away when you said, "Just because I'm an anarchist doesn't mean I can't vote."

divingengineer's picture

You're giving those 300 million people much more credit than is their due.
They are, largely, imbeciles.

Chris88's picture

Somebody that is going to increase debt, increase the police state, increase the nanny state, is not just saying "down with Trump" it's pointing out the reality that he is a leftist joke.  

Billy the Poet's picture

If Trump is just a joke to you why do you take him so seriously?

Chris88's picture

Way to address the salient points, that's very telling.

Billy the Poet's picture

You're projecting. You've declared the subject at hand to be a joke in order to obscure the fact that the issues are serious to different folks for different reasons.

nmewn's picture

I thought he did address "the salient points"...maybe just not what YOU considered salient points.

Is TPP not dead?

Have the socialist NATO countries not been upbraided?

Is not the Alinsky press gone absolutely-fucking-batshit-insane-er-er?

Has not the Deep State been exposed yet again as paranoid lunatics bent on nuclear war or some variant with Russia? 

Are we not on a glide path back to a "healthier" skepticism of nanny-state governance since Pajamas Boy & ObamaCare arrived on the scene?

After being repeatedly stabbed in the back by DC since the 1986 "immigration agreement" we are going to restore the borders, this is wrong in what way when most other countries besides Europeons do as well?

Chris88's picture

- Kicking the can on entitlements - continuing the debt binge

- Growing the military and war

- Expanding police state

- As follows logically, not a dent in spending, no meaningful reduction in government

Exposing the "deep state" - he is the deep state, for someone that should be past the red team blue team nonsense I'm surprised you'd fall for such a clown.  So let's sum up your points - he's building a fence (hiring more federal losers to walk around it, too) and he upset some of the people we don't like.  Yeah, I value my points more than that trivial crap.

nmewn's picture

I acknowledge the duopoly of Blue Team/Red Team only to the extent some Red Team members are in fact cloaked Blue Teamer's. There is no such thing as an originalist on the Blue Team or they would have revealed themselves by planting their true colors on a hill called ObamaCare and been martyred on top of it.

They cared not.

He has done more to validate the position of Snowden/Binney and our individual personal liberties than any other president in such a short period of time, we are no longer called "fringe thinkers" as it is all out in the open now. Its a good discussion for us to have because its really not paranoia if they are in fact spying on you, treating you as a suspect first until you prove your innocence is the complete opposite of what we know and love.

And cleaning out the sewers (like the EPA & State departments) takes time because of sewer ratz and getting yourself covered in their filth but he has in fact started, you seem to dismiss this as not enough and he has stopped or he's not getting dirty enough, fast enough. 

Never accuse me of not seeing the forest for the trees. I was the one who said burn the damned forest down so we can see whats in it, leave nothing behind for them and I fucking meant it.

If you ever find yourself on a roof, fighting for your life in some God forsaken place, knowing in your heart-of-hearts that if you can hold out long enough, just fight a little bit harder they will come to your rescue, and then, with your final thoughts, with your last dying breath, you realize you've been betrayed...stabbed in the back...they are not coming.

Then you will know what I mean.

lil dirtball's picture

He is, I don't and don't understand why people like you do.

The Gauleiter's picture

Exactly!.... No honeymoon either.....this game is a marathon not a sprint.....I'd bet he is better prepared to alter strategy and tactics than any establishment hack ....and never lose sight of what could have been....just sayin'


     Vidi Vici Veni

aardvarkk's picture

So what is the fucking over/under on how long until the whiny Leftists quit their verbal diarrhea about Trump quitting early/getting impeached?  Their wishful thinking is getting old already.

The Gauleiter's picture

Can you imagine trying to get a real estate deal done in Manhattan in 100 days.....please!.....their necks aren't even in the noose is great theatre.....there has to be a John Dean character coming to the stage soon....and maybe a dimwitted secretary 

Consuelo's picture



 While i can sympathize with the President's sentiment here - what with not knowing who he can trust, unfortunatlely moves like these play right into the waiting claws of minority leader Shylock and his cadre of ne'er-do-wells out to paint Trump as 'paranoid & dangerous'...

Billy the Poet's picture

The American people decided that Trump was the lesser of two dangerous paranoids. That's what we have to work with.

crossroaddemon's picture

So maybe it's time to accept that this voting shit Does. Not. Work.

Billy the Poet's picture

How many people have to come to that conclusion before a body of individuals capable of functioning outside the system coalesces? You need more allies. But are you willing to let others go through the process of learning about their own sovereignty? Good people are supporting Trump in good faith. Walk with them in good faith and you may be able to shepherd them.

Oldwood's picture

And yet he complains of dictators. I'm not sure what you think the alternative to voting is.

crossroaddemon's picture

Near term? I think we're fucked. I no longer believe large systems can ever be anything but tyrannical. The only option that offers freedom is local sovereignity, and I no of no way to get there from here. One hopes that the long term future is one of sovereign citizenry, but you and I won't live to see it.

fbazzrea's picture

but, but...

large systems can ever be anything but tyrannical.

but you and I won't live to see it.

i feel your frustration with the system. clearly, it is broken. after a century of rule by bankster fraud, Americans are flat on their backs. put a fork in us. we're done. right?

but here's the thing, if we succumb to our fears and give up we manifest a self-fulfilling defeat. humanity is fighting for its life here. join the light. be positive. we will overcome. or... 

we can turn our backs on our friends, family and the principles upon which our great nation was founded. our founding fathers dared to dream. they not only dreamed, but they took action. in our own ways, each of us must stand up and declare ourselves. which side are we on? 

everything else is noise. President Trump is our president for the next four years. whether you voted for him or not, we all have a vested interest in him succeeding. i cannot think of ANYONE i'd rather have in his seat right now. can you? sure, we can all name people, but they have their weaknesses, too. each has their own strengths, as well. we need DJT's strength, determination, independence and patriotism right now. America needs him. we don't always get what we want. but we get what we need. *wish that was my line* (:

don't mean to oversimplify it, but it truly is this simple. work it out together--politically--peacably. that's what a democracy demands. otherwise, humans resort to violence to resolve differences. then no one wins. so... are you with us or agin us?

i'm with Trump


David449420's picture

I up-arrowed you for your idealism.  Unfortunatly, when this finally blows up Trump will be blamed for it, even though there is nothing he could have done that would have averted it.

fbazzrea's picture

Unfortunatly, when this finally blows up Trump will be blamed for it

by whom? anyone with half a sense of awareness knows better. 

of course the MSM but who cares? their sheep are a minority. they'll never lead this nation anywhere. don't have what it takes.

at this time, America must rally behind Trump through thick and thin. He's our only chance, minimally, for the next four years. i'm not saying roll over and silence your voice. allow the process to play out. he's been in office two months and reversed our nation's descent more than the previous nine.

Chris88's picture

Voting with your wallet - AKA a market.  Mencken said it best "Voting is an advance auction on stolen goods."  Anybody that thinks there is something noble or magical about voting is a jackass.'s picture

In Russia they watch T.V.

In the USSA T.V. watches YOU!

Libertdad's picture

Welcome comrades to the new political correctness.

laomei's picture

Good! The agencies either follow their orders or they are purged!

Gen. Ripper's picture

Defund the government

okyoureabeast's picture

Drastic times call for drastic measures, especially when you have pension stooges whose insulation from bad work makes them think they can violate the rules of their employment. 

WTFUD's picture

'bout time! Keep these lecherous Mo'Fo's on their toes.

Akzed's picture

Why not? Everyone else is being watched.

jm's picture

Cheetoh has so many Obama loyalists in the departments that government isn't functioning at all. And he can't fire them all because there aren't enough newcomers willing to work under his administration.

WTFUD's picture

O'Spammer being a Treasonous SOB that/any Loyalty was totally misplaced.

ILikeBoats's picture

The WashPost is full of crap, as usual. With a 93% Democrat and heavily affirmative-actioned (women, blacks and browns) workforce, what else would make sense?