Trump Embeds 'Loyalty Monitors & Enforcers' Across Cabinet Agencies

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In an Orwellian-sounding step, The White House has planted politically appointed aides in government agencies to monitor President Trump's Cabinet secretaries’ loyalty (according to The Washington Post).

Barry Bennett, a former Trump campaign adviser, encouraged the embed strategy, however.

“Especially when you’re starting a government and you have a changeover of parties when policies are going to be dramatically different, I think it’s something that’s smart,” Bennett told the newspaper.


“Somebody needs to be there as the White House’s man on the scene. Because there’s no senior staff yet, they’re functioning as the White House’s voice and ears in these departments.”

The network of political appointees reports to Rick Dearborn, left, the White House deputy chief of staff for policy, according to administration officials.

As The Hill details, every Cabinet agency has an embedded appointee, with the job title senior White House adviser, who is situated near the secretary’s office, the newspaper reported.

These appointees report to the Office of Cabinet Affairs instead of the Cabinet secretary. 


The appointees serve as observer and White House enforcers, the Post reports, ensuring that the agency’s leadership implements the president’s agenda.


Agencies with embedded appointees include large departments like Energy and Health and Human Services, as well as smaller agencies including NASA, records shared with the Post from a ProPublica Freedom of Information Act request show.

Some of the aides are reportedly being shut out by the secretaries and the aides.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has shut out the aide in his agency for offering unsolicited advise during his staff meetings, the Post reports.

Sounds very Orwellian even in the face of constant leaks - maybe better to full drain that swamp first?

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Eliminate the EPA.

JB Say's picture

Its the Executive Branch. These are his appointees. Maybe he should just ignore his cabinet like Obama and just decide everything with a few close advisors.

Aloha12's picture

Source: Washington Post aka. Fakest of fake news. Move along.

wchild's picture

The entire city is so infested with slimebag wannabes you can't trust anyone or anything that is said.  

I wouldn't wish that job (POTUS) on anybody.  What the hell are you to do... What a f*cked up mess we have allowed to fester the halls of The House and Senate of this once great land.  F*cking turns my stomach...

WTFUD's picture

It's a Mad Mad Mad World - It's a PAY PAY PAY To Play World. That the heavily compromised Shit who sit in those Houses , representing their own Interests, is NO Surprise.

onwisconsinbadger's picture

All of them have small hands. Sad !!!!!

shimmy's picture

Who is going to monitor the monitors?

If this is true and Trump doesn't even trust his own picks then why would he trust the monitors?

Davidduke2000's picture

He cannot trust anybody, draining the swamp isa tough job , there are plenty of crocs in the awamp.

WTFUD's picture

Don't despair Shimmy the soon to be redundant maggots who can't justify their cushy .gov salary will be welcomed back to reality.

Think of it as President Trump trying his utmost to cut down on WASTE. Deserves a Peace Prize for that. I'm barely able to hold back the tears with this act of patriotism; Pretty Emotional right now, YOU??. LoL

MuffDiver69's picture

It's in the Washington post about Trump...Its a lie...OK

turnball the banker's picture

chindit was right this trump cunt is big brother

indaknow's picture

"According to the Washington Post" and "as the Hill details" that's all I needed to read. 

shovelhead's picture

Setting out the rat traps.


never mind...

CHoward's picture

Washington Post?  Fake news.  No thanks.

Pork Rind's picture

Trump needs to get rid of all the Jews, the spics, the negros, the chinks, the southeast Asians - the Irish, the Irish are the worst I'm not kidding - the Irish came here with a bad attitude, they are the Jew butt-boys - McCain, McCabe

Pork Rind's picture

Trump can only trust anglo-saxon English

turnball the banker's picture

Trump loves his son in law as much as bibi

Chris Dakota's picture

True on the Irish.

When I watch the protest videos those red haired people are right in the mix of the violence, every time.

Overdrawn's picture

In Russia, Putin insists that all senior Government posts can only be held by Russian's. In addition, these employee's must be married to Russian's.  In terms of national security, that makes a lot of sense.  

There is no shame on insisting that only American's are employed in senior or sensitive Government posts.

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture

This is ridiculous. Is the thesis of these articles that the Executive branch should not have to answer to the President?

Talk about a Hegelian dialectic demonstration. Fuck you Tyler for printing this drivel.

g3h's picture

Political officers!  Putin baby.

Robert Trip's picture

The American people are slowly awakening and identifying those that have been fucking them over for years.

This isn't about Trump draining the swamp.

These control freak power fuckers are getting scared as the spotlight is being shone brighter and brighter upon them.

These cocksuckers had a free ride under the Kenyan with a sympathetic press and no convictions of anybody for fuckall.

The people are getting close to the number of disenchanted from all sides to begin putting the squeeze on these bastard's balls.

There is revolution in the air and the people have more than enough resources to easily hang every one of these 535 cocksuckers along with all of their loyal minions.

Cheers motherfuckers.

flyonmywall's picture

How is this different than what Obozo did? You had to be a non-white, non-heterosexual gender neutral lobotomized human parrot to get any kind of position in the .gov in the past 8 years.

At least Trump may be a son of a bitch, but at least he's our son of a bitch.


Dragon HAwk's picture

Relax Guys,  we just have to spin it a little bit and rename them..

Liaison, White house Liaisons..  just here to make sure they have everything they need to do their job, and a direct line to the President if they need anything.. ( like a bitch slap or a tap on the shoulder )

Rebel yell's picture

I certainly disagree with Trump on a number of issues. However, it seems evident that there are many rogue agents and leakers within the administration hell bent on moving their agenda forward despite the fact that they do not hold elected positions and this may come as a surprise to them, but they serve at the pleasure of the president. If his aides are being shut out, that flags rogue agency in my eyes.

I have particularly noticed this with the "intelligence " community, and I DO USE THAT TERM LOOSELY!!!

MuffDiver69's picture

Read this by an unbiased source. It's a smart move and once again the Washington compost spins it...Sad day reading this garbage here.

William Dorritt's picture

DC voted 94% for Hilary

The Burbs weren't much different

Trump should probably have a monitor in every office.

MuffDiver69's picture

What's funny is they think it's weird...I want fifty monitors in each office...A piece of shit like the compost try's to make it seem like he doesn't trust his people...yeah right...nice try bezos puppets

SMC's picture

Fire all of them and start over in St. Louis, MO with a mandatory balanced budget.

underthevolcano's picture

The Italians have a word for it: Fascisti

yttirum's picture

Orwellian? Uh, NO. This sounds pretty common sensical.

samsara's picture

So how is that different from any other administration? I'm sure pappy Bush had people who told him what was going on in every dept.

But then again, he already had them in place since he was the prior head of the fuckin CIA.

Trump of course has none of those luxuries.

Anarchyteez's picture

Just fuckin fire all 20 - 30,000 of them. I'd never notice they were gone. Neither would our country.

Pork Rind's picture

Force them to train their replacements, like Jew Disney forced their American employees to train the foreigners who replaced them

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Source: the newspaper that broke the Pfc. Jessica Lynch hoax.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

What can ya say?...


Just more "BLATANT" ON TAP!!!

underthevolcano's picture

Face it folks, the Deep State has him by the balls; you are entering a fascist police state and they are going to take more away from you for voting him in, in the first place.

Where do you think you went wrong?

ClowardPiven2016's picture

Too bad Hitler's isn't president huh? Like she had the American people's interest in mind.

serotonindumptruck's picture

I'm feeling the need to play "The Downward Spiral" by NIN.

Mzhen's picture

The Washington Post reports.  Pack your grains of salt.

Old Poor Richard's picture

They're not posting observers in people's living rooms at home. How is it Orwellian for upper management to have a management representative at meetings? Every president does the same thing. Trump is the only president willing to talk about his appointees openly for what they are--spies and enforcers. This is common refrain, treating Trump's actions as if they are any different, when really the only difference is his staff doesn't lie about it. Shitheads who have been in Washington too long think it is indecorous to speak plainly about how the system works. It's supposed to be kept at a whisper, like sex talk.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Orwellian or NOT.

President Trump has to get Executive Control over Public Relations, Propaganda, MSM Propaganda, Intelligence Leaks, White House Leaks, All Bazillion US Agency Leadership, Collect Org Charts for all Agencies and Sub-Agencies, Offices, and Off Record Black Agencies...

- Demand Data, Explanations of Mission, Objectives, Goals, Data Bases, Intel held by all Offices and Agencies
- Form up New Govt, with new Missions, Objectives, Goals, Strategies,... Key people, Key Positions, Key Skills, Key Knowledge (Data, Analysis, Reports, Deliverables)
- Monitor of Key Position Loyalty across Agencies... Yes. People that are non-staff will need time to adjust, will need time to be evaluated, will need time to fire them/eject them under agreements.
- Deal with BS stories, Deal with fales information that is provided in detail, Fake News, Fake Intel on the US President

orez65's picture

"In an Orwellian-sounding step ..."

What a bunch of bull shit !

If I have someone working for me and he/she does not follow my orders I fire his/her ass !!

The best thing that Trump could do is fire 99% of all federal agencies personnel.

They are all a bunch of "turkey farms".

LN's picture

It may be a rocky road ahead...

At 1.8% of the population, it does give one pause.


Revelation 3.9

OccamsCrazor's picture

So when Trump gets around to putting monitors in every governement office building to check to see if they are even at their desks, doing their jobs, then he'll learn that at least 75% of them can be fired, and the government would still function.


The myth perpetuated annually, is that all of these positions are actually needed.  


No need to drain any swamp.  Just kill off all the oxygen sucking algae and pond scum (gubmint employees) that suck off the swamp. 

1.21 jigawatts's picture

Almost there, Trump. 

What you really need is enforcers to monitor loyalty to Israel. 

Whats the worst that could happen - get called a Nazi? 

Sledge-hammer's picture

Loyalty to the president.  Uh yeah, that is the whole reasoning behind political appointees and why there were selected in the first place.  Our Glorious Trumpenfuhrer has hundreds if not thousands of Owmyball's hold-overs embedded in his administration.  I am pretty sure that Obama's army of politically-appointed homos, feminists, trannys, AA minorities, et al, do not have in their minds our Glorious Trumpenfuhrer's best interests.