Trump Uses 'POTUS' Account To Tweet FBI Director "Refuses To Deny" Briefing Obama On Flynn

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In a very unusual move, President Trump took time away from his personal Twitter account to tell the free world - via @POTUS - that "FBI Director Comey refuses to deny he briefed President Obama on calls made by Michael Flynn to Russia."

On the bright side, at least there were no typos.

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It's all about language and wording. Double speak if you will.
They wiretapped him. That's why Comey said "information" instead of evidence.

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Documents Show Obama Surveilled Entire Trump Family For 8 Years

FBI Director Comey is lying.

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They do it to us all. Someone needs to cut power to the fans and cooling at that Utah data mining center so the servers melt.

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LOL-  Comey wonders why he's been kept around...... Let's see how much more he can take.....

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Why did Obama unexpectedly go to the South Pacific, leaving Valerie to man the bunker in DC?

Is he on the run from what is to come?

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Lady Michelle and secret Executive Order CIA Drug trafficking?

Pin the tail on this donkey already, lock Obama the fuck up.

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TRUMP needs to clean America of all the traitors before is too late. Now they are moving to businesses

5th Column: Meetup Takes Risky Leap into the Trump Resistance


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Live coverage:

NSA Docs Show Trump Surveillance - 03/20/2017

Fake news MSM not covering.

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Wish this was not Alex Jones. Sometimes he really does have it before anyone else but damn...

I listened to some of this last night.

They don't have the documents, they have screen captures. They say they have that so they are not in posession of classified documents and breaking the law.

This is a fucking tight rope they are walking, if true. 

Wish they had the dial direct real goods. The bad guys will say this is fake. And if it is, it will be so damaging, there will be no recovery.

Alex, this shit best be tight, motherfucker. Sorry to be so crass, but you know I speak truth. No "Hail Mary" deceptions.

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Schoolyard bully of a leader is the most trolliest president to ever walk this earth ... small ... incoherent ... and incredibly moronic 

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Yep, that's your Obozo. 

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Yeah pretty much nail Obama, the president with no past, well no past that we can see. Sealed all of it up.

thebigunit's picture

Not true!

well no past that we can see.

You can see his birth certificate.  He was born in Kenya.

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HOT on the trail .... the foxes are on the run from the Hound.

"Get 'em Blue ..."

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Oh fuck you, you spamming piece of shit. Tyler you're letting spammers ruin ZH.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

And judging from Trump's tweet, safe to say that he and Comey are not BFF.

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Comey is not only a weasel, he's also Obama's Mole and perhaps Obama's and Reggie's Down Low partner.

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Yup, he went by himself for a month to a very expensive celebrity resort on an island once owned by Marlon Brando. No Michelle, no kids, just Barry and his rock star friends partying in private. This shit will break open, Barry knows it.

froze25's picture

Must be having one of those 50,000 dollar "Hot-dog" parties.

idahobandito's picture

Or sucking cock and taking it up the ass?

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I understand that after his Palm Desert stay with the Queer couple, he learned enough new things to take his show on the road. I predict a lot of happy Tahitian "Benny Boys" in the near future.  Braack will be washing his balls as he pushes his putz into numerous holes.  Will he hold their flag poles as the drive their big Putz into the cup is the question?

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Dope slap this little cunt (Comey), extra baby powder

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Most people watching who have half a brain picked up on that. Trump just tweeting the obvious. Asking the organization that surveils us to confirm they're doing it is fruitless.

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Here is my summary:

FBI and NSA are working on the very important business of protecting 'Murika's national security but, citing their own "impeccable integrity" and "sacred trust" they can't say what that is.

The Blue Team is turning this fake investigation into a complete farce for political purposes.

The Red Team is going along with that while making believe they aren't.

My opinion is unchanged that all* of them are traitorous, crony scumbags with probably moast of them being pervert pedophiles I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire.

*emphasis on all

erkme73's picture

On the upside, Chunga, come July, my Cumberland Plataeu vacation home will become my primary home...  We may be neighbors soon.  FL is just a bad place to be when SHTF

chunga's picture

I think you're going to love it. If I remember right you aren't far from Dale Hollow Lake, absolutely gorgeous.

therover's picture

Isn't Dale Hollow Lake the place where the world record smallmouth bass was caught ?

chunga's picture

I think you're right about that.

Playtime's Over's picture

God's country.  I ride my bike down there couple times a year.  Always a good time. 

erkme73's picture

About an hour drive south of there.   Been on it once with a contractor who was showing off his boat.  But remember, I'm from FL, so watersports have a whole different meaning down here.

My only concern with being up there is the remoteness.  30 min to get the mail or dump trash.  1 hour to the nearest grocery store.  2, if you want a walmart, Lowes, or other 'real-world'.

My kids are 2 and 3yo, and the local highschool has about 200 kids (total).  Walking the aisles at the Jamestown Walmart is beyond spooky.  About half the people are genuinely wall-eyed.

But, I'll take all of that vs. being stuck in Tampa when the lights go out. 

chunga's picture

It could be a challenge finding activities to keep the kids happy, the rest is easy. Hopefully they'll like country type things like 4H because you are out in the country. When you hear locals saying they "are going out in the country" they really mean it, that's where they make liquor and don't go unless you're invited ;.)

erkme73's picture

So far (knock on wood) they love being outside more than inside.  We just got back from a 3-week stay.  Everytime it was time to come in, they'd protest and cry.   Even when it was 30°!   I'm guessing as they get older and find more advanced interests, that will change.  But I'm enjoying it now!

idahobandito's picture

My son lived in Cumberland Gap while going to school there. He liked the hiking trails.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Yeah, but remember, the real SHTF when Comey and Rogers now meet with Congress committee behing closed doors.

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The ruling class is putting on a 5 star show right now.

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They're not the rulers; simply management's PR team.

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Comey stayed at the behest of Obama for a number of reasons. It is no secret that he is much hated among the rank and file agents.

Someone has to hold the line until they can figure out what to do about certain items that have come to light since The Beast lost the election. Comey isn't perfect but he has to keep the lid on crap like Weiner's laptop and Clintoon Foundation bullshit.

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Let's not forget about rampant Pedophilia.

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Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) jcaz Mar 20, 2017 2:38 PM

Good point. There must be issues Trump wants Comey to take the blame for/be associated with, before he installs someone trustworthy.

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Grabbing Comey by the pussy.


feels good man.

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Take out the cooling towers. That's what I always do.

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It is just bulls-eying womp rats with your T-16 back home, right?

BlindMonkey's picture



And, ahhh, live stream that shit to the world too.  I would like to watch the cheers erupt globally.

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That's the best argument I've seen from this whole wiretapping distraction fiasco. If "they" do it to "us all" - obviously you could then infer that they=Obama and us=Trump. Case closed.

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I am almost certain that the majority will not catch this aspect of "The Game".

They are playing with words. If one does not take this into consideration one gets the wrong interpretation (the one "they" want) of what is said by the people in this Circus.

The Wizard's picture

They "surveyed" him, not "wiretap". Comey has used a number of key terms with specific meanings in law

ie, Notice Gowdy says United States citizens, Comey says United States persons.

goober's picture

Comey is obviously waffling and covering for the control freaks so they can keep the false paradigms alive. Gotta wonder who has him by the balls ? DT should have fired him on day one or shortly thereafter. Now DT has played into a trap so if he fires Comey the left can say he is firing the guy who is still investigating the Russai/Trump bullshit story as if it is real ?

I hope this tweet is a sign that DT now realizes Comey is a turd and not looking out for anybody but Comey ? Every agency has been corrupted and polluted by the prior regime on a grand scale. And how many agencies did BHO and crew use to harm millions of legal citizens here in USA ? Comey is a shill and crony and needs to go ASAP ! Notice today he said there is an ongoing investigation into the supposed Trump/Russia BS story, but he refused to say if there is an ongoing investigation about the leaks on Flynn which we all know is an actual crime ? Something is very wrong with this picture and he needs to go as well as other spooks  !