US Job Market Not As Strong As Perceived, San Fran Fed Warns

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Despite endless streams of Fed Speakers proclaiming, in one form or another, that "we are at, or close to, full employment;" many in America - judging by the election of President Trump - are not feeling as exuberant as the jobs data implies they should be. The SF Fed itself now agrees: "the labor market may not be quite as tight as the headline unemployment rate suggests."

As we detailed previously, between 1948 and 2015, the work rate for U.S. men twenty and older fell from 85.8 percent to 68.2 percent. Thus the proportion of American men twenty and older without paid work more than doubled, from 14 percent to almost 32 percent. Recent data over the last number of years have begun to show that it is not just the American male who is struggling.

The participation rate of female workers is beginning to decline as well. The trend in the workplace has not been our friend.

And The San Franciso's Fed researchers Regis Barnichon and Geert Mesters question "how tight is the US labor market?"

The current low unemployment rate compared with previous labor market peaks has raised some fears regarding whether the labor market has become too tight. In this Letter, we use a new method to isolate the effects of demographic changes on unemployment, and we find that the demographic-adjusted unemployment rate is still 0.3 to 0.4 percentage point higher than it was at past labor market peaks.



This indicates that the labor market may not be quite as tight as the headline unemployment rate suggests.

The researchers note that there is a major demographic effect in this...

As of February 2017 the shift-share adjusted rate stands at 5.0%—the same level as in the 1979 and 1989 labor market peaks (green line) and only one-tenth higher than the 2006 peak—which appears to confirm the initial impression of a tight labor market.


However, we believe this conclusion is premature. We find that the standard approach to demographic adjustment does not properly capture the full effects of demographic changes. In fact, once we address the shortcomings of the standard approach, the demographic-adjusted unemployment rate appears to be higher than all its previous lows since 1976.


Taking a longer-run perspective, we consider the effects of demographics on unemployment since the mid-1970s and their underlying causes. Figure 2 shows that demographic factors lowered the unemployment rate by about 2 percentage points over this period, according to our adjustment method. This number is substantially larger than that implied by a conventional shift-share analysis, which suggests demographics lowered unemployment by just over 1 percentage point.


So, in other words, if Yellen ever needs an excuse to get dovish, her own SF Fed research department just offered up PhD-style proof that the economy is not as strong as everyone hopes for... due to demographics.

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Furthermore, any reasonable analysis suggests that in the future, the rate at which jobs are being lost to new technologies is only going to double and triple. This is one of the central problems facing society today, not just in the US but all across the developed world.

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HRH Feant (not verified) Mar 20, 2017 8:05 PM

I think I see a divergence between charts and reality.

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"I'm pretty sure I've been around the Internet block more times than you pa'...." - Dyler

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"You just started to hold a grudge for talking shit to you." john

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Don't worry the impending layoffs when 3m hits 1.5% with 10 yr at 2% will tighten the labor market. There may be a spike in unemployment but that is noisy and transitory.

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So much economic data is outdated. I'm almost fifty and hardly any women worked when I was a kid. We had almost no illegal aliens working and you could find any job to at least have some cash until you found better work...How the hell are you going to compare that to today...I'm willing to bet 20% of the people holding jobs in this country aren't even citizens and we didn't have anywhere near the welfare dependency fifty years ago with single mothers and all the disability garbage...Of course numbers are bullshit when they are using a model that doesn't exist anymore...We are headed for the Italian model where almost as many work under the table as pay taxes..

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Haven't paid taxes in 10 years. Just can't get past the fact that if I was tithing, the "church" wouldn't be using it to assist those in need, but instead would be using it to control more of the world. Spot-on regarding the antiquated numbers model. Be assured, it's gonna get a lot worse before it gets any better. Cheers.

LawsofPhysics's picture

I thought Obama said that we were back to "full employment"?

Arrow4Truth's picture

The Kenyan said a lot of things... none of which were true. It's all just a matter of perception. No?

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Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 20, 2017 8:39 PM

Of course, the job market is not strong.  Millions of jobs are still off-shored.  Employers are still under pressure from the last 20 years of a sh*tty economy.  Red tape, regulations, and corruptocracy are still in place.  Jobs that are available are at will, temporary, minimum wage, AA set asides, HB-1 or illegal alien filled, or age dependent (No one over 40 or 50 need apply).  Duh.

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These fuckers

right on time, Trump in office, stop rigging the numbers

a blind man can see through this shit

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Then why was Trump proud of the 4.7% unemployment rate and seemingly dropped the rigged numbers narrative?

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I just saw a job for an entry level guy, 5 years experience required.  Seriously.


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I work in the Maritime Industry; Back in 2014 when oil began plummeting, the work dried up in the Gulf of Mexico... no oil being drilled... no oil REALLY being consumed, because INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION has crashed!  Well, NEXT one would think to see the signs in "Transportation of Goods" TANK-  Well... they did in GLOBAL TRADE, with Singapore ports being overwhelmed with cargo ships that have no goods to move. ( this happened BEFORE THE OIL PRICE TANKED):


Global trade sputters to a 5-8% dead slow.  No demand lowers demand for fuel; Fuel prices follow crashing in demand and price, a few years continue, and no increase, well I just got laid off last Jan. from transporting goods LOCALLY IN THE U.S.!   As a Chief Engineer, I am in high demand, but when I am laid off, it usually happens 2-3 months after the stock market collapses.

NATIONAL GOODS PRODUCTION & DEMAND LOCALLY HAVE SPUTTERED.  They may get a summer reprieve, but this suffocation is the beginning signs of another STOCK MARKET CRASH, followed by DEEP DEEP commercial suffering.  Next will be lay-offs to compensate for weak sales, followed by stock shorting, lower sales, more layoffs UNTIL THE PEOPLE ARE MADE FINANCIALLY WHOLE.

This Fiat game has reached its APEX. So has the global markets.  A global depression is cooked in the books, it's already begun and there's no way to stop it thats politically viable.  National Protectionism is the next logical step to stem the bleeding locally.  Those in weaker circumstances will become hell holes!

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Of course there's a politically viable way to stop it. At least in the us - hyperinflation. 

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It looks like what we got here is a Failure to com-unicate

None of these FEDS talk to one another do they.

They just live in their own Ivory Towers and don't have any Idea what happens outside their own office and don't really care for that matter.



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Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 21, 2017 12:42 AM

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Explains why the Trump winery is looking to hire more foreign workers from the H-2A program. To apply for it, employers must say that you have not been able to find American workers. I guess the Trump team couldn't find any Americans willing to pick grapes for $10.72 an hour.