Weekly Market Forecast (Inside Days and a Flight to Safety)

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The word for this week is "caution."

We’ve now had two inside days (days in which the high and low for the day were within the boundaries of the previous day’s high and low). This indicates traders are unwilling to commit to either long or short… and the market is preparing for a violent move.

Meanwhile, a “flight to safety” is underway "behind the scenes" with investors pouring into bonds while moving out of stocks. The long bond ETF (TLT) rallied last week, while stocks ended the week rolling over.

This is NOT what you usually expect during options expiration week. And it would suggest that stocks are at risk of a sharp sell-off.

Originally posted on www.gainspainscapital.com

Graham Summers

Chief Market Strategist

Phoenix Capital Research 

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every week is options expiration week...investors insatiable appetite for leverage has now brought the S&P index options up to a trifecta of expirations each 5 day trading week...only tuesdays and thursdays can one get a breather from an expiration date unless it occurs on a monthly expiration.