Bank Of America Enters Correction - Drops Over 10% From Trump-Speech Highs

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Well that escalated quickly...


But it's not just BofA - the entire group is getting monkeyhammered...


As a reminder - the gap between the exuberance of rising rates and bank stock prices is very wide...


And the credit market never bought it anyway...

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Bank of America, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, CitiBank are all inner members of the FED. None will ever be allowed to go belly up. Remember when Citibank was trading at $1.00 dollar and some how kept above that 1 dollar mark to avoid being a penny stock.

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If it drops below 10 bucks buy it.

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Probably a good idea. It went from $11 (2016) to almost $24 (2017). A double for a bank? Sounds like bullshit eh?

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Trump's "Glass–Steagal" comments beginning to show results...

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How is Glass-Steagal going to past without congress?

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Because heads of state are going to start dissappearing, Trump is getting tested, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's to never cross a successful New York Businessman personally.  Business is business, all is fair, but attacking their person is baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire during the middle of the night kind of material.

Everything is up in the air: his job, his family, his well manicured public image - all will be wrapped up on the end of a rope and smashed against all that threaten these three values.  It's all or nothing - rip them apart, Trump!

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The banks are personally attacking him?


"manicured public image"

eh, meh



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Helmet on, terminal wave 5 just ended.

Yipee about time!

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Bankin' like it's Two Thousand Eight !....

Look at Sears go bye..

Real estate is about to get down too.

Biggest Short coming...

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Fuck You Brian Moynihan !!!! And Ken Lewis too.

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Turd in the Swimmin' Pool time - everybody out of the water

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Better put a floor in Mrs. Yellen. Your first effort of the day has failed.

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puke rainbows into a Ferguson™ brand deluxe toilet bowl you clowns

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AAAAnnd it's gone!

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Something wicked this way comes....and people have been too blinded by QE and easy money to see it coming.  Gold is up, bank stocks are down, I won't say this is it but it appears we are standing on the edge of the cliff, and it's a long way down.

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Strong bye....

fixed it for you.

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When the economy implodes again we're going to see to it that you do not survive---fees of America

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Couldn't have anything to do with those staggering derivatives threatening to go bad could it?

Nahhhhhhh!  They only add up to more than YOUR TOTAL DEPOSITS YOU IDIOTS!!!

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I would observe if not manipulated then BoA stock value should be $1.09.