MaXiNe WaTeRS...

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Trump did mean Maxine Waters when he said 40 years of dems impotent campaign promises have utterly failed their communities.

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They kept her around to make Biden look less stupid. Flush it all.

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We need a reality show .... where some of these niggers are dropped .... in a clearing in the Congo basin .... with a pocket knife and a book of matches ?

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The Morning WTF I'm in SHOCK RANT?

Diseased nonintellectual diarrhea vomits from this sickening bitches mouth. It's gross all these politicians, just start this reset so we can all have a real good hunt and kill most of them in the new civil war of Independence from DC. DC, we the people can no longer afford anything to do with you people in any way, shape or form. DC, you're terminal and if we don't cut you off our body, we're all going to die. Not no but Hell no, I no longer want to be a part of this system as of today, I've had enough of it. There are plenty of nice little countries you can hang out and live off your holdings until your life simply times out. I've seen enough of this DC freak-show in my time, the only way this ends people is with all their dead bodies piled high after hangings. I think these may be some of my last comments, the news is just surreal, it's like I'm in some warped intellectual fuck soup of madness every single day now. KILL THE DISEASE or the body dies. DC is the disease and this cunt is their representative of madness.

The circus has gone full on macabre!

DC, this gangrene spewing mouth of vaginal sickness, this filthy lying creature you allow to puppet up and you DC sellouts put our security in the hands of this kind of horrid person? PISS ON ALL OF YOU CONGRESS MAGGOTS! Physical force of removal is nearing its time to be implemented for many, this entire experience with DC is a theater of the absurdly insane, enough already.

For frak sake people, on top of getting rid of DC from all our lives, I want to kick the ass of every voter that put this foul creature in any capacity to govern. I would not trust this sick obviously lying, delusional stooge mouthed embarrassing ignorant HO-BAG with a toilet brush and bucket let alone the Arm Services Finance Committee.

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Maxine Waters makes Keith Richards look good and that ain't an easy thing to do!...

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Lies deceit and soros money.... all that's left of the libtard party

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And RINOs. Across all the Red counties, at every level. Alien Invasion.

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As always spot on Banzai. My only question is will she wear the "hat" or eat it.

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Trump will take a fast ball to the face and be removed from the game we can be sure of that.  We hear a lot of big talk about Civil War from the angry white male that voted for their Orange sexual fantasy. Not to worry though, the 2nd amendment allows them to arm themselves just enough to get themselves killed. Certainly they will take out innocents before they are put down by the state but that is about the best they will ever achieve. After all it is the state that has all the real weapons and so many to choose from. On the very far fetched chance anybody decides to take on the state you wanna be behind them. Way Way Way behind them. What is that I hear? The sound of trumptard talking out of his vagina?

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Hey, did you know your tampon string is showing?

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Apparently ronaldwilsonreagan has 3 other IDs with which to upvote himself. 

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Would not that make 4? oh math I forgot not a strong area for trumptards. 

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I was hoping for a Planet Of The Apes for the despicable simian bitch, but this is quite funny. 

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The right wing gets so angry when anybody tells the truth. Specially a black person and even worse  a women. In fact it is the Latent homosexuality, hatred of women combined with the deep ignorance of these individuals that drive them to the orange Hitler like oligarch known as the Donald. Get over it Trump will be impeached.

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Well, first you learn proper written English...

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Ronald 6 letters, Wilson, 6 letters, Reagan, 6 letters...clearly the mark of the beast. If one believed religious nonsense. Guess his folks believed!

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Nah. The idjits let Hinckley out in September. 31 weeks 5 days...

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Another Democrat with hormon imbalances. Another reason to legalize Cannabis. Many women and men can be helped with their chemical imbalances. A new patch is coming out shortly.

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That CUNT is as ugly as a boxer with rabies!

Wait, I did not mean to insult dogs....

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Maybe you meant Barbara Boxer.

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What kind of nation are we that elects people like Waters? What kind of people are Californian African-Americans to elect her and give her power all these years? I can't anwswer those questions.

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It is quite simple. They're niggers.


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I watch and listen to public broadcasting not because I trust it is just that I will tune in to see what is being said.  Sun Tzu said.  Frontline on Iraq tonight was interesting to say the least.  Actually, it was worse than that.  If you watched it then you know what I am saying.  That is country is destroyed to the point of ridiculous.  There is no government to speak of.  

I spoke to Mr. M about that and she who's fault that was.  All of the militia's are using Russian made AK/ RPK weapons and driving U.S. made Humvees.  There were some Galil rifles as well.  I wouldn't hang your hat on that Russia and neither should the U.S..  Frotline could have done better by looking at where all the weapons are coming from and Iran was blamed again of course. 

Oil wells are burning, the infractructure is shot to hell, murder rampant.  Trump didn't do any of that.  Right?  Who did?  It look like EVERYONE got in on the Lord of War bullshit.  We should have never been there.  

Se where was Maxine Waters when all of this was going on?  She opposed the Iraq engagement when W was President but went silent after Obama took the helm.

Later we find this.

"In 2010, Waters came under investigation for ethics violations and was accused by a House panel of at least one ethics violation related to her efforts to help OneUnited Bank receive federal aid.[60] Waters' husband is a stockholder and former director of OneUnited Bank and the bank's executives were major contributors to her campaigns. In September 2008, Waters arranged meetings between U.S. Treasury Department officials and OneUnited Bank, so that the bank could plead for federal cash. It had been heavily invested in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and its capital was "all but wiped out" after the U.S. government took them over. The bank received $12 million in Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) money.[61][62] The matter was investigated by the House Ethics Committee,[63][64] which charged her with violations of the House's ethics rules in 2010.[65][66][67][68] On September 21, 2012, The House Ethics Committee completed a report clearing Waters of all ethics charges after nearly three years of investigation.["

Is this all Trump's fault too?

I don't agree with Trump's Mexico wall or the latest bullshit with the import tax.  None of that will help solve the real problem.  I am talking about fraudulent central banks.  Where is our gold by the way?  Do we know?     


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She's a bank stooge to? I'm not shocked.

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Do you have locks on your front door? and if you do why? a country without a border is a rogue country that will be overwhelmed  by thugs.

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"Our gold"?


We are so far beyond "our gold" that it isn't even tragic anymore. The bankers took it all, all of it.

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And we're probably short a few thousand tons on top of it.

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"In 2010, Waters came under investigation for ethics violations"

Hence she was give a proposition she could not refuse, "Your our Puppet bitch."

"They" need to maximize the showing of "diversity" on TV/Media so as to tell the sheep "See, EVERYBODY wants this !!!! "

Maxine is fulfilling this useful idiot role.

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Donna Brassiere, Barack Blowbama and Maxine Waters.

Need I say more?

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Here's a trick question William

Which has the higher IQ


The turd

The donkey

Inquiring minds want to know

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Will, yes but with more of those funny pictures that the New Yorker hates?

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Gold? What gold? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ft. Knox has been empty since 1971 at least. The Federal Reserve and the US Treasury carry the same 8150 tons of gold number on thier books and that number is from 1972 I think. Never has changed in 40+ years. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. All I think that is in Ft. Knox is several tons of those gold foil covered chocolate coins.

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She walks by a pile of shit on the sidewalk...stoops down to pick it up...sniffs it...tastes it, and says, "How do you like dat...I almost stepped in dat jit."

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Maxine Waters, in her best Jinx the Cat voice: " I, like, ate those feces to pieces".

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Ugliest crazy coo-coo in the congress...


On a moar imoprtant note.:


"Several people have admitted, there has been a huge increase in the number of people leaking since DT became president...those are all illegal. My question to Comey is, if you are not investigating them, why aren't you?"-NG


Gingrich & Dobbs discuss FBI Director Comey's strange behavior:




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Make America Stupid Again

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be Makin Ameka Supa Stoopid Aw'rite Homiez

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You are what you eat...

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I've been waiting for this one.

NOT Disappointed!

Thank you WB7!

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" I am Rick James Bitch!!"

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This old, fugly, whoring bitch has been passed around more than a 12-year-old sex slave in James Alephantis's pizza parlor basement.

To those who aren't familiar with DNC/RNC workings, they simply call it 're-districting'.



The State of California is long overdue for a REALLY BIG EARTHQUAKE, I have read.

She's a generational result of her family background, and a TRUE fully brainwashed COMMIE-SYMP as well.

She don' need no 'bamaphone', though (she's rich beyond the dreams of avarice).


Where do you go with this background info?

SOME people are beyond pity or charity, in their elder years, I suppose. It's actually sad to see (sort of like when you step on a bug because it keeps trying to bite you, but you're sad that you had to kill it, because you value all forms of life to a certain extent).

SHE has finally come out in the open, and revealed herself for what she REALLY is (a DOMESTIC ENEMY of the UNITED STATES).

Massa' Pelosi (that crazy crack-whore) probably put her up to it...

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John McCain is involved somewhere.
It has a certain odor about it.

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Looking Sharp, Maxi!

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it is not the lady, it is the
money system that interferes
in the feeding of us all, mostly.

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She grabbed that ass by the Limpopo.

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You know that shit on your finger when you wipe with cheap toilet paper? That's Maxine Waters.

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Catherine Austin Fitts : Shadow Government and Black Budget Doubling Down on Orwell
'they need the money'. c.a.f.