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The intelligence quotient amongst these people in power is below retard level. Here is the dumbest person to ever soil the halls of Congress, Maxine Waters, tweeting to get ready for impeachment -- less than 3 months into Trump's presidency.

Here's the case Maxine made for building a consensus around removing the President of the United States. Please listen and try not to laugh too hard when she says Putin is advancing into Korea.

Look at the eyes on that empty vessel -- vacuous and without a soul. These are the troglodytes that seek to lead us down the road to Damascus -- splintering and breaking this country into an irreversible dystopian state of rack and ruin. The neocon agenda of war by any means is a philosophy shared on both sides of the aisle. Maxine Waters doesn't have any thoughts of her own. Like Pelosi, she's genetically incapable of exerting real leadership and instead regurgitates whatever her bosses tell her to disseminate.

The world has always been a dangerous place. Couple the inherent risks with the fact that both the GOP and the DNC are filled with trollops like this, an outside observer begins to understand why America voted for a man who is, quintessentially, the exact opposite of what we've come to expect from Washington.

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That poor pathetic creature should do itself and humanity a favor, flush a toilet and quickly jump in.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) Mar 22, 2017 8:11 AM

Democrats trying to secede and start another Civil War.

Disloyal, filthy, pedophile Democrats.

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MORE questions were asked by EVEN MORE USA citizens to prosecute the Clintons ... look what happened... NOTHING.

Citizens don't have rights, they can only vote and shut up....

so others like politicians, (central) bankers and defense industry CEO's can decide how to rape, bully, debt-enslave and murder them...

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Media, FBI,NSA,CIA,DIA,media..... lying to America who wont take it anymore...
All smoke .... no fire
Thank God for the internet.... which they are desperately trying to manipulate...
What is Project Dragnet...???

COMEY is part of the libtard scheme.
The FBI that cant connect the dots.
THe scumbag who lays out all the felonies hillary did and then says there was no intent...

You want Russian influence
$145 million Russian Cash flows to Clinton Foundation from Russia during the deal
Clinton bagged $500000 for a speech
Ian Tefler
Podesta bags $35 million deal
Clintons get rich upgrading Russian military

Trump under surveillance since 2004 and NOTHING results...
NSA stores every electronic transmission for future use .... but does not "spy" on us citizens
NSA / FBI use surveillance on Russians and then leak us citizens identity without any criminal act...

SCHUMER let the cat out of the bag when he said the deep state would get TRUMP... or at least TRY...

Brennan and Clapper directly interfered with meddling via GHCQ , which us taxpayers pay $100 million per year...??? for what. Brennan gave a non compete to Bezos for $600 million .... for what...??? Brennan spied on Congress in 2014... inappropraite access/spying...
NSA / CIA .... collecting data and lying about it.... to congress...

the left/deep state are coordinating a Massive propaganda scheme to sabotage the president and bring false charges based on bullshit and lies...

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Maxine Waters is a shining example of why term limits should exit.


Just shut the fuck up you wretched cunt!!!!

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Trump will take a fast ball to the face and be removed from the game we can be sure of that.  We hear a lot of big talk about Civil War from the angry white male that voted for their Orange sexual fantasy. Not to worry though, the 2nd amendment allows them to arm themselves just enough to get themselves killed. Certainly they will take out innocents before they are put down by the state but that is about the best they will ever achieve. After all it is the state that has all the real weapons and so many to choose from. On the very far fetched chance anybody decides to take on the state you wanna be behind them. Way Way Way behind them. What is that I hear? The sound of trumptard talking out of his vagina?

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Aahhh, enough of a pattern in your postings reveals your nature. Another DNC fusion center grrl. Paid to post, and to use control-C and control-V to repeat the meme of the day. You go, girl!

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PoasterToaster (not verified) ronaldwilsonreagan Mar 22, 2017 8:12 AM

Why don't you tell us about angry white females?  That seems to be your area of expertise.

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WW3 and Pizza supporter alert ...

ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

You will like Trumps WW3 version better I am so sure. it comes with a flacid Orange cock for you to suck.

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Your pusillanamity is showing. Dance! Dance, sulky proclowntroll! Make me laugh more!

Maltese Beagle's picture

She IS kind of funny, isn't she? Do you hear "tiny dancer" playing in the background?

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The original definition of 'Dumb Bitch'

ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

The right wing gets so angry when anybody tells the truth. Specially a black person and even worse  a women. In fact it is the Latent homosexuality, hatred of women combined with the deep ignorance of these individuals that drive them to the orange Hitler like oligarch known as the Donald. Get over it Trump will be impeached.

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You appear the represent Ronalds Alzheimer years.

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Hey Maxine! It's medication time. Line up.

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Financial Services Committee Ranking Member?

This woman is such a loser, pathetic, embarrassing tool. I can't believe this woman is in any capacity to govern anything outside of her own ability to generate enough electricity to keep her legs moving.

SURREAL is what this woman is. It's strains credulity this woman was actually voted into anything not related to human waste. I wouldn't trust this woman with a toilet brush and a mop let alone our nations Financial Services Committee... the RANKING MEMBER?... are you frackin kidding me?????

This woman is the national security risk we were warned of in the Declaration of Independence. This is too ridiculous for words this woman has any capacity to open her slop trap and have any say of what goes down in government.

I thought I'd seen everything in politics, this sad tragic show of our nations (loosely stated) leadership is embarrassing to watch let alone endure.

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She is using her chair to make her and her husband rich.

ccording to Chuck Neubauer and Ted Rohrlich writing in The Los Angeles Times in 2004, Maxine Waters' relatives had made more than $1 million during the preceding eight years by doing business with companies, candidates and causes that Waters had helped. They claimed she and her husband helped a company get government bond business, and her daughter Karen Waters and son Edward Waters have profited from her connections. Waters replied that "They do their business and I do mine."[54] Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) named Waters to its list of corrupt members of Congress in its 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011 reports. She was accused of using her position to prevail upon officials to meet with OneUnited Bank without disclosing that she and her husband had significant stock holdings in the company.[55] Since she was on the Financial Services Committee she largely had the role of determining where TARP funds would go. 12 Million in TARP funds went to OneUnited without her ever disclosing that she had a financial stake at the company.[56][57][58] Citizens Against Government Waste named her the June 2009 Porker of the Month due to her intention to obtain an earmark for the Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center.[59]

Victory_Garden's picture

Oh look!

Dog and pony show.

See spot


Meanwhile, over where the ziomedia propagandist does not want you to look, we see corruption.: 

The Stock Market ILLUSION Explained -


We see the reasons why.:

FBI No. 2 did not disclose wife's ties to Clinton ally, records show -


As long as the pool is dirty...swimming in it will always make you dirty.

Clean up your corrupted act America.

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I like how  THE REAL FLY feels, in order to justify himself, feels he must troll the message board in order to spew obsenities and anger at anyone who has a differing opinion.

The_Real_Fly's picture

I don't FEEL anything nor do I hide behind the words that I write. You're used to dealing with beta males. I do as I please and if you don't like it, fuck off and find a safe place.

Do my dirty words offend your virgin ears? 

Good . You need that cuck. Man up and quit bitching.

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Butthurt alert!  Pretty much the biggest douchebag who writes for ZH.  Can't take negative feedback without attacking his readers.

drbower's picture

And this is why only people who can prove they passed the 3rd grade should be eligible for Congress.  But wait- if they did that there would be no one left to represent  California.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Mar 21, 2017 10:30 PM

WTF?!?!  She spelled impeachment right.  She must have someone doing her tweeting for her.

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

The voters in her district must either be part of some weird government experiment, or just shameless.

Wild E Coyote's picture

The CIA rogues and Demokrats need a better methods to manage their Trolls.

Do they get paid for just sending irritating vulgar messages?

Or is that the maximum level of intelligence for those on the other side? No possibility of intellectual discourse? 

I wonder what are they trying to achieve with trolling.

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Attention:  Trump and Ryan.   Maxine is a low intelligence person who has become demented.   Her words and acts demean the House.  According to the House Rule 23 adopted in 1915, she should be removed, as she has failed to "behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House."

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She is straight outta Idiocracy.

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WOW. Me thinks that ZH inclusion on the ruskie website list has attracted an entire following of TROLLS of the highest order. People who are incapable of blogging two sentences together that make one bit of sense. What the fuck happened to intelligent discourse. Invaded by aliens. And paid trolls. The troll said the toll was idiocy We need a Shrubbery.

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Sounds like some people have an issue with divergent opinions and/or a writing style that doesn't meet their ivory tower standards. Or they're paid trolls... 

Cutting through whatever stylistic issues anyone may have, Fly's points stand:

-Maxine Waters is a moron.

-Maxine Waters just made an inflammatory tweet with nothing to back it up.

-Idiots like Maxine Waters on both sides of the aisle are why Trump won.

Put Fly's conclusion another way in a comment made on ZH 3 weeks ago by thebigunit:

2,500 years ago, the ancient Greek philosophers of the Sophist school evolved the notion that "truth" (in a "Democracy") was what the majority of people believed. The implication of their philosphy was if you could change what most people believed, you could change the "truth".

The Sophist philisophers made it their business to become experts in "rhetoric", the art of logic and argumentation, so they could win arguments, and thus, create truth. It's a matter of historical record that ancient Greek politicians sought out the Sophist rhetorical experts and paid them handsomely to learn the fine art of rhetoric to help them win elections.

Today, the word "sophist" has come to mean: "a person who reasons adroitly and speciously rather than soundly."

Democrats and the DNC are the legacy of the ancient Sophists. And their problem is that too many Democrats practiced too much sophistry. And as more and more Democrats relied on sophistry, fewer and fewer Democrats were good at it.

The public has figured out that the prrogram and plan of the Democrat Party is now entirely sophistry, and worse, it is bad sophistry. The Democrat party no longer knows how to think or say anything real. All they can do is concoct "specious arguments" and "rhetorical trickery".

And that's why no one believes Democrats any more.


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But, a shrubbery would be nice.

Dildocks's picture

If you're litigating your case on comment boards, you're losing.

CheapBastard's picture

Her attitude is representative of her voters.



Cut the free shit to California. Impose a work requirement for all federal freebies. And cut the child tax credit as many have said here. If they keep popping out shitlings, the demographics will only get worse.

The_Real_Fly's picture

Let's not pretend that comments defending this treasonous cave ape is  an acceptable form of behavior here. Whoever is talking shit about exposing the mental inefficiencies of her should be scorned and tossed into a fucking lit fireplace, wrapped in a burlap cloth doused with lighter fluid.

jomama's picture

The only troglodytes left are Trumptards.

He ain't gonna make it four years. Bet all your bitcoin on it.

Dildocks's picture

Daddy, you can't make it fours seconds without some troglodyte's dick in your bony ass but let me say something nice about you: You're a complete dumb-shit but compared to Maxine Waters, you're Mensa material.

jomama's picture

Milo, post more tits please.

Dildocks's picture

Daddy, 40 x 40 doesn't do the tits justice. Check out the link in my bio, Daddy. Then tell me you want to rest that empty skul of yours on my ample bosom.

rls9642's picture

OMG!! Financial Services Committee Ranking Member!!!???

And this stupid bitch couldn't add 2 + 2.

We're doomed.

whatamaroon's picture

Her hubby made a killing on a bank he had interest in during the 2008 finiancial disaster.

fishwharf's picture

Maxine and her husband should get some credit for showing their homeboys in South LA how to rob a bank without using guns and going to prison.

drbower's picture

And this is why only people who actually pay taxes should vote.

drbower's picture

How is it possible someone so inanely retarded gets elected?  PLEASE, PUT UP A BORDER FENCE, AND INCLUDE CALIDUMBIA


drbower's picture

How is it possible someone so inanely retarded gets elected?  PLEASE, PUT UP A BORDER FENCE, AND INCLUDE CALIDUMBIA


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What a piece of shit is Maxine, who is her husband again????