US Reverses: Tillerson Offers "Snubbed" NATO New Dates For Meeting

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Yesterday, just hours after James Comey's hearing on Russian interference in the US election (which provided zero proof, but countless innuendo and extrapolations), we reported that Rex Tillerson planned to skip the April 5-6 meeting of NATO foreign ministers in order to be present at Mar-A-Lago during the first US visit by China's president, and one week later travel to Russia, which as Reuters said is "a step allies may see as putting Moscow's concerns ahead of theirs", or in other words - an intentional snub.

"No matter how you spin it, this is unfortunate symbolism," said one senior European diplomat of Tillerson's plan to skip the April 5-6 NATO Brussels meeting, saying it undid the work of Trump's vice president and defense minister, who visited NATO headquarters in February to provide reassurances after Trump's criticism of the alliance.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was in Washington on Tuesday. Posing for photographs with Defense Secretary James Mattis, he declined to answer a reporter's questions on what signal it sent that Tillerson did not plan to attend the meeting, according to a reporter who attended the session.

It didn't take long for the unfortunate optics of this "scheduling conflict" to catch up to both Tillerson (and Trump, whose greenlighting of Tillerson's schedule did not reflect well on the president who has been accused of proximity to Moscow) and as a result Tillerson has proposed new dates on Tuesday for a NATO meeting, the State Department told Reuters after he initially decided to skip the talks and rebuffed the alliance's efforts to reschedule them.

As Reuters initially reported on Monday night, Tillerson would stay in the United States to attend Trump's expected April 6-7 talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Florida. U.S. officials also said Tillerson would visit Russia later in April. NATO then offered to change the meeting dates so Tillerson could attend both it and the Xi talks but the U.S. State Department rebuffed the idea, a former U.S. official and a former NATO diplomat, both speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Monday.

Then on Tuesday, things changed when State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the department put forward new dates for a meeting when Tillerson could come, noting that such a decision would have to be made by consensus among the 28 NATO members.

"We are certainly appreciative of the effort to accommodate Secretary Tillerson," Toner told reporters. "We have offered alternative dates that the secretary could attend."

He also sought to allay European concerns by saying that "the United States remains 100 percent committed to NATO."

It was not yet clear if the NATO meeting would be rescheduled to accommodate Tillerson. Trump himself is expected in Brussels for a NATO summit in May, although the date is still under discussion. NATO has proposed holding that meeting on May 25, a NATO diplomat said.

Meanwhile, as Reuters adds, several diplomats said they were unhappy that Tillerson had not offered to hold a NATO meeting in Washington later this week, given that most alliance foreign ministers and Stoltenberg will be there for a meeting of an international coalition against the Islamic State militant group.

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SpanishGoop's picture

"defense minister, who visited NATO headquarters in February to provide reassurances after Trump's criticism of the alliance. "

They tricked you didn't they.


jcaz's picture

Fuck them.   Blow them off, go see Russia- it's what we signed up for.

Croesus's picture

Fuck NATO. 'Nuf said.

wildbad's picture

"sending signals"

what the fuck is this? third grade. they are all purportedly grown ups. they can stop with the first date bullshit.

are they really sooo worried about hurt feelings?

give em a ring, Till. tellem when and where it suits you. its your game and your ball.

Mr.Sono's picture

Let's wait and see, it will be fun

Sanity Bear's picture

Lots of potential dates open... June 31st, July 42nd, Augtemcer Pi-th...

Wulfkind's picture a desperate bid to retain his post and to escape the evil clutches of his wife.....Former Secretary of State John Kerry undergoes radical plastic surgery to become Rex Tillerson just so he could paraphrase himself.....

"I was against NATO before I was for it. "

LOL  !!!      DRAIN THE were played TRUMPTARDS !!

TAALR Swift's picture

Ah, the joys of dating, mating and fornicating. 

Sounds messy.

Takemine2go's picture

Butt-hurt NATO needs a hug? When are we getting out of it? 

Jubal Early's picture

Trump the genius either cannot find the swamp or he has never left the NY swamp and thinks it is america.

turnball the banker's picture
turnball the banker (not verified) Mar 21, 2017 5:16 PM

Great another flip flop

TAALR Swift's picture

NATO trying to sound more important than it is.

Put that biatch in its place with an "I'll call you. Definitely."

johnnycanuck's picture

NATO is Murika's play thing.  Sometimes the subordinates don't do exactly what sammie wants though, especially the EU variiety who have finally found enough backbone to go against Likud's occupation of Palestine.

SpanishGoop's picture

1. Putin

2. Xi



Order established.


orangegeek's picture

Cancel and reschedule.


After 8 years of the fucking nigga, Tillerson is just showing NATO who is in charge and who pays their fucking bills.

orangegeek's picture

yes - we know - the cucks/snowflakes like their respect and for other people to pay for their stuff - just like those shitbags in Europe.


stay freeloading

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Mar 21, 2017 5:26 PM

Trump's successor is going to need to be more radical in terms of deconstructing the old system.  His negotiation shit is already getting old. 

No more negotiation- repeal it all piece by piece or don't even start it.  It's not about getting wins for yourself at this point, no matter how pissed off you are at Obama.


Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

How many additional troops have been sent to the Baltics or Poland under Trump's 2 month old admin?

well, more than a few, probably its in the thousands by now, with no end in sight.

You want to prevent ww3, you will need to kill a lot of politicians, contractors and spooks first.

Saw an old video, OT, of Trump talking about 9/11... pretty amazing.

He should consider tweeting about Building 7.

If he is sincere about changing things, and Goldmanites dont do that, then 9/11 is the key, and wtc7 is the key to 9/11.

Privyet_Jet's picture

jet fuel can't melt steel beams


a building cannot collapse from an airplane at the speed of gravity


a fire cannot start from an airplane blocks away

back to basics's picture

"If he is sincere about changing things"

He is not. That mask fell shortly after he got elected. He's just as much of the warmongering thieving swamp he professed he was going to drain. We were duped.

Wulfkind's picture

Glad to have have you out of the MATRIX.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

i hear you, and I tend to agree... the neocon talking points on Iran, and the insertion of green berets and rangers in Syraq and, latter anyway, in the fucking Baltics suggests that Trump is not deviating from ZOG's plans.

His willingness to enforce immigration law and refusal to risk ww3 over Syria or Ukraine were great selling points. The stuff re bringing back manufacturing was, obviously, horseshit, but we can forgive that.

But Goldman, Iran, Kushner, Adelson... all point to yet more controlby zionist jews who put America a distant second after Ersatz Israel.

Still - How much of that is he lied versus the president has less power than we think.

I mean - the government, deep state.. whatever... managed to convince people JFK was killed by a loan nut... media never questioned that. ditto 9/11.

Both Inside/Israeli ops, btw.

Davidduke2000's picture

Can't Trump and his people stand firm for few month? they fold like a pasta molle

currency's picture

TOUGH - can't make it that is OK, tell the rest of NATO to pay up what they owe and provide more troops and etc.. Stand firm REX.

ALSO DRAIN THE STAT DEPT SWAMP - get rid of the OBAMA / Hilray staff.

johnnycanuck's picture

Tillerson and Trump just want to resurrect the neocon oil wars and want nato countries to pay a bigly share of the cost.   Bonus for Trump is he pleases his uber zionist  boss in Vegas by getting at Iran, the world's leader of state terrorism don't you know. Why they allegedly even let those Saudi terrorists travel though Iran sometime  before they carried out the 911 attack. 



Bigly's picture

I am getting really pissed.  He appears wishywashy

Is trump that naive?  He is not going to get anything via negotiations as the other side hates his guts and everything he stands for and giving into them is only seen as WEAKNESS, not meeting halfway.

johnnycanuck's picture

"the other side hates his guts and everything he stands for"

And what would that be?  He even admitted his ongoing repetion of draining the swamp was just a line to hook the suckers who voted for him.

besnook's picture

israel just got bitchslapped by china. xi told nutandyahoo to quit roiling the mid east so china doesn't have to worry about its oil supply.

HowdyDoody's picture

Compuserve? Wow, I just had a 90's flashback. I can hear the modem dialtones now.

Still, good news - both China and Russia are telling the punk NuttyYahu to layoff. Best of all - the anti-semite scam won't work with either of them. And what is is Israel without the anti-semite scam? Just a bunch obnoxious freeloading troublemakers.

francis scott falseflag's picture


They're making all this shit up.  Where are the photos of the downed Israeli jet?

Or the bombed Hesbullah weapons?  They do it to keep us in the dark.


Putin, Trump, Netanyahu are all played by Pee Wee Herman.

Like Peter Sellers in "Dr Strangelove'.

rejected's picture

Let's see...

We get Trumpcare replacing Obamacare which was to be repealed. He is flying around on our dime telling us how great it will be as I type.

More troops in Syria, the Baltics, playing nuclear chicken with NK,,, which if I remember correctly wars were to be reduced.

Telling Russia to return Crimea, didn't we hear 'better relations with Russia'?

Increase the Offense Budget, to be fair he did say he would do that.

Soooo,,,, the only promise kept was to the MIC.

Sure don't look good for the deplorables and for the life of me I don't understand why the D's are bitching,,, they're getting everything they want!

MuffDiver69's picture

Must be lonely in your world..

Goldilocks's picture

Best Movie Scene: Fight Club "Ending", Pixies: Where is my Mind (1:00)

TeethVillage88s's picture

Many of the big moves of Vatican, EU, Rome, Great Britain, USA... are about Empire.

In the context of Empire.

How can the Donald Trump Admin go to Meetings with NATO and hope to have strength without some kind of completion in taking over the US Congress (Tricky-Tricky) and getting his appointments to his cabinet put in place? Congress is a complete mess of Status Quo, everything goes through the bi Lobbyists of course... so the voters down matter, the president doesn't matter... US Congress is a conquered land, a conquered people,... US Congress is reduced to being emissaries for Big Interest Groups/Lobbyist.

WTFUD's picture

DC, a lobbyists Paradise. Obama turned it into a circus; Showbiz, Glitz, little Substance, Pay-to-Play. Those snubbed vultures are the one's stirring up a lot of shit for the Trump Admin, who've thrown a spanner into the workings of that cosy number's gig.

logicalman's picture

Is it just me, or does it seem to others like all these huge money sucking entities take on a life of their own outside any interference by governments or the people they (supposedly) represent.

Banks, IRS, Homeland Security, CIA, NSA, FBI, Nato, EU bureacracy etc. etc. etc.

Time for people to wake the fuck up.

WTFUD's picture

You're asking folks to break the habit of a lifetime.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

The retraction is always worse than the original story.

Boca's picture

and yet another swamp creature just added to Trumps team, I'm going back to "ignorence is bliss" mode, if WWIII starts, please hit SF first

WTFUD's picture

The US Government are negotiating Peace-Deals across the Middle-East & Other Hotspots and as soon as John McCain & Friends are available, dates for the Talks will be announced. sarc

Put McCain to sleep and let's observe the power struggle for al-CIAd'uh Leadership.

MuffDiver69's picture

Nothing in this article is true except the quotes. Think about that and read it again.

Wild E Coyote's picture

Well said. No Action Talk Only Organization is desperately trying to woo US. 

And Trump seemed to have told them to ask the Europeans who have not been contibuting much. 

soyungato's picture

ZH , as they say , hope or wistful thinking is mot a survival strategy. Looks like you are grasping at straws with this Tilleson meeting thing.

If Trump is able to resist the deep state, if he is able to talk to instead of fighting Russia, why did he recruited one Fiona Hill to join his National Security Council ? According to an interview she gave this month, she thinks we are in a hot war with Russia, not a cold war.

I dont think Russia will trust Trump when he appoints a reportedly Russia-hating, regime change expert to be the director for Europe and Rusia at the NSC.  And I thought we have escaped a nuke war in our future. Little guys like us have no voice , no ability to do anything to change the course of the extinction event that is to come. The best we can do is to prepare ahead by moving to the Southern hemisphere.   

ElTerco's picture

The USA does roughly $700 billion in trade per year with NATO countries, and we pay roughly $500 million a year to support the NATO alliance.

It is a relatively minuscule cost of business insurance (in the form of a deterrent) compared to the cost of Russia rolling its tanks across Europe.

It makes perfect sense, and they are trying to spin it as though it's a bad thing. If anything, this makes me further question whether Trump has ties to Russia, since it is bad business *not* to support NATO.

francis scott falseflag's picture


"the cost of Russia rolling its tanks across Europe."


The Ruskis have amphibious tanks now, which after rolling across Europe, could cross the Atlantic,

roll into Levittown and find you hiding under your bed. 

OliverAnd's picture

As long as Turkey is part of NATO the alliance will be anemic.