Davos For Democrats: DNC Mega Donors Meet At Mandarin Oriental Hotel To Plot "The Resistance"

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

The Daily Beast just published an article previewing what should be referred to from this day forth as Davos for Democrats; a big-money infused orgy of wealthy donors telling their political puppets what to do as they mingle at one of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world.

Clearly learning absolutely zero lessons from their recent election pummeling, the Democratic Party is simply doubling down on its hopelessly failed strategy. Namely, a focus on more cash, even more donor influence and an absence of any new or interesting ideas that could actually get frustrated and struggling American voters excited. The post referenced below reads like something out of The Onion and would be downright hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic and deranged.

From the article, Democratic Donors Gather in D.C. to Plot the Resistance:

The Democratic Party’s top officials will meet with some of their wealthiest donors in Washington, D.C., this week to plot the Trump resistance, according to documents obtained by The Daily Beast.


The chairs of the Democratic National Committee and the party’s House and Senate campaign arms will huddle with activists, operatives, and deep-pocketed Democratic financiers at a biannual conference hosted by the Democracy Alliance, a leading left-wing donor collaborative at Washington’s ritzy Mandarin Oriental hotel.


They will discuss strategy for immediate opposition to President Donald Trump’s policies, begin laying the groundwork for Democratic campaigns in next year’s midterm elections, strategize future efforts for congressional redistricting, and promote an agenda focused on the state level, where Democrats still retain some power and hope to build a model for national progressive victories. And perhaps most importantly, map out how to fully fund their opposition to all things Trump.


The Alliance brings together high-dollar liberal donors—individuals, labor unions, and charitable foundations—that pledge to give at least $200,000 annually to a suite of left-wing organizations. Through its “partners,” as the donors are known internally, the Alliance in 2015 raised $75 million for its supported organizations, an annual record for the group.

A lot of good that $75 mill did. Encouraging to see the solution is just throw more donor money at the problem.

Those include the Center for American Progress, a liberal policy shop that has turned its 501(c)(4) arm into an anti-Trump “war room,” and Media Matters for America, a media-focused rapid response group that has recently retooled its efforts toward “fake news” and pro-Trump disinformation.

Dumb and Dumber.

And on Friday, the Alliance will host what it describes as “the first in a regular series of off-the-record dialogues between progressive political donors and Democratic Party officials about the future.”

A regular series of off-the-record meetings between donors and Democratic officials. You can’t make this stuff up.

Donors in attendance will include Michael Vachon, a top aide to billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros; health care technology mogul Paul Egerman; Dallas philanthropist Naomi Aberly; Susan Sandler, the daughter of subprime mortgage pioneer Herb Sandler; and Ian Simmons, the husband of Hyatt hotel fortune heiress Liesel Pritzker Simmons.


The Alliance’s donors have recently had to step up their financial commitments as the group retools its mission from policymaking by way of an allied White House to opposition to Republican dominance at all levels of government.


In addition to their annual contribution thresholds, Alliance partners must chip in to support the donor collaborative’s operations. Partner dues increased by between $5,000 and $10,000 this year to support the Alliance’s revamped mission, BuzzFeed News reported in January.

Long on money, short on ideas. That’s the Demcoratic Party for you.

That dovetails with recent Alliance strategy, which has focused on reversing dramatic Democratic losses at the state level ahead of the 2020 census and redistricting process. The Alliance considers a Democrat-friendly round of redistricting essential to future progressive policy gains.

A focus on redistricting. Again, no ideas.

Another event, featuring Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, will examine the “opportunity, spurred by the enormous energy of ordinary people taking grassroots action, to oppose the Trump agenda and how to channel this energy for a change in the nation’s political direction, starting with building back power and winning critical state elections in 2017 and 2018.”

This article is just so telling about the priorities of the donor-controlled Democratic Party. They remain focused on money, redistricting and “channeling energy” (i.e. manipulating voters), as opposed to ideas. The party has nothing to offer Americans other than Trump opposition and Russia conspiracy theories.

The first of those break-out sessions will plot “strategy and plans to protect the safety net for low-income families and individuals.” Among its attendees will be the director of US Programs for Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

Perhaps getting the opinions of actual poor people might be useful, as opposed to listening to the operatives of billionaires.

That discussion will be held at Washington’s elite Cosmos Club, whose members—which have included three U.S. presidents, two vice presidents, and 12 Supreme Court justices—pay annual dues of about $2,000.

How grassroots of them.

Meanwhile, did you watch the clip of Nancy Pelosi being asked by Anderson Cooper who the leader of the party is?

Obama and Hillary Clinton.

This party is an absolute joke, and the quicker we admit this and create something else, the better. It hasn’t changed, and it’s not going to.

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scv's picture

we are the resistance!

~mayday hijack planning

BorisTheBlade's picture

These people resist only thing: being removed from levers of power by popular sentiment. Though if they want to blow disproportionate amount of money resisting the inevitable, who can stop them?

Ignatius's picture

"Mega donors."

What's that tell us about what's truly at the heart of this democratic republic?

Let's try, "Mega bribery."

Jubal Early's picture

It goes far beyond bribery, this is ownership. The yids are in full attack mode at this point, and they are calling in their puppets and giving them their dancing orders.  And it is going on in far more than just the policial sphere, here are a few examples:

-  The shoot down of the Israeli F16(s) over Syria.  The yids are indignant and are rattling their sabors (making the US dance on their string)

-  Yellen and the (((Fed))) saying 3 rate increases this year in the face of a crashing economy and the less than 1% growth that their best liars are claiming

-  Recent Israeli claims to soveriegnty over the Golan heights and the Shebaa farms, new settlements in West Bank

-  Trump saying he will move the US embassy to Jerusalem (clearly one of his owners is forcing him to say this)

-  Drudge going full faggot-tranny.  Not a single faggot or tranny story can go by without Drudge posting and play his image/title games with it.

-  Social Media censorship and spying

-  The EU saying it is going to force all member state to accept muslim "refugees"

cue in cue's picture
cue in cue (not verified) Jubal Early Mar 23, 2017 1:37 AM

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Hugh_Jorgan's picture

"...a focus on more cash, even more donor influence and an absence of any new or interesting ideas that could actually get frustrated and struggling American voters excited."

That's because it's hard to get people excited about one-size-fits-all governance from afar. The politicians we have now are completely tonedeaf and disconnected, how could anyone think that people from another country and continent would have a good feel for what I want to see in my country and what I do not want to see. So, the purveyors of this drivel will continue to employ their ham-fisted cloak-and-dagger, and monkeywrenches-in-the-gearbox ops to try to derail our country. Fortunately, these tactics are not nearly as secret as they once might have been, but useful idiots are... well, idiots. And, so the globalist pawns will keep losing elections until they have greased enough palms to electronically decide every race, they are almost there now.

SilverRoofer's picture

Is uncle Joe pedophile Biden bringing the Pizza And Hotdogs with Walnut sauce


ClassicalLib17's picture

Is Uncle Joe just self unaware or the fucking pervert that he appears to be when he is feeling... up... well, you've seen it.

Jim in MN's picture

Spend tons of money to discuss anything BUT how to help the people of the USA.


XqWretch's picture

Exactly, Krieger is a bit naive here thinking these people actually give a shit about American "votes."

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

the latest edition of sedition on the Potomac.

This shit has me thinking this is a giant setup to manufacture consent for a global police state. They are playing both ends against the middle

Got The Wrong No's picture

They already want that. Total Control. Trump is a crow bar in the gears. If he doesn't succeed in stopping them, then the people will be completely enslaved. I hope he has the military on his side. Maybe, increasing their funding was to get them on his side. He is also constantly praising the police. The Vets and the Militia will stand by him. I think, all he has to do is say the word and many of the people will be ready to stand up and do what we can. 

Jubal Early's picture

They are not gathering to spend money and they couldn't give a shit about the US goyim.  They are gathering to plan their next stab in the back, how to keep it covered up, and who to blame it on.  That is also why they met in Basel in 1903 and declared their intent (among themselves) to subjugate and destroy goyim through murerous wars and miscengenation.

JuliaS's picture

Wolves gathering to vote what's for dinner.

new game's picture

that fine mist in the air is the beginning of the shit hitting the fan blade at 3600 rpm.

yup, owww that smell, davos shit in the air.

luv it, a billionaire losing that comfy feeling of "control".

what drives a control freak to freak?

hint:rearrange their desk...


jmack's picture

  lol democrats so stupid, they just add more superdelegates until your votes dont count.  but uh, yea, your democratic...

hustler etiquette's picture

The DNC is like having Herpes. Annoying as fxxk and you can only hook up with others who have it. I avoid demmies

hustler etiquette's picture

Pelosi is ugly. Her daughter ugly. I can say this because I self identify as an ugly.

Got The Wrong No's picture

I bet your self identity doesn't go all the way to the bone like theirs. 

hustler etiquette's picture

When I need to bone my bone knows when to stand down. And that's the doggie difference.

TeamDepends's picture

They are the resistance in the same way a swollen hemorrhoid is.

techpriest's picture

It's time to create our own resistance - learn your primary dates, get 500 people to show up to your Dem precinct, and vote everyone there out just to gum up the works.

Start printing and passing our literature calling on restaurants to remove their TVs. Chick-fil-A challenges families to put the phones in a bucket for a free dessert - more places should do that, and we can encourage them.

Imagine whole towns where CNN is playing in no shop or restaurant anywhere. That's a resistance.

Dr. Engali's picture

Cracks me up when I read an article written by an author who doesn't get that Trump works for the elites too. Pick your color, red or blue, they all serve the same masters.

Jubal Early's picture

Trump isn't draining the swamp, he represents one side of the swamp.  The yids own the entire swamp and enjoy watching goyim stuck there fight amon themselves.

Dr. Engali's picture

Oh look, some stupid fuck really believes Trump, or Obama for that matter, cares about them.

new game's picture

2 party tyranny. simple shit maynard.

get past denial, move to anger and stay there so as to be ready for the next phase.

or find a quit place on earth and tune out completly.

on the way, throw the phone out the window right into the swamp.

nsa will be lead in a circle...

when i see plums of smoke on the skyline, i'll know it is game on in the sludge pots called cities...

tyme to say fuk this reality created by fuks that are hell bent on fuking everything up that was good.

gov.org. root of everything fuked up. and oh yea they are going to fix it...

all fuking bullshit...

mary mary's picture

Nobody cares.  Nobody ever cared.  Not in 1776 and not now.  The whole idea is that you care for yourself and your family, and don't vote for "big government" to protect you, feed you, house you, or give you medicine.  How did Americans ever forget that?  Because MSM and Hollywood and the Church and the Elders of Zion told them the opposite, over and over and over, especially since 1913.

chosen's picture

I already know, they are going to run Hillary again in 2020 with the baboon Mitchell Obama as her VP.

Duc888's picture



What exactly do these lying, walking, talking anuses have to offer?

dogismycopilot's picture

The Democrats are running on an "ANTI-AMERICAN" platform.


Lost in translation's picture

Gonna' end in tears, any which way you slice it.

Producers will never go back to the Soweto Owebomba dayz. Sorry, Snowflakes.

Your perfumed and coiffed urbanite existence is at the mercy of those who produce your food, supply your energy, and carry weapons in your stead in the military. You have nothing to offer.

Let go or get dragged.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Meanwhile they are brainwashing our kids. Most of the people under 30 are under their control. They only have to do it for another 10 or 15 years while we die off and it's game over. Also, they are programming people to be connected to their phones, TV and tablets for constant programming. I read that by 2030 they will be able to connect our brains directly to the cloud. Unlimited access to your mind. Resistance will be futile. 

Stan522's picture

The devilcRAT's think going more muzzie, more gay, more transgender, more communist, and more open borders will garner more votes....

Keep it up and you will be only found in the history books......


Only about %100 of them are jooooos.

Vigilante's picture

Thank God they are not over 100%.../sigh of relief/

Just Another Vietnam Vet's picture

With TERM limits the country would be able to divest some of the old, very old, dementia level

  unproductive dead weight that has nothing new or fresh to add to the conversation.

Jolt's picture

This is just further proof that neither party represents us anymore. It is why a new generation of billionaires was seeded in the United States over the last decade...they are the ones pulling all the strings behind the scenes. The deep state needs these monied establishment moguls to help preserve the establishment's vise-grip on our country.

Repeat: We have no representation in our government.

I just read a story that if any republican votes against the President's "new" health bill, the Kochs will fund the election of GOP challengers. So there it is again: our representatives will take their marching orders from billionaires.

And one of the things that turned me off the most about Hillary in 2016 was her insistence on a no-fly zone over Syria, which would guarantee a war with Russian. Mr. Trump said he wouldn't do that. But he HAS sent ground troops over there. How would you feel if you were Russia? Do you imagine that Russia is not as powerful a nuclear threat as the USA? You're kidding yourself if you do.

And guess which Pentagon is asking for ANOTHER $30 billion of our dollars to combat all those horrible "terrorist" threats around us and the world? You know: ISIS, the "terrorists" created by our very own CIA.

We are in deep shit in this country, courtesy of the deep state mob that hijacked our representative republic.

Trust no political party; they're as dirty and unAmerican as the billionaires.

francis scott falseflag's picture


Democrat's strategy  ==  keep the Fed printing


Republican strategy  ==  ditto



European Union, NATO, United Nations, MSM, OPEC,


Skull & Bones, Hollywood, NAMBLA, Washington Post,


Etc. etc. etc.  ==  KEEP THE FED PRINTING

francis scott falseflag's picture


Who's the leader of the party that's made for you and me.


M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-0-YOU-S-E


Mickey Mouse!

Donald Duck!

Micket Mouse!

Donald Duck!

Sledge-hammer's picture
Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 23, 2017 1:29 AM

Gee, I noticed that all of the Democrat participant names in this little coffee klatsch are wealthy kikes.  What a cohencidence.  That is OK though.  Let them have their little strategery session and waste their wealth.  This whole thing is better than sex.  For the first time in 120 years, the jews in this country are besides themselves.  An evil interloper, our Glorious Trumpenfuhrer, has taken a giant sh*t in their punch bowl and just when they thought they had the brass ring:  Hillary for president, control of all of our politicos, our economy, gov't, immigration to replace us evil YT's, our currency, press/media/entertainment, Saul St, I mean Wall Street, etc.  They were all set to enact their Final Solution for us evil YT's:  replace us with the mud people, ship off overseas the rest of our jobs and factories, take away our evil guns, have absolute control of the gov't, shunt aside us evil YT's for niggers, illegals, and refugees.  It was all within reach and would have worked, if not for that meddling Trump and 60 million evil YT deplorables.  Well, guess I will go have a Scooby snack.

damicol's picture

Listen my little faggots, my little whinging snowflakes, This is your future.

You are stuck, handcuffed, glued to a monster that is standing in front of you dressed like an angel, has control of your mind, and your thoughts, something so despicable and evil but yet you cannot see it, cannot peer through the illusion it sets in front of you.

However the rest of can, we have no libtard goggles fucking with our perceptions of reality, we see clearly the depths of depravity these monsters have inflicted on the US, but know this, the reason that your beloved dems lose every time is because those libtard goggles are discarded in their millions all cross the land. They are never going to be worn again.

Even now your monsters, the deluded and filthy discredited and reviled monsters, your Soreass and fucking perverted Brocks are planning on how to manipulate and propagandize you again to your utterly discredited libtard mantra.


But it's too late, it truly is all over. Even your rabid screeches and howls, your little placard waving will be all in vain. It is a corpse, it is dead, twitching like a cadaver as rigor mortis stiffens it and the cracking sounds you take as life is just the Pelosi bitches buried in the corpse.

There is no leader, none will appear, no messiah with a message of great hope, of regeneration, of sound money, success for the millions of Americans you hope to win. No grand plan to end debt servitude, to enable individual to rise again without the heavy iron boot of state on their necks,

There i no need any of take notice of you any longer. The dems are dead, they just don't know it yet, They will burn the last of what they have in their lavish conferences, in their pathetic fund raisers, in their corruption and their greed to keep the last of their pillaging in their hands, and not your.

It is so easy to see when the libtard goggles are thrown in the garbage,

The only thing left to do i go the Democratic Party grave and take a long deep satisfying shit there.

It is all over, no one cares, not for you, your faggots your SJW's because you are so utterly irrelevant now. As the stench of decay and purification from the decomposing corpse wafts ever more across the land, more and more retch,  notice it, vomit and move away.

This is DEATH, get over it, there is no coming back.



barysenter's picture

The new normal. Who do you think would want this minimum wage? Here's a clue: Age specific child molester rings are more common than dope in K-12.


No we dont need create anything new mike. Let em bern.:) Its really fun watching.

Meanwhile obamination just made $60 mil writing a book about how he spent the last 10 yrs destroying our cuntry. It sounds all hopey and changey. I havent rea.......ooooh look a squirrel!

Dildocks's picture

Rich demos, thank you. The useless flushing of your millions down the toilet is good for the Trump economy.

LA_Goldbug's picture

The Democratic Mafia Party

Has a nice ring to it.