Five People Killed, At Least 40 Injured After Terrorist In SUV "Mows Down" Pedestrians In London

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Live feed from SkyNews:



The moment that shots rang out...

A summary of the latest development from today's London terrorist attack, which has taken place on the one year anniversary of the March 2016 Brussels Massacre:

  • An SUV drove over Westminster Bridge knocking down pedestrians this afternoon killing at least five people in the process - including one policeman and the suspect - while injuring 40 others
  • Victims were said to have been left scattered in the road, with some reportedly floating in the River Thames
  • A knifeman, described as 'middle-aged and Asian'  then got into the grounds of Parliament where he reportedly stabbed a police officer
  • He as then shot by armed officers as the area was cleared by emergency services
  • According to a Scotland yard conference, there are numerous casualties, including police officers;
  • The London police requests the public to avoid the area around parliament and nearby bridges.
  • Parliament was suspended and the Prime Minister was rushed from the scene in an unmarked police car
  • As SkyNews summarizes the chaotis sequence of events, the attacker drove into people on Westminster bridge, drove to Parliament Square, stabbed police officer and was shot by police

According to the UK's Mirror, the following is a photo of the moment the Parliament terror attack suspect is wheeled into an ambulance after being shot by police. The man, who was said to be "Asian, and middle-aged" in appearance, entered the grounds of the Houses of Parliament and stabbed a policeman just after 2.30pm this afternoon.

This is what is believed to be the series of events this afternoon where a knife attacker drove into pedestrians before he was shot 

It is  believed this was the series of events this afternoon where a knife attacker drove into pedestrians before he was shot

As the Daily Mail reports, a terror attacker brought carnage to central London today by mowing down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and attacking police with a knife in the grounds of the Houses of Parliament. At least 20 people are said to have been hit by a car on the bridge after a vehicle
described as a '4x4' drove into pedestrians and cyclists, with four people reportedly killed, including a police officer and the suspect.

Armed Police have opened fire and shot a person outside the Houses of Parliament. A vehicle was seen on social media to have crashed into the fence of the palace 

The alleged vehicle that mowed down people

intruder, described by a witness as 'middle-aged and Asian', then managed to break into the grounds of the Parliament and stabbed a police officer before he was shot. An hour after the attack, paramedics removed one person from the scene after extensive CPR. Another body appeared to have been left on the ground covered by a red blanket.

A police officer was stabbed by the knifeman before he was shot by other officers.

Prime Minister Theresa May is said to have been bundled into a car by a plain-clothes police officer and driven quickly from the scene.

Scotland Yard said the attack, which comes a year to the day after the terrorist
atrocities in Brussels, is being treated 'as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise'.

It is believed a police officer was stabbed by the knifeman before he was shot by officers

Commons Leader David Lidington told MPs a 'police officer has been stabbed' and the 'alleged assailant was shot by armed police' following a 'serious' incident within the parliamentary estate. 

Witness Jayne Wilkinson said: 'We were taking photos of Big Ben and we saw all the people running towards us, and then there was an Asian guy in about his 40s carrying a knife about seven or eight inches long. 'And then there were three shots fired, and then we crossed the road and looked over. The man was on the floor with blood.'

There were disturbing scenes on Westminster Bridge where around a dozen pedestrians were  knocked down by the car

He had a lightweight jacket on, dark trousers and a shirt. He was running through those gates, towards Parliament, and the police were chasing him.'

Emergency teams were seen carrying out CPR inside the palace grounds in New Palace Yard, the main thoroughfare in and out of Parliament 

Emergency teams were seen carrying out CPR inside the palace grounds in New Palace Yard

Her partner David Turner added: 'There was a stampede of people running out. You saw the people and you thought 'what the hell is going on'.'

Steve Voake, 55, was walking across the Westminster Bridge and saw at least two bodies lying on the road and one in the water.

'I saw a trainer lying in the road and when I looked more closely I saw that there were a couple of bodies the other side of the road,' he told the Press Association. 'And when I looked over the side there was another body lying in the water with blood all around it.'

An injured victim walks from the scene on Westminster Bridge where more than 10 people were reported knocked down

An injured victim walks from the scene on Westminster Bridge where at least 10 people were reported knocked down 

Mail journalist Quentin Letts saw the incident out of the window of a Commons office. He told the BBC: 'We heard this sound that sounded like a car crash… 'Then we saw a thick set man in black clothes come through the gates where people would normally drive cars 'This man had something in his hand. It looked like a stick. He was challenged by two policemen. The policeman fell down. 'We could see the man in black movinghis arm in a way that suggested he was either striking or stabbing.'

Kevin Schofield, the editor of heard 'a very loud bang' from the press gallery inside the Houses of Parliament followed by lots of shouting and men running around. He initially thought it was a car crash but then he looked outside the window to a heavily-guarded area outside which is out of bounds to the public.

He told Sky News: 'Someone rushed through, attacked a policeman, a policeman went down, another policeman came and he was rescued. 'The man who had assaulted him got up and he appeared to be carrying either a knife or a gun. Then we heard gunfire, lots of gunfire, maybe five or six rounds. 'All I remember seeing is the man approaching the police officer probably with a knife and then there was gunfire.'

Eyewitness Rick Longley described the attack saying: 'We were just walking up to the station and there was a loud bang and a guy, someone, crashed a car and took some pedestrians out. 'They were just laying there and then the whole crowd just surged around the corner by the gates just opposite Big Ben. 'A guy came past my right shoulder with a big knife and just started plunging it into the policeman. I have never seen anything like that. I just can't believe what I just saw.' 

After the incident, Radoslaw Sikorski posted a video to Twitter purporting to show people lying injured in the road on Westminster Bridge. Mr Sikorski, a senior fellow at Harvard's Centre for European Studies, wrote: 'A car on Westminster Bridge has just mowed down at least 5 people.' 

People outside the palace could be seen running from the scene when the shots were heard. An eye witness said that a car was seen to mow down five people on Westminster Bridge. Police are then believed to have shot a man who tried to enter the Parliamentary Estate.   The dramatic incident comes weeks after it was revealed that UK security services have foiled 13 potential attacks in less than four years, while counter-terrorism units are running more than 500 investigations at any time.

The official threat level for international terrorism has stood at severe, meaning an attack is 'highly likely', for more than two years. Liberal Democrat transport spokeswoman Baroness Randerson said countries seem to have been 'singled out based on religious beliefs'.

'Of course safety is paramount at all times and we all need to remain vigilant but this ban needs to be explained in detail,' she said.


* * *


A woman lies injured after a shooting incident on Westminster Bridge in London

Update 2:


Update 1:

Two people have reportedly been shot outside the U.K. parliament building in London, in a developing incident that may have taken place on the adjacent Westminster Bridge.

A parliamentary clerk told Reuters two people had been shot, but there was no official confirmation from the police. A Reuters photographer said he saw at least a dozen people injured on Westminster Bridge near the parliament building.

Reports said that a man was seen waving a knife and police said they treating the situation as a firearm incident.

* * *


Shots have been reportedly fired outside UK parliament in London, where two people have been reportedly shot outside the gates to parliament, Reuters and Bloomberg report with iTV adding that explosions heard outside British Parliament, the building on lockdown.

The Sun reports that a car mowed down a dozen pedestrians on Westminster Bridge.

According to SkyNews, waves of people' have been seen running from Parliament amid reports of gunfire, while Reuters adds that around six people are injured on Westminster Bridgeg.


As BBC adds, politicians and journalists have tweeted about hearing loud crashes outside the buildings, as witnesses said they saw people being treated for injuries.  

Witnesses have reported seeing a man with a knife within the palace grounds.

A police officer has also told a BBC's political editor that someone has been shot outside Portcullis House.



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unpossible, there are no guns in Londinistan

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wait!!! the 5th of November was 4 months ago

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It's BritBob, he just can't let the Falklands/Gibraltar issue go.

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Could it be... the Religion of Peace strikes again?

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Well, I guess you could say that a couple people had their own personal 'Brexit' this morning.  

Damned militant Hindus again, I guarantee you.

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Let me guess - another well assimilated peaceful muslim?

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Probably a 'concerned' citizen distraught over the 'death' of David Rockefeller.



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Specifically AWD, 4WD and/or "Quattro" according to the headlines.  This senseless tragedy could've been avoided if only 2WD was allowed!

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A Tesla would have self-guided into the baricades, decapitating the owner.

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I have been around a few years or so and have said this in the past (not that I would ever want to do this)…

Load someone up with all the weaponry he can carry..

I can take more people out with my Jeep.


I would suggest that refugees should never be allowed to have driver’s licenses, but like the unlicensed, uninsured drunken Mexican that swiped me and then wiped out three other cars a few years back.. it would not make a difference.


..fortunately, I was in a rental car in Arizona.



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Logan 5 (not verified) Manthong Mar 22, 2017 10:57 AM

See what happens when you drive on the wrong side of the road and the steering wheel is on the passenger side.

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turn around circles are all around in the UK,  AU, NZ and elsewhere.

One is likely to have no idea how goddam hard it is to deal with that idea when your steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car.

And guess what.... you have to turn left..   har har har.



Fun fact..

Why are the commuter train tracks in the US ass-backwards?


.. becaause the early railroad design engineers were British.

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A possible deterrent: Whenever a Muzzi is killed during a terrorist attack, bury him with a pig. That will prevent him from gaining "paradise" with all those assumed virgins.

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Im pretty confident that somewhere in Hell, right now, that Muzzie's being 'covered' by a well-hung boar.

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Someone on 4chan posted the location of the attack last night, in morse code:

Morse code string posted by anon: --. --- - --- .... - - .--. ---··· -··-· -··-· .--. .- ... - . -... .. -. ·-·-·- -.-. --- -- -··-· --.. .-.. ..- -..- -.. -- --.. .-

the Morse code, decoded to ascii text:
(Verify for yourself here

This is the binary string at the pastebin link: 00110101 00110001 00101110 00110101 00110000 00110000 00111001 00110100 00110111 00101100 00100000 00101101 00110000 00101110 00110001 00110010 00110100 00110101 00110011 00110000

Plug that into a binary-to-ascii converter you get this: 51.500947, -0.124530
(Verify here:

Plug those coordinates into Google maps and you get Big Ben/Houses of Parliament, at the precise location of the attacks.

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IF the perpetrator of this tragic incident turns out to be Muslim, we MUST refrain from blaming Muslims as a whole! The overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful people who simply want to live and practise their faith in Western countries. Islamophobia must end!

David Rockefeller - Death Of A Giant

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Muslims don't want much, just that the whole world convert to one specific brand of Islam and strictly adhere to it at all times; then we could have peace.

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That's sarcasm right? Either that or ignorance on your part as you know nothing of the Islamic ideology.  There is no such thing as Islamophobia, as Hitchens stated " A word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons."

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Does it hurt to be so fucking stupid?

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I heard something odd from one of the interviewed witnesses on the Westminster Bridge.

I would like to know if anyone else heard it and has any opinions.

Two women told a reporter that they were on the bridge when all the chaos began, so they started crawling across.

They crawled past some of the bodies and said they looked like they "had been shot." 

Did anyone else hear that?

Perhaps their accents meant another word but that's what it sounded like to me.

Did the attacker have a gun in addition to the car and knife?

News reports only indicate the wild car on the bridge and the knife attack afterwards.



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What?!? Londonstan has a Muslim Problem?!?!?

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

And Obama imported one into the USA.

Read all of it.

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Simply require that all Korans sold in Europe from now on must have a fine-grained, embossed pigskin cover.

Stay classy, Mohammedians.

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We Brits along with the French and Spanish, redrawed the world and rename things as we saw fucking fit in our hey-day of empire. We even had the bloody cheek to name the highest mountain in the world after George Everest a Brit, because he saw the mountain first and chose to dismiss the name all the locals had given called it since living memory[/sarc] and we called those from the Indian subcontinent ie Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka, Asians. I can't even defend you guys under colloquialism, you just got the memo all wrong.

Now just like the English language, you Americans have got a bit lost and things half-arsed backwards. We say maths and you spell it math, we spell colour, you spell color. We say centre, you idiots spell it centre. We call those from the Indian subcontinent Asians and you fools got the memo wrong and mistakenly call the Chinese and Korean types Asian.

Our multinationals and moneymen via the corruption of the Deep State start illegal war and death in Arab and Muslim land, including proxy war and the use of biological weapons, then we act all fucking surprised like you, completely shocked and struggle to understand when their fringe lunatics strike back?

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two great nations separated by a common language.

We were fortunate to un-redrawed what the King intended.

And no, assface, we spell it "it" and we spell "center" "center."


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...and of course that guy having a belly-laugh in the corner is a Frenchman knowing as he does that "colour" and "center"/centre" etc were derived from French words originally. Sacre bleu!! Those British hate the French so much but they borrowed their words without hesitation. And, to add another twist: those British-hating Americans -- who the French helped defeat the British redcoats a couple of hundred years ago -- caused English supplant French as the globe's favorite second language.

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speaking of favourite language ;-)

German was almost the "official" language of the U.S., way back when.  It was a near-run vote to go with Engrish.  It cost the Union any chance of victory at Chancelorsville (but thanks to a trigger-happy rebel, the course of history was changed there).

Most significant vote made by congress-critters until the Draft was re-instituted before WWII by like one vote.

n'est ce pas?

- Ned

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For Realz! I read that and then saw the picture and laughed!


Spitting in our coffee and telling us it's creamer...

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If only the Brits had Federal District Judges from Washington State and Hawaii to protect them...

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Tolerant today, dead tomorrow!

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Surely if they can shoot to kill, they can shoot to disable? There's no way of finding out the masterminds of this kind of attacks when constantly all we get are dead men.
For once, why can't the terrorists target real politicians? It's always the powerless bystanders they seem to love??

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but, let's face it, it is in  the Scriptures after all, the boar and his 71 cousins, are all virgins.

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..well I am all in favor for boiling in large vats of bacon oil as a final solution.

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how the fhell can anyone refute this simple comment.....

go F yourself  F'tard

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I guess the lime's are out today....

Go brush your teeth.

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WTF over...

no wonder you guys lost all the wars.

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duuuude, u b talkin 2 u very own sef

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They're known as roundabouts here in Australia and can transform hopelessly blocked intersections into smooth running, not good everywhere but they are very useful in the right places. Easiest thing to remember is you only have to give way to the right going into a roundabout and once you are on it, you own it!

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as a much younger_meat, I almost got killed in Madrid by looking the wrong way on the street.  Almost got killed driving to London, in a fucking "roundabout" that went the wrong fucking way.  Yep, young Ned sez to hisself, traffic is clea-----Whoah!!!! WTF!!! they go the wrong fucking way !!!

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it did say asian driver...

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It's the constantly shifting liberal narrative that makes me crazy.  For 30 years anyone opposed to massive Muslim integration was branded xenophobic.  "Let them's a religion of peace".   The liberal narrative asked the public to ignore what their own eyes were seeing in terms of Muslim lack of assimilation.    

Now suddenly the worst nightmares of the supposed 'xenophobes' are starting to come true and now the liberal narrative is transitioning to one of 'Well now they are here, we need to deal with them'.  

Hey fuckheads, you held the door open for them now you have the audacity to speak as if this was just some sort of cosmic accident that got us to this point?  You should be apologetic and begging for forgiveness.  

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

"No one could have seen this coming"

"Actually there were groups warning that..."

"No one could have seen this coming"

"But it was asserted that..."

"Ignore those filthy sexist racists (aka white men).  No one could have seen this coming"

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Well, atleast this should seal the deal on Brexit. Anyone on the fence is probabaly leaning toward hell yes now.

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Well, the good news is that they won’t be banning person-driving  vehicles until they mandate the google cars.

I have a 1st , 4th and 2nd amendment solution to that proposition.

Umm.. got engine block penetration?

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sugar, rust powder, ...

nothing kinetic is needed.  The Mechanics of Peace.

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Exactly, Manthong!  They should not have driver's licenses, they can get by just fine with camels & donkeys.  The perp sure looks like a camel jockey.