NOW Can We Admit the War On Terror Has Failed?

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In the wake of the terror attacks in England, France, Germany and elsewhere, can we finally admit that the war on terror is an utter and complete failure?

10 Ways to Reduce Terrorism

So if the war on terror has failed, what should we do to stop terrorists?

I. Stop Overthrowing the Moderates and Arming Crazies

We know it’s a difficult concept to grasp, but if we want to stop terrorism we should – (wait for it) – stop supporting terrorists.

Specifically, we’re arming the most violent radicals in the Middle East, as part of a really stupid geopolitical strategy to overthrow leaders we don’t like (more details below). And see this, this, this, this and this.

We’re directly arming and supporting folks who are committing summary execution, torture, kidnapping, and imposing Sharia law at the point of the gun.

But – strangely – we’re overthrowing the moderate Arabs who stabilized the region and denied jihadis a foothold.

U.S. allies are directly responsible for creating and supplying ISIS.

If we want to stop terrorism, we need to stop supporting the terrorists.

II. Stop Supporting the Dictators Who Fund Terrorists

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest sponsor of radical Islamic terrorists. The Saudis have backed ISIS and many other brutal terrorist groups. And the most pro-ISIS tweets allegedly come from Saudi Arabia.

According to sworn declarations from a 9/11 Commissioner and the Co-Chair of the Congressional Inquiry Into 9/11, the Saudi government backed the 9/11 hijackers (see section VII for details). And declassified documents only amplify those connections. And the new Saudi king has ties to Al Qaeda, Bin Laden and Islamic terrorism.

Saudi Arabia is the hotbed of the most radical Muslim terrorists in the world: the Salafis (both ISIS and Al Qaeda are Salafis).

And the Saudis – with U.S. support – back the radical “madrassas” in which Islamic radicalism was spread.

And yet the U.S. has been supporting the Saudis militarily, with NSA intelligence and in every other way possible for 70 years. And selling them massive amounts of arms. And kept them off of the list of restricted countries for immigration.

In addition, top American terrorism experts say that U.S. support for brutal and tyrannical countries in the Middle east – like Saudi Arabia – is one of the top motivators for Arab terrorists.

U.S. and NATO-supported Turkey is also massively supporting ISIS, provided chemical weapons used in the massacre of civilians, and has been bombing ISIS’ main on-the-ground enemy – Kurdish soldiers – using its air force.

The U.S.-backed dictatorships in Qatar and Bahrain also massively fund ISIS.

So if we stop supporting the tyrannies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Bahrain, we’ll get a two-fold reduction in terror:

(1) We’ll undermine the main terrorism supporters


And …


(2) We’ll take away one of the main motivations driving terrorists: our support for the most repressive, brutal Arab dictatorships

III. Stop Bombing and Invading When a Negotiated Settlement Is Offered

The U.S. rejected offers by Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria to surrender … and instead proceeded to wage war against those countries.

Security experts – including both conservatives and liberals – agree that waging war in the Middle East weakens national security and increases terrorism. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.

For example, James K. Feldman – former professor of decision analysis and economics at the Air Force Institute of Technology and the School of Advanced Airpower Studies – and other experts say that foreign occupation is the main cause of terrorism. University of Chicago professor Robert A. Pape – who specializes in international security affairs – agrees.

Indeed, the leaders of America and the UK were warned that the Iraq war would increase terrorism … before they pulled the trigger.

Negotiating peaceful deals whenever possible will drain the swamp of terrorists created by war and invasion.

IV. Prioritize Stopping Terrorists Over Stopping the “Shia Crescent”

As U.S. actions in Syria demonstrate, our politicians are focused on curbing Russian and Iranian geopolitical influence much more than actually stopping ISIS and other terrorists.

The U.S. has inserted itself smack dab in the middle of a religious war … choosing violent  Sunni Muslims to counter the influence of Iran and the “Shia Crescent”.

Amazingly, the U.S. military described terror attacks on the U.S. as a “small price to pay for being a superpower“:

A senior officer on the Joint Staff told State Department counter-terrorism director Sheehan he had heard terrorist strikes characterized more than once by colleagues as a “small price to pay for being a superpower”.

If we want to stop terrorism, we have to make it a priority.

V. Stop Imperial Conquests for Arab Oil

The U.S. has undertaken regime change against Arab leaders we don’t like for six decades. We overthrew the leader of Syria in 1949, Iran in 1953, Iraq twice, Afghanistan twice, Turkey, Libya … and other oil-rich countries.

Neoconservatives planned regime change throughout the Middle East and North Africa yet again in 1991.

Top American politicians admit that the Iraq war was about oil, not stopping terrorism (documents from Britain show the same thing). Much of the war on terror is really a fight for natural gas. Or to force the last few hold-outs into dollars and private central banking. For example, see this email to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

We’ve fought the longest and most expensive wars in American history … but we’re less secure than before, and there are more terror attacks than ever (update).

Remember, Al Qaeda wasn’t even in Iraq until the U.S. invaded that country. And the West’s Iraq war directly led to the creation of ISIS.

If we want to stop terrorism, we have to stop overthrowing Arab leaders and invading Arab countries to grab their oil.

VI. Stop Drone Assassinations of Innocent Civilians

Top U.S. warfighting experts say that American drone strikes INCREASE terrorism (and see this).

And yet Trump has increased drone strikes by 432%.

If we want to stop creating new terrorists, we have to stop the drone strikes.

VII. Stop Torture

Top U.S. terrorism and interrogation experts agree that torture creates more terrorists.

Indeed, the leaders of ISIS were motivated by U.S. torture.  For example, Charlie Hebdo-murdering French terrorist Cherif Kouchi told a court in 2005 that he wasn’t radical until he learned about U.S. torture at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

And the Secretary of Defense any many other top military and intelligence experts say that torture doesn’t do anything to keep us safer.

If we want to stop creating new terrorists, we have to stop torturing … permanently.

VIII. Stop Mass Surveillance

Top security experts agree that mass surveillance makes us MORE vulnerable to terrorists.

Indeed, even the NSA admits that it’s collecting too MUCH information to stop terror attacks.

In virtually every recent terror attack – in Boston, Paris, San Bernadino, Orlando, etc. – the suspect was already on a terror watch list, known to authorities, previously interviewed by the FBI, or the like. They were already known to authorities.

Mass surveillance simply doesn’t keep us safer.  Indeed, instead of focusing on known bad guys and their associates, the government is flooded with surveillance data from spying on everybody. So they can’t do their job to stop terrorists.

Stop it.

IX. Stop Covering Up 9/11

Government officials agree that 9/11 was state-sponsored terrorism … they just disagree on which state was responsible.

Because 9/11 was the largest terror attack on the U.S. in history – and all of our national security strategies are based on 9/11 – we can’t stop terror until we get to the bottom of what really happened, and which state was behind it.

Many high-level American officials – including military leaders, intelligence officials and 9/11 commissioners – are dissatisfied with the 9/11 investigations to date.

The Co-Chair of the congressional investigation into 9/11 – Bob Graham – and 9/11 Commissioner and former Senator Bob Kerrey are calling for either a “permanent 9/11 commission” or a new 9/11 investigation to get to the bottom of it.

The Co-Chair of the Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 and former Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee (Bob Graham) said that the Paris terror attack, ISIS, and other terrorist developments are a result of failing to stand up to Saudi Arabia:

Again, others have different ideas about who was behind 9/11. But until we get to the bottom of it, terror attacks will continue.

X. Stop Doing It Ourselves

The director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan – Lt. General William Odom said:

By any measure the US has long used terrorism. In ‘78-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism – in every version they produced, the lawyers said the US would be in violation.

(audio here).

The Washington Post reported in 2010:

The United States has long been an exporter of terrorism, according to a secret CIA analysis released Wednesday by the Web site WikiLeaks.

Wikipedia notes:

Chomsky and Herman observed that terror was concentrated in the U.S. sphere of influence in the Third World, and documented terror carried out by U.S. client states in Latin America. They observed that of ten Latin American countries that had death squads, all were U.S. client states.




They concluded that the global rise in state terror was a result of U.S. foreign policy.



In 1991, a book edited by Alexander L. George [the Graham H. Stuart Professor of Political Science Emeritus at Stanford University] also argued that other Western powers sponsored terror in Third World countries. It concluded that the U.S. and its allies were the main supporters of terrorism throughout the world.

Indeed, the U.S. has created death squads in Latin America, Iraq and Syria.

Some in the American military have intentionally tried to “out-terrorize the terrorists”. As Truthout notes:

Both [specialists Ethan McCord and Josh Stieber] say they saw their mission as a plan to “out-terrorize the terrorists,” in order to make the general populace more afraid of the Americans than they were of insurgent groups. In the interview with [Scott] Horton, Horton pressed Stieber:

“… a fellow veteran of yours from the same battalion has said that you guys had a standard operating procedure, SOP, that said – and I guess this is a reaction to some EFP attacks on y’all’s Humvees and stuff that killed some guys – that from now on if a roadside bomb goes off, IED goes off, everyone who survives the attack get out and fire in all directions at anybody who happens to be nearby … that this was actually an order from above. Is that correct? Can you, you know, verify that?

Stieber answered:

“Yeah, it was an order that came from Kauzlarich himself, and it had the philosophy that, you know, as Finkel does describe in the book, that we were under pretty constant threat, and what he leaves out is the response to that threat. But the philosophy was that if each time one of these roadside bombs went off where you don’t know who set it … the way we were told to respond was to open fire on anyone in the area, with the philosophy that that would intimidate them, to be proactive in stopping people from making these bombs …”

Terrorism is defined as:

The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

So McCord and Stieber are correct: this constitutes terrorism by American forces in Iraq. And American officials have admitted that the U.S. has engaged in numerous false flag attacks.

Indeed, many top experts – including government officials – say that America is the largest sponsor of terror in the world … largely through the work of the CIA. And see this.

Stop Throwing Bodies In the River

Defenders of current government policy say: “we have to do something to stop terrorists!”

Yes, we do …

But we must also stop doing the 10 things above which increase terrorism. We have to stop “throwing new bodies in the river.”

But the powers-that-be don’t want to change course … they gain tremendous power and influence through our current war on terror strategies.

For example, the military-complex grows rich through war … so endless war is a feature – not a bug – of our foreign policy.

Torture was about building a false justification for war.

Mass surveillance is about economic and diplomatic advantage and crushing dissent.

Supporting the most radical Muslim leaders is about oil and power … “a small price to pay” to try to dominate the world.

A leading advisor to the U.S. military – the Rand Corporation – released a study in 2008 called “How Terrorist Groups End: Lessons for Countering al Qa’ida“. The report confirms what experts have been saying for years: the war on terror is actually weakening national security (see this, this and this).

As a press release about the study states:

“Terrorists should be perceived and described as criminals, not holy warriors, and our analysis suggests that there is no battlefield solution to terrorism.”

We, the People, have to stand up and demand that our power-hungry leaders stop doing the things which give them more power … but are guaranteed to increase terrorism against us, the civilian population.

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Rabbitnexus's picture

It comes down to definitions and delusions.  There was NEVER any actual War On Terror.  The WOT stood for War OF Terror.  Terrorism by Muslims was mostly false flags before 9/11 as history shows and 9/11 was nothing but a big false flag a "New Pearl Harbor" which launched the War Of Terror. The lack of suitable enemies to fight was of course an embarassment and so billions of dollars and a massive media campaign and collusion between law makers and intelligence agencies and media again was applied to create such an enemy.  Both by name and reputation as well as the literal creation. Radicalising them with fake Imams in service to intelligence agencies and all Wahhabis are that. The entire reason for existence of Wahhabism is as a diabolical sabateur deeply embedded into the Islamic world, however incongruously.

So the thing is, if we accept the false premises from the outset and continue to swallow the turds they're selling as truth about it, then it may appear to be a terrible grotesque failure at this point, it may even feel like you are losing the war as such and the terrorists are literally taking over. In a way they are.

However if you recognise the WOT for what it always was, then one has to admit they made a pretty good job of it actually. Doesn't change the fact it is going to blowback and basically destroy those who sent them but it does deserve to becalled a success given the true motives.  They created a worthy adversary after all.  :-))  Oops, careful for what you wish for is the motto I suppose.

yellowsub's picture

Failed the people but not the gov't agencies and MIC.

aloha_snakbar's picture

There never was a "war on terror"; the war was always against 'us', fought by 'them', our governments trying to control us...

BuckWild's picture

The real problem is that the terrorist are here and always have been. They are not in these nations that the joos want destroyed. They are not Muslim, they are not Americans. The terrorist are the Zionist chattel and their minions. They are the terrorist!

Think about what terrorizes you the most? Loosing your home? Loosing your family, or your children to a pedophile government? Having to deal with the IRS or some other Illegal ABC government agency trying to steal your God given rights or the property you have worked your entire life to pay for?

 Yes there are terrorist, but they wear  $5000 dollar suits, and have never sweat a day of their lives and don't live in the countries that have been destroyed by Joomerica.

They are in The Senate, House , and the White House. They are the puppets of the Jooish banksters and the Zionist.

They are the ones taking our rights, property, and families from us and giving it to their Puppet masters.

What did Korea do to us? What did Vietnam do to us? What did Germany, Cuba, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Panama, Iraq...endless list. These evil bastards have started wars in half the world. Who are they fighting for? What has happened to the nations that they have Bombed relentlessly?


HenryHall's picture

>> II. Stop Supporting the Dictators Who Fund Terrorists

The most effective way of doing that is to stop buying and start selling US government Treasuries.

How about it nations of the world?

cherry picker's picture

These so called terrorists are gutless wonders.  Anyone can drive a vehicle into a crowd or leave a bomb in an unintended vehicle or pull out a machine gun in a nightclub and pull the trigger.

If these terrorists were 'real', they would go after the people they really have a beef with, like politicians and government agencies, not innocent civilians.

The above goes for .gov as well.  They push a button and some drone or missile always seems to murder civilians.  'Ooops, that was a mistake, sorry will do better next time,' just doesn't cut it for me.

americanreality's picture

Idiots for sure, but its effective.  Sure, we'd all like to see Congress on a decap video, but going after civilian targets causes big problems.  Would anyone outside the govt care if Mitch McConnell had his flappy throat waddle sliced open?  Would the people care?  I don't think Cho.

Reaper's picture

Cui bono?  The fools expect heaven and virgins. 

For the others:

Follow the money:   to Saudis, Gulf Monarchies and the USA.

Follow the dogma:   to Wahhabism advanced by Saudi funded mosques and Imams around the world.

Follow the exploiters:  Military, Industry, neo-con politicians, Mideast States, Media.

ptoemmes's picture

We haven't admitted the War on Drugs is a failure.  Or War on Poverty.  Or that we "didn't win" Vietnam or Iraq, or Afghanistan.

How about we solve the problem(s) by not declaring War?

Anymore, declaring War (and not legally in most cases) means throwing tax payer - and borrowed - money at rich or soon to be rich insiders to pretend and extend the War as long as possible.



Reaper's picture

More Daddy Warbucks in so many new places. 

cheech_wizard's picture

Scorched earth. (Otherwise known as how to actually win)

Standard Disclaimer: Sure it's genocide. But it works. (Every god damned time.)

cheech_wizard's picture

Down arrow away, but you know it fucking works.

As it has throughout history. (See Rome vs. Carthage)

Standard Disclaimer: To say otherwise is to deny history. Of course this is why I never chose to deliberately seek power. Kill one of us, I will kill you all. Problem solved, permanently. No half measures, no bullshit.


Libertdad's picture

Except the territory to be scorched keeps on growing ... like Vietnam...Cambodia...Laos   or Iraq...Syria..Lybia..Yemen.

Sorry, genocide is suicide.

cheech_wizard's picture

>genocide is suicide. 

No, it merely means your enemy will never be back. Because they are all fucking dead.

Maestro Maestro's picture

It doesn't have to be violent, bloody and messy. We don't want collateral damage either. Nature, lakes and trees and squirrels and cats, all that's very nice indeed.

Americans and their Muslim terrorist brothers acquiesce to be sterilized voluntarily, and that's problem solved. In exchange, you get to live the rest of your days in peace, but only after you clean up your mess (i.e. ISIS).

Dodgy Geezer's picture

The report confirms what experts have been saying for years: the war on terror is actually weakening national security ...


'Weakening'  natiuonal security is GOOD for those that work in it.  That means they can argue for more power and more budget...


messystateofaffairs's picture

The war for terror has not failed. A reasonable percentage of the hoi polloi are now terrified.

shimmy's picture

The powers that be don't want an end to terrorism since that'd take away their lame excuse to go and bomb and invade everywhere, not to mention using it as the excuse of why they need to take away any leftover freedoms of the sheeple. 

It's just like cancer and other major diseases where they don't actually want cures since there's too much money keeping them going.

whatisthat's picture

I would obseve the "war on terror" was a scam put in place by the corrupt establishment as an expansionist initiative.

IranContra's picture

Soon after 9/11, British intelligence sent Arab agents to Oregon to start a training camp. The FBI captured them. The FBI talked to me about this.

British intelligence has a long history in doing this:

Terroism Is Made in Britain.pdf

amanfromMars's picture

I wonder when the advanced military trained mind will realise they have the power to be richer than bankers? And that to act stealthily with secret and silent intelligence services will have a corrupting and perverse status quo elite executive administration rightly in just fear of their lives and the continuing existence of their absurd puppet theatre manipulation of what are, everywhere, virtual reality plays/Great Games …… which have now morphed and evolved further into the higher levels and deeper depths available for exploitation in Greater IntelAIgent Gamesplay ……. SMARTRMMORPG 


And if you do not know of Greater IntelAIgent Gamesplay, avail yourself here of ITs Virtual Route Roots and ITs Virtual Root Route which provides you with a list of informed players? ……


Or are taking orders from others lurking anonymous in the shade of shadows and doing all the heavy thinking all that they be able and/or enabled to do ….. just as a machine is programmed to follow its orders/coding? 

amanfromMars's picture

Of course, even with so many emerging novel and/or resurging and terrorising national, international and internetional state and non-state actors offering scripts to follow action with proaction and HyperRadioProActive IT, is it not inconceivable that current struggling with super dynamic intelligence sourced forces and past grand master puppeteers be forced by common sense, and the will to survive and prosper, to buy into the market place and purchase wholesale, for a not inconsequential sum, that proprietary intellectual property which they do not possess to progress to the levels and depths now necessary for the guarantee of future success in all critical and strategic markets/virtual spaces places.


That however would fully depend on them being smart enough to realise they have lost the plot and any and all rights to lead, and to recognise they no longer remotely command and autonomously control effectively, internetworking global plots. Universal time, and all present and forthcoming actions will tell the honest tale on the true state of their intelligence with particular and peculiar regard to that very specific matter on matters …. and virtual reality play.

IranContra's picture

Terror acts are staged by a luciferian state to influence public opinion. The state has to be totally corrupt to prevent investigation and exposure of the conspiracy to commit this staging crime.

9/11 was done to demonize Islam and start invasions into Muslim countries.

I worked with FBI counter-terrorism after 9/11. The first thing that happened was that Aschcroft/Chertoff ordered the FBI to turn over all evidence seized and stay out of the investigation of 9/11. The FBI told me that Chertoff took away computers and other evidence. In the Pennsylvania wreckage, some passengers were tied up (i.e. forced onto an airplane that was later shot down).

Still, the FBI was ordered to bug mosques and find terrorists. They found nothing. The conclusion of the FBI was that there was no Islamic terrorism.

However, the reorganization of the FBI allowed their later participation in staged terror acts as bystanders who do not investigate. In San Bernardino, three tall white men who did the shooting as witnesses told the TV were magically converted into a short dark woman who was shot dead.

IranContra's picture

This is obviously an anti-Arab pro-Iranian hatchet job.

dogismycopilot's picture

Abu Bakr Naji with ISIS penned a document that you should all read to see through these terror attacks and their co-consipirators/supporters/quiet 'moderates'.

THE MANAGEMENT OF SAVAGERY: The Most Critical State Through Which the Umma Will Pass

Abu Bakr Naji  (translated by William McCants)

"Those who have not boldly entered wars during their lifetimes do not understand the role of violence and coarseness against the infidels in combat and media battles."

"If we are not violent in our Jihad and if softness seizes us, that will be a major factor in the loss of the element of strength, which is one of the pillars of the Umma of the Message."

"Likewise, it is suitable for groups that want to send a message to the enemy that waves of fear and paying the price for its actions will never end"



Maestro Maestro's picture

Since USA=ISIS and "we have seen the enemy and it is us," the fact is; Americans can be no part of the solution because Americans ARE the problem. You don't cure the disease; you cure the patient by destroying the disease. Like Israel, Saudi Arabia and a few other countries, the US of A has committed too much evil to remain a viable concern.

The solution to the problem of international terrorism is to eliminate the source; that is, the United States and its allies and collaborators must be extinguished.

This can be achieved peaceably through international quarantine and voluntary sterilization in exchange for granting Americans the privilege to end their days in peace.

Otherwise, it's a certainty of which everyone is aware that Americans will attack everybody and attempt to destroy the planet eventually.

Because you are the disease.

Centerist's picture

Spoken like a good life-long Democratic Socialist...

If you hate America so much, go live somewhere better.  Good luck with that.  You won't find a better place.  If there were, more Americans would be going there--or at least trying.

The devices you use to read these articles and to type your posts all came about because of the stability and economic environment that America created.  Part of creating that environment required access to energy, and we gained it by guaranteeing the House of Saud's hold on power in exchange for an arrangement that would make the US Dollar the world reserve currency.  

The social welfare benefits that you like all come from the creation of infinite amounts of debt, and only the holder of the world's reserve currency can do that.  You voted for the politicians who gave you wgat you wanted for years, and they paid for it with the oil that you denigrate.

Look in the mirror before you declare your hatred for the country that has given you more than any other country ever could have.

And for the Leftists who red-arrow this post, have the guts to post logical counter-points if you do.

Maestro Maestro's picture

Americans can't live elsewhere because they are incapable of living normal lives as they are no longer normal human beings.

The internet is a good invention. However, like most of the electronic devices America has given us, it enables American agents to spy on the rest of us. The rest of the American "inventions" like torturing and mass murdering in the name of democracy and freedom, I can do without.

Yes, Americans committed war crimes and assorted crimes against humanity in order to force people elsewhere to accept to concede their real and valuable goods and services against fake and fraudulent US Dollars (the dollar is ILLEGAL according to Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution). And you're proud of that? So American of you. Go watch the Star Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix one more time on YouTube.

By the way, can any of you still find food that tastes like normal food (i.e., what we used eat in the '50s and '60s) in the supermarkets? When I microwave my cheese sandwich, orange paint oozes from the fake cheddar cheese. I know they have a code name for that fake salmon too, which looks like it's injected with the same orange paint.

Right, when was the last time you spoke with an actual human being Stateside? I can't find anyone under 70 years of age that looks and sounds like a normal human being anymore.

Centerist's picture

So you are saying that you are not human.  Don't give me that "you Americans" crap.  If you say that Americans are not human, then you are saying that you are not human.

And I've eaten plenty of pre-packaged food from convenience stores on just about every continent, and they all contain the same crap ingredients.  Fresh food is available in the US, just as it is anywhere else.  Again, don't give me your BS narratives.  And as far as torture goes, America doesn't condone torture.  That's another false narrative.  We don't even allow waterboarding anymore, and that was certainly not torture in any case.

By the way, you are being deliberately daft if you think that America is the only country that spies on anyone's Internet activity.  Seriously.  Do you really believe that no other countries do?

As far as dollar creation goes, don't try to pin that on America as some evidence of poor American values.  That was all developed under the Socialist FDR--one of your people.

Don't be a simpleton applying stereotypes.  Any fool can utter those against any other country.  Seriously, go move somewhere else.  Why don't you?  I dare you to tell me where else you'd rather go.  Then tell me why you haven't gone there.

At least old Maestro had the guts to write something.  The rest of the Democratic Socialists just red-arrowed without posting counterpoints, and that is probably because they have no intelligent counterpoints.

DuneCreature's picture

You may not have cooked your analysis of this War On Terrorism down quite far enough, GW.

I think you are tangled up in the details of the land battles and engagements in this on-going war.

In any war you want to know a few basic facts:

i) - Where is the enemy's strategic head quarters?

i) - Where is the enemy's war room?

i) - What is the chain of command of your adversary?

i) - Who pays for the enemy's supplies and bullets?

i) - Where does the funding come from?

i) - Where are the enemy's army(s) bivouacked?

i) - Does the enemy have air assets?

i) - How about a navy?

i) - Where are the front lines and can the enemy be contained?

I know the answer to all of those questions.

Do you?

Live Hard, Know The Enemy Order Of Battle And You Know Your Enemy, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

stubb's picture

True enough. 


Bu bu bu but...........what about the oil? Dont we need it?

shutterbug's picture

Just start the WAR ON USA GOVERNMENT .... they need to be purged of all political corrupt criminals.

JailBanksters's picture

That's why Global Warming or War on Terror are not mentioned any more, because nobody believes either one of them.

Now it's called Climate Change and Radicalized Terrorism because it sounds more scarier.

But it doesn't matter to me what they call either one of them because I still know it's all Bullsheet.

Sheep have to be afraid of something before you can take something away in order to keep them safe.


Those who would destroy our lives with lies will themselves be destroyed by truth.

I just hope it's sooner than later.

americanreality's picture

Climate change is basic, simple, physics.  Really.  It takes either willful ignorance or absolute stupidity to not understand it.  And to stand there and try to tell me that, somehow, these simple laws of physics don't apply, or whatever your thinking is, is pathetic. 

Its basic physics.  Argue against the physical laws of nature until you're blue in the face, I'll just laugh and assume you're psuedo-intellectual garbage. 

Radical Marijuana's picture

Sheesh, another stupid article title!

Similar to asking questions about

why the "War on Drugs" failed?

PT's picture

FAKE!!!  What have you done with the REAL Radical Marijuana??????
You are an imposter.  The real RM would have written a three page essay.  We all know that!!!





Sorry.  I couldn't resist.  It was too obvious so I had to say it.  If I didn't say it then someone else would have.
(Now my biggest fear is that I may have provoked a "standard" RM reply.  I actually do like your work, BTW, but I only have so many hours in the day ...)

Radical Marijuana's picture

Alas, I too only have so many hours in the day.

(And soon, I want to go cross-country skying.)

Of course, I have previously written a large number of pages regarding the deeper similarities between the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Terror," including the ways that the development of the fascist police state around the "War on Drugs" segued into a much greater fascist police state built around the "War on Terror."

I find it annoying when anyone states the ABSURDITIES that either of those "Wars" have been "FAILURES!" Those "Wars" were fantastically successful at doing what they were actually designed to do. Anyone who describes those "Wars" as supposed to be "FAILURES" is accepting at face value what the professional liars and immaculate hypocrites publicly stated were their purposes. From the point of view of the statements made by professional hypocrites regarding those "Wars," then those may be seen as having been dismal "FAILURES." However, to anyone who engages in deeper analysis of those "Wars," then the conclusions are that the more that those "Wars" appear to "FAIL," then the more that those are actually triumphantly successful at achieving what those "Wars" were deliberately designed to do. Although that designing was mostly done covertly, it becomes painfully obvious to anyone that does enough research that those "Wars" should be considered to have begun by extremely successful FALSE FLAG ATTACKS.

In the context, I find it slightly bizarre that George Washington's Blog could have written many excellent articles about the history of FALSE FLAG ATTACKS, and yet then not present the "War on Terror" from that perspective. Similarly, while about 75% of the "War on Drugs" was actually war on marijuana, that was based on what may be considered to have been a FALSE FLAG ATTACK against hemp, the best plant on the planet for people, for food, fiber, fun and medicine, in order to transform hemp into the boogieman "marijuana, which is almost bad as murder." Likewise, after one more fully recognizes that the "War on Terror" was started by FALSE FLAG ATTACKS, which were intended to become self-fulfilling prophesies, which would drive vicious spirals of blowback consequences to get worse and worse, then it is clear that the "War on Terror" has become extremely successful!

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Commercially made bath salts?

Standard Disclaimer: Getting from point A to point B sometimes requires a bit of thought.

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George Washington I just don't know. The world is more convoluted than Medusa's fallopian tubes

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Unknown..........not seen..............

Is a force..........of dedicated AMERICAN soldiers................

Led by a command that has not yet been tainted..........

That is planning a GLOBAL coup...........

NWO/Illuminati/Insert Cabal Here.............Targets the hundreds..........globally...............

That is going to en mass....flip the fucking script...............

..........................then I wake up..................

.......................................and swear off brown liquor again............

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The Forever War.

You're living in it.

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Sadly, there is no money for the MIC in Peace.


Same shit, different day, for eternity.

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There will be a World War III, because those that have planned for it, Want It.

It doesn't matter what anybody says or doesn't say, it's going to happen.

Will it be with Nukes or Not, well who knows, but WW4 will be with Sticks and Stones.

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Never was a War, just some half-assed police action with ridiculously restrictive RoE.

"Combatting" the enemy is just political BS.

You fight with all your might till your enemy unconditionally surrenders or is all dead. End of.

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remind me who is the enemy...The ME quagmire of players is kind of like Abbot and Costello's classic "who's on first, whats on second" skit

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That's the point. Who is the enemy?

Failure to define this and what constitutes victory is why victory is not possible as is.


Hint hint. It rhymes with fake NEWS.

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"IX. Stop Covering Up 9/11"

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

Does anyone have any idea why I can no longer use stylized font (bold, italic, etc) or embedded links? I naturally run AdBlock+ and NoScript, but on ZH I have all scripts enabled except for Google-Analytics and Quantserver.

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We could de-fund these clowns.

(Full disclosure - I want to lock them all up too, but maybe that's just me pushing for a bridge too far)


What? .. The CIA makes crap up? ....... I'm SHOCKED! .. Shocked, I tell you. ... Just shocked and appalled.

Well, get used to it because it's now getting very close to becoming illegal to even point that fact out. National Security and such.

We live in a info zoo of Alice In Wonderland propulsions.

To the moon, Alice, to the MOON!

Corbett Report Extra - CIA Plants =

The sad part is we pay the CIA perfectly good tax dollars to do this cartoon shit to us and then send our kids off to war to shoot it out with 'terrorists' trained, supplied and funded with those same tax dollars. All very covert and covered up. .. Almost.

Some of those kids never come home.

Live Hard, The Big Picture Is Never As Pretty As The Stories We Are Told On The CNN/CIA News Hour, Die Free

~ DC v5.0