Turkey Threatens Europeans: You "Will Not Walk Safely In The Streets" If Current Attitude Persists

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Having already told Europe "we'll blow your mind" with a threat to unleash 15,000 immigrants per month,Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan escalated his rhetoric this morning warning Europeans across the world would not be able to walk safely on the streets if they kept up their current attitude.

Tensions have accelerated since Turkey became embroiled in a row with Germany and the Netherlands over the barring of campaign appearances by Turkish officials seeking to drum up support for an April referendum on boosting Erdogan's powers. Today's comments are the most aggressive yet...(via Reuters)

"If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets. We, as Turkey, call on Europe to respect human rights and democracy," Erdogan said at event for local journalists in Ankara.

As we noted previously, should Turkey execute on its threat, it is likely that the anti-immigrant, populist wave that has swept Europe in 2015 and 2016, and which has subsided modestly in the subsequent period, will find a second, and very dangerous to the European establishment, wind.

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swams of religion of peace at the gate

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Seems like they'll make good target practice.  Bring it, Taytay!

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The west supported him, propped him up, as a role model of democratic, authoritarian with a good dose of Islamic ideology to support any of their schemes in Syria and Iraq. 

Well I guess it's not the first time someone they thought they controlled went rogue on them... 

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Europeans are giant fucking cucks!!!

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They are on their own this time. They need to handle the Islamic fascism within their borders. I'm not sending my son to save them from their stupidity.

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The west supported him, propped him up, as a role model of democratic, authoritarian with a good dose of Islamic ideology to support any of their schemes in Syria and Iraq.

By the "West" do you Obama?

TrajanOptimus's picture

And now he is starting another war in Europe.

The CIA, if they can figure out where Turkey is on the map, needs to kill this bastard before he really turns Europe into a mess.

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If he has admitted that the Turks in Europe are actually foreign agents, they should be able to strip them of all status, including citizenship, and start rounding them up, executing them on the spot if they resist, just the same as if they were irregular soldiers in enemy territory.

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Tin caan sultan looses it and barks with official ISIL voice

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there's nobody better at killing "other" people than white folks. erdogan seems to have forgotten that.

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The Communist Chinese were great at killing their own folks, that has to count for something in this crazy world.

It amazes me that with this open threat they (the EU) hasn't called for the militarizes of the boarder nations to militarize the boarders with shoot to kill orders.

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that is becaues they don't want to stop the migrants, they easily could, but it is all part of the "Coudenhove-Kalergi plan" the planned slow genocide of the European people

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Turkey Threatens Europeans: You "Will Not Walk Safely In The Streets" If Current Attitude Persists

Is this guy from 1980?  Stupid fucker.  They can't walk safely in the streets today. 




I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

+1 from me. By the way, do you think there is a possibility of war between Turkey+allies v European nations? Certainly would be a win for the Russians! Just thinking out loud, Europe would be at war which is what the US/UK want, though not with their first choice opponent.

I LOVE Putin!

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It's all part of the plan. That's the only thing that makes sense. European governments are committing cultural suicide on purpose. They want to do it here too. The US should cease all weapons exports to Turkey.

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If I were Merkel I would ask Erdogan if he'd ever heard of a AGM-154. If not, look it up and then shut up.

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Europe created its own mess by destabizing the ME - Erdogan is facilitating payback which he should - The Citizens in the EU need a swift kick in the ass to get them to reverse the course of Neo Liberalism - they must vote for Sovereinty  and regain control

15,000 a month should be increased to 150,000 a month to get them real - bring it on - and then the USA

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If you look up Turkish history, they started with the colonialisation of the Arab lands. Europe, especially UK and France, "liberated" the Arabs from Turkish suppression, then creating their own puppet states of course. Maybe that should count as a mistake. But in the long run, the Turkish / Osmanic Empire would have fallen apart anyway.

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Erdogan is just mad they won't pay him protection racket money anymore.........open the gates and see who gets elected, then watch what happens, won't be simple protests I promise you that.

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You know Erdogan has been around a little while longer than even Obama, you ought to start checking with Bush...

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Europe would not have these problems today had the anglo-american zionists not intervened a couple of decades ago

larz's picture

Cage fight to the death winner gets dragged behind a car for 50 miles: Kim Jung oon and Tay Tay erdogen

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+1 Turkey will not make it to 2030 in it's current form.

turk 151's picture

Right, there is noway our intelligence agencies did not know they were installing the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey.      

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Everybody needs to just calm the fuck down or somebody's gonna get hurt

Jim in MN's picture

Nobody move, nobody get 'urt

HRClinton's picture

Yet Turkey is a worthy NATO partner. LOL.

Turkey does not need NATO, but NATO needs Turkey.  NATO needs Turkey to encircle Russia, and stop the Silk Road South.

NATO's masters are willing to sacrifice EU people, to achieve the above goals. Got it?  

Psst, don't tell them I told you. 

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smart man, that is exactly why they have been sucking erdogan cock for so long

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Ottoman Turks were at the gates of Vienna.  Erdogan fancies himself as a Sultan.  

People have racial and historical memory.  Think of it as a race and cultural war.  Europeons need to quickly shed all of the hypnotic ((programming)) they have been bombarded with since birth.  

The Turks and their Arab brothers will conquer Europe from within using the womb, or from without.  They will press on all zones of weakness.

The reason NATO wants Turkey in the fold is mostly because of the Bosporous.  It is the choke point to the Black Sea.  Atlantic "sea" doctrine passed to the U.S after WW2.

Atlantacism is sea power and international credit combined.  It's roots are Jewish, when the progenitors to Zion jumped from Amsterdamnn to London, then formed the Bank of England.  Subsequent take-over of British East Indies company completed the transformation, and Atlantic doctrine came into being.

Atlantacism is also closely aligned with rimland theory, where countries touching the seas, can be controlled (the rim).  Once the rim is controlled, then the interior of a continent can be controlled.

Now we are full circle back to Russia, and the Bosporous.  Atlantic theory wants to control the money (international Jewish Credit ...Zion and Rothschild), and wants to control seas (to move goods), and then rim ... to then control the interior.

The thing is, the world has changed.  China and Russia are building out their interior, and are becoming land powers.  They are using aviation and trains, instead of sea shipping. They are creating their own trading blocks and money. Atlantacism has lost, and international dollar credit is losing.  The Jewish Finance (usury) Capitalist long game is coming to an end.

Europeans are better off joining in with Russia to help keep Ottoman wannabies and rapefugees at bay.  Until America ejects its Atlantacists and Zion, it cannot be trusted to be a defender of ancient European Christian civilization.  The Shia of Iran can also be used as an ally as they are fully cognizant of Zion, Atlantacism, Cultural Marxism,  and the other toxic methods used as poison to break down the former great European polities.  Iranians consider themselves as Aryan, and hence have a racial consciousness different than turks or arab semites.


turk 151's picture

Insightful commentary, but you cant put this all on the Turks.  Turkey was another obiedient US vassal state until Cheney/Bush screwed up Iraq.   

MEFOBILLS's picture

It has been obedient and vassal like since WW1.  The military apparatus always kept simmering Islamism tamped down.

Erdogan was elected - was this a response to Bush?  I don't know.  But, there is a slow-motion coup in place in Turkey, where the former type of secular government is being replaced with a neo-ottoman government.


Erdo?an was a semi-professional footballer playing for Kas?mpa?a before being elected as the Mayor of Istanbul from the Islamist Welfare Party in 1994. He was stripped and banned from office and imprisoned for 4 months for the recitation of a poem in a political speech in 1998[7] after which he abandoned openly Islamist politics and established the moderate conservative AKP in 2001. The AKP won a landslide victory in the 2002 general election, with the party's co-founder Abdullah Gül becoming Prime Minister until his government annulled Erdo?an's ban from political office. Erdo?an subsequently became Prime Minister in March 2003 after winning a seat in a by-election held in Siirt.[8]

Saucy-Jack's picture

Let us in or we will terrorize you on the streets of the world.

And liberals have no problem with this thinking.

Fuck both of them. Let's get it on!

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Erdogan = all bark, no bite.


MuffDiver69's picture

Sure hope the terrorist today was Turkish...wouldn't that be something...the sooner all this comes to a head the better...it's only going to get much worse...

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Never been a shortage of Turks in London.

mily's picture

This turk in germany was taught a lesson, must watch...


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Never been a shortage of Cucks in London.


Fixed it for ya.

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NATO, EU, etc......

Turkey would be a great fit.


nonclaim's picture

Isn't it clear enough that Turkey has turned against its NATO allies?

If Turks want Erdogan (their choice, enough of regime changes), then NATO has the obligation to kick Turkey out of it.

turk 151's picture

With friends like NATO, who needs enemies.  

Safelyundergroundlul's picture

Is Turkey doing pr for the European Army?


BorisTheBlade's picture

Willingly or not, but yes. Also plays into Marine Le Pen's hands, willingly or not. 

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what a fkn moron. the one following violent pedophile murderer prophet talks about human rights. fkn priceless. yet so many damn turks support this dictator. 

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If the muslim immigrants are so respectful and non-violent then why is it a threat to release 15,000 a month. 

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No critical thought crime allowed!

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Long pork muzzie kebab is better than it might sound.

Certainly if grilled over charcoal of mosque.