America's #1 Again (In Healthcare Costs Around The World)

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While the American Healthcare Act, President Trump’s first major legislative effort, is going to a vote in the House of Representatives on Friday - no matter what; for many years now, the American healthcare system has been flawed.

As Statista's Feliz Richter illustrates in the chart below, U.S. health spending per capita (including public and private spending) is higher than it is anywhere else in the world, and yet, the country lags behind other nations in several aspects such as life expectancy and health insurance coverage.

Infographic: The U.S. Has the Most Expensive Healthcare System in the World | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista


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Vigilante's picture

Abolish health-scare completely!

Let ppl self-medicate with alcohol/drugs

...and for the more adventurous...over the counter medication (after a google search of course)

Skateboarder's picture

Blunt force trauma to a tendon from gnarly skateboard injury - couldn't walk proper for two months. Trying to get around that first week...

Got high every night for a month and massaged the damn thing back into place.

Don't need BigPharm and their drugs. Home remedies do fine for me, thank you. Of course, I'm only like 1% of the population that don't want to pop no pills, so every time I drink water from the tap, I end up having sampled some second hand pill salad.

LA_Goldbug's picture

But in the mean time they "drain" your pay check for health care.

Déjà view's picture

U.S. job killing related costs...

• Healthcare taxing @19%/GDP

• Highest corp. tax in OECD

• High legal costs associated with lack of tort reform


Feed system with tax credits i.e. debt in lieu of reforms...don't want to gore any bull...

justin423's picture

Tort reform?
What a joke. It is a rounding error.

Three biggest drivers of costs in the US.
1. Poor end life management.
25% of health care costs are incurred within 6 months of the death of the patient.
Look at all the 80-90 year olds in the ICU at 20K PER DAY
2. Administrative costs of health insurers over 20% most are 23-25%
Medicare administrative costs? 3%
3. Drug costs. We get raped by big pharma.
High prices to support R&D?
Guess again.
R&D is dwarfed by advertising expenses, which is why their pipelines are dry.
But they can spend 80 million a year in advertising and kickbacks to Doctors so they can sell a drug that competes with warfarin that is 5% of the costs and has a nasty side effect of DEATH with no cure.

Déjà view's picture

"Rounding Error"...

Some doctors premiums are more than 95% of all wage earners annual income...who is the "joke" on?

Someone is laughing all the way to their bank...

A 2010 survey by the “Medical Liability Monitor” compared premiums for three specialties in various areas of the country. Internists in Dade County, Fla., paid $48,245 annually in 2010, while general surgeons paid $192,982. In comparison, internists in the lowest-cost areas of California paid only $3,200 and general surgeons had the lowest premiums in Minnesota at $11,306 annually. OB-GYN premiums varied from a low of $13,400 in the lowest-cost areas of California to a high of $204,864 in the counties of Nassau and Suffolk in New York.

Btw...2010 figures...think insurance premiums went down or UP in 7 years...

95%'ers...take home wages gone DOWN or up last 7 years...

man from glad's picture

Tort reform a "rounding error"? wow.

justin423's picture

Yes, a rounding error as far as total healthcare costs and HEALTHCARE premiums.
Not liability insurance for the individual practitioners.

Friedrich not Salma's picture

> second hand pill salad.
Reverse Osmosis is $300 and takes a 30 - 60 minutes to install. 10 minutes once you get a first installation under your belt.

Midas's picture

I don't consider having lower rates of "health insurance coverage" lagging behind.

Sledge-hammer's picture
Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 24, 2017 2:19 AM

Owmyballs-care, I mean Obama-care was designed to fail.  First realize that its architects were the jews Gruber and Emmanuel (the jew rat doctor brother of Rahm Emmanuel).  The whole thing was a ruse designed to fail so that people would clamor for the gov't to "do something".  Typical jew gov't action:  Our (((Government))) creates the problem and then finds a "solution" to the problem it created.  Obama-care was also designed to blow up after Obama left office.  He left a weapon of mass destruction to detonate on the next president, in our case The Trumpenfuhrer.  If Hillary had won, she would have instituted a pure single-payer system.  It is fixable, it is just that our Glorious Leader is being under-mined/subverted by the GOPe vermin like Paul Ryno.  I hope that Paul Ryno gets Stage 4 bowel cancer and sees how well his health-care works for him.  Sorry if it sounds harsh snow-flakes, but this deceitful sociopath was willing to sell out you, me, our President, and 320 million of our fellow citizens.  A lingering painful death is too good for him. 

Miss Informed's picture

"Become their doctors so you can make them sick" -Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

looseal's picture

Sledge hammer, are you promoting a "pure single payer system?"  In Florida, where there is an abundance of Medicare patients, doctors are banning together into concierge medical service providers.  That's where for several thousand dollars a year you get the privilege of being treated by the doctor at the usual cost. Try to find a decent doctor who accepts Medicare; there are fewer of them daily.  As you can see, doctors have discovered a way around the single payer plan.  

Latitude25's picture

It's a no brainer.  Drive to Mexico for health care if you can.

Sudden Debt's picture

Because healthcare for the people WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BE FOR THE PEOPLE!

The former THIEF PRESIDENT only did it  to steal billions upon billions from the state!!



WallHoo's picture

I think american patriots must create a signle fund for everyone ,which everyone pays in and everyone receives when they are injured or ill.But it works like credit.If someone gets ill or injured he "borrows some time"(money) go to the doctor(hospital w/e) gets a treatment and then pays it back so next time someone else gets injured or ill the same hapens.


That system promotes self-conscience,covers everyone and lower costs since you give bargaining power to everyone(in respect to the doctors and hospitals) but since you have to repay then the sum you also need to be picky in what you choose.


Fuck socialism or private crony insurance capitalism!!

Crusader75's picture

Because the corporate-owned GOP blocks the national healthcare that every other modern country enjoys. That's why we get the conservative-designed Romneycare/Obamacare band-aid, which fixes the worst problems but leaves the profits of the corporations intact. Profits extracted from our bodies.

spiral galaxy's picture

Since Buffet, Gates, Bezos, Schmuckerberg, etc, hold half the wealth of the world, perhaps a healthcare bill that just sends your medical bill to them?! Besides, they're in one way or another responsible for all our maladays /s

Uncle Skid's picture

America leads the list because too many people go to the doctor everytime they have a fart caught crossways.  Sheesh!  Give it time it'll go away.

SmittyinLA's picture

Flying in people with Ebola, AIDS, kidney disease, HEP A,B,C, Chagas, and whatever was bound to have a negative effect.

delmar Jackson's picture

In October 2014, the head of the CDC said in an interview that is was wrong to have a quarantine of people flying here from hotspots of ebola in Liberia due to, in his exact words, " our historical debt we owe Liberia." So, the heead of the CDC made a decison not based on science, or medicine, but a " historical debt."

Unless we get rid of all the cultural Marxists and open border globalists that infest all levels of our society We are all fuc*ed!

peterk's picture

maybe doctors licenses should be  extinguished, and copyright patents on drugs banned.

hhhmmmm,,, that would  make healthcare  dirst cheap   in 1 minute by signing  a simple

paper of law.. kind of revolutionary!!

but that cant be allowed to happen.

What you need is a  REVOLUTIONARY  to be bold like that. Sadly it aint trumo for sure.


Curious  under capitalism, laws that prohibit competition at the  consumer level are banned

but laws banning competition at the corporate level (doctors, copyright for corporations) are upheld.

Thats the problem,  capitalism is NOT enforced at all leveles of society.. its only  used when the powers

that be benefit form it.

Like the FED, its a  pure communist entity, fixing the price of money, yet it leads our capitalistic system LOL

what a FARCE

Theres no capitalism or cimmonism, its  the  RICH vs POOR..simple

Miss Informed's picture

You are right about "professsional license" making medicine a disaster. All the grief and expense you must go through to get a handful of antibiotics that in Mexico you can just go to the drugstore and buy for $3

Hyjinx's picture

Those aren't copyrights on drugs moron, they are patents. Without them there would be no incentive to develop new treatments b/c the end result is easily replicated but the years of research and billion dollar clinical trial needs to be paid for.

HankPaulson's picture

In a financialized society, the aim of health care is profits. (For some.)

That's subtly different from the aim of health care being health care.

High health care costs = high health care profits. (For some.)

That is, the system is working as planned.

indygo55's picture

Right! Healthcare insurance in the USA is about shearing the population again and again. Its so obvious. over 90% never spend over $6500 a year on healthcare and that is where the average deductible limit is. Then you have the $500 to $1100 a month premiums, force everyone to pay except the poor and BINGO!, its a welfare system for the insurance and healthcare corporation executives and their politicians who get the re-election campaign "donations". 

And doctors in theor walnut paneled offices who think nothing of charging outrageous fees for stupid and unnecessary drugs and procedures. All in the name of the almighty dollar. I got mine, fuck you!

Md4's picture

Our whole economy is little more than a few "big-money" rackets, which benefit smaller numbers of the rest of us daily.

"Health care" may be the biggest of them all.

Dildocks's picture

Way to bend that curve, obama. Unfortunately, we were talking about the healthcare cost curve, you were talking about your boyfriend with Peyronie's disease.

shimmy's picture

What a banana republic. Only Americans could accomplish that feat as well. America is indeed exceptional...exceptional at fucking up everything they do. 


delmar Jackson's picture

I have A fib. I have been to 2 cardiologists in the last 3 years. I have found much more information, help and guidance from a free youtube channel on A Fib made by a cardiolgist in the UK than both of my doctors. Personally, I am looking forward to the coming robot doctors and AI medicine.

Hannibal's picture

Folks getting scammed here, the US sucks.!

Md4's picture

"As Statista's Feliz Richter illustrates in the chart below, U.S. health spending per capita (including public and private spending) is higher than it is anywhere else in the world, and yet, the country lags behind other nations in several aspects such as life expectancy and health insurance coverage."


That's because, for far too many involved in that realm, it's about money--NOT health care.

Until and unless there is a complete accounting, and a full understanding of the COST of medicine in this country, there shouldn't EVER be any national scheme to cover it.

National Healt Care Audit.

The FIRST step to cracking this racket.

Without it, there simply isn't enough money in the universe to continue paying for it.

chickadee's picture

Too much of US health care insurance is used up by ambulance chasing lawyers. Cut their share of the pie and watch costs drop.

William Dorritt's picture

RENT SEEKERS PREMIUM = $3,273 per citizen

= 1 - ( $6935/9451) = 27%

= 1 - ( Swiss cost per citizen / US cost) = 27%

US Economy = $20T, Healthcare = 20% = $4 Trillion per year

RENT = $4T x 27% = $1.08 Trillion in Rent

RENT per Citizen = $1.08T / 330 MM = $3,273 per citizen

Is US Health Care as good as Switzerland ? Unlikely.

man from glad's picture

Only in America is free healthcare for all illegals considered a "cost savings" measure.

ioniancat21's picture

We're the only people in the world who create a product and then pay the highest despite being the creator. India and China get our drugs at a 1/20th of the cost or even less. I have a friend who gets some type of medication that goes for $20 a pill in the US but when he vacations in India, he can but it for less than a $1 a pill. Second, the cost of medical procedures is also out of hand with childbirth costing Americans 10 times more than most of the world. This will change with Trump...

803Mastiff's picture

USA is populated with the mentality of being entitled to more than they contribute "Freebies" and the Cheese is always free in the mouse trap. 

Pigs get fat hogs get slaughtered