Is India The Next Pakistan? "It Keeps Getting Worse Ever Faster"

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Authored by Jayant Bhandari via,

India’s Rapid Degradation

This is Part XI of a series of articles (the most recent of which is linked here) in which I have provided regular updates on what started as the demonetization of 86% of India’s currency. The story of demonetization and the ensuing developments were merely a vehicle for me to explore Indian institutions, culture and society.


The Modimobile is making the rounds amid a flower shower. [PT]


Tribal cultures face an inherent contradiction. They create poison from within to grow more collectivist, controlling and tyrannical — members of the populace looks for nannies, and they readily find sociopaths to exploit that need. Their lack of organizational skills, their inability to engage in economic calculation and their irrationality lead to massive internal stresses and the ultimate devolution of such an unnatural society.

India finds itself in a situation where it is grasping for more totalitarianism to solve the problems that totalitarianism created. The demonetization exercise was an assertion of India’s underlying tribal and collectivist culture.


Demonetization Pain Continues

Cashless ATMs continue to be the new normal in India. In a recent conversation, economist Professor Madhusudan Raj mentioned that as many as 70% of the ATMs in his city are still not operational. The situation in villages and small towns is much worse. Banks are often clogged with people.

Eventually most people who must have cash will get it, but businesses need easy access to large amounts of their own cash without incurring transaction costs. They continue to face horrendous problems, which are translating into closures, retrenchment of staff, and bankruptcies. The tax authorities are getting increasingly rapacious. According to Professor Madhusudan Raj:

“The tax department is busy conducting raids on old widowers, small traders and merchants like chicken-shops, shoe-shops, small restaurants, gas stations etc.; pretty much anyone who deposited more than half a million rupee in banks during the demonetization process. The department is forcing small traders to declare income under Modi’s PMGKY (Prime Minister poverty alleviation) scheme, but leaves big corrupt business tycoons untouched.”

Draconian regulations on the use of cash are increasing. Businesses are in fear of the State. Freedom of speech is rapidly receding, not only because of fear of the government, but also because Indians are becoming increasingly fanatic.

Any new cash continues to find its way to the financially powerful, leaving small businessmen and the informal sector reeling in economic trauma. The normal rhythm of the economy has been destroyed. People continue to delay discretionary purchases. The market continues to be slow.

Businesses are failing and the poorest are finding employment very difficult to come by. Food prices are still much cheaper than normal, as a result of the economic struggles of poor people. Farmers are facing huge financial pressure in turn.

It is a vicious cycle in which people who at first lacked access to their own money because of the demonetization now face a situation in which they simply don’t have any work and hence no cash.


From the Hindu newspaper: Only three out of forty-five ATMs in the IT-hub city of Hyderabad were functioning on 13 March 2017. Businesses are starving for cash.


As is the case with an irrational tribal society, many members of India’s middle class are utterly lacking in empathy for those who are suffering. Slowly but surely, universal principles assert themselves though, and economic harm is flowing toward them. Alas, they still fail to recognize the chain of causality.


The slow poison of demonetization and populist scams schemes at work: US-listed IT-major Cognizant is expected to slash more than 10,000 jobs. It has around 260,000 employees and around 75 percent of its workforce is based in India. The situation of other IT companies in India is similar. A huge wave of young, mostly unskilled, untrained and uneducated people – about 12 million –  join India’s workforce every year, but have little prospects of finding a job.


Without Reason, the Only Stable Institution is a Tribe

It has been 70 years since the British left India. In these years, Indians have systemically destroyed what the British left behind by asserting their tribal, superstitious and irrational culture.

It was believed that the separation of legislature, judiciary and executive which the British had created would stay. What was forgotten was that such institutions had evolved in Europe because of the tool of reason. Indians imported all the fruits of western civilization — technology, music, movies, Kim Kardashian, etc. — but completely failed to adopt the European concept of reason.

Without reason, India had to drift back to its tribalism. Today, Indian institutions are hollow shells of what was bequeathed by Britain. The executive, the judiciary and the legislature are indistinguishable from each other. One would find it almost impossible to come across even an educated Indian able to properly explain the difference between these three branches of government.

As Professor  Madhusudan Raj notes:

“There is a big cold war going on between the Supreme Court and the Modi government, which is trying to take full control of the courts. Modi’s parliament can now dismiss the appointment of Supreme Court judges in the name of ‘national security’.”

When the British left India, virtually all leaders had been selected and nudged into their positions by them. India was a democracy only in name. Children of these leaders and later on their children had political power.

Jawaharlal Nehru was India’s first Prime Minister. Then it was his daughter’s turn, Indira Gandhi. And then it was the turn of her son Rajiv Gandhi. And then Rajiv’s wife, Sonia Gandhi took over (she ruled using a puppet, Manmohan Singh).

The last vestiges of whatever class Indian politics might have had ended along with the end of Sonia Gandhi’s rule three years ago, and the subsequent inauguration of Narendra Modi.  Now raw tribalism is in full force in India.

It is not only India that is affected.  European institutions have failed and mutated into entities catering to underlying tribalism in nearly every country in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and most of Latin America. The nation state, a European institution, is too unnatural for these societies.

India seemed like an exception to the international media. This is because the smartest people of India moved to the US and Indian lobbies leveraged this fact to make India look good – despite the fact that India’s per capita GDP of $1,718 is worse than that of most well-recognized banana republics.

There has indeed been one good thing about India though: freedom of speech survived among a minority. This happened not because of any inherent goodness, but because India is an extremely diverse place, perhaps the most unnatural country.

The infighting and stresses it generated have failed to given Indians a collective identity. This cirfcumstance allowed a minority to speak its mind. Alas, even that is now coming to an end. Hindu nationalism, a.k.a. Hindutava, is rapidly weaving Indians into a tribal collective.


But the Media and the World Bank are in Awe

The international media and the World Bank, find inspiration in what is happening in India. India has recently released a GDP growth figure of 7%. India’s new identity card scheme, Aadhaar, is believed to be a massive success, so much so that the World Bank is urging the world to copy it.

The Indian stock market has risen nicely over the last few weeks. So has the Indian rupee. Moreover, Narendra Modi’s party has just celebrated massive victories in recently held provincial elections. What is not to like about India?


“The Aadhaar system is the most sophisticated identification program in the world,” says World Bank economist Paul Romer [100 crore = 1 billion] – click to enlarge.


In my last update, I explained why the 7% growth figure is a mere paper figure not reflected by reality on the ground. India’s economy very likely suffered huge negative growth last quarter. An increase in revenues was only experienced by politicians and bureaucrats, who collected larger bribes than ever. The common man no longer has the courage to haggle over bribes these days. He pays whatever he is asked to pay.

Ironically, Modi gave the common man and particularly so-called educated people in India huge hopes, and not unlike people in North Korea, they are increasingly nationalistic and proud.  93% of the population have indeed signed up for the Aadhaar ID. It is not compulsory to have one, but the Indian government has made it impossible not to have one. People who don’t have these cards are simply opening themselves up to getting exploited in new ways.

It is worth visiting banks when so-called pensions — paltry sums of a few dollars — are coming due for the old and infirm. They grovel and sit for hours outside bank branches, consistently humiliated by everyone, from guards to managers. In this electronic age their pension often goes missing. Then they must run from pillar to post to get what they have been promised.

India’s GDP per capita is $1,718, making it poorer than Africa. You can enforce a perfect tax regime or a perfect ID system (neither of which is actually possible) on such a chaotic society, but you have to have productivity to make use of increased taxes and a better ID system. Indians are mostly unskilled, uneducated, and untrained, in short, largely unfit for the modern economy.

Any rational ruler would have focused on creating competence among Indians, without which any hopes connected to increased taxation will fail. Moreover, the situation can easily become a major humanitarian crisis in the coming age of robots.

Many people will lose their ID cards soon — as perhaps more than 80% of Indians do not live in proper housing. They lack safe storage to preserve such cards. Moreover, only about 10% to 15% of the population are “benefiting” (by getting subsidized food, gas, etc.) from the cards. Could it be that most of these beneficiaries are members of the middle class?


Sensex index, daily. If you wonder why stock markets are not considered good yardsticks of economic performance, ponder the IBC General Index in Caracas for a moment, in local currency terms the best performing stock market in the world over the past 15 years. It is actually close to a record high, similar to the Sensex.  Venezuela’s economy is doing so well, that hungry people are hunting for rats in the streets of Caracas. [PT] – click to enlarge.


India’s stock market has gone up nicely over the last quarter. The stock market is not necessarily a yardstick measuring the performance of the economy. In fact, it often goes up when long-term returns from economic activity are expected to fall. The Indian government has forced Indians to move their money from the informal sector to the formal, in order to help their corporate cronies and increase tax collection.

Alas, India’s growth is generated by its informal sector. Modi has seriously harmed this sector through the demonetization exercise. Eventually, the formal sector, which has been sitting comfortably while it was subsidized by the informal sector, will suffer as well. Twelve million people who join the workforce every year face a horrendous future in a country where failing to find a job is routine.  Indian demographics are a massive liability. And crime is increasing.


It Keeps Getting Worse Ever Faster

I would not have written any more updates on the demonetization crisis, for a lot has already been said. But recently Modi’s party won elections in the province of Uttar Pradesh (UP).  UP is the most populous province of India with 200 million inhabitants, and it has historically decided who comes to power in the federal government. It has per capita GDP of $730, fairly close to that of Afghanistan.

Professor Madhusudan Raj asserts that Modi’s BJP won primarily due to the anti-incumbency vote. If anti-incumbency stays in fashion, Modi might be in trouble in two years time when the next federal elections come. What might he do to avoid the inevitable? In caste- and class-ridden, backward and illiterate UP, demagogy is much more important than economic growth plans.


Would you buy a used car from this Yogi brother? Neither would we. [PT]


Modi has appointed Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister (CM) of UP. Adityanath has “given up worldly affairs” to be a “sanyasi”. What distinguishes Adityanath is his extreme hatred towards Muslims. He has exhorted Hindu men to convert 100 Muslim girls to Hinduism for each Hindu who converts to Islam.

He wants to make India a pure Hindu nation. Several years ago he started a religious association, Hindu Yuva Vahini, an organization mainly playing host to a criminally-minded unemployed rabble.


Yogi Adityanath asks for unity among Hindus and a religious war


Yogi Adityanath suggests killing 100 Muslims for each Hindu killed [a really nice guy – PT]


With the appointment of Yogi Adityanath as the CM of UP, talk about development is off the table. The issue is now how to make India a non-secular, Hindu nation.


Conclusion – Maybe Give that Wall a Chance…

India’s rapid descent continues. It is hard to dispute that India is well on its way to be the next Pakistan. Or perhaps India is already worse in some ways:


As difficult as it may be to believe – Pakistan’s adult citizens are actually wealthier than their Indian brethren – and the gap is widening [PT] – click to enlarge.


One of the largest illegal migrant groups in the US is from India. In this modern era, India’s crisis will not stay limited to India. As is the case with those from other eastern religions and societies, once they arrive, Indians vote to mirror what they left behind in their home country, often unknowingly — as the virus of totalitarianism is deeply ingrained in the culture of irrationality.

A wall might not be the answer, but Trump isn’t all that wrong.


Another Modimobile  – #MIGA? [PT]

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Bigly's picture

There is no room at the inn here for all those people....

Figure it out there.

FireBrander's picture

"Where the Islamic world is concerned is primed for a reformation that the West should encourage as a matter of the utmost priority as the means of bringing about Armageddon will only become easier to obtain with each passing year which is why given the current trends I don't see the middle east region surviving beyond 2030, unless the Age of Reason starts to prevail in Islamic nations whilst also continuing its trend in all nations.

So instead of the mainstream media's obsession with the 'class of civilisations' nonsense or fearing Islamification instead it is Islam that fears the West for what it represents - ENLIGHTENMENT, and it is this that is resulting in schools being blown up across Afghanistan and Pakistan, hundreds of school girls being kidnapped in Nigeria. Islam, Muslims, even Christians, Jews and Hindus FEAR the truth of what Western Secular Education reveals. Whilst western civilisation has over 400 years painfully detached itself from the Christian death cult, other death cults across the middle east still crave the end of the world so that they may ascend into paradise for eternity for the Islamic world is literally living on borrowed time as Islamic nations are not just sinking but imploding into chaos and anarchy promoting huge waves of migration to Europe and North America.

The Islamic Reformation for most of the worlds muslims could happen far more quickly than the West's 400+ year long march towards secularism that firmly put the Christian death cult in its box. An Islamic Reformation within the next 30 years would result in a world where today's slogans of Islamification and Fundamentalism just would no longer be relevant, for Islam or Judaism or the many other 'religions' would not have to go through the painful process of discovery from Galileo to Darwin to Einstein to Planck to Watson and Crick, for the knowledge already exists! It would be totally unnecessary for Islam to be blind as the first century of the Christian Reformation was that was forced to open its eyes over several centuries.

The bottom line is that what we are witnessing with Islamic fundamentalism are violent reactions to the beginnings of the Islamic Reformation where despite being unimaginable today, the Islamic world could within a few short decades come to mirror western societies in terms of economy, secularism, freedom and democracy. The best thing that the West can do is to FOSTER the Islamic Reformation through SECULAR EDUCATION INITIATIVES. The West's universities are breeding grounds for enlightenment and western governments should stop supporting dictatorships such as that in Egypt or those states that ferment religious ideologies such as Israel and Saudi Arabia which through their actions are acting as a Resistor to the Islamic Reformation." - Nadeem Walayat


FireBrander's picture

"However, all of this focus and coverage of the events in London on the 22nd of March are a red herring. For it is not actions by lone wolfs or even groups of radicals that slip through the state security apparatus's surveillance net that Britain as a nation needs to worry about or focus upon, for the real threat to Britain has I have often covered over the years is the collision taking place between the 'Age of Reason' and the 'Age of Religion'. For it is not the violent actions of individuals or small groups that effects the future prospects of a whole nation such as Britain. Instead it is the insidious nature of primitive cultures soaked in ancient ideologies in ignorance of that which has come to pass subsequent to when their scriptures were written and especially the advancement in knowledge and understanding over the past 400 years. Primitive cultures and ideologies that seek to dilute the efficacy of progressive cultures such as that of Britain, as for decades the policy of governments of all parties has been to promote multiculturalism one of all cultures being equal when the reality is the exact opposite. Thus resulting in progressive cultures instead of being reinforced and promoted are instead been diluted and diminished by for want of a better word ignorant ideologies that pursue a fictional fantasy in pursuit of an eternal afterlife." Nadeem Walayat

Whatchamacallit's picture

Yes indeed. We think that they will adapt our values, but alas that cannot happen without some coercion from our society, like "Yes, you must speak English!", as it was the case when the Ellis Island immigrants came. Then, they were eager to adapt, and there was a tremendous social pressure to do so.

Now? Each group is given a right "to be different" --- including speaking their own language. Witness the automated telephone voice that prompts you to "Push one for English, two for Spanish, xxx for xxx...". Hellloooo? This simple example shows that *we* adapted to *them* and not the contrary. 

silvercity's picture

Cultures that have high birth rates will always spread out into the land of cultures that have low birth rates, especially less than replcement birth rates. Always has been and always will be.The curse of prosperity is low birth rates since prosperous people cannot aford children like poor people can.

True Blue's picture

The curse of taxes stealing half of what you earn, and a Central Bank that steals >2% from every man, woman and child (compounded annually) is the cause of low birthrates. Moreover -it is deliberate.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Prosperous nation prefer to give resources to existing population, and give long healthy happy lives to smaller population rather than having a nation full of people all living in mud hut and eating garbage because of over population.

ThirdWorldNut's picture

Mody is a right wing nationalist and that is what the liberal writer does not like.  How dare Mody not love Muslims? While most of India's problems that writer mentions are true, none of them was created because Indians elected a Right wing Leader, after all Mody has only been Prime Minister for 3 years out of 72!


Mody was barred from Politically Correct liberal police to even enter UK few years ago on unproven grounds that he killed muslims. The guy who wears that badge of honor, has my support! He is the Victor Orban of India, any wonder that liberals hate him?

ebear's picture

I think we're long past the point where we can pull up the drawbridge on white European society.  My own originally British family, which now includes Thai and Japanese, is a case in point. 

My argument would be that we accept as allies anyone, regardless of race or point of origin, that:

a) accepts secular society as the foundation of human progress.

b) is prepared to defend that position with all means available.

c) is prepared to support themselves and their family.

d) respects the equality of men and women as defined by secular law.

d) does NOT interfere with their children's choice of marrage partners.


I don't know how you'd go about vetting individuals from sketchy places like Pakistan, Nigeria or Somalia, but I do know that most people from Japan, China, Korea and the Philppines (for example) do fit the description, perhaps even moreso than Europeans themselves.

I'll take it even further than that.  We need to close ranks with the truly secular societies of this planet, which, besides the above, includes Europe, Russia, and large swaths of Latin America, against the rising tide of religious extremism, cultural chauvinism and primitive tribalism.





eforce's picture

While the West pours money into the extreme variants of Islam, nothing will change.

IMO the West is to blame for interupting the reformation of Islam from the 1950s onwards.

BrownCoat's picture

IMO the reformation of Islam is a fiction. The money the West poured in is OIL MONEY. Saudi Arabia has used that wealth to promote a radical/fundamentalist Islamic ideology. Saudi influence on Islam is world wide. 

eforce's picture

Saudi Arabia was set up by the West.

IntTheLight's picture

So your family chose not to have white kids? And you want me to listen to you? Those half Asians will be 100% loyal to their Asian side. No loyalty to white side as they look Asian. Thanks but I will pass on your love of breeding whites out of existence. It's a sickness, no different than the tranny having his penis cut off.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

But I some ways they have adapted well.



“The tax department is busy conducting raids on old widowers, small traders and merchants like chicken-shops, shoe-shops, small restaurants, gas stations etc.; pretty much anyone who deposited more than half a million rupee in banks during the demonetization process. The department is forcing small traders to declare income under Modi’s PMGKY (Prime Minister poverty alleviation) scheme, but leaves big corrupt business tycoons untouched.”


That is universal.  We only differ in degree.  

popeye's picture

Mr Walayat seems to be at least as deluded and close-minded as the people he criticises.

Nobodys Home's picture

Hah Hah Hah! Right! Like that's gonna happen.

Bigly's picture

Fine. They can pay foreigner rates to our univ. With some restricted quotas, of course.Then leave.


Anteater's picture

Bollux, this is just Walayat's Notes on Fukuyama's End of History,  moar unintellectual gold-buggery.

History will end for the West when Mnuchin achieves his Chosen wet dream of -$30 trillion credit-debt ceiling, more than the value of all real property and all bank savings in the former USA. You will cease to exist before Trump finishes his only term, then Mil.Gov will descend like Vampire on the unprotected masses, vacuuming tithes and taxes from every cookie jar for their Mil.Gov salaries and pensions for life, and USA is left an unmanageable chaotic bureaucratic step-child to the Hindu monkey-god worshippers, with SS and MC completely stripped, and widowers and pensioners in wheelchairs on every street corner.


ScratInTheHat's picture

The problem with Islam has been there since the beginning and that problem will make the cult impossible to reform! Muhammad was a bloodthirsty mass murderer! Torture and terror were used by him at every turn! Does it matter that Hitler was a vegetarian and painted? I’m sure you can find him saying fine and gentle words about some things but could those words be used to absolve him of his actions? The same for Stalin, Mao, and all the other murderous monsters and these clowns don’t have a religion (cult) based on their lives! How are you going to extract Islam from its murderous founding? It’s going to always be at the core of this cult and will always act as the kernel that will bring terror and murder to any land that allows this pestilence into its borders no matter how gentle the carriers of this plague. The West better WTFU! The people that were fighting Islam in Europe over the last 1400 years would beat the crap out of every one of their descendants for letting this crap come freely into their midst! Thomas Jefferson would ask us “Didn’t you read what I wrote about this madness?”

asstrix's picture

" The bottom line is that what we are witnessing with Islamic fundamentalism are violent reactions to the beginnings of the Islamic Reformation where despite being unimaginable today, the Islamic world could within a few short decades come to mirror western societies in terms of economy, secularism, freedom and democracy.."  


I didn't read the whole comment but that line caught my eye and I wanted to say this. Indonesia has the highest number of Muslims in the world. Pakistan and India has the second and third highest. But the Islamic fundamentalism as we hear about it these days is all about ISIS, AQ and such. And none of those originated in countries where Muslim populations were much higher. Those fundamentalist groups took roots where the west applied their Midas touch, bringing in Democracy and Human Rights.

BrownCoat's picture

@ Firebrander,

You talk as if "an Islamic Reformation" is inevitable. It could happen you say. I say an Islamic reformation is wishful thinking not based on any facts.

The "violent reaction" is a reflection of a violent society that values "submission" to a hateful god and domination by despotic rulers. Islam is a "barbaric" culture that still condones slavery. 

How exactly will your dream of Islamic enlightenment happen when their societies attack schools? That seems contrary to your solution of 'secular education initiatives.' Also, "the West's university's are breeding grounds" for enlightenment. Not in my opinon. Western universities promote totalitarianism in the form of the Marxist meme. Marxism has continued to fail throughout its history. I don't see how replacing a barbaric Islamic culture with a poverty-stricken totalitarian culture is any improvement. Neither are acceptable alternatives.

Nobodys Home's picture

They can sleep in the stable = Canada

XqWretch's picture

Sounds like a good time to get an Indian mail order bride on the cheap!

Nobodys Home's picture

Yes saib, 3000 rupees plus shipping and handling. Oh, and she can cook very well. She makes the best punjab cobra I have ever tasted!
I hear the Clintons can hook you up even cheaper if she's under 12.

XqWretch's picture

Get Johnny P. on the line!

GUS100CORRINA's picture

I have never seen so many PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS assembled in one place all at once.

Here we have a MASS of HUMANITY created in the image of GOD in need of something more than is currently being offered from ISLAMIC or HINDU CULTs. Indians who are looking to convert America to Indian culture might as well stay away because they will NOT find any JOY in America.

To understand India, one needs to spend some time understanding William Carey's mission efforts in India. One of his greatest accomplishments was leading the effort to eliminate the practice of sati in India.

Sati or suttee[note 1] is an obsolete Hindu funeral custom where a widow immolates herself on her husband's pyre or commits suicide in another fashion shortly after her husband's death

Below are some quotes from Carey while in the Indian mission field. 


I'm not afraid of failure; I'm afraid of succeeding at things that don't matter.

It is the duty of those who are entrusted with the Gospel to endeavor to make it known among all nations.

When I left England, my hope of India's conversion was very strong; but amongst so many obstacles, it would die, unless upheld by God. Well, I have God, and His Word is true. Though the superstitions of the heathen were a thousand times stronger than they are, and the example of the Europeans a thousand times worse; though I were deserted by all and persecuted by all, yet my faith, fixed on the sure Word, would rise above all obstructions and overcome every trial. God's cause will triumph.

Surely it is worthwhile to lay ourselves out with all our might in promoting the cause and kingdom of Christ.

There are grave difficulties on every hand, and more are looming ahead. Therefore, we must go forward.

William Carey


ThirdWorldNut's picture

Come back to us son when you can point a single terorrist act committed by Hindus. And no, the 150 year old Sati story does not count.

Thankfully not all brown skinned people are Muslims, at least not yet!


GUS100CORRINA's picture


You asked for a terrorist act committed by Hindus. Below is the information. I can give you another 100 examples, but I think you get the point.

Radical Hindu Becomes Pastor, Suffers Persecution INDIA – On May 6, 2007, former Hindu extremist, Pastor Pabitra Kata, was attacked and severely beaten by more than 35 Hindu radicals, while returning from a convert’s home. "The only way forward for India is the path that Carey mapped out. Unfortunately, India rejected Carey's advice and therefore finds itself against GOD. It will NOT end well for India."
ebear's picture

"Come back to us son when you can point a single terorrist act committed by Hindus."


Not to put too fine a point on it, but operation Blue Star, and the subsequent riots following Gandhi's assasination, were state sponsored terrorism with a human toll four times the size of 9-11.

More recently we have Ballabhgarh, in 2015.

here's a summary of other incidents:

The evidence is abundant and very easy to find.  If you'd bothered to look, son, you'd have found case upon case of Hindu terrorism, some of it on the slightest of pretexts, often with hideous results, and almost all of it with the complicity of the police and army.

It never fails to amaze me how people on the net constantly beak off without ever checking their facts, when the very tool they're using can refute their nonsense in a matter of minutes.


Personal annecdote: I once dated a British born Hindu gal that was on the run from her family.  They wanted to pawn her off on some rich guy - I guess because she was a hottie - and she wanted nothing to do with it.  Just to be sure she didn't get a face full of acid from an angry brother or cousin (because, you know.... the shame is so hard to bear) she put an entire ocean between her and her family and avoided all contact with other Indians.  Too bad she was such a mess because of it, otherwise she'd have been a good catch.

For some insight into Hindu culture, listen to this song:

Beautiful, right?  

Well, it's about a woman who returns to her village many years after being kidnapped and turned into a high class courtisan.  After many trials, tribulations and heart breaks, she finally returns only to discover she's no longer accepted because of her past, even though she had no choice in the matter.

Understand: she was abducted as a child and even had she escaped, she'd have never found her way home.  It was by pure chance that she returned, and when she finally did, she was rejected.

What kind of culture is that, I ask you, where the opinion of others matters more to you than your own flesh and blood?


Bigly's picture

Dead bodies float in the water they drink from and the place smells like shit.


Uh, no thanks.  We expect 3rd worlders to become first worlders through osmosis when they arrive here?...  Bullshit.  It is more likely we become 3rd world.

HRClinton's picture

TRICI (Turkey, Russia, Iran, China, India) must not be allowed to crash the Petrodollar, nor create the 2 Silk Roads to Europe.

TPTB would rather trash Europe, Iran, Turkey or India, before they let those things happen. That's the real reason that Afghanistan was trashed: it was part of the Southern Silk Road. It also allowed for further encircling of those 'dangerous' Russians.

Anteater's picture

Afghanistan was trashed for the TAPI pipeline to salvage Enron's powerplant fiasco in India. I heard that from a guy I met in a bar in Uruguay. Said his name was Len Kay. Not sure if that's American or Welsh. Seemed like a nice guy. Had a lot of dough.

HRClinton's picture

I'm impressed with your intel. Kudos. 

There was also the reason to prevent the Iran to China pipeline, via Taliban controlled Afghanistan.

And never mind that poppy production was low under the Taliban, which the DOD 'fixed' with its invasion. 

sgt_doom's picture

"One of the largest illegal migrant groups in the US is from India. In this modern era, India’s crisis will not stay limited to India. As is the case with those from other eastern religions and societies, once they arrive, Indians vote to mirror what they left behind in their home country, often unknowingly — as the virus of totalitarianism is deeply ingrained in the culture of irrationality."


Many years back, I was with a progressive activist group (always volunteer, never a paid-activist, never trust those) which studied voting patterns of immigrant groups, and ended up warning Sen. Ted Kennedy not to push for those changes in immigrant demographics he was pushing for, as those people from authoritarian and totalitarian countries almost always tend to vote Republicon!

He didn't listen to us, and from Reagan on (and I include the Clintons and Obama in this category) we've had nothing but Republicons in office!

HRClinton's picture

Not really. The Party they vote for, is the one that provides them either opportunities or free stuff.

Gee, who could've seen that coming? 

Nobodys Home's picture

Cue the ZH Indian guys telling us we know nothing about India.

yogibear's picture

Nothing a few million unskilled H1B Indians flooding the US can't take care of.

Even welfare is the good life to them.

Democrats looking for a few million more to tip the scales.

EternalAnusocracy's picture

Hmm.... there are a lot of Indians in the area I live in, and they all seem to be driving nice cars, have beautiful houses, have couple of kids doing well in school or college.  Last time I checked, Indian Americans are the highest income earners (by far) in USA.  The MEDIAN income of an Indian-American family is over $100,000 (and keep in mind that in many Indian-American families, only the husband works, while the wife stays home, raises the kids, and takes care of the family.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

And I would be happy if we filled our immigration quotas with people like that.


The uneducated unskilled low IQ types should fuck off back to their own countries, in handcuffs if necessary.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Cue we all know their defensive speeches such as they have big IT section (your first phone call to their IT starts with Im John in India accent), eating with finger is feeling it to make it more tastier, but wipe your ass with the same hand is ok because they use water (no soap of course), etc.

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India is too complex even for Indians to understand; the 19th Century British had some good idea about Indians of their times; but since then, the Indian society is so much changed, now nobody could reliably predict anything about India. 

It has 70% speaking Indo - European languages and 25% Dravidian; they are mutually unintelligible; Altogether about 20 languages have more than 10 million speakers each.

Their racial compositions differ; their social structures differ. Even personal laws differ; a Muslim can marry four wives, but a Hindu can marry only one; a South Indian can marry his cross cousin but it is unlawful for a North Indian. Inheritance laws are scary. They are sometimes caste- specific. 

It is a huge mess. Dont try to run it. We ourselves have stopped trying. 

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My Indian friend, Bindare Dundatt, told me he already went there and saw it.

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Who really cares.

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Surprise, India is a shithole

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More than half of your upvotes are from Indians living in the USA.

They know it themselves. They are not stupid.

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India of course has had this tiny thread of intellectualism for thousands of years, but that's not what they use to run the country with.

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"He wants to make India a pure Hindu nation."

What's the downside to this?

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The only downside is that it probably isn't true. When you have desperate Mexicans and Central Americans on your border you need a wall and security.  When you have hordes of Pakistanis on your border you need turrets.  That is just real.  Their indigenous religions are far too docile to survive another huge Muslim invasion.