More 'Hard' Data Disappointment: Core Durable Goods Order Growth Slows, Capital Goods Decline

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Core Durable Goods Orders have risen YoY for 3 straight months (after 21 months of decline) but February saw growth slow dramatically (from 4.0% to 2.5%) as the 0.4% MoM gain missed expectations.

Note the peak growth in each of the cycles since the financial crisis has been slowing (red line).

Even more concerning is Capital Goods New Orders (non-defense, ex-aircraft) declined 0.1% MoM - the first drop since September.


Another disappointing 'hard' data print...

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Who needs durable goods when you can buy SNAP?

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That was funny. Question, who else is experiencing phone outage this morning? Mine went down about 8:20 AM. Someone commented that it's all carrier's, trying to confirm.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Probably Planet-X and Nemesis Solar System's fault.


It could also be the Earth Polar Shift.


It could be FUKUSHIMA radiation.


Maybe it is the HEALTHCARE Vote by Congress.

All kidding aside, these numbers for durable goods look terrible. S&P500 overvalued by at least 30%,


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temporary hickup, probably caused by Putin's hackers

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Right? The only thing better than ephemeral messaging is ephemeral tech stocks.

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The eCONomy is on fire! Best be accelerating those rate hikes Janet to keep this beast from overheating.

mily's picture

What a coincidence the data has started to look more realistic since the beginning of the year...

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I was talking to some friends in Austin telling them that things are slowing like crazy to which they remarked I am negative and that all is well and never a better time to buy a house, find jobs etc.  

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'MillionDollarBogus_' wants to blame Trump for economic ills which pre-existed. No economic legislation of significance has been signed by Trump, and the Fed still has Obama's appointee Janet Yellen running the economy. MillionDollarBogus_ totally ignores and never mentions the 10 trillion dollar burden put on the back of America by Obama, and the fact that over eight years, half the people in the US that could work don't. It means nothing, right Mr. Communist? Cost of college going up 20%? Perfectly OK when it happens under Obama. I can imagine your rants if it was Trump that added 10 trillion to the deficit. Your ideology even failed where it was invented, Bogus.

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Can't blame Trump the impending recession.  But he took the bait and credit for the "trump ralley" when he should have kept a more realistic tone.  He already had won the presidency.  

There are many hard decisions that must be made.  Not any one piece of legislation can cure what ails us.

The US is like a patient that has been given a prescription for every little ailment.  And now all the meds are interacting to make the patient sick.

Instead of getting off the meds, the government wants to just prescribe a different medicine.

We will never recover with this approach.


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OK. One more time with feeling: And fundamentals matter????

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Will see in a year or two.... I realize you need to fill space and the charts are fun, but give folks a little credit for not being sheep. The first budget under Trump doesn't even start until October...OK...Good...

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Total irrelevant as there is no mechanism for true price discovery.  Besides, what percentage of our GDP is now nothing but useless paper-pushing or the buying and selling of financial "products"...

Fuck em.  Better hope "the rich" taste like chicken.

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How many of you believe that government reporting is Resetting to Reality after years of inflated numbers?

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To me, its a minor continuation flag, we should hit 10 at least. 

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I am not only a tapped out consumer, there is nothing I want to buy even if I had the money. Only exception is precious metal. (To hedge against this twilight zone paradigm). I cringe when people just go shopping for the heck of it. Don't they know they will need the money later?