US Debt of $20 Trillion Visualized In Stacks Of Physical Cash

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The faith and value of the US Dollar rests on the Government's ability to repay its debt.

$20,000,000,000,000 is a number so large that it is beyond comprehension for most.

And so here it is stacks of dollar bills...

Just remember "the money in the video has already been spent."

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Is it time for that $20 trillion coin?

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They might as well be toilet paper rolls, we're gonna need them after the crisis if we don't want to look like Venezuela

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Warren Buffet is worth about 80 Billion.  If you made a million a year, you are RICH everyone would say, it would take you 80,000 THOUSAND years to catch up to him.  Assuming you didn't pay your taxes.  Double that to 160,000 years if you did.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Beam Me Up Scotty Mar 24, 2017 7:59 PM

And Buffet pays a lower tax rate than Trump.

Just thought I'd throw that in there...

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So basically, I can now expect another 'balance transfer' offer in the mail from another bank with a teaser rate and all these really really tiny paragraphs of letters at the end of it that you need an electron microscope & a Rosetta Stone to read.

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That does not scare me im well protected with bitcoins/ sarc




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Can those of you reading this comment imagine what the price of GOLD would be if we took all the GOLD Oz. in the world and divided that number into 20 Trillion Dollars? I have done that exact thing and placed the number below. 

20 Trillion Dollars/6.320 Billion Ounces = $3,154/ounce

Today, gold is trading for $1,245/ounce

20 Trillion Dollars is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the CBs finally lose control, commodity prices are going to go to the moon at WARP SPEED.

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Gold is a GLOBAL commodity - as is the debt.

How much would it be worth to cover the GLOBAL debt?

It's about $70 trillion debt so gold would need to rise to around $10,000/ounce to cover it.

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the economy has more assets & commodities to offer than solely Gold. 


Someday, people will be wiping their backsides with FRN's because it will be too expensive to buy TP.

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Logan 5 (not verified) SHEEPFUKKER Mar 24, 2017 8:08 PM

I'll wait for them to start re-releasing the Woodrow Wilson notes before I start doing that.

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Sorry, can't even use them for that! They are long gone........

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Save your money, someday you'll be able to buy a $100T note for $59.95. We'll all be rich then.

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Build the Death Star.

What's another $20 Trillion? 

Doesn't matter, money is free, as long as us Serfs get up and go to work.

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thats the tradegy - its a prisonners dillema kind of situation for the serfs.

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gold reset to 50000$/oz and everything will be fine...

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Not a bad idea actually.

If it was ALL melted down and blended with another metal to produce 70 trillion coins (representing $1 each and the global debt) then it would be distributable across the globe and unrecoverable as being too diverse to recover in quantity.  The coins would retain their worth as debt increased but be available to many more people than currently hold the gold reserves.

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The only way to "reset" the price of gold to $50,000 is to devalue the US dollar to 1/50 of its Values. So that means what you earn will buy 2 cents on the dollar of what you can buy today (goods cost 50 times as much).  Just like in Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

If you mean that the value of the dollar is the same, but gold now costs $50,000, then you have to be prepared to BUY every oz of gold (from around the world) offered to you for $50,000/oz. That's the only way to get your fantasy price/value.

Yeah, reality's a bitch.



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like the video of the pigs that get free corn til the gate closes, lol

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They should illustrate it in the size of the dick Uncle Sam has for our asses.

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Time for a World war.

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Inflation my good man.
When a can of soda costs $15,000 the debt will be a breeze to pay off.

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Oh, I thought the debt looked like: 00110110001010010110. Perhaps I'm wrong 

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You might be off by +/- 1010010110, but who's counting? 

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All because of deficit spending after going off the gold standard. And Obama created half that debt in eight years...


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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) OCnStiggs Mar 24, 2017 8:02 PM

FREE SHIT FOR EVERYBODY works every time.  Just keep the voting (legal and illegal) population stupid.

And then we collapse.

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Oh but the US is said to the richest nation in the world.... oh, errr.......

Hmm, they must be reading some news from a long ago epoch!

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We can do better... stack it higher America.

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Just think of all the rocking tables and chairs you can fix jamming one of those folded up little suckers underneath one of the legs. It's all good.

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Who cares. We don't owe it. It's all pretend anyway. It has been since 1913.

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No, Tyler.  Sadly, you are wrong.

The faith and value of the US Dollar is the ability of the United States military to police and control the world.

Nothing more nor less.

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I would have said that the US Government's ability to repay its debt rests on its ability to tax the US citizens into penury.

All good so far.

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True, 'cause that shit is never gonna get paid back. Since the full faith and credit of the United States is ultimately the responsibility of the U.S. taxpayer, the repayment of that pile would require our enslavement. Our Military goes a long, long way toward preventing that.

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We are enslaved to them, their serial follies and their thuggery as it is now

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Met a retired Navy Seal here in Pattaya, Thailand and the stories he shared with me last night were bone chilling. Most Americans would be shocked to hear what these guys actually do around the world. None of it gets reported.

You are 100% correct.

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Let me fix that for you.

The faith and value of the US Dollar is brought to you by the United States' constant practice  of murdering virtually anyone at anytime. And, their willingness to nuke your entire country if you don't turn over your oil and buy our debt.

The United States is run by the most prolific mob of murderers in the history of man.

The United States is willing to kill every single citizen who does not bow down and pay their "protection" tax.  Just try to own something and not pay the tax.  They will come for you in full armor, guns drawn, and they will murder you in cold blood.  That's every citizen and every foreigner in the world.

I believe Satan has been loosed upon the world.  And, I'm an atheist.

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And just where are the Keynesian "economists" and cranks these days who told you that the national debt could just be "inflated away"? 

Where is Krugman, Bernanke, Duy and that paragon of cronyism...Buffet?

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$20 trillion or $200 trillion, what's the difference?

Kprime's picture

One zero.  There is a zero difference between the two, so, really no diff.


Based on my mathematical skills alone, I may be qualified to be president. Throw in a little surgery, get me a new cunt and a full bodied black tattoo; I could be a shoe in.  Call me the NIKE President.  Free shoes for all.

Brought to You by Carl's Jr.

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pheww.. it's only paper, actually it's only bits on a hard drive.
As long as we all keep playing along it works fine. 

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This is why end times prophecy says it will take a day's wages to buy a few loaves of bread.  When this thing starts to implode it will be like something we have never seen before.  Devastating.   But...first things first.  Get this right before anything else if you want to survive. 

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Have you talked to Mac Salvo about this? He would definitely want to know.

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One United States paper bill of any denomination is 0.004" thick.

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You will never hear a President say

$20 Trillion, you know what, and I'm just saying that because nobody else has, but believe me, we can't pay it We can't.

Are you crazy, that's unbelievable, it's a disaster, and believe me I know a thing or two about disasters. I'm not paying that back, I'm not.




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I think Trump could cancel the USTs at the Fed (~$2.5tn). It would not have any material effect, because interest is repaid to the Treasury and maturing bonds are rolled-over to new bonds, so it is effectively already monetized, but it would keep the official debt below the ceiling for a while, and shock other large holders of USTs (China, Japan).

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The Interest alone is now over $260 Billion

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It is such a great thing we have jews, am I wrong? Why, if it wasn't for them, we would not have this amazing invention of not only backed by nothing money, but we get to pay them interest for what they create from thin air.

Fortunately, since they are so deserving, as the amount of debt goes up, the interest charge exponentially rises with it, so they get a lot more of that debt, until whatever good or service the debt was supposed to purchase gets crowded out by 'interest' payments, and we get to continue pay massive amounts of interest and never receive anything in return, because, well, theoretically somebody else might have a long time ago, but, hey, the jews are so great, do we want to complain about that? No.


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This money has not been spent, it has been stolen from us and accumulated by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Powers That Be Bilderburgs.

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It's Zimbabwe done American style.

Printing trillions per year, central banks buying stocks to give the illusion of a healthy economy while the 99% are robbed to give to the 1%ers.

Brick and mortar businesses closing, driverless cars and trucks will put millions more out of work.

While companies have continuious streams (millions) of cheaper technology H1B labor from countries like India.