Watch These Geopolitical Flashpoints Carefully

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Authored by Brandon Smith via,

Anyone who has been involved in alternative geopolitical and economic analysis for a decent length of time understands that the establishment power structure thrives according to its ability to either exploit natural crises, or to engineer fabricated crises.

This is not that hard to comprehend, but for some reason there are a lot of people out there who simply assume that global sea-change events just happen “at random,” that the elites are stupid or oblivious, and that all outcomes are a matter of random chance rather than being directed or manipulated.  I call these people “intellectual idiots,” because they believe they are applying logic to every scenario but they are sabotaged by an inherent bias which causes them to deny the potential for “conspiracy.”

To clarify, their logic folds in on itself and becomes faulty.  They believe themselves objective, but they abandon objectivity when they staunchly refuse to consider the possibility of covert influence by organized special interests. When you internally dismiss the possibility of a thing, no amount of evidence will ever convince you of its reality.  This is how the “smartest” people in the room can end up being the dumbest people in the room.

In the survivalist community there is a philosophy – there is no such thing as a crisis for those who are prepared. This is true for prepared individuals as much as it is true for prepared communities and prepared nations. The only way a society can fall is when it becomes willfully ignorant of potential outcomes and refuses to organize against them.

By extension, it would make sense that by being prepared for a particular crisis or outcome an individual or group could not only survive, but also profit. It is not crazy or outlandish to entertain the idea that there are groups in power (perhaps for many generations) that aggressively seek to predict or even force particular outcomes in geopolitics for their own profit. And, by profit, I do not necessarily mean material wealth. In many cases, the power of influence and psychological sway over the masses might be considered a far greater prize than money or property.

You can buy slaves or purchase the means to make demands of people at gunpoint, but you cannot put a price on fealty or adoration. This is what establishment elites ultimately want – voluntary servitude from the populace. They want us to beg for their leadership rather than begrudgingly accept it under threat.

To this end, a Hegelian model of problem – reaction – solution is required. You cannot influence people to volunteer for servitude and submission unless they are sufficiently terrified of the alternative.

The globalists tend to use what I call a “scattershot effect” when it comes to creating or managing chaos. They set the stage for multiple flashpoints around the world and wait to see which of them works and which of them fails. If you have enough of these flashpoints in place, statistically there is a high probability that at least some of them will succeed. We saw this in obvious form a few years ago when covert intelligence agencies instigated the “Arab Spring” insurgencies in Libya and Egypt among other nations, along with the funding and training of terrorist groups in Libya and Jordan that went on to become ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and at nearly the same time we had elitist lapdogs like John McCain in both Syria and Ukraine helping to foment unrest and civil war.

All of these engineered events created a wave of global instability that exists to this day. Not only this, but one successfully executed flashpoint has the ability to give birth to dozens of new flashpoints. They tend to spread, like a cancer.

That said, some flashpoints are more dangerous than others.  Here are just a few of the events I consider the most volatile right now.

U.S. Debt Ceiling Battle Ahead?

I realize we have seen this many times in the past eight years under the Obama administration; extreme media hype over possible conflict between Republicans and Democrats in extending the ongoing debt ceiling problem for another couple of months or another couple of years. In every instance, Republicans feigned attempts to reduce government spending and then rolled over to extend. The entire fight was purely theatrical and likely meant to distract the public.

However, in this instance, certain elements are very different.

With the deadline of March 15th crossed, the clock is ticking on remaining funds and “extraordinary measures” designed to stretch the federal budget until a vote on a debt ceiling extension can take place. Funds are predicted to last perhaps until this fall. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a Goldman Sachs alumni, has of course asked congress for a quick vote to raise the ceiling.  This is rather counter to Donald Trump’s original position that constant national debt increases are “embarrassing” to Republicans.

Given, it is not Trump’s fault that he inherits the most massively inflated liability bubble in U.S. history after Barack Obama nearly doubled the national debt during his tenure (an incredible feat, to be sure). But, this does not change the reality that the U.S. is far beyond its means to balance the budget or maintain the current level of spending. And, I would remind everyone that the official debt does not even including the trillions in ongoing costs associated with entitlement programs or social security.

With U.S. debt at a breaking point, it would seem prudent to institute considerable spending cuts. Of course, where those cuts are applied may become the excuse needed to drive the debt ceiling debate into crisis this time around.

I am not at all surprised that Democratic senate minority leader Chuck Schumer has recently vowed to throw the debt ceiling talks into disarray if Trump continues to pursue a rollback of Obamacare, the building of the southern border wall, or the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Schumer has specifically warned of a government shutdown designed to prevent the Trump administration from instituting such policies.

So, you can see why this particular debt ceiling fiasco might be different. With Trump in office, establishment elites do have a perfect opportunity to sow fiscal chaos and scapegoat conservatives in the process. Whether they will follow through or not remains to be seen…

North Korean Wildcard Returns?

They’re baaaaaaaack! Yes, North Korea pops up out of the geopolitical ether every two-three years or so to flood the mainstream media with headlines of apocalypse. Every new missile advancement or rocket test by Pyongyang conjures images of ICBMs and mushroom clouds. North Korea appears to be the globalist “ace in the hole” at times. If they ever need a war, North Korea is more than happy to oblige. If they ever need a villain to place at the forefront of a false flag terrorist attack, North Korea is a perfect candidate. And, with North Korea’s “unique” relationship with China, the diplomatic situation and potential for widespread conflict becomes even more tenuous.

Like the debt ceiling, we have seen numerous instances of heightened tensions with North Korea fizzle out, overblown by the MSM and the Pentagon, perhaps to remind the world why we should continue to be afraid. That said, again, this time feels different.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has stated quite blatantly that pre-emptive strikes against North Korea are immediately on the table. Meaning, the mere hint of a threat, whether real or imagined, could be used as a rational to strike kinetically. Not economically, or diplomatically, but a full bore shooting war.

Do I think this is possible? This time, yes, more than ever before. If Trump is to be used by the establishment as a scapegoat for collapse as I predicted long before his election, then a situation must occur in which overt military force abroad and at home is solidified. War is the smokescreen by which terrorism, whether real or state sponsored, flourishes.  Martial law being the inevitable result. War can also be blamed for an economic crisis that was already many years in the making. And, war strains and destroys diplomatic ties with peripheral nations, causing more economic distress.

A conflict with North Korea does offer the globalists a perfect petri dish for directed chaos.

Oil Market Crash Returns?

There are many economic analysts out there that are still waiting for an oil market “crash,” and it is baffling to me why they have not realize that the crash in oil markets has already happened. American oil consumption has been falling off the map since 2008. Projections of oil usage made by the Energy Information Administration have been way off the past several years.  Global increases in demand are also stalling.

While the mainstream media and OPEC hyperfocus on supply and production, the real culprit behind the global oil glut is something that they do not want to address – collapsing consumption. This is why, despite OPEC oil cuts (if they are legitimate), prices have remained static and are now falling once again. Add to this the reality that certain producer nations have been lying about the level of cuts instituted, and yet another oil market reversal will take place.

The initial oil price collapse from over $100 per barrel to around $30 per barrel was an incredible crash, yet no one seems to want to call it a crash.  Today, the price of around $50 a barrel is barely enough for the industry to break even in most cases. As I have been warning since last year, the $20 jump is temporary. OPEC cuts are minimal, if they are even being implemented at all, and demand continues to falter. Slow consumption plus inadequately adjusted production equals price deflation. There is no way around this fact.

Why does oil matter?  This should be apparent to most people, but the stability of entire nations and regions relies heavily on the stability of the oil market.  In particular, the U.S. dollar’s world reserve status is tied inexorably to the fact that it is also the petro-currency. Oil market chaos will no doubt lead to a dump of the dollar itself. In fact, the last time oil fell into the $30 per barrel range, Saudi Arabia openly threatened to begin efforts to decouple from the dollar and shift into a basket of currencies as a means for international oil trade.

The mainstream media tried to bury this story as “empty posturing,” and I think many MSM economists are actually stupid enough to believe that Saudi Arabia dropping the dollar as the petro-standard is inconsequential. What they do not consider is that where Saudi Arabia goes, most other oil producers will follow.

The U.S. economy cannot survive without the dollar’s world reserve status, and by extension its petro-status. A dump of the dollar by OPEC nations would be absolutely devastating. This is why I highly suggest people take note of oil prices carefully this year, and not underestimate their importance to the wider geopolitical picture.

Resurgence Of Terrorism?

In my article 'Globalists Want To Destroy Conservative Principles - But They Need Our Help', I predicted increasing terrorist attacks over the course of the spring in Europe and the US.  I have also recently predicted that if there is a resurgence of terrorism in the EU, Marine Le Pen will win the French presidency.  So far there have been multiple small attacks in France, sporadic riots throughout the EU, and now the latest murders outside the UK Parliament.  Such attacks have not yet been sparked again in the U.S., but I still expect that these events will increase before summer.

Terrorism in itself does not necessarily represent a "geopolitical flashpoint" unless we are talking about something on the scale of 9/11, but it does tend to act as a building catalyst for other major government and social shifts.  The rise of what the globalists call "populism" (their favorite scapegoat now for every crisis under the sun including crises that have been gestating for nearly a decade) could be directly linked in part to the forced mass immigration programs in the EU and the U.S., as well as expanding terrorism.  Every attack will bring certain western nations ever closer to a more nationalist government.

As this process continues, the danger of globalists and central banks pulling the plug on stock market support surges.  From terrorism, to populism to economic collapse - this is the narrative that the public will be sold in the near future.  It is a narrative that could scar the world for generations to come if we do not continue to expose the REAL internationlist culprits behind our ongoing fiscal instability.

Standing Watch

Whenever any alternative analyst writes an article concerning threat assessment, we fully expect that some dimwits out there will jump to the accusation of “doom and gloom.” I’m not sure that anyone really takes them seriously, but let’s think critically for a moment, shall we?

Civilization is fragile and finite. It always has been and most likely always will be. The continuation of peace and stability, even at a micro-level such as a neighborhood or a town, requires vigilance and preparedness. Governments spend billions on think-tanks and working groups whose sole function is threat assessment. They might only be assessing threats to the power elite and not the citizenry, but they exist all the same. No one accuses these think tanks of “doom and gloom” whenever they present an analysis that is not the most optimistic.

I hardly see how it is logical to deny the common public the right to our own “think-tanks,” or to be skeptical of our current “stability.” The fact of the matter is, alternative analysts (myself included) have been proven right time and time again in our predictions and warnings, all while mainstream analysts regurgitating endless false optimism have been proven indelibly wrong. We do not promote “doom and gloom.” We present reality.

Great social and political changes never happen in a vacuum. There are always triggers and warning signs.  Sometimes these events are naturally occurring, sometimes they are created. In either case, to stay watchful and mindful is pure common sense. This does not mean we need to be in a state of constant panic. On the contrary, as I mentioned in the beginning of this article, the prepared have no need to panic.

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junction's picture

End Times for many.

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Jesus is going to say his own name when he sees the laundry room.

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why would he bother?

Its our mess...

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you people need to get over your god-on-a-stick.

jesus is dead, if he ever existed at all.

there's real issues to focus on.

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What the article fails to mention is that Israel, not the globalists, will get its puppet, the US, to attack Iran.

kavlar's picture
kavlar (not verified) stizazz Mar 24, 2017 9:32 PM

Yep. Iran, backdoor to World War 3.

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Mano-A-Mano (not verified) kavlar Mar 24, 2017 9:33 PM

I guess that's when it goes KABOOM!!!

techies-r-us's picture
techies-r-us (not verified) Mano-A-Mano Mar 24, 2017 9:35 PM

Obama didn't want to attack Iran, but then candidate Trump said he'd bomb the shit out of them.

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Comtrend (not verified) techies-r-us Mar 24, 2017 10:26 PM

Oy Vey !

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xythras (not verified) Comtrend Mar 24, 2017 10:27 PM

Well, good old RON PAUL might be RIGHT once again:

VIDEO: Ron Paul Predicts Inflationary Depression, Stagflation and Dollar Crash



We should have made him president when we had the chance.

john doeberg's picture

Ron Paul, now that's one Trump could learn a few things from.

nmewn's picture

It also failed to mention that Al Gore says "manmade climate change" is responsible for Brexit and the Syrian war...because climate refugees...

...and he's a globalist.


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Spoiler Alert: Al's next big project is entitled "An Inconvenient Boot Stomping On Your Face Forever".

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Catchy.  It has a great ring to it if you say it with a little lilt in the voice.

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Al gore's inconvenient truth is that he has, perhaps, the biggest individual carbon footprint on this green earth.  His single contribution to environmentalism is that he has personally devoured hundreds of cows, thus preventing the amount of methane farts that many cows would have produced.  Of course, one must offset this amount with the probably very consequential amount of methane fartage produced by Al Gore during this time frame.  This maybe a zero sum game, therefore completely eliminating any benifit Al Gore may have ever produced.


Final analysis:  Al Gore is a worthless piece of shit.

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Correction, Al Gore does not have a carbon footprint, he has a giant carbon ass-print.

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Isn't Al a 3:22 Skul N Bones? As in March 22? As in London?

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Wait until you see what they have lined up for 4/20...

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Some day you are goind to say somethin insightful, brilliant even earth shakingly awesome and we will miss it because we are automatically punching the down arrow with a Pavlovian response the second we spot your spam link. Something to consider, probably not though, amiright?

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If the democrats block debt expansion Trump can start arresting one banker a day on Rico charges until the democrats are told to stop by the deep state.

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As a decendent of the Roman Crucifix Carpenters Guild (RCCG), I am offended by your stick reference.

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Jesus is alive and well my friend.

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Indeed. Him and his buddy Francisco just installed a new washer in one of my rental properties last week.

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jesus is dead, if he ever existed at all.

Jesus the man may be dead but his philosophies live on in the hearts, souls, minds and actions of many hundreds of millions of people. Christians...yes but also those who were influenced by Christians. Stacking1231, you derive some kind of satisfaction is pronouncing him dead but understand this: it's an undeniable fact that if the people in power followed his principles then we wouldn't be in this constant state of dog-eat-dog gloom, doom, crisis and despair.

And to those defeatist Christians who believe that it's all pointless and beyond them to speak up and intervene: God helps those who help themselves! Stop turning the other cheek. The best form of Christianity is the "muscular" kind. Get to work!!

apu123's picture

There is more evidence for the existence of Jesus than there is of many other historical figures.  He is mentioned in many extra-biblical sources like "Antiquities of the Jews" by Titus Flavius Josephus.  Perhaps focusing on Jesus's teachings would allow people to focus on real issues and solve them in a just manner rather than in a bankster/oligarchical manner?

shovelhead's picture


I'd rather burn witchs and heretics.

QuantumEasing's picture

It's easier to follow the historical progression if you refer to him by his Roman name, Caesarian.

jmack's picture

most, if not all of the issues we need to focus on, are because people have "gotton over their god on a stick". 


   you dont even know the composition of the foundation you take for granted. but you will, soon enough.

Jaspergers's picture

Thanks for the laugh. You people need to get over your "real issues", there's a living God to focus on. 

new game's picture

but the majority have to have something to believe will save them from their perils.

w/o a figurehead of belief they would have to question reality, OR  why did god let this happen?

no, no it was gods will. ok, sure, same with the stock market too. oh, and maybe gs is going gods work?

humans inheritly need a scapegoat, because jesus came to forgive our sins. hey, maybe don't steal or screw the neighbors wife in the first place, huh?

dumber than a box of rocks shit, no apology to religion, as it forments hatred and war...

mankind ultimate weakness; belief in supernatural shit, lol...

the ten commandments are a good template to live by.

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If my neighbor's wife is hot, I settle for nine.

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Real issues? You mean the works of Satan? The one that sold  you this bill of goods?

Read revelation, dimwit.

I suppose that you think it's a coincidence that in the end the goal is one world order? That nobody will be able to buy or sell is a concept that anybody could have thought up in a day where you could trader or barter?

You poor thing. Open your mind to all possibilities. Otherwise, you will be fooled.... More.  Your very soul depends on it... You aren't even smart enough to hedge your bets. 


QuantumEasing's picture

He did. Just that most people don't recognize it.

Historically, his name was Caesarian. Last of the Pharaohs, and true heir to the Roman Empire.

He was the heir to his father's (Julius Caesar's, "God on Earth's") kingdom, and was then killed (or the attempt made) by Tiberius to prevent him from taking the throne.

His wife (Mary Magda-elene/Cleopatra Selene) has a rather large statue of herself sitting at the entrance to the Harbor of New, New York.

He returned to his birthplace (Alexandria) after spending 17 years in India, studying Buddhism.

All historically verifiable. But not the history most who call themselves Christians would like.

And Set-An was yet another of Amen-Ra's aspects (the "left hand" of God, while Amen-Ra was the "right hand"). God and the Devil are one in the same.

TAALR Swift's picture

Are you the master of your domain? 

old naughty's picture

who is the many?

a lot of folks thought David Rockx, but...


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No matter how any of these things resolve they are all bullish. Buy stocks.

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Burn the cities and hang all progs, wogs and nogs.

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Be prepared, the boy scoit motto. Has worked for me

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Mustafa Kemal Mar 24, 2017 9:42 PM

Yep. Same here. I like the Army motto, too. Pay attention to detail.

With that motto and the Boy Scout motto you can't go wrong.

casfoto's picture

The Scattershots selling of manipulate the masses into order that can be a control mechanism. The media are the worst controlling factors of all. They need to be sidelined. The world would be a lot better off. Turn on the weather-----fear, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes and then re-runs and re-runs of actors portraying the victums. Now they are naming their terrorists...Ivan or Andrew. I have lived close to70 years through all that stuff. Just let me know it is coming and then turn off the TV. The rehash of all their sobbing and pets being torn appart are not issues that we need. Then the CBS crap at night with KNOW NOTHNG Scott Pelley with his "Lite News" complete with good feelly touchy news about some child that needed surgery to help with his life....nice, but what happened to all the news about the children in Syria, Yemen, Palestine etc that get a daily dose of death and horror. Not a word. Totally controlled.

Our system of information has failed. It has been taken over by the Bernay's Gov't Mind of control. Dump it. Turn it off. Read alternative stuff. Read world news or ignore it. The Guardian , BBC, etc is under control. Do you notice that the message is the same??? The Guardian brought you the news of Snowden and his saviors but they have turned into a left wing control fest against conservative thinking (but using the same control mechanisms). BBC also. There is no more just reporting. It all has an agenda. My advise is turn it all off and live as happy as you can until you hear the troops marching. Then get with the program. It won't matter.

Common_Law's picture

I hate feeling "relatively" helpless with regard to the way our country is heading. This has led me to further investigate a concept I had heard about but didn't fully understand due to its immense legal complexity. The difference between Federal citizenship and state citizenship. This is a vast oversimplification, but it conveys the general idea. The reason this distinction matters is because congress has authority to legislate for two different jurisdictions (the 50 states/DC+territories). Their legislation regarding the states and their citizens is restricted by the Constitution (common law), but they have unlimited authority on their home turf (statutory law).

Tons more info here:    (although it's a religious organisation, no religious claim is required in their? legal arguments)

If you doubt the extent lawyers can trick you into a contract you know nothing about see "shrink wrap" and "click wrap" contracts in the tech space.

Jack4952's picture

Dear "Common_Law", is an excellent web site, but only scratches the surface.

I have hundreds of relevant, original essays on my "LAW BLOG" at:

1.) The U.S. SUPREME COURT (USSC) has ruled numerous times that:

a.) One can be a "state citizen" and NOT a "U.S. citizen"

b.) One can be a "U.S. citizen" and NOT a "state citizen"

c.) A "U.S. citizen" is a subject of the U.S. Corporation and has NO rights as per the Constitution. An "American citizen" is a "FREE MAN" and NOT a subject of the U.S. Corporation; and retains his rights as per the Constitution

The reason: The various states were and are still considered (in several USSC rulings) independent "sovereign nations" with respect to each other and with respect to the U.S.

“It is quite clear, then, that there is a citizenship of the United States and a citizenship of a State, which are distinct from each other and which depend upon different characteristics or circumstances in the individual.”  Slaughter House Cases, 83 U.S. 36,(1873)


HINT: The "State of California" is a corporation NOT subject to the Constitution. "California state" is the geographic and political entity in which the Constitution still applies.

2.) The "United States" is a corporation set up as a TRUST which we call the Constitution. The "United States" originally consisted of ONLY parts of Washington City (Washington, D.C.) as ceded by Virginia and Maryland AND the "Northwest Territories". The U.S. today consists ONLY of Washigton, D.C.; territories, various possessions (Guam, Puerto Rico, etc.) - and WITHIN STATES, only federal forts-installations and Post Offices (called the "FEDERAL ZONE" within that state. If you are NOT inside that "Federal Zone", then you are NOT subject to federal jurisdiction under legislated acts (statutes) passed by Congress.

3.) Most people unknowingly "consent" to be a federal "agent" by filling out various federal forms, paying taxes to the IRS, and so on. (Also by being a federal employee.) When you appear in court, the court makes the PRESUMPTION that you are, by your own free CONSENT, a "U.S. citizen" and thus has JURISDICTION over you. Why? Because you did NOT OBJECT to this presumption! Maxims of Law: "An unrebutted presumption becomes a fact of Law in the case." AND "He, who does not object, consents." (I personally NEVER appear in court without have filed with the court clerk weeks in advance a notarized "Affidavit of Truth" stating among other  things that I am a free man; NOT a "U.S. citizen" (corporation); NOT a "citizen of the State of California" (corporation). Instead, I am a man who is an "American citizen" and a "California citizen". HINT: When you apply for a U.S. Passport, do NOT check the "U.S. citizen" box. Instead, tell the clerk that you want on your passport and in their records that you are an "American citizen"!!! (This used to be a separate box you could choose, but has been removed from the passport application.)

What is a "U.S. citizen"? After all, the term "U.S. citizen" did NOT EXIST prior to 1868. People identified themselves as either a "citizen of Virginia" (before the Civil War) or an "American citizen" (before and after the Civil War - until about the 1950's).


The term the “citizen of the United States” is defined solely in the 14th Amendment ratified July 9, 1868 by the States after the Civil War. Section 1. states, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, AND subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and [citizens] of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." Section 5. "The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article."

 For the sake of argument, if we concede that the 14th Amendment refers to a “natural person” or man, that “person” is required to meet BOTH of the TWO (2) qualifications:

(A) born or naturalized in the United States


(B) subject to the jurisdiction thereof [of the United States].


Next, note that the 14th Amendment goes on to state that, “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States. By becoming a “citizen of the United States”, a man had just waived his inherent, constitutionally-guaranteed RIGHTS; is now a “subject” who has granted the U.S. JURISDICTION over him. He is no longer a “free, sovereign man” with inherent, unalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Instead, as a “U.S. citizen” he now has ONLY privileges and immunities as granted by the United States government. And any “privilege” or “immunity” granted to you by government can just as easily be withdrawn by government.

BUT what if I REFUSE to be "subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S." and subject to all the statutes passed by Congress?  What if I prefer to remain an American and Massachusetts citizen; a free, sovereign man with all my unalienable right guarateed by the Constiution? I choose the latter, but one must know the LAW "inside and out" to avoid the "traps" intended to turn you into a "U.S. citizen"!!!  



Ms No's picture

70 years is a long observation period.  Would you say that people are more cowardly now than they used to be?  Do you think they are less friendly and caring in general?  Just curious.

shovelhead's picture

My thought on that are, discounting periods of mass hysteria, there's good people, bad people and in between people in pretty much the same proportions all down through history.

Even the ancient Greeks were moaning about feckless youths destroying the integrity of the polity and the dissolution of morals.

There ain't no cure for human nature, but if you fail at restraining the worst of it, it won't be too long before the mass hysteria kicks in again, and we all know how that ends up.

That includes resisting and restraining the urge for empires of conquest when empires of honest commerce are beneficial to all parties. I'm still mystified how people who are successful at the latter have the desire to create the former.

I guess to the good guys it just seems like an enormous waste of time and energy.

That human nature thing again.

Tonkin _Gulf_Yacht_Club's picture

I'm pushing that 70 mark so here's my take:

Yes, less caring more combative, less forgiving and less intelligent. More into useless bling and tone-dead music, worse movies, judeo-christian societal norms diluted by foreign barbarian ideals and faux religions.

My advice: keep your eyes open, your knees loose, and your powder dry

RevIdahoSpud3's picture

I'm not the 70 year old to whom you addressed your comment but in my 70 years I observe a trend that people are more stupid today than in the past, at least the greater percent of the masses. There are so many factors but just as my parents grew up belonging to families who did not own a car or tractor but traveled and farmed with horses (1920's) to seeing transportation coast to coast or from the mainland to Hawaii reduced to just a few hours.

Technological advancement during the last 70 years is profound. Today there are fewer farmers feeding more people and doing so with an abundance. There are more people who do not work for a living in the US and are supported by social programs that provide living standards greater than 2/3 of the worlds population.

There is less personal interaction today between people. Smiling at someone in a supermarket can produce a frown in return...sometimes. At the same time many people are extremely friendly, kind and gracious so it depends on where in the country you live?

If people are more cowardly today it may be that the effort to provide a living to oneself and family required in the past extremely hard physical work which made a physically stronger person. Much of what people had was due to their own self reliance and initiative. Today for the most part, unless your a cattle rancher or miner, it does not require that much effort to survive. Most are not raising all or some of their food, manufacturing their own clothes or shoes or making their own homes and furniture. These items are imported sometimes from thousands of miles away from where we live and are available quite cheaply, at least the basics to survival such as clothes, food. Shelter varies. In any case I can go to any town in the NW US and find the old neigborhoods from the 30's-50's. The houses were tiny compared to modern subdivisions. Today's 2-3 car garages are larger than most of the older homes total sq. ft. and they didn't have garages.

There is not the same level of self reliiance today as in the past. Values that came from social interaction and the school of self learning are different than those that have been propagandized in today's educational systems. Live and let live has given way to abject hatred of those who do not share one's own views let alone work ethic. The older gererations were not as cowardly because they faced and had to deal with challenges and the rigors of providing for themselves. A person today may relate to his/her surroundings based not on personal experience but as a result of social media, and have the time to afford bias and prejucice based on the input of others.

To wit, the efforts of those who would be in control of the mass mindset is much more effiecient today due to technology and media communication than was available half a century ago. I was about 10 years old before my parents purchased their first TV! Such was the case with many things that were considered luxuries in the past that are taken for granted today. There is a sizable population of society today that assumes the internet has been a part of life forever, while I didn't get a computer until the mid 90's and my parents passed without ever laying eyes on one.

Expecting one to provide for him or her self vs expecting someone else, mostly government to provide our needs is to me one of the greatest dividing factors in society today. My generation grew up loathing communist ideals and yet today someone such as Bernie Sanders running for the position of POTUS is embraced by millions of young people.

I have gone off track beginning with my first sentence but to answer your question directly. Yes, many/most people are more cowardly today (dumbing down) and...people are as friendly as you are. What you give out comes back.

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Good response.  There is a lot of valuable observation there.  I just wonder why things have gotten so bad, besides the obvious Marxism.  I live in a community of mostly older people and they are entirely different in behavior compared to my generation.  I often wonder what it was like to see things change the way a lot of you did.  I guess some areas don't change as much as others also. 

I know that in 1950s if a child was abducted in the US it would be national news and people would come from surrounding states to search.  A whole state would go into a panic and do anything they could to help.  Not any more, there are over a million kids missing.  It seems like people get desensitized.  People say that NY was a safe place back in the 40s and even into the 50s too.  I have heard this anyway.  When it was hot sometimes family and friends would grab a pillow and sleep in central park, no problems.  I wonder what is happening here.  Whatever it is it seems to be worse in the cities.