There Will Be Those Who Perish In The Next Crisis, And Those "Who Survive In Underground Luxury"

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Authored by Mac Slavo via,

Ultimately, no one can stop what is coming.

The haves and have nots of the next, gritty era of aftermath will be those who have the means to survive when the system has failed, and those who do not.

For the wealthy, and prepper minded elite, hidden fortified layers purchased for insurance will preserve most of the luxuries of life above ground, and in the cities, even as society crumbles and burns to the ground.

Others, without the means to purchase these luxuries, may have still set aside the necessary materials to live and thrive after a great collapse, where anything and everything from the electric grid, to the fuel supply to the food supply will fail.

There will be tens of millions of starving, angry and bewildered people who face endangerment and extinction, and there will be a few who succeed not only in planning ahead, but in laying low enough to avoid being noticed and picked off by looters, marauders and misguided authorities.

Finding the perfect location for your redoubt, and making your preps to get away if need be, amount to something of an art and a science. Nothing is guaranteed, everything has its advantages and disadvantaged, but just by doing anything at all, you’ll be way ahead of the masses.

If the plans of the elite are anything to consider, they have decked out their bunkers with mementos and reminders of normal life, and not only enough to supplies not to feel the pain of a crumbling infrastructure, but to be distracted by the illusion of normalcy even in times of ultimate crisis.

But ultimately, all successful redoubts invest in the means to provide for long-term survival and maximum self-sufficiency.

As Health Nut News reports:

Most “shelters” include enough food for a year or more, and many have hydroponic gardens to supplement. The developers also work hard to create “well-rounded communities with a range of skills necessary for long-term survival, from doctors to teachers.” (During the 2016 elections, Vivos received a flurry of interest in its shelters from both liberals and conservatives and completely sold out of spaces in its community shelters.)


Many of the interiors are left as a blank slate so that each owner can create what they are looking for in terms of comfort and luxury- and it all comes at a cost. Base models can start at $25,000 and go up to almost $5 million dollars. Their footprints also vary from quaint to 5000 square feet.

It isn’t just happening in the United States, but all over the world. And while the fastest growing part of this sector clearly caters to the rich and well adjusted, many shelters are also being constructed to house millions of masses during emergencies – at least in places like China, Switzerland and Russia.

[…] The Oppidum, billed as “the largest billionaire bunker in the world.” This top-secret facility, once a joint project between the former Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic and Slovakia), was built over 10 years beginning in 1984. The premiere apocalypse dwelling is a place that billionaires can live out the horrors of the apocalypse- be it zombie or other- in luxury with every amenity you could ever hope for.


[…] Retail firm Survival Condos offers refuge at a re-purposed missile silo in Kansas, United States. The luxury apartments here are stacked underground and protected by blast doors designed to withstand explosions. Retail firm Survival Condos offers refuge at a re-purposed missile silo in Kansas, United States. The luxury apartments here are stacked underground and protected by blast doors designed to withstand explosions.”


[…] Vivos Europa One, in Rothenstein, is one of Germany’s largest repurposing projects. The 76-acre former Soviet bunker is capable of withstanding a nuclear blast, a direct plane crash or biological attack. It is being transformed into 34 five-star apartments, starting at 2,500 sq ft, which aim to protect the super-rich from any forthcoming apocalypse.

Self-sustaining communities or networks of individuals can also plan around their budgets to make these concepts a reality. Many companies will customize and scale down projects to costs as low as $25,000… while basic home fortification and DIY applications can be done for much less money.

In the end, those who prepared when nothing happened are only out what they invested on the principle of having a viable back-up insurance plan.

But those who didn’t prepare for the worst when it did happen could very quickly lose everything they have, and many will perish during the next major crisis – which could be triggered at this point by almost anything.

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FriendlyAquaponics's picture

And there's no air intakes, right?


GUS100CORRINA's picture

So this is where some of the 6.5 Trillion Dollars of the missing Pentagon funds went.

With seed vaults, bunkers and food supplies for years, these people must think that they are going to live forever!

1980XLS's picture

The banksters always win.


Death to the money changers

JRobby's picture

They will be found

They will be killed

manofthenorth's picture

If I had to live underground like a worm for 10 years I would probably get deep into the whiskey at some point and off myself.

One fancy prison complex they got there.

No thanks, I will take my chances above ground here in the far north......

WOLVERINES !!!!!!!!!!!

kavlar's picture

When World War 3 starts with RUSSIA, know who's really pushing for it.

techies-r-us's picture
techies-r-us (not verified) kavlar Mar 25, 2017 8:41 PM

Won't be pretty for sure.

stizazz's picture

Could they be really that crazy?

techies-r-us's picture
techies-r-us (not verified) stizazz Mar 25, 2017 8:43 PM


MsCreant's picture

Is it difficult to run three puppets at once? Do you have three screens and keep an account up on each one? Or do you keep signing off and on?

Zero Point's picture

Re: They will be found. They will be killed.

We do not forgive. We do not forget.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Well let's think about it. We can assume most of these bunkers have defensive capability. So these larger ones will have a warrior class. But no matter how much ammo they have, they will have limited supply.

Meanwhile up on the surface, everybody with the capability to penetrate them will be waiting for a chance. Besides, at first all the new aspiring warlords will be drinking up all the easy assets above ground. Mostly uparming from minimally defended sources.

I suppose I'd be tempted to send the starving masses to attack to gage their defenses. All of these bunkers have above-ground facilities. That's a great place to start. Drive them underground, configure the above-ground to be a death trap from below and then make life difficult for them. Draw them out.

Time and numbers wins.

beemasters's picture

They will survive and become the ancestors of the Morlocks. They certainly have the traits already.

francis scott falseflag's picture


For Christ's Sake.



Just shuffle off to Buffalo with the rest of us. 

Yog Soggoth's picture

Jules modeled the Morlocks after the molech worshippers he had knowledge of at the time. It is quite a thinly veiled warning. They live underground, and come out at night to drag the Eloi down into the depths for consumption.

techpriest's picture

Most efficient way is 1 regular + private window for Firefox and Chrome. This allows 4 accounts. Add Opera for 2 more.

Alternatively, once you have the accounts a spambot could do it - enter the series of comments and the bot posts all of them.

New_Meat's picture

"I am a spambot in the lousy computer that my programmer keeps in his mom's basement.  I make $7k per month doing the most amazing things ..."

JRobby's picture

Trolls are many and early.

Everything has a life cycle.

J S Bach's picture

This whole scenario is fraudelent.

I don't care WHO "survives" whatever doomsday scenario... whoever it is will have a tingent of conscience and therefore, their "phew" existence will be utter hell.  They will not be able to live a single moment without a slight inkling of guilt.  I know... I know... there would be those exceptional kosher types who lack ANY conscience.  But, those will have to endure a longer sentence until some knowing soul eventually slits their throats.  Nature is VERY patient.

Slomotrainwreck's picture

They will not be able to live a single moment without a slight inkling of guilt. 

Pedo's don't have those kind of feelings. feelings

WOAR's picture

Their kids won't feel any guilt, though. I don't feel any guilt over the dead Neanderthals or the Dodo bird, why should the survivors of the apocalypse have the guilt of my death on their shoulders?

Time erases all things.

Mr 9x19's picture

you lost me at " by mac slavo from shtf plan . com "

Barney Fife's picture

I disagree. I actually look forward to a world with a greatly reduced number of mindless and mentally lazy consumers. For me it will be a moment of celebration. No guilt. The smart survive and the stupid get their well deserved comeuppance. 

Why the hell should I feel guilty when so many who met their demise by their own lazy, fearful hand are gone, and I had no hand in their loss?

zebra77a's picture

I can guarantee you these fancy facilities will not last six months..

1. The generators that power them require ridiculous maintenace, gum up if not at full load, leak seals and blow up parts - not to mention they will probably start burning oil like mad.

Did they bring a dozen spares and thousands of litres of oil to keep them running? Sorry the generator factory has no spare parts it shut down after share prices collapsed caused by your's truly the billionaires in these bunkers shorted the generator company two years prior and all the parts were made of pathetic quality the last year the company operated.. 

2. People's psychology shifts dramatically when law and order collapses . You just put a pile of psychopaths in one nest underground who are under the control of mafia bunker owners with zero law and order.   Let me know how that works out for you.. Within a week the  women there will demand to be back above ground and  the men will drink excessively out of boredom.. Without matching value systems they will be at each others throats in days. 'I don't like Suzie so what her husband is a billionaire, she's a bitch!' And it will just degrade from there.. Think the big brother episodes were retarded..  Once a currency shuts down you could be a billionaire now worth less than the a McDonald's employee. Thus the power instantly shifts in the bunker to the last currency - the Currency of Force. All the blast doors and steel reinforced walls help nothing when one person inside decides to take over the bunker and harem with his glock out of a boredom induced drunken wrecklessness.  

Two forms of tribalism will survive on the surface those who worship and use the currrencies of force (gangs) and those who are faith based organized and weaponized against those who come against them. Think Mogadishu meets Hutterite Colony.. 

But first a world wide UN body of police must bring a totalinism and blue beret martial law once they pull the financial plug sometime this year starting...


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Ditto motn

And if we manage to survive?... Those motherfuckers living underground will be like the best penny arcade of "Whack A Mole" you never played SHOULD THEY RESURFACE!

Worst of all the slow witted ones underground that will wind up playing maid and butler to them will want to take them out as well when they understand what they've signed up to!...

SilverTech's picture

Agree. The article is talking about a year of food. OK, so these preppers get to spend a year underground, eating k-rations, sitting on plastic chairs, and not being able to take a shower. Spending all this time bored out of their minds with only their, by this time very smelly, "loved ones" for company.

Anyway, do they have a year's air supply? A year's energy supply?

At best, after a year of this "luxury" they emerge into a hostile environment and die.

Yog Soggoth's picture

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DeusHedge's picture

is she like the head of that other magazine? anyway, true message, since all anyone cares about are those who are wise enough to disseminate the info anyway. I know it hurts. However, take with it my awareness that you can't trust anyone, even the truest sources.

New_Meat's picture

is this rag for when you contract affluenza?

AGuy's picture

Odds are that they won't be able to get to the bunker. Its likely that something will happen when they are thousand of miles away, that prevents them from reaching the bunker.

If they hope to be able to actually use the bunker they would need to live there full time. That said since the location isn't a secret I am sure Putin or some other leader with nukes already has the sight targeted.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

I see a couple of problems with these underground bunkers (sanctuaries):



So if you don't mind being buried alive or drowned, I guess these bunkers will work.

Of course the elite have thought about these problems, correct?

SixIsNinE's picture

3.  Sabotage

Jim Willie says that he believes 3 DUMBs have been destroyed by sabotage in the last years.  Remember that earthquake in Virginia a couple years ago?  JW says that was destruction of a DUMB.

i haven't listened to JW for a few months as the election hububub was more exciting so i checked JW youtube a couple days ago to see if he was back up to par and found a couple March 2017 interviews which was good ol JW fun times - and he does say that he thinks at least 2 or 3 DUMBs were taken out.   He also believe there are underground tunnels for instance, that go from DC/Dulles/Langley to Denver and will get you there in 2.5 or 3 hours.  



HermanVanCuckold's picture

JW is entertaining but he never explains his most ridiculous claims- like how one can travel 1700 miles underground in 2.5 hours when air travel speed itself is 650 mph at cruising altitude.

techpriest's picture

Apparently Elon Musk came through on his hyperloop? j/k, a 1 mm error anywhere on that tube could kill you, given the speeds involved.

WillyGroper's picture

heard that podcast.

 the dc phallic symbol with the red eyes... it would be of interest to know the seismic history of the area.

there were 2 readings of the OKC incident that were quickly disappeared.

Aaron Hillel's picture

This billionaire shelter idea is as stupid as it is preposterous.

In case of strategic nuclear exchange, the ICBM flight time is about 30 minutes or shorter, and that, from the moment the missiles are detected.I seriously doubt those roaches will be warned immediately and will live 30 minutes from their shelter.

In case of limited exchange, its singularly useless, especially in the future war-torn Europe.


Best version in case of strategic exchange, for very rich vermin; they get into their expensive tomb, seal the gates before nuclear impacts, then what?

How many months of fuel and food they have stored. six,, a year.

Ok, either the fuel or food runs out, or the generator quits, or the armed guards decide to prolong their existence by getting rid of fat, useless pig that pays them in pre-war money.

Then, emerge into the brave new world , and nuclear winter.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Love your point but nuclear war isn't the only "doomsday" scenario.

That said, as you indicate, what social or political structure is gonna emerge? This case has one huge villa and tons of smaller ones. They already have their lord all set up for a dandy little monarchy.

Given all the theorizing that CEOs and banksters are sociopaths, this could get real fun.

AGuy's picture

Bunkers are usually hardened and can resist all but the very strongest quakes. Many are located away from faultlines. Floods: Bunkers can be built in the mountains. I believe the Czech bunker is near a mountain range.

SafelyGraze's picture

it isn't a billionaire paradise without the hookersnblow

somewhere in the bunker, you'll find a bunch of crates so labeled


Citxmech's picture

I know that I can store blow, but where can I get boxes of freeze dried hookers?

SixIsNinE's picture

i wouldn't know ....

but the Pedoesta Brothers could probably point you in the right direction

a Smudge by any other name's picture

they are BILLIONAIRES dudes. Hookerbots are where it's at.

sonoramic commando's picture

Tell that to David Rockefeller. As hard as we try, nobody lives forever.

HRClinton's picture

Underground? UNDERGROUND? Are you kidding? 

The Elite won't be hiding underground. They/we will be far offshore, living and tanning on island compounds and mini villages. Others will be buzzing off to safe places in South America, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and Israel.

What do you think the helipads and private airstrips are for? And have you seen Paul Allen's yacht?

To borrow an expression...

"Get to the choppa! Get to the choppa!" 

If you didn't have the sense and the courage to prevent the Elite from doing what they have done and will do, then you truly deserve to deal with the consequences. Think of it as a variation of the line you like so much: "There is no free lunch." By your inaction for many decades, YOU get to pay for Lunch. Thanks!

Krungle's picture

The elite have done an excellent job with telegraphing where they are going and it has been noted. The survivors will be waiting for them. And don't expect that anyone living in relative luxury underground for a year is going to step out of the bunker and be able to take on the survivors of the apocalypse. But they're welcome to try. 

AGuy's picture

"South America, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland"

My guess is that Chinese and other Asians will overrun Australia and New Zealand. I very much doubt it will be a safe haven. South America is already very unstable. I am sure when the collapse happens the locals will torture and lynch them.

hannah's picture

we all know what happens when humans move underground...just watch planet of the apes....

AGuy's picture

"we all know what happens when humans move underground"

More like the Eloi and Morlocks.