"They're Like The Praetorian Guard" - Whistleblower Confirms NSA Targeted Congress, The Supreme Court, & Trump

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Authored by Chris Menahan via InformationLiberation.com,

NSA whistleblower William Binney told Tucker Carlson on Friday that the NSA is spying on "all the members of the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Congress, both House and Senate, as well as the White House."

Binney, who served the NSA for 30 years before blowing the whistle on domestic spying in 2001, told Tucker he firmly believes that Trump was spied on.

"They're taking in fundamentally the entire fiber network inside the United States and collecting all that data and storing it, in a program they call Stellar Wind," Binney said.


"That's the domestic collection of data on US citizens, US citizens to other US citizens," he said. "Everything we're doing, phone calls, emails and then financial transactions, credit cards, things like that, all of it."

"Inside NSA there are a set of people who are -- and we got this from another NSA whistleblower who witnessed some of this -- they're inside there, they are targeting and looking at all the members of the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Congress, both House and Senate, as well as the White House," Binney said.


"And all this data is inside the NSA in a small group where they're looking at it. The idea is to see what people in power over you are going to -- what they think, what they think you should be doing or planning to do to you, your budget, or whatever so you can try to counteract before it actually happens," he said.

"I mean, that's just East German," Tucker responded.

Rather than help prevent terrorist attacks, Binney said collecting so much information actually makes stopping attacks more difficult.

"This bulk acquisition is inhibiting their ability to detect terrorist threats in advance so they can't stop them so people get killed as a result," he said.


"Which means, you know, they pick up the pieces and blood after the attack. That's what's been going on. I mean they've consistently failed. When Alexander said they'd stop 54 attacks and he was challenged to produce the evidence to prove that he failed on every count."

Binney concludes ominously indicating the origin of the deep state...

"They are like the praetorian guard, they determine what the emperor does and who the emperor is..."

Who's going to stop them?

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The Juggernaut's picture

You gotta drag them through the streets first!

FriendlyAquaponics's picture

You've got to name them, then find them, and then gain access. Good luck with that. Last time I checked, these are well-guarded folk whose feet barely even touch the sidewalks - they arrive on rooftop by helicopters.


GUS100CORRINA's picture

We must be living in the ROMAN EMPIRE!

Reminds me of the movie GLADIATOR.

By the way, ROME ended because in internal moral rott which included currency devaluation!!

Bank_sters's picture

Let's file this under NO SHIT.  

Anyone who thinks that a society can function as a republic with political independence as a private bank creates  and disperses its money and shadow security agencies collect all forms of internet, financial, phone, text and other electronic communication are FUCKING INSANE.

xrxs's picture

Too much power in the hands of too few.

stizazz's picture

Agree. But the NSA just wants to know who sold out their country to Israel, for when SHTF.


techies-r-us's picture
techies-r-us (not verified) stizazz Mar 25, 2017 6:16 PM

Israel did 9/11 under a Republican. Let's see what they do now under Trump.

Mano-A-Mano's picture
Mano-A-Mano (not verified) techies-r-us Mar 25, 2017 6:17 PM

Trump got their back, for sure.

beemasters's picture

Some group may just be working in the background to blow EVERYTHING wide open... Fingers crossed.

“Those who would destroy our lives with lies will themselves be destroyed with truth” - Cicada 3301

johngaltfla's picture

AHA! That explains Justice Roberts decision on Obamacare. The NSA did have the orgy video of him with Ginsburg and a goat!

nmewn's picture

Certainly a distinct possibility the way things are revealing themselves, at least the collection of everyone's personal information without suspicion or search warrant for later blackmailing purposes part of it ;-)

Billy the Poet's picture

The NSA been spying on Ron Paul for decades but the worst thing they found is that sometimes late at night he eats peanut butter right out of the jar.

limpinalien69's picture

Joo guide to fucking over goys


1. create muzzi 'attacks'

2. legislate away people's freedoms in the name of 'protecting' you fools

3. do whatever the hell you want to fuck over the goys and steal wealth

4. go to step 1


You people continue to take it up your asses without question. The white race really are cattle. For the Joo to manipulate and do as they please. Scare 'em and they become compliant.


Tell me I'm wrong.

Manthong's picture

Oh gosh.. could it be that lid really comes off of this horrid scam,?

JamesBond's picture

Global power • The Bluffdale center comes online amid a historic multibillion dollar expansion of the NSA's capabilities worldwide, part of a sweeping and futuristic vision the U.S. military has chased for more than a decade. 

Leaked documents dating back to 2005 show the Pentagon pouring immense effort, hundreds of acronyms and mind-boggling sums of money into modernizing its technology, networks, hardware and data sharing as it seeks to build a "global information grid.'



Every .gov agency feeds data into the NSA.  

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) JamesBond Mar 25, 2017 11:12 PM

The Deep State is going now after the Mar-a-Lago visitor records.

Can't a Trump have a quiet time with his millionaire friends?

Democrats Introduce MAR-A-LAGO Act to Disclose “Southern White House” Visitor Records






fx's picture

"You've got to name them, then find them, and then gain access. Good luck with that. Last time I checked, these are well-guarded folk whose feet barely even touch the sidewalks - they arrive on rooftop by helicopters."

Can't we drone these guys?

Socratic Dog's picture

A fella called Kipling wrote a poem about that once.  Seen it posted on the Hedge in the past.

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy -- willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

givenoquarter's picture

Excellent!  That is one of my favorite of Kipling`s poems. One of the other`s is "The White Man`s Burden". We need to cleanse this mess with fire. 

givenoquarter's picture

Excellent!  That is one of my favorite of Kipling`s poems. One of the other`s is "The White Man`s Burden". We need to cleanse this mess with fire. 

Dancing Disraeli's picture

I've read this poem many times.  It always gives me chills, as it so accurately describes white people.  When the switch turns on, I would NOT want to to be on the receiving end of what we become.

All is chosen's picture

So all whites are Saxon now?

You have taken 'Simplistic' to a new level.

Salzburg1756's picture

No. I tell you you are right.

wcole225's picture

You're wrong and you're on a path to hell.

The Grim Teacher's picture


Problem - reaction - solution

Or to put it another way Hegelian Dialectic.

They've been doing it for generations and people still haven't woken up to it yet. Not only that but they have now made it a thought crime to question the alleged murder of millions of Jews in a pre meditated program of mass extermination in Nazi Germany and also any criticims of Israel or Jews is also a thought crime, don't want to be called anti-Semitic now do we!

Implied Violins's picture

That's only bad if you don't first top it off with Hershey's chocolate syrup.

BarkingCat's picture

This is why James Traficant was taken down and how. He was was a democrat that did not take orders so he had to be taken down hard and made example of.


The_Juggernaut's picture

They know what kind of porn I jack off to?  Oh, no!

DeadFred's picture

Maybe he's right but it will take a lot of eye bleach to rid me of that image. Yuch!

Logan 5's picture
Logan 5 (not verified) johngaltfla Mar 25, 2017 7:16 PM

were they twins?

WillyGroper's picture

yea...1 ovim married to olivier sarkozeee

Offthebeach's picture

The guy in the full latex with the red funnel strapped to his mouth was referred to as Justice Roberts, but due to his passive role, and the goat sodimizing him, it was hard to tell.

BennyBoy's picture


You got that mixed up.

Ginsburg was the goat.

Antifaschistische's picture

how can we get this guy a $1 million dollar reward and encourage more whistleblowers.

set up a gofundme....I'm in.

JRobby's picture

Who typed that for you?

You idiotic little bag of pus.

i poop pink ice cream's picture

I think you're onto something here. Under Trump, they'll do another 9/11-like False Flag attack on the U.S. This is what they need to finally shift into a full Police State mode. Did I mention that firearm ownership and transportation will be banned "for our own safety"? Ordinary citizens "won't need" firearms anymore because "the military and police will be protecting us".

Antifaschistische's picture

yep...people are softening up now on their gun purchases due to Trump...it's time for the deep state to pounce in the next couple of years.   catch us all sleeping.

Billy the Poet's picture

Maybe one of these days I'll be able to buy a brick of .22 lr for less than twenty bucks.

Zorba's idea's picture

..next false flag they'll take down the internert..end of independent journalism..then the hunger games


SoilMyselfRotten's picture

I'm told if i have nothing to hide it should'nt upest me I don't like doing as im told.

Anteater's picture

Thou Art Never to Transgress The Racial Purity and Divine Innocence of Le Tribe, Faire le Travail de Dieu: https://ibb.co/ibkzbF

shamus001's picture

Seriously, NSA just needs to be SHUT DOWN, machines destroyed so that none of their information is transferred TO OTHER WRONG HANDS, and leave the warehouses DUSTY AS F*CK. - ABANDONED.

Fire the NSA employees, strip the agency of any known income, MARK the records of employees as "possible spy, treason" and be done with the whole damn thing!

NEXT- Move to the CIA

messystateofaffairs's picture

NSA belongs to Israel, just like the USD belongs to Israel.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) xrxs Mar 25, 2017 8:32 PM

Interview with woman who sat in on UN meetings on refugees.

They are not vetted at all, they have no ID and they don't even know their names.

They are given cash day one, signed up for welfare, medical, housing. The medical people

declare them disabled and they are put on Social Security disability for life. They call them "clients."

They are sick TB, leprosy, HIV, small pox, monkey pox, bugs, lice etc.

Obama wanted 150,000 Trump reduced it to 50,000, Paul Ryan wanted 300,000.

It is run by Jewish foundation, Catholic and Lutheran groups who make a lot of money on the program.

First they get $2500 per person just for picking them up at the airport.

They are men, just as you see in Europe, very few women and children.

they are given social security numbers and US PASSPORTS when they arrive.

They are flown in at night, arrive after midnight so there are fewer people in the airport.

The program is run by Rex Tillerson's Sate Department.

Trump ran on stopping this. We have been too nice, taking punches, abuse and defending his draconian healthcare and now this.

It is time to stand up and DEMAND this is stopped right now!


TheRealBilboBaggins's picture

I frankly see no reason for blaming Jews, Catholics, or Lutherans.

IndyPat's picture

Cuz you're a waterheaded retard.

Killdo's picture

That sounds right  - because all the refugees I have met (in London years ago - about 15 of them) lied on their applications - a third of them at least stated they came from a country they have never even been to