"Troubled" London Attacker Visited Saudi Arabia 3 Times, Told Friend "I Want Some F**king Blood"

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Khalid Masood (also known as Adrian Russell Ajao and Adrian Elms), the terrorist behind the deadly Westminster attack this week, sought professional help for anger issues and told friends he dreamed of killing someone, according to reports.

Sky News reports that the Saudi embassy in London has confirmed Masood was in the country three times. In a statement, the embassy said he had a work visa and taught English there from November 2005 to November 2006 and again from April 2008 to April 2009. He then returned for six days in March 2015. Masood was not tracked by Saudi security services and didn't have a criminal record there, it added.

Masood, who at 52 is considerably older than most extremists who carry out bloodshed in the West, had an arrest record dating to 1983. The violence came later, first in 2000 when he slashed a man across the face in a pub parking lot in a racially charged argument after drinking four pints, according to a newspaper account.

A former friend has described how Masood put a knife against his throat in 2000 and said: "I want some blood, I want some f****** blood. I want to kill someone." Lee Lawrence, 47, told The Daily Telegraph:

"After he calmed down a bit he was saying 'What have I done? What am I doing? I am going for help, I just want blood or I want to kill someone'.


"He said he was having help, some kind of anger management."

Details of Masood's lengthy criminal history have continued to emerge since Wednesday's terrorist attack, and as Sky notes, fears are also growing he may have been groomed for extremism during his time in prison, with a childhood friend claiming the killer turned to Islam and changed his name to Khalid Masood after serving a jail term for assaulting someone with a knife.

Masood's sudden religious conversion will add to concerns that criminals are being brought under the influence of hardened jihadists behind bars, something which the Government admitted was a "growing problem" last year.

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Proving once again Islam is not a religion!!!

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What was he doing in Saudi Arabia, attending an OPEC meeting?  ;-)


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To be fair, who hasn't told their friend they "want some fuckn blood"

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Apple’s next phone, terririss edition – iSlam.  ;-)


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These "terrorists" must be dumb, mentally ill or under some kind of spell/drugs. After so many attempts, none has killed even ONE of their real targets: politicians who have been supporting wars in those Arab nations??? C'mon.

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90's Bush Sr.: 100,000 Brown people dead in Iraq.

90's Bill Clinton: 100,000 white, but many muslim, people dead in Bosnia.

2000's Bush jr.: 500,000 Dead Brown people in Iraq.

2010's Obama/Hillary: 100,000 Dead Brown people in Libya.

2010's Obama/Hillary: 500,000 Dead Brown people in Syria.

~1,300,000 DEAD BROWN PEOPLE, MOSTLY MUSLIMS...that is the LOWEST ESTIMATE number...and for what...did these countries invade the USA, Europe, ANYONE?

Tulsi Gabbard, Democrat, in Syria, qouting the Syrian people standing in the rubble of their cities "Why is the USA backing ISIS; why did the USA do this to us?"


5 White people dead on a Bridge and Brown People, Islam, are the problem...yeah, right...

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Quran: 9:12 & 9:13

"Would you not fight a people who broke their oaths and determined to expel the Messenger, and they had begun [the attack upon] you the first time? Do you fear them? But Allah has more right that you should fear Him, if you are [truly] believers."


"And if they break their oaths after their treaty and defame your religion, then fight the leaders of disbelief, for indeed, there are no oaths [sacred] to them; [fight them that] they might cease."
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Mano-A-Mano (not verified) FireBrander Mar 25, 2017 9:36 AM

I wonder HOW MUCH TORTURE he endured before the Israeli Mossad, in cahoots with British police, got him to "confess" that.


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Or it could just be FAKE NEWS to get the new world order back on track and bomb Iran to start World War 3.

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I expected to see a guy who looks like the guy that delivered my Chinese food last night but once again, false advertising.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Mano-A-Mano Mar 25, 2017 12:05 PM

These people are just plain ole mentally ill.

all of them

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Hopefully the islamic tearrists can get their cases heard before the 9th Circus or Judge Robart in Seattle so they can be back on the streets and in malls in no time.

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It Seems like someone had been dropping Captagon into his morning cup of tea.

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I will bet big money his IQ is below 80....and potentially in the 65-70 zone

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Back during the Roman Republic times, any uninvited immigration was stopped by slaughtering invaders including women and children. Even slavery was not an option for invaders, just death.

No wonder, the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire lasted for almost 1,000 years and were the primary foundation for the Western Civilization.

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Dylann Roof = hate filled white male who needs to be executed.

                  = justification to attack the Confederate Flag, destroy Southern history and culture, attack and shame white people


Khalid Masood = Trouble human

                     = must embrace Islam, bring in more people who hate us, and attack and jail anyone opposing this

                       orchestrated democide.

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Kindly old white lady brought death and destruction to Libya, enabling the creation of ISIS

Kindly old white guy used Muslim extremists to destroy and divide Yugoslavia and Serbia

Kind well-spoken white lady fed cookies to wannabe Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Kind war-hero and all-round good ole white guy met with ISIS in Syria encouraging destruction of that country

Good ole boy ahd hedge-lopping white guy launched war of agression against Iraq 'cos he felt he had to do something after some other totally unrelated people did something bad in the US.

Colored community leader enabled the people involved in the bad attack against the US to ethnically cleanse Yemen.

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In addition to his other possible drugs, 'Roids, and being an angry half Afro-Caribbean mullatto. Not a great combination.


Frito's picture

Friend coulda said 'pretty sure you can get pigs blood from most butchers.'


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Picking out his six year old third wife.

land_of_the_few's picture

Maybe it was an R2P Humanitarian conference with the Wahhabis.

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UK government says he had zero teaching qualifications. So why would he be teaching English in Saudi Arabia. This whole story doesn't make  any  sens.

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he probably offered to lend a hand but returned when they told him they already had plenty

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Islam.  A satanic cult worshiping the Moon god, allah.

It glorifies 7th century, (nasty) arab culture....how stupid is that?!?

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Merkel wil come along and say this guy's comments were taken out of context.

Anarchyteez's picture

Merkel, he meant "blood sausage."

Theresa May, "he meant a bloody beer."

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The repeal/replace debacle has got me too disgusted to think about this. I'm anxious to move on to tax reform for big tax cuts to vital interests like members of congress, United Health Care, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs.

In other news, high-ranking anonymous officals want to assure the 'Murikan people that Jeff Sessions is resting comfortably at Shady Swamp Federal Nursing Home, where he remains recused from all matters involving law and law enforcement.

Anarchyteez's picture

For the past 13 months I've been building a business and not making much money. His tax plan will save me thousands. This one better pass.

Re Sessions, no shit. Put some Pedos in jail already. Wtf!?

nmewn's picture

Wup, you said repeal & replace ;-)

"I think I will spam this until I get a cogent reason to stop...

...because the progs are so thoroughly in love with idea of federal bureau-ratz involvement in our lives daily, they created the very instrument to destroy ObamaCare from within.

Ok, I know what you're thinking: "nmewn, what in the world are you medicinally smoking this morning?"...amiright? 

Its simple, the verbiage "...the Secretary shall decide/determine/approve/deny/create..."...hundreds of times in the thousands of pages of this monstrosity called ObamaCare, now Trump has his Secretary of Health & Human Services in place and its not Kathleen Sebelius...lol.

What I'm saying is, he can direct his Secretary of HHS to do the exact opposite of what progs intent was when they created that authority in the Executive Branch by creating that "law".

I wonder if Trump reads Zero Hedge?"

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Please, please, no moar spam!

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I'm reading about the new guy now, Tom Price. I see he belonged to an outfit that doesn't believe in mandatory vaccines. I hate everything mandatory especially gov injections for infants. This shit is burning me out so I'm gonna go plant onions, peas, and moar potatoes.


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Yeah, where is Sessions? All that shit going down and not one single peep out of him? Totally conspicuous by his absence.

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Niggers.  Their from your Pals


10mm's picture

Niggers.  Their from your Pals


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Radicalization in prisons?......segregate them. Simple solution. ( hmmmm.....then maybe there's a broader principle here!!!)

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And so the legend is built.

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Well, let's put tape recorders in Marine Corps barracks or in the prep room of pilots.  "Let's go bomb the shit out of those sand niggers!"  "I want blood.  I hope I blow up a school."  "Let's get some arab ass!"

Tell you what.  You can have my sympathy or concern when the score is even, when they have killed as many of us as we have killed of them. 

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Amazing how easily manipulated people are? This is the reaction the elites want.

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I've seen a lot of posts from retards like Jomama but you sir just won the all time stupidity award.

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They started it, we MUST finish the murderous swine off.


Expat's picture

You are, of course, incredibly ignorant and probably pretty stupid.  I suggest you read some history and then come back and comment like an informed adult.  Of just keep on being the same old mullet-headed cretin you are.  Xenophobic, racist snowflake afraid to confront reality.  LOL

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I buy all my smokes from Muslims. I bet you're too big of a pussy to even smoke.

Some of the crap I hear them say makes me wonder what their true feelings and intentions are for this country are.

Sure we made mistakes, but I don't have a white flag in my arsenal.

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If ya don't like the company, fuck off. Sorted

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As soon as you have a small elite in control of a large number of deliberately dumbed down people this is the kind of shit that happens.

The label on the group is unimportant.

Religion has to be the most efficient way of getting someone to act the way you want them to, bar none.

Keep 'em dumb and ill informed and they will do your bidding.

Use the threat of violence to put large numbers of people on the two sides of a battlefield and they WILL fight, as they have no choice. That's how governments do it.

Until people realize the life they are told they are living is a fairy tale this will continue.

Information is power, that's why secrets exist.

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That should be easy. Let enough into the coutry until some get their hands on WMDs or we have a full blown civil war. Mohammed Atta would probably have preferred to get his hands on a backpack nuke. Its just a matter of time although Europe has an headstart on the US for potential terrorist catastrophes.

logicalman's picture

There will be a 'terrorist' nuke attack when every other technique used by the pschos stops working.