US Confirms Coalition Airstrike In Mosul May Have Killed As Many As 240 Civilians

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The US military confirmed on Saturday that a coalition airstrike had hit an Islamic State-held area of Iraq's Mosul where as many as 240 civilians may have been killed as result of the air raid.

What happened in the incident on March 17 in Mosul al-Jadida district is still unclear according to Reuters. Some residents say a coalition air strike hit an explosive-filled truck, detonating a blast that collapsed buildings packed with families. Mosul municipality chief, Abdul Sattar al-Habbo, who is supervising the rescue, said 240 bodies had been pulled from the rubble of collapsed buildings. Previous estimates from local officials had said around 130 people had died. While US officials say they are investigating, initial reports from residents and Iraqi officials in the past week said dozens of people had been killed after air strikes by U.S.-led coalition forces.

The US said the strike was at the request of the Iraqi forces. The American confirmation followed a decision by Iraqi government forces to pause their drive to recapture west Mosul on Saturday because of the high rate of civilian casualties.

“An initial review of strike data from March 16-23 indicates that, at the request of the Iraqi Security Forces, the Coalition struck ISIS fighters and equipment, March 17, in West Mosul at the location corresponding to allegations of civilian casualties,” US Central Command said in a statement issued on Saturday.

Videos of the deadly aftermath of the airstrike released on Friday show scores of dead bodies being pulled out of a completely destroyed building in western Mosul. There have also been reports by eyewitnesses who say over a hundred civilians were either killed or buried under rubble in the bombing raid.

At least 40 bodies had been recovered from collapsed buildings on Thursday, Reuters reported, citing Iraqi Civil Defense chief Brigadier Mohammed Al-Jawari. Many others were buried in the rubble, he added.

The United Nations on Saturday expressed concern over the high number of civilian casualties in Mosul. “We are stunned by this terrible loss of life,” Lise Grande, the UN’s humanitarian coordinator for Iraq, said in a statement.

Saying that all allegations of civilian casualties are taken “seriously,” the Combined Joint Task Force said “a formal Civilian Casualty Credibility Assessment has been opened to determine the facts surrounding this strike and the validity of the allegation of civilian casualties.”

With fighting intensifying to recapture Mosul, around half a million civilians remain in Islamic State-held areas in the west of the city, complicating use of air strikes and heavy artillery to drive the hardline militants from their last major stronghold in Iraq. Iraqi forces are pushing into Mosul's Old City, where fleeing residents say militants are hiding among the civilian population, sheltering in family homes and using the narrow alleyways and streets to their advantage.

According to Reuters, an Iraqi Federal Police spokesman said on Saturday that operations to drive Islamic State out of western Mosul were halted because of the “high death toll among civilians inside the Old City.” Later, the Iraqi command denied this in a statement cited by Iraqi Alsumaria TV.

A local resident told RT, whose crew is on the ground in Mosul, that “ISIS made us keep our door open, so they could get onto the roofs at any time. They even broke down the walls between houses so they could move around." Another witness added that "I don’t know why they were climbing onto our rooftops, whether it was to fight or to provoke airstrikes."

Up to 600,000 civilians are still believed to remain in Islamic State-controlled areas of Mosul, according to Reuters. Some 700 civilians had been killed by government and coalition airstrikes in western Mosul since the launch of the offensive in late February, the agency added, citing unconfirmed reports from the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights.

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Fresh out of give a fucks about civilian casualties in the fight against islam.  

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ridiculous, you know that civilian casualities will just perpetuate war with islam and radicalize more of them.  It will never end.  they don't want it to end because they (jew banker overlords + MIC) make money off it.  wake up

winning bigly, for lucifer

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Bring the USA troops home!  The USA is the biggest sponsor of terror.

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Bring the USA troops home!

Amen a thousand times

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Hate to remind you.

According to Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, the summer of 2002, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell warned President George W. Bush of the consequences of his planned military action in Iraq:

"You are going to be the proud owner of 25 million people," he told the president. "You will own all their hopes, aspirations, and problems. You'll own it all." Privately, Powell and Deputy Secretary of StateRichard Armitage called this the Pottery Barn rule: You break it, you own it.[4]

The United States created this mess.


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The Russians hacked the USAF targetting systems.

Oooops. No, the Russians definitely didn't hack the USAF targetting systems. They just moved a load of Iraqi civilians where the bombs would land.

Oooops. No, the Russians couldn't know where the USAF bombs would land. But they did it somehow or other.

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What's 240 civilians when 500,000 children killed is "worth it" to all these psychopaths???

Madeleine Albright - The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq's non existent WMD's

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She was actually talking about the sanctions that were in place to prevent Saddam from acquiring WMDs. They were said to have killed up to a half a million Iraqi children. But at the same time during that timeframe, we now know with 100% certainty, these sanctions did indeed prevent Saddam from building any new WMDs.


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"we now know with 100% certainty,..." ???
Who told you that? MSM? They couldn't even find any old "WMD"!
And since when sanctions have helped the ordinary people??? It's just a way to get nations to surrender to western imperialism on the pretext of saving the world/people.

Sanctions target "dictators" by making the civilians suffer...Only psychopaths would see the logic in that.

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Did you even read what I wrote? You are arguing 180 degrees opposite of what I wrote. Let's repeat this with a simple sentence structure:

  • The sanctions hurte the ordinary people. The sanction killed up to an estimated number of 500,000 Iraqi children. 
  • No new WMDs were found in Iraq. We know this with almost 100% certainty because it was a huge embarressment for the Bush administration that the WMD search came up totally empty.
  • Ergo, the sanction accomplished what they were designed to do: I.e. they prevented Saddam from acquiring more WMDs. 
  • And let's just repeat this: While the sanctions apparently worked, they also really, really hurt the ordinary Iraqis, killing scores of children due to lack of adequatemedical provisions.



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Correllation is not causation, dickweed.  Did you even make it through primary school?

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Quax probably made it through primary school, but I blame the media and politicians for his skewed logic. Many are like him.

Quax, let's say Madeleine Albright tells you that tomorrow, the sun won't rise and the only way to entice it would be to kill 10 children as a sacrifice to the sun God, Ra. Knowing how patriotic you are (and unthinking), she asks that you to do it and you comply. 10 kids die. The sun rises the next day. Would that mean it works and you are right to kill those kids? Please answer NO....oh God, pleaseeeeee.

quax's picture

Quax probably made it through primary school

I wish I could return, this compliment really. But given your reasoning skills I'd be lying.

See, it is a pretty well established fact that Saddam really wanted WMDs, that's why he acquired chemical warfare capabilities in the first place, which he famously tested on Kurdish civilians.

Some of this old stock, dating back to the times from before the first Gulf war of Bush Sr., have been captured and used by ISIS (despite the best efforts of the US forces to destroy all of the remaining stock-pile).

So, given that Saddam had motive and means to acquire more WMDs during the long time span that the sanctions were imposed on him, what exactly stopped him from doing so? Since you don't like the most logical and straightforward answer, that the sanctions worked, I am looking forward to your explanation. Does it involve aliens from outta space, or Jews paying off Saddam? Please make it worthwhile and fit the mold of ZH stupid.


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"See, it is a pretty well established fact that Saddam really wanted WMDs"

Established by whom? The same warmongering parties (including the so-called "intelligence" and MSM who told you he definitely had them)? If they told you the sun won't rise tomorrow, you will believe them, riiite? C'mon, buddy. They will tell you anything to get your approval to send your kids to the slaughter house. They didn't care about diplomacy any more than they cared about lives of 500,000 innocent kids so long as they accomplished their agendas. And if they cared not about those lives, did you think they cared about you and your kids? Think! Gawd.

Oh well, "ZH stupid" isn't for everybody, I guess.

PS. In the future, try following the money; it might help you to be more critical and able to discern the truth in the sea of official lies.

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Yeah sure, I guess Halabja never happened, just like the Holocaust never happened for about half the retards who bother to comment here.

Just because the MSM lies to you, doesn't mean they lie about everything.

And WTF, why do you get the idea that my main source of information is American MSM. I left the US many years ago, and unlike you can read news in more than one language.



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And where do you think other news outlets get some of their news from? I remember reading Australian newspaper too during that time. They echoed the same thing the American propaganda sources did.
Follow the money and think critically. Alternatively, continue parroting MSM and lying politicians that Saddam had WMD's and would have bought new ones if not for the sanctions. It's your personal choice, but know this...being a sheep doesn't help and not challenging the official stories has brought us the chaos we are now facing in the world today....unless, of course like all the psychopaths, you think millions who have died so far are "worth it". Adios.

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Look, I did not fall for the WMD scare when Bush Jr. was drumming up his splendid little war, because I chose to believe Hans Blix. So I am quite happy with my track record. And believe me that: Back then this opinion was very unpopular in the US. Yet, it was easy to pick up on when you followed the international press, and nope, another anglo-saxon media like Australia, which gave us Murdoch, hardly qualifies.

It took Putin's and Al Jazeera's English outlets to inject any variety into the English language news feed, and of course both of those have an agenda.

And yes, following the money is pretty good advise in order to understand the motivation of the Iraq war architects, but it wasn't the most direct route. Cheney was in it for the money, but Bush was also emotionally vested. To understand the fact that Saddam really had nothing (contrary to his boasts) one had to follow Hans Blix's activities on the ground in Iraq just prior to the invasion.

So yeah, following the money is good advise, but learning another major language is even better, Google translate just ain't cutting it yet.





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Yes, because Saddam never wanted to get WMDs in the first place. Or what's your explanation for him not restarting his weapon's program?

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War criminal Albright's grandfather was named "Korbel" and was one of Stalin's mass murdering ministers. Her father was the mentor to neocon Liberal Condolezzi Rice (any relation to Susan Rice?)

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Chris Dakota (not verified) beemasters Mar 25, 2017 7:18 PM

When the Penn State child molestation scandal broke I went right away to the charity "Second Mile" to see who the donors were, and boy did I hit pay dirt.

Big banks, Ratheon and all the other military industrial complex bosses. There names were listed, this is how you hang them and end them.

That's why they allowed Sandusky to keep operating, he was feeding these boys to these monsters.

General Titus's picture

They used day care centers and orphanges in the 1980's as the McMartin case showed and the documentary Conspiracy of Silence revealed.  Some believe that the Tanith symboled Comet Pizza dungeons which revealed leading democrat communist satan worshippers like the Podestas engagging in some sick pedo activities perhaps use prostitutes or illegal immigrants children and than harvest them like the movie "The island".  They are monsters of the same ilk as their ideological kin the mass murdering Bolshevks

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Just another day for the Usary Slaves of Israel Air Force, and then blaming Russia via the Khazar Gypsy-owned Western media..

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Didn't stop Powell from standing before Congress - and the world - and lying about WMD.

Millions dead since then. It's on him, too.

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With Iraq about 1/10th the size of the US, this equates to their own 9/11. Of course, they've already been through hundreds of them.

quax's picture

"Of course, they've already been through hundreds of them".

Would be nice if more people shared your insight and empathy. Iraq and Syria have been brutalized on a level that is almost unfathomable. 

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operation freedom...


looks like they freed some more people in Mosul.

And our media doesn't give a shit.

Our politicians don't give a shit.

Can you imagine how we would react if so many got killed on our country?

I don't like muslims but these people have every reason to hate us.

We should get the fuck out of the middle east, let them handle their own society and keep diplomatic relations to a minimum.


quax's picture

We should get the fuck out of the middle east, let them handle their own society and keep diplomatic relations to a minimum.

That'll happen as soon as they have as much oil as Somalia. BTW this is not meant to be cynical. Oil equals money and power. What made ISIS so dangerous is that they had a huge revenue stream from oil rigs that they captured fully intact and continued operating.

Having hostiles in control of such resources is a constant source of headaches. That was the underlying problem with Saddam and Gaddafi, and is the source of the ongoing discomfort with Iran.

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when the Qatar>Iraq>Turkey>Europe CNG pipeline is assured, there will be peace. except Russia won't be happy when Europe buys all their CNG from Qatar instead of Russia. 

that's the REAL reason for war in Iraq--and the absence of a Rothschild central bank.

follow the money. count the lives lost.

all in a day's work for the NWO.


quax's picture

Sorry pal. Way too simplistic. You are right about lots of monetary motives for the Iraq war. Heck, Cheney hardly tried to hide them, but you vastly underestimate the staggering level of incompetence at which these wars were executed, and I don't mean the war machine on the ground, but the strategic and geopolitical planning.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) quax Mar 25, 2017 7:15 PM

Shrink/Spook Dr. Steve Pieczenik said "ISIS was created by Mossad/CIA you don't fight them, you reverse engineer it. Go into the CIA find out who created it and undo it, cut their funding off.

Cut the military budget! Don't add to it ! Please listen POTUS Trump.


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It's Putin's fault

because he supports Assad


fbazzrea's picture

because Assad is aligned with Russia and Iran to compete against the planned West-backed CNG pipeline thru Saudi/Iraq/Turkey.

quax's picture

Ah the old CNG carnard. Checked the price for NG recently? Remember all the talk about how Afghanistan was all about pipelines? Isn't it strange that these things never get build? What actually seems to get build is the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, which is a purely Asian project. 

If it was about spoils the Afghanistan/Iraq wars would have been even dumber (if that is possible) then they already were. Enormous cost and zero to show for it. Pakistan/India benefits from Afghanistan, and Iran from the Shia Iraq. The incompetence is almost as painful as the war crimes. 

ZRizzo's picture

Incompetence?  Over $10,000,000,000,000.00 spent since the war on terror started.  A lot of money in the hands of the MIC/BIS/CBs.  It was never meant to be won. 

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

But we can't afford healthcare

quax's picture

That is certainly much more on the mark.  But it wasn't the war that the MIC originally signed up for. They wanted another good old fashioned state actor and another cold war.

This situation is way too fluid, with too many actual combat situations, and those can get out of control easily.



quax's picture

Putin is to blame for many things. But this, not so much. The Sunni rebels against Assad radicalized more and more as the war dragged on. When Russia interfered there weren't that many "moderates" left. Obama was happy to feed the illusion that there were. Gave him the excuse to keep sitting on his hands.

At any rate, if Assad's regime had collapsed there would have been wide-spread massacres of the alawites. Russia tipped the scale, but I doubt their intervention increased the overall (staggering) death toll.





quax's picture

This is disinformation. ISIS grew out of the Sunni resistance to the American occupation of Iraq. This has been well documented. To pin this on the CIA is ludicrous. 

The reason why they were so successful was the idiotic decision of Paul Bremer / Rumsfeld to disband the old Iraqi army. ISIS drew a lot of military expertise from that carder as well as organizational skills from the banned Baathist operatives. The religious trappings is mostly for the rubes (of which there are many devoted fanatics). 

TheLastTrump's picture

Bullshit on sponsor of terror.


But bring the troops home, most of them- let's do it then put them on the southern USA border with great AC & ice cold beers & free entry for Mexicana's age 18-25. That's entry across the border you gutter trash. :)

Canary Paint's picture

The "fight against Islam"... You say it in such a cavalier way. Are you doing anything other than cheerleading, you turd?

The point is to remember what war does, and thus, remember that it is not a game.

We don't need you to crack up and cry every time you see a headline. We just need you to remember what war is.

Generally speaking, only worthless fucks living in a daydream take the time to post this kind of shit. Apologies if that is not what you are...

fbazzrea's picture

war is a result of our foreign policy being manipulated to use military force against other nations to the detriment of the entire world except for the bankster cabal directing the defense dept via bought-and-paid-for Congressional warhawks, DOD leadership and generals preparing to pivot into lucrative private consultation practices.

Gead's picture

You may or may not be right, fbazzrea; however, what all seem to forget is that war - once it started - is one nation against another. Man, woman, child, old, young, healthy or not. WW2 - we carpet-bombed cities. They carpet-bombed back. Missiles were used. Nukes. That is war. One nation versus another. There are NO non-combatants in war. And it is time we all got used to that notion. For, it is true. Sitting around wringing hands about losses on the other side - our enemies - is a waste of time. Get it done - kill them, subjagate them, conquer. That is war. And when it is over - the spoils of war are all that the loser(s) had. Possessions, resources, populace, land - to do with at the victor sees fit. I'm sick of this touchy-feelie approach to war. Sick of every news article inflaming an emotional state in all those who just haven't the stomach for the rawness of what killing is. It's time every meat-eater that is human be able to take a spike-gun or sledge-hammer and kill their own steer. OH? Didn't know that? That steak, that hamburger at one time had blood pumping through it. Tasty as hell. And that is war.

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The Iranian Shiites are the best.


They're waiting, believing & helping make way for their MAHDI.


This is their Christ like figure but no doubt the Bible's ANTICHRIST figure. :)


He needs mass chaos to make an appearance. Iran is helping him with that. Study up.


This goes beyond simple Islamic stupidity. This is weaponized religious fervor. If they can obtain nukes or if the ones they bought from North Korea actually work, they'll nuke the everloving shit out of Israel & the USA P.D.Q.


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Be quiet.

Tou sound stupid.