Trump Handed Merkel $375 Billion Invoice For NATO Defenses During Recent Visit

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A couple of weeks ago we wrote several notes about German Chancellor Angela Merkel's painfully awkward visit to the White House.  After meeting in private, the pair sat down in the oval office for a brief press conference where you could cut the tension with a knife.  At one point someone from the media asked for a handshake but the request was promptly ignored.


Now, a couple of weeks later, we learn what may have prompted some of the tension in the room between Merkel and Trump that day.  According to a new report from The Times of London today, Trump apparently took advantage of Merkel's visit to Washington D.C. to pass her a $375 billion invoice for 'overdue' NATO defense expenses.  Per The Hill, Merkel largely ignored the invoice though it certainly seems to have accomplished it's goal of ruffling some feathers.

“The concept behind putting out such demands is to intimidate the other side, but the chancellor took it calmly and will not respond to such provocations,” a German minister told the newspaper.


Trump during his presidential campaign railed against the NATO alliance and has called for member countries to increase defense spending to support the organization.


Merkel “ignored the provocation,” the Times said.

As reported, the invoice was based on a 2014 pledge from NATO countries to spend 2% of their GDP on national defense.  As such, Trump allegedly instructed aides to calculate how much German spending fell below that 2% target for the past 12 years, added interest and created an invoice which he hand delivered.

Meanwhile, with the benefit of this new information, Trump's tweets from March 18th, after his meetings with Merkel, take on all new meaning.


And while Merkel has largely ignored the invoice, other German ministers have decided upon more aggressive responses.  Per the Independent:

In response to the claims, German defence minister Ursula Von der Leyen rejected the notion the European nation owed the US or Nato.


She issued a statement saying: “There is no debt account at Nato


“Defence spending also goes into UN peacekeeping missions, into our European missions and into our contribution to the fight against [Isis] terrorism.”


Her comments were backed by Ivo Daalder, permanent representative to Nato from 2009 to 2013 under the Obama administration, who queried the President’s understanding of the organisation.


He tweeted: “Sorry Mr President, that’s not how Nato works. The US decides for itself how much it contributes to defending Nato.


“This is not a financial transaction, where Nato countries pay the US to defend them. It is part of our treaty commitment.”

Never a dull moment in the Trump White House.

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Pay up or shut up.

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"Trump Handed Merkel $375 Billion Invoice For NATO Defenses During Recent Visit"

My Response: GOOD!!!!!!

Don't forget to add interest of a high percent for late payments!

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Another group also demanded reparations from Germany after the Balfour Declaration in 1948 to help support and build-out a small sliver of land carved out of Palestine...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I hope Merkel sends the U.S. a invoice for the rebuilding of blow-away unmilitarized German cities in the second world war.  I hope each side tells the other "fuck off and die" and the U.S. pulls out of continental Europe all together. 

It will be horribly entertaining and something that needs to be done. 

Al Gophilia's picture

No problem. They'll just get Portugal and Spain to pay for it a la Greece and Cypress.

USisCorrupt's picture

I'm with TRUMP !


I would think George Soros owes about a Trillion or so by now as well.

Diatom's picture

Departugal... People here are getting tired of the the fucking EU and the euro.

More people are understanding that Portugal is a Germany's province which is an american province...

BurningFuld's picture

Someone prints money out of thin air and gives it to you. Next thing you know they own your country. Who in the fuck signed up for that? Revolt dude revolt.

OverTheHedge's picture

"Someone prints money out of thin air and lends it with interest payable by you. Everything else is bang on.

SAIAN's picture

They could raid the pension pots of Greece... i'm sorry, I work and am a loyal EU slave who loves nothing more than screwing people over and thanking me for it, if I was any more obvious they would be calling me Neegan and I would be carrying a baseball bat.

Sandmann's picture

Germany received a 50% haircut atThe London Agreement on German External Debts, 1953

The London Debt Agreement covered a number of different types of German debt from before and after the Second World War. Some of them arose directly out of the efforts to finance the reparations system, while others reflect extensive lending, mostly by U.S. investors to German firms and governments.[2] The parties that were involved besides West Germany included Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Greece, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Pakistan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, the United States, Yugoslavia and others. The states of the Eastern Bloc were not involved.

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Germany is finally paying off World War I reparations, with the last 70 million euro (£60m) payment drawing the debt to a close.

Strizzi's picture

seeing that they had butchered the wrong pig (Churchill) they needed Germany
as war theater for the assault on then Soviet-Russia
and formed the North Atlantic Terror Organisation with the aim of
quoting Nato´s first Generalsecretary Ismay Hastings:  On the purpose of NATO: "To keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down."

Diatom's picture

Like we say in Portugal: There's no 2 without 3...

They will try to invade Russia...This time is murika's turn...

The biggest nuclear arsenal ever built in history will make the best fireworks...

Never forget: Europe is an Asian peninsula...


NidStyles's picture

I agree 100%. I think our alliances would be better served as being one of mutual respect, fuck the parasites and their demands.

Kone Wone's picture

Well, when you start a major war, as the Germans did, you have to expect some collateral damage, especially if you lose (which the Germans did.)

inosent's picture

A lot of foggy facts. FDR purposely baited Japan, an ally of Germany, to attack Pearl Harbor. This was the most famous false flag op of all time prior to 9/11 (see Day of Deceit, by Robert Stinnet). With popular opinion running 88% against entering the war in Europe, FDR's jewish controllers concoted the PH scheme, so the US could enter the war through the back door. How so? Well, an ally of one is only an extension of the other side of the alliance. Japan's pre-calculated attack on PH led the US to declare war on Japan, an ally of Germany, and therefore declaring war on Germany.

Germany got screwed, badly - but we all did. Our 'leaders' sold us out to the zionists.

Never Forget! but for the jews, there never would have been a so called WWI and WWII.


Haus-Targaryen's picture


Let us not forget that the US involvment in Europe was completely about stopping the advance of the Soviet Union and nothing about "Liberating" Europe.  


inosent's picture

Hans, as I have read, the facts could argue the opposite. As the red army pursued the retreating German army, Eisenhower ordered American armies to stand down, when some argue they should have rallied to the north and east from their positions in France and Italy, and any positions in Germany, and cut off the Germans, telling the soviets (jew) 'thank you very much, we'll take it from here'.

The supposed purpose of the US entree into the war was to 'liberate' the countries Hitler had occupied, restoring them to their former glory. However, because the allies stood down, the commie fog of doom only replaced one occupation with another for several countries in eastern Europe, including half of Germany. Some would argue that was purposely done bcz the 'planners' needed a fake enemy to perpetuate the MIC via a cold war. As long as we can make the bombs, and not kill too many ppl, looks like a win win to the global planners, right?

When you read the stories of ppl from within Hungary, you can reach the conclusion USA Corp only paid lip service to liberating them from the iron grip of the red fist.

And let me tell you, those ppl suffered mightily under sadistic jews. I have posted resources many times to back that up.

GotAFriendInBen's picture


It's all the jews fault?

Amazing people. Sneaky little bastards, aren't they


inosent's picture

The short answer is yes. The facts are on the tavle for all to see. But for the zionist initiative, the wars would have had no purpose, as you can see from the result (as of 1948) the only thing that resulted in a 'gain' was the partition in palestine favoring the jews. Most of Europe was now behind the red curtain, suffering under the juden's communism, the rest were bombed into oblivion and had a big mess to clean up, and because of American politicians hungry for jew money, America was left, now for the last 70 years, footing the bill, with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Koba the Dread's picture

Since Reichskanzler Hitler declared war on the United States (not vice-versa), the US needs make no reparation to Germany for any actions in the war.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

So targeting unmilitarized high density population centers is totally cool?  

I'll make sure and let Berlin know that.  Seems like we overpaid the English and Polish pretty substantially then.  

shovelhead's picture

Sure, why not?

Hitler bombing London started that game. Did you, er...forget?

Is-Be's picture

Churchill lost the entire family fortune in the crash of 1920.

Churchill was paid handsomely by the Rothschild to drag England into a war with Germany.

It was pretty hard to do after the butchery of the first world war.

Churchill had to bomb German civilians for three months to provoke Hitler to respond in kind. Hitler considered the Saxons of England to be part of the Volk.

Hitler had no landing craft and needed a second front like a hole in the head.

Everything you know about the second world war is pure lies and propaganda.

LawOfBass's picture

Where do you get your info from? 

Matteo S.'s picture

Please, no BS.

Churchill ordered to bomb german cities in 1940 as an attempt to divert the germans from bombing british military and industrial facilities. And Adolf fortunately fell into the trap, which played a great part in Britain not losing the battle of England.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with how city bombing became a thing:

1) Germans going to blowup some factor in North of England.

2) JU-88 gets hit with flack, dumps ordnance and makes a U-Turn for the Fatherland.

3) Remainder of the squadron continue on to bomb factory or someshit

4) Wounded JU-88 dropped ordnance on downtown London.  Not the entire squadron.  One plane.

5) Hitler sent the entire crew of that bomber to the Eastern Front as punishment and publicly apologized on AM radio broadcast into England.

6) Churchill didn't give a shit and ordered the flattening of Berlin

7) Hitler ordered the flattening of London

The Blitz ended in 41, yet German cities keep getting blown away all the way up until the last week of the war.  Königsberg ... stood almost untouched until first week of May 45.

Put down the History Channel and pick up a Goddamn book. May I recommend starting with Patton's diary?  

OverTheHedge's picture

You're right about the Brits starting it (but apologies from the enemy seem to be a little pointless - a bit like the US apologising for killing yet another 150 civilians).

However, the continued air attacks kept 1,000,000 German men inside Germany as firemen, air-raid wardens, anti-aircraft gunners etc. That million men could have been on the eastern front, winning, or even more exciting, on the western front, really winning. Not very sporting, but handy for the poor squaddies who didn't have to face worse odds.

As the Luftewaffe couldn't beat the Royal Navy, no invasion was ever possible.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I encourage you to google image "Feuerwehr im Zweitenweltkrieg" 

The German fire department was compromised mostly of: 

1) Really old people

2) Women

3) wounded soldiers back from the front

There were no masses of able-bodied men fighting fires as opposed to fighting the Russians.  


poetic justice's picture

They didn't do a very good job of flattening Buckingham Palace. Maybe because Royal family are krauts? Yeah Stavos...

Is-Be's picture

I am puzzled by Hitler's motive in declaring war on the US when his quarrel was with Stalin.

Was he intending to invade the US and did he have enough landing craft?

Did he think that a second front was to his military advantage ?

Something is not right here.

Perhaps it had something to do with the sinking of the Luisitania. A ship that had munitions on the lower deck and passengers on the upper, bound between England and France. and which the Germans repeatedlywarned the passengers not to board, by advertising in the American press.

Even then I am unsure what he hoped to achieve.

SmackDaddy's picture

We were shipping massive amounts of war materials to the Soviets.  The declaration of war was to put the U.S. on notice that the German U-boat would begin sinking ships headed for Russia.  Hitler did not want war with Britain or U.S.  

It would be like putting a guy in a chokehold and then acting surprised when he starts punching and then saying, "Well I wasn"t hitting you."

inosent's picture

Send ur xing invoice to the bloody jews. They were behind the whole thing. See The Controversy of Zion. Tell those azhlz in israhell to refund every cent Germany paid to them and demand reparations for every lost German life.



X- x3's picture

You forgot to mention compensation for the 1,000,000 German soldiers that died after WWII in american Eisenhower Death Camps.

And, not to forget the 9,000,000 German civilians that died under the american occupation 1944-1950.



James Bacque, *Other Losses*  and *Crimes And Mercies*

*James Bacque - WWII, Hidden history and Other Losses*


Eisenhower's Rhine-Meadows Death Camps - Documentary

yogibear's picture

Germany started the invasions. How about all the Americans that Germany killed? 

Now Germany has the east German ruining the country. Forcing the invasion.

Look at Sweden Germany, your headed the same way.


Haus-Targaryen's picture

You use that word "started" yet I am not sure you know what it means. 

X- x3's picture

'It' is 1 of the hasbara trolls that shows up now and then here at ZH.

Probably needs more butt-fucking by it's rabbi-t.

;)  X-

X- x3's picture

How's the weather in Telaviv?

Mostly raining Palestinian Blood in the streets & heavy Zionazi winds blowing out of the Knesset?

Fuck-off troll.

lie_to_me's picture

Marshall Plan and you started it.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

90% of Marshall Plan funds never came to Germany and the 10% that did were there to trip-up the Soviets more so than help the Germans.  

You've consumed too much of your own coolaide. 

X- x3's picture

Hallo H_T_.

I read a Danish university reasearch study in the mid-1980's which detailed, in $$$, from where & how much 'money' was 'given' to Europe with the Marshall Plan.

Actually, and listen now, if I remember correctly considering it was over 30 years ago that I read the study,....

Something like $20-$30 Billion USD(pre-WWII value), was transferred out of Europe by Europeans!!!

Before 1941.

The Marshall Plan used....get this now...what was EUROPEAN MONEY from the beginning!!!


Let that sink in for a moment.


A BS-story, brought to you by......((( ))).

i.e. (((MSM>>>nyt/wapo/cbs/time-newsweek-FED-Wall St-CIA-etc etc))).

It came as a chock to me then.

Never ever did I see any similar studies done again concerning, who's $$$, actually Gold/£-notes which did the financing.

You're about 25 years younger than me H_T_.

Remember what I just said.

Very few people have ever even considered this fact as any remote possibility.

((( control the narrative))) ....dots.....dots.....connecting the dots.......

Cheers  X-

Diatom's picture


Marshal Plan was the lending by murika of the european gold that the germans looted during the war...

They even made movies about it see the monuments men.

The more you now about murika, the more you apreciate Russia...


poetic justice's picture

You mean send the Rockefeller's, Rothchild's, ET AL, the Invoice for the destruction of Germany. NOT THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS...

JRobby's picture

I'm sure Angela put that right in for "processing".

The banks of course think all disagreements can be solved by more money being owed so they can bet on it.

Al Tinfoil's picture

I wonder how much Russia could claim from Germany for the invasion of Russia in WW2, including, among many other things, the destruction of Stalingrad, the siege of Leningrad and the deaths of its population from bombardment and starvation, the destruction of Sevastopol, the killings of civilians by the Einsatzgruppen, the "scorched earth" activities of the Wermacht as the Russians drove the German war machine westward in 1943-1945, and the reprisals against civilians for the activities of the Russian resistance, not to mention the use of Russian prisoners of war as slave labor? 

And there might be a bill presented by Hungary for the killings of civilians by the SS Battalions led by Stepan Bandera and his thugs.

And the bill by Greece for the starvation of the Greek population and the theft of Greece's gold.  

And Poland might present a bill to both Germany and Russia for the invasion of 1939 and the division of the country that followed.  And Poland might present a bill to Germany for the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Jewish population.  

Oh, and I wonder how much England might bill Germany for the bombing of London, Coventry, and other unmilitarized UK cities, and for the losses and expenses incurred in the Battle of Britain.  Not to mention the activities of Germany in France during WW2.

The "Germany as victim" card is not without its problematic aspects.    

Sandmann's picture

Balfour Declaration was 1917

forgottenozonehole's picture

Correct, no more free lunch...
Next should be lefty Canada, prepare the checkbook Justin..

Strizzi's picture

better still end the ongoing occupation of Germany and take ur multicultural marxist shills with you so we 
can repatriate Rammstein base and finish your illegal wars from our territory
once done we form an alliance with President Putins Russia and the US-Zionists
have their worst nightmares come true

Is-Be's picture

Please may we have Prussia back?

Genocide is not nice.