"We've Reached Our Limits" - Greece Begins Blocking Refugees

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Greece will cease taking back refugees under the controversial Dublin Regulation, as the country’s limited capacities to host people are already on the brink of collapse, the Greek migration minister announced in an interview.

RT reports that as the European Commission pressures Athens to re-implement the Dublin Regulation – stipulating that refugees can be returned to the first EU state they arrived in – the Greek migration minister told Spiegel his country is not in a position to do so. The agreement was put on hold for Greece back in 2011 over problems in the country’s asylum system.

“Greece is already shouldering a heavy burden,” Ioannis Mouzalas, the migration minister, said.


We accommodate 60,000 refugees... and it would be a mistake to make Greece’s burden heavier by the revival of the Dublin agreement,” he said, also adding that Germany, the primary destination for most refugees, “wants countries where refugees arrive first to bear a large portion of the burden.”


Asked if Athens is ruling out implementation of the Dublin Regulation, Mouzalas answered in the affirmative, adding, “I want the Germans to understand that this is not because of political or ideological reasons, or failure to appreciate Germany’s assistance.


“Greece simply has no capacities to cope with additional arrival of refugees,” he said. “We’ve just pulled ourselves together, so please, don’t make us falter again.”


At this stage, Mouzalas said, Greece is ready to accommodate only a small number of refugees as a symbolic gesture, showing “that we’re not opposed to the Dublin agreement.” Greece “reached its limits” and “we can’t bring in a single refugee,” he reaffirmed, appealing “to the common sense of Europe.”

Human rights groups warn that imminent transfers from other EU countries back to Greece in line with the regulations are likely to cause more refugees than ever to go underground in western European countries, as many are desperate to stay there because of family links or successful attempts to start a new life. The scheme also adds even greater pressure to existing refugee facilities in Greece and beyond.

Of course, should Greece really go against Merkel's dream of assimilation, she will simply unleash further austerical despair on the nation in return for their next bailout. How much longer will the Greeks take it?

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----_- (not verified) Mar 27, 2017 3:18 AM

refugees and greek are on the same level

non of them is european not by dna not by anyting else yet they are parasiting european soil


you have to go back to cat toilet israel

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Greeks are not European?

You have to go back to underneath your rock, moron.

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Turks are Mongols, not Arabs. Although it should be pointed out that the Turkish elite has high levels of white DNA due to the wise practice the Ottomans had of kidnapping European children and educating them for influential positions in Turkish society. 

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I suspect that, like Sicilians, contemporary Greeks have high levels of Oriental DNA due to their centuries of subjugation under the Muslims. Whatever else they may be, their genetic kinship to the classical Greeks of old is quite weak. 

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about a year or two ago I sraered wondering if the Greeks of today and really tbe same people that lived there back in the days ancient Greece.  The behavior of those in Greece today did not match the expectations based on history.



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Were is not the same as is.  Were is what Europe has become.  You were once white, but now you have become our multicultural mulatto slaves.

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40'000 years ago, the ancestors of the Europeans were rather dark skinned, as they were coming directly from Africa, mixing only to about 5% with the probably fair skinned Neanderthal. Maybe you can call those your "white ancestors"... modern Homo sapiens is multiracial in the sense there are Neanderthal, Denisovian and some other early human species DNA in us, in varying percentages.

The new immigrants probably became fair skinned to better produce Vitamin D. Maybe also other reasons. Not among them discrimination, it is assumed.

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reposting this to save time rewriting it yet again..

oooh boy here we go again.
a few mental lightweights with titles of petty nobility in their recent past enough to pay for their 19th century tourism, go to greece and are shocked, even scandalized, to find that greeks do not ride around in chariots singing long poems to each other before they fight to the death in sword duels wearing bronze armor... and then decide that those must somehow be genetic attributes and that sadly the greeks must have all died out.

Of course nobody with even a vague understanding of history woudl take such a moron seriously, but then such theories have indeed proven convenient for other mental lightweights with political agendas over the years - both in greece and elsewhere - to justify every sorg of atrocity.

Now lets consider a very brief synopsis of the greek case in particular. I think everyone would agree that in 146 BC when pretty much all the greek cities were conquered by the roman republic (or joined a coalition with rome which resulted in de-facto occupation) , they were greeks. I think everyone will concede that the same people, speaking the same language, living the same culture, continued through the early principate and into the severan period, when a weird new religious craze spread through the empire, cetting evr more popular as the empire politically and economically succumbed to a deepening crisis driven in no small part by increasing corruption, centralization, strangulation by bureacracy and taxes, and other things we've know to fuck up pretty much any society in any place or time.. a few emperors reformed things from time to time and most of them only made it worse through their centralization, but this new religion was catching on like wildfire during hard times. There were a couple brief expeditions by famous barbarians that reached into the greak part of the world for a few months but the empire evicted them (they were much more successful in kicking the shit out of the western provinces and were the origin of modern spain, france, germany, etc) and meanwhile one of those reformer emperors moved the very capital of the roman empire east into the greek world because rome and the western provinces were played out, used up, and strategically poorly located. I think that everyone is in agreement that those people are still greek in , say, the time of justinian (first half of the 6th cent) , indicentally the last emperor to be a native speaker of latin. However by then anyone reading a history book would notice a serious shift in terminology. Simply _everyone_ had caught the religion bug. the word 'hellene' (greek) had taken on an entirely new meaning- it now implied a follower of the old pagan religion- as distinct from a christian. The concept of identity in the roman world at the time was seriously reconstructed. If you asked a man in 6th century Athens what he was, lets even say in 528 right before the aforementioned Justinian forced the famous and by then ancient Academy at Athens to close down because of its pagan teachings (and more proximal politics between individual academics who used political pull in the capital to eliminate in one swing a rival institution), you would most typically get a response from that man 'i am roman' , from 99.9% of the people (roman citizenship was conferred on everyone living under the empire three centuries before), and about 85% or so of them would most likely add the further identifier that 'i am christian'. (orthodox/catholic/etc distinctions did not really exist yet, and sectarian differences then really boiled down to politics between individual bishops). Very few would cal l themselves greek, because by then everyone, even those who were still into the old gods, reserved the word 'greek' for pagans and not christians.. and _everyone_ called themselves Romans which politically they all were. They would have told you that in greek, of course, and in a dialect of Greek that would resemble pretty well the attic dialect found in e.g. the bible (just to use an exmaple many modern people are familiar with, for a 6th century example, read Procopius).

Now in the 7th century come the famous slavic invasions. The seventh century was a clusterfuck all around in the roman empire, with enormous wars with the persians and their avar (turkic steppe nomads enjoying their century of glory in the long succession of top tier steppe tribes) allies, resulting in a bloody fight to the death between the two empires which the roman empire happened to win under a (greek speaking) emperor named heraclius - who would also have called himself emperor of the Romans, and who was fanatically christian.. then right on the tail of that tiresome war came the new religious fad of islam in the southeast and also some opportunistic expansion of slavic tribes in the north (and some slipping of civilization in roman africa, and opportunistic independence of commanders of various parts of italy too) , all in all i think i mentioned the 7th century is a clusterfuck for the roman empire. In the balkans, one must bear in mind that greeks never settled much north of a zone that corresponds amazingly well with a line drawn between mesembria (today called burgas in bulgaria) on the black sea and dyrrachion (today called durres) on the adriatic - in Roman times, north of that line (actually a bit south of that line, one could broadly start the line between those two cities and then hold it about 100km in from the coast and you'll get a more accurate rendering) was latin-speaking and had seen a big infusion of roman colonization in the early empire through the granting of land to retired legionaries. Very few such grants occurred south of this line because, well, that region was populated by greeks, who the romans all else be told, simploy adored and were n perpetual cultural thrall to. They considered the non-greek peoples further to the norrth fair game for expropriation and colonization but they didn't even imagine 'colonizing' the greek world. (the word colonna was a latin term describing such a land grant and the military service that often accompanied it). Anyway the latin/greek line is well attested through the roman period (justinian himself was a native of Nis, roughly speaking modern belgrade, well north of the line, and romania today (partly roman Dacia) still speaks latin today). So, the balkans which had gotten their fair share of clobbering in those wars i mentioned, had seen a major influx in the 7th century of slavic farmers- the latin speaking population had been further decimated by an outbreak of bubonic plague (same as the 1340's black death) which struck the whole mediteranean world in the 540's and again several times into the 580s wiping up up to half the population. The latin zone 'north of the line' had always been more sparsely populated to begin with because frankly mediterranean civilizations and cultures didn't find it very appealing, which is one more reason they dumped such land on retired veterans instead of, say, selling or parcelling it off in big grants to senators like more mediterranean conquests (e.g. spain, souther gaul, northern africa). Back to the point. Indeed 'north of the line' there was an influx of slavs during the 7th century. And in some pockets south of the line there were slavic migrants as well. Indeed some were even settled in the morea (the common medieval term for the pelloponese), often as peasant labor on bigger estates which had seen a loss of labour in the plagues. Roman political control over any part of the balkans not very close to the sea and capable of resupply, was shaky in the darkest period of the big persian/avar and then moslem wars, and for that matter political control of much of the empire was shaky during that period as the centr struggled for survival. They did survive and did reestablish standard administration and in the 8th century the provinces (now called themes) are formally reestablished throughout the balkans south-of-the-line as well as south italy and sicily. Now this is where a lot of people get their pants in a twist. Are the people still greek? zomg, what happened in that 50 year interlude! strangely the population is still speaking greek after that interlude, the material culture shows the typical signs of economic chaos often accompanying political chaos, but shows no cbrupt change, there is no mention of any massive wipeout of one population to be replaced with another, the only thing that has happened is that imperial administration was at low ebb for a while and when it's re-established , of course the particular cities chosen as provincial capitals might be different (e.g. nikopolis was essentially abandoned and is population moved 20 miles to ambrakia and shortened the name to arta, while the province of nikopolis' capital was transferred 100 miles siuth to Nafpakto) but there is archaeologial continuity through the period almost everywhere anyone has bothered looking, and again, those people are continuing to speak greek throughout the region south-of-the-line just as before. Some pockets are exceptions and are well documented (often cited by the mental lightweights i mentioend far above, as the 'proof' of their argument as they ignore the 90% of the south-of-the-line where nothing changed at all). Curiously north-of-the-line slavic languages took hold and have been dominant ever since (though small pockets of Vlachs continued to speak latin as it evolved away from latin over all those centuries, even til today, throughout the north-of-the-line zone). So, beyond that critical second half of the 7th century, we see the greeks are still there or else magically a whole population fof purported invaders has replaced the original population whtout any noticeable change in meterial culture or language, in only 2 generations, and with no mention of it in any historical record. Pretty effing unlikely to say the least.

Now given roman (often called byzantine but lets not forget that these people and everyone around them only used the term roman) political fortunes, the balkans are pretty stable for the next few centuries, with the exception of the newly founded bulgarian state. bulgarians (originally another turkic tribe under the avars, and not slavs at all) had been granted land south of the danube and north-of-the-line by an empire in the lowest point in the political and military clusterfuck years. The original idea was that they'd become foederatii and fight for the empire (they did to begin with) but they instead took to plundering the surrinding region and generally being a pain in the ass. They established an independent kingdom and under two energetic rulers, krum in the 800s and samuel (by now a thoroughly christianized and largely romanized country and ruler seeking to establish himself as roman emperor, actually!) around the turn of the millennium, managed to plunder, loot, and pillage large swathes of the balkans both nroth-of and south-of -the-line. Krum died victorious in battle but his successors were christianized and brought into the roman orbit by more sublte means. samuel was definitive crushed in a battle in 1018 by the emperor basil (called the bulgar-slayer) and all the balkans up to the danube and including pretty much all of former-yugoslavia as well, were brought back into the roman empire until the disintegration in 1204. but none of _that_ changed the demographics in any meaningful way either. The 800s after Krum saw the bulgarian upper class - who ruled over a predominantly slavic population, all converted to christianity and mixed with their slavic underlings such that they from then on speak slavic language themselves.. but the bulgars proper were only ever a thin upper crust of warrior-nobility over the slavic and post-roman north-of-the-line population anyway. odd again that the bulgarian languge died out (and today modern bulgarian is a slavic language) by the 800s, whereas south-of-the-line they continue speaking greek uninterrupted.

Anyway the next point people get their paints in a twist is the ottoman empire. There, the moslem regime again divided the ppulation up by religion and from time to time there was strong pressure to convert to islam (but not always- before the 1600s it was sporadic, there was not an ovwewhelming direct pressure, but from the mid-17th century on towards the beginning of the 19th century, there were forced conversions, mass pressure to convert, expropriation of refusers, etc) and they labelled greek-epeaking christians 'romans' and put them under the political control of the bishop of constiantinople, they afforded similar treatment to the slavic-speaking christians north-of-the-line and put them under other religiously aligned rulers. In asia minor in the interior, the ethnic picutre was a mishmash from ancient times. The coastal parts of asia minor were indeed colonized by greeks from the bronze age onward, but 100 miles inland was about the most they bothered to settle because it's not coastal and mediterannean anymore. In the interior, they'd been hellenized culturally, adopted greek language, but they were a dozen ethnicities who were only really homogenized by centuries of roman rule. So in pre-1071 asia minor clear out to the frontier zone in what's today syria or armenia, you'd ask people what are you and you'd get the reply 'i am roman'.. by then 'roman' had become synonymous with christian, so people didn't bother giving the redundant second distinction. There weren't really any _non_christian romans by then.

So the second place where people get their pants in a twist is the aftermath of the defath of the roman army in manzikert in 1071. A turkic adventurer named arp aslan took the emperor captive (the battle was incidentally lost due to a treachery which gives game theory today a problem called the 'byzantine generals problem') and after some negotiation ended up releasing him with several thousand turkic horsemen as an escort plus whatever was left of his army that had been taken prisoner. He was killed before he reached the capital, plunging the empire into a new clusterfuck which was the culmination of several decades of the most unimaginably corrupt political rot one could..imagine. even contemporary historials by the late 11th century couldnt help but realize that they had let the empire rot politically and that it eventually let to the military defeat. Anyway. In the ten years between 1071 and then finally a new emperor halting the disintegration coming to power in 1081, the central highlands of asia minor saw a major shift from christianity to islam. Whoa how did that happen so suddenly!! and the provincial capital of Ikonion is now the headquarters of a turco-persian mishmash of military adventurers and newly-made nobility who are now lording over peasants who themselves are beginning to convert to islam! wow!

This was a partial demographic shift, insofar as the upper class was indeed largely replaced by moslems (who are called by roman sources, saracens, regardless of ethnicity, and who after the period of the crusades tend to all be called turks regardless of ethnicity) , who 'encouraged' the conversion to islam of the rest of the poulation, and at the same time, that population, of the rural interior of asia minor, had been bearing the worst burden of the previously mentioned clusterfuck of corruption and misrule of most of the 11th century, which was all of course bound up in the package deal of a christian roman political ideology. So, probably a lot of the peasants even willingly rejected the whole package and accepted islam. Curiously this phenomenon matches well demographically to regions which had been consolidated into huge etsates owned by absentee aristocrats in constantinople, administered by managers and abused by corrupt and greedy officials. The coastal regions of asia minor, which also were ethnically greek, later saw a similar correspondence between the indicence of large estates with absentee landlords, and the enthusiams of conversion to islam.. and the more immeidately coastal parts of asia minor, where the terrain doesnt lend itself to large estates (the typically greek ecosystem of mountainous littoral) the conversions to islam were curiously correspondingly rare such that coastal asia minor was still predominantly 'roman' until 1922 when the christians were forced out of asia minor by the treaty of sevres. So, these people who converted to islam, and the rest who did over the subsequent centuries, sooner or later adopted the language of the moslem upper class - a mishmash of turkic with tons of persian, arabic, and greek words mixed in - and if you asked those people 'what are you' you'd almost certainly get back the answer 'i am a muslim'. that does wonders for ethnography let me tell you. nevermind that all moslems were by now in the west called 'turks' regardless of ethnicity.
So lets get to 1922. Kemal is now in power in a new turkish state created by that same treaty of sevres and all christians ('romans'still officially classifed by the ottoman state until that point in time) are expelled from asia minor. Most of the armenian christians had been massacred in preceeding decades in the eastern parts of asia minor (the armenian church being not entirely part of the orthodox church's org chart, the armenians were again a separate 'millet' under religion-obsessed ottoman administration) . Kemal now tells all these people, because he wnats to establish a secular dictatorship and does not want to remind people that their primary identity is 'moselm' that oh hey by the way people you are all TURKS didn't you know? and he forces through on pain of death a turkification of the very language and a total rewriting of all books and history and what-have-you and he pulls it off because his country is just in the right mix of illiteracy and still one-foot-in-the-middle-ages that they can be taught afresh a whole new story. And he pushes only gently on the religion thing so as to not piss them off all at once, and he wipes out all the old aristocracy for good measure.

Kemal was a good obedient boy to the american world-empire and got plenty of political support from washington over the years for his version of ethnic history.

But lets fast forward to the 70s and more recent time when this new science of genetics starts to show us some light about the composition of peoples in the region. Curiously a lot of people in the coastal regions of asia minor are indistinguishable from greeks - they are the descendants of the ones who converted to islam - and in the interior it's a whole smargasbord - and in the eastern parts its armenians, kurds, assyrians, with a smattering of other peoples who moved around individually under long years of e.g. roman, arab, and ottoman rule.. Now if someone, who knows hoe to do genetic studies well enough, but who lacks ths historical background to understand that 'turk' in asia minor is a creation of kemal and formerly a relgious, not ethnic, designation, he would come up with a thousand and one attempts to explain who the 'turks' of asia minor seem to have little in common with 'turks' of e.g. central asia, but seem to have a lot in common with e.g. greeks (it majorly depends on where the samples were taken!!) and all kinds of retarded theories can be foudned on _that_ as well.

this is turnign into a short book. but lets wrap it up with the simple fact that politics of the 19th/20th century have tried to erase peoples on many occasions, and such attempts on greeks are just one of many attempts worldwide.

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It's kind of sad though, that they are the ones that once upon a time manage to defeat the mighty army of Xerxes. Maybe they should build a wall.....

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I have a question. Did you hurt your neck when you were pulling your empty head out of your ass to write such ignorance? 

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Greeks may not be brightest guys to manage their economy, what their track record from past 190 years demonstrates, but current woes are by large caused by over class parasites, who robbed the country and transferred the bounty to foreign bank accounts leaving the general population to pay for the debts. This crony capitalist practice is hardly unique just for Greece. Should Greeks choose to go to barricades now, because their economic situation already is totally hopeless, not mention an extra burden of illegal migrants, this would turn EU to full panic mode and hasten its death dramatically.

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----_- (not verified) TeraByte Mar 27, 2017 8:21 AM

downvote you becuase you said they manage their own economy


you not from here are you? lurk more faggot

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downvote you becuase

1 over Infinity's picture

You are either ignorant or confused or a bit of both.


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tic toc, tic toc...

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The banksters turned Greece into the mule of the EU

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they are NOT refugees they are NIGGHRUZ dark gene individuals who want only welfare, rape, and violence

they lie about their age and then get put in schools with 14 year old girls and rape them. These are 30 year old men, not 16 year olds, and theya re from Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Niger, NOT from syria. the others are pakistanis and other in-bred failed races

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Exactly. They will cost more than they will produce. You can bet your last dollar on that. The Anglo-Zionist don't want nations, they want atomized mobs of unrelated people.

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They are the future soldiers against Putin, and the feudal levy that will enforce serfdom on the Europeans; in return they will get choice girls, houses and lands... at least, that is the idea of the stupids who bring them in. 

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good one trumptard


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Care to provide a different narrative, or is ad hominems all your feeble brain is capable of? 

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Best ad hominems are 9mm, repeat as necessary. Never fails.

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If you lived in a shit-hole that made women cover themselves....

Greece looks pretty good this time of year.

MasterControl's picture

Yeah but diversity is strength n stuff.

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Exterminate them all! Save Europe.  Save our dear white beatiful women!  

When you get your dear-desired race war, you will regret ever being alive.

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"Greece, your going to take the number of refugees we tell you to take"

The plan  becomes clear, keep Greece in debt peonage to become the new refugee camp of Europe.  The Greeks did a deal with the devil, and now he wants his wants his due, goodby Greece forever.

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"The birthplace of Democracy."



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Say it ain't so, Mabel!

Oh, the humanity!

Notice how the police in the photo are being rough with those young women with infants and toddlers?

miketv's picture

But what are the Israeli directors on the beaches of Greece supposed to do?


Escapeclaws's picture

The only solution for the Greeks is to emigrate.

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I thought they all had, and opened greasy spoon cafes in Australia......

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All those who like to promote the success of the EU project can reference the "successful" integration of Greece as a fine example. EU means unity. Pfffffffft! Yeah sure. At what cost?

Ms No's picture

“Greece is already shouldering a heavy burden,”

Talk about an understatement.  Those people have been put through pure hell by spending occupier politicians,  the banks, the EU and soros' minions.  I saw pictures years ago of beautiful tiny Greek children (a bit hairy but they are a good looking people) on the side of the road crying with signs around their neck saying "Please take, can't feed". 

I want the Germans to understand that this is not because of political or ideological reasons, or failure to appreciate Germany’s assistance.

Total fear of that c**t/female Bolshevik and the EU.  "Please don't punish us."  This is so twisted.



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This is what happens to countries that think Socialism is the answer for everything. Eventually, they destroy themselves and lose control of their destiny. This is what Greece did and exactly why they no longer have control of what is left of their country.

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Unless these Karlegi Plan Muslim "refugees" are deported out of Western Civilization, expect a crime wave of epic proportions, and the death of Western Civilization

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Chris Dakota (not verified) General Titus Mar 27, 2017 6:02 AM

But first there has to be a civil war, the blood lusting Jews who created this nightmare demand it.

The brainwashed Euros will follow orders of their handlers.

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we don't need those people. AT ALL.

all the guys should be send back to syria to fight.

Why the hell do we risk of damaging or destroying our jetfighters that cost a shitload of money when we can send cheaper soldiers to the front?

Let them defend their own country!


Lol "because of successful attempts to start a new life" lol. You just cant make this shit up. Human rights group. What a crock of shit. For every "successful migrant" theres an overburdened native of that poor cuntry that is being fucked over to support these barbaric goat fuckers. This is so pathetic to see these asshole pols totally screwing over the people theyre supposed to be representing. It sounds moar like resenting to me. Elitist scumbags need to be introduced to their very own lamp posts. How can they bring themselves to encourage the destruction of europe?

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Sudden Debt Mar 27, 2017 6:04 AM

Mossad/CIA created ISIS.

Trump can end it, not by bombing but by going into the CIA and reverse engineer it, cut off the money.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Sudden Debt Mar 27, 2017 6:05 AM

Mossad/CIA created ISIS.

Trump can end it, not by bombing but by going into the CIA and reverse engineer it, cut off the money.

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Shoot and sink the rubber dingys


Keep the boats, shoot and sink the muzzie scum is a better idea.

NordikAvenger's picture

Do you mean "round them up and shoot en masse" but save the property?

Einsatzgrubben much?

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Western Civilization being destroyed via the flood gates be left wide opened by Zionist Jewish Marxist Masonic NWO.

NordikAvenger's picture

You left out "White" in "Western Civilization"

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Ready to enrich Europe with Islamic Dynamite via the Allah Akbar Cooperation.

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So which is it.

Did he just drop his trrousers, grab his ankles firmly and yell

Give it to me big boy.

Or did he just grow  pair

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Shut up and do as mutti says.