Banks Are Crashing

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Party's over...

With the yield curve flatter than before Trump's election, and rates collapsing, reform was the last best hope for bank bulls...


And after Friday's debacle, it appears investors have lost patience...


Banks are now red YTD...


Think banks are oversold? Maybe not...

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time to start fillling those OTM BAC calls. right? Anyone?

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Don't fret.  Our FED overloards slept in this morning.  They'll fix it after they've had some coffee so us tax-slaves/fiat-currency-slaves will have nothing to worry about by noon.

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Here comes the 10am PPT back in action.......

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Let me know when they start going bankrupt, then the party will really be over for them.

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Nothing's "crashing".  The counterfeting safety net is always there to bail them out.  The end will comes gradually with insidious inflation - boiling the frogs to death slowly rather than scalding them quickly.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ J S,

Slowly, since 2008 or 1913.

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Agreed.  A 9% "correction" just means some insiders cashed in their positions after a great run.  I believe to qualify for crash we'd need to see the value drop much lower, well below 19.  

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About the same time Jesus comes back and takes grandma to heaven.  

Calling for the end of the US system is funny.  Get off Facebook and take a trip anywhere outside your bunker.  Oh right, you can't leave and go anywhere without your AR.  

Scared, terrified, simpletons.


Trumptards = Libtards.

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My AR stays in the truck's gunrack, but the flash bangs are easy to carry.

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Yes, because we all know everything goes up forever.

Just ask Dick Fuld.

goddammoron's picture

Dick Fuld?  Should I ask O.J. too while at it?

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speaking of everything goes up the $ is up right now 

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Who gives a fuck what bank stocks do? Why should they matter to anyone outside of wallstreet or idiots who hold that stock?

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Confidence and animal spirits.

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"FAZ" BABY .... GO BABY GO!!!!!


Death to the Money Changers!!!!

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FAZ mathematically goes to zero, you need to be a moron to use those instruments to short.  Why don't you just short the worst banks, assuming you can understand them.

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"The banks have a stronger financial footing now than at any other time in history thanks to some of the things.............blah, blah, blah......."

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US banks are far better capitalized than anywhere else on Earth.

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

Are you sure you understand what capitalized means?

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Considering I spent decades doing fin service M&A and now manage a Long/short portfolio of them I think I do.  TCE/TA is 9% on average at US banks, 3% Australia, 4% China, 4-6% Europe.  You wanna dig yourself a deeper hole?

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I'm bad at mafff but how will this hurt the middle class...or at least what's left of it?

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It's fine so long as you don't hold overnight (or in the absence of reversals in the downtrend).

Chris88's picture

It's fine for short term trading, and for people that don't understand FIG enough to short the worst FIG companies.

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But, but, Gartman is trust in him is completely restored.

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Fear not, the FDIC has your back.

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That's a relief. For a nanosecond I thought it said "Banks are Cashing"

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and they're dancing in the streets!

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LOL!!!  Bullshit.  Let us know when these banks are down to 25% of their "all time high".

My guess is that the PPT will have them all made whole again by 3:30 PM.  (after the trading desks have booked all those profits from being short at the open of course)

The house always wins dumbasses.

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I give it by Europe close.  1130am ramp of all ramps.

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The house most certainly always wins.  It's rigged to happen that way.  Might as well make some money off it.

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BAC's chart looks like its been clubbed like a baby seal. 

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BigWillyStyle87 (not verified) Mar 27, 2017 9:46 AM

But but but i thought they had FORTRESS balance sheets!!!!

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"The banks have a stronger financial footing now than at any other time in history thanks to some of the things.............blah, blah, blah......."

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No problems, the US government will bail them out. Too big to fail. 

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Time to get out my crying towel. Laugh so hard I'll cry.

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Banks are not crashing trust me Janet Yellen would have said f*k it and gassed up the helicopter herself.

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I hope she brings some rope with her when she boards. Better yet, a chain!

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still way way overvalued.


too far away from 0 right now, much more to go

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How many of the commenters have put together or analyzed FIG professionally?  Show of hands.

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How is having a deeper understanding of Fortress relevant to commenting about a possible top in bank stocks?

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FIG = financial institution group, not understanding this proves you don't work in the industry.

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Banks are collasping? Really? My bank just jack up my interest rate again.

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Just the beginning.

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Who is THEY? 

Sounds like a conspiracy theory hatched in the Kremlin ! 

Gnomes of Lenin !