LA, Chicago, & New York Vow To Defy Trump Over Sanctuary City De-Funding

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"We are going to become this administration's worst nightmare." Leading officials from Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York have come out swinging a day after AG Sessions demanded yesterday that the country's so-called 'Sanctuary Cities' stop breaking Federal laws (or their funding will be cut, or worse).

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the surprise appearance at Sean Spicer's daily White House press briefing to announce that his DOJ will be taking steps to not only require that so-called "sanctuary cities" enforce federal immigration laws but would also be seeking to claw back past DOJ awards granted to those cities if they refuse to certify compliance.

"Today, I'm urging states and local jurisdictions to comply with these federal laws.  Moreover, the Department of Justice will require that jurisdictions seeking or applying for DOJ grants to certify compliance with 1373 as a condition for receiving those awards."


"This policy is entirely consistent with the DOJ's Office of Justice Programs guidance that was issued just last summer under the previous administration."


"This guidance requires jurisdictions to comply and certify compliance with Section 1373 in order to be eligible for OJP grants.  It also made clear that failure to remedy violations could result in withholding grants, termination of grants and disbarment or ineligibility for future grants."


"The DOJ will also take all lawful steps to claw back any fines awarded to a jurisdiction that willfully violates Section 1373."


Sessions' demands were not well met by the major cities' leaders...

New York was vocal...

"We are going to become this administration's worst nightmare," said New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who was among officials gathered in New York for a small conference that attracted officials from cities including San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York.


Mark-Viverito and others promised to block federal immigration agents from accessing certain private areas on city property, to restrict their access to schools and school records and to offer legal services to immigrants in the country illegally.

California was angry...

California Senate leader Kevin de León called Sessions' message, "nothing short of blackmail. ... Their gun-to-the-head method to force resistant cities and counties to participate in Trump's inhumane and counterproductive mass-deportation is unconstitutional and will fail."


Mayor Eric Garcetti said Monday he will fight efforts by the Trump administration to take away federal funding needed for law enforcement in Los Angeles.


Garcetti said that such actions would be unconstitutional, adding that the city’s policies are “designed to keep our residents safe.”


“Slashing funds for first-responders, for our port and airport, for counterterrorism, crime-fighting and community-building serves no one — not this city, not the federal government, not the American people,” he said. “We will fight to protect the safety and dignity of all Angelenos, and we will work closely with our representatives in Congress to make sure that Los Angeles does not go without federal resources that help protect millions of people every day.”

And Chicago was welcoming... to immigrants...

Mayor Rahm Emanuel doubled down on his own promise that Chicago will “continue to welcome” immigrants.


"I've always seen Chicago as a welcoming city,” Emanuel said in an interview from the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York on Monday.


“It welcomed my grandfather 100 years ago, we continue to welcome entrepreneurs, immigrants, and I would just say think of it this way: Half the new businesses in Chicago and the state of Illinois come from immigrants, nearly half,” he added. “Half the patents at the University of Illinois come from immigrants, and so we want to continue to welcome people, welcome their ideas, welcome their families to the city of Chicago, who want to build the American dream for their children and their grandchildren.”

As a reminder, in Sessions' view, these cities "make our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on our streets."

We are sure the tax-paying people of these great cities will be happy to support more taxation to pay for that loss of safety.

Under Trump’s order, mayors defending their sanctuary city status are essentially imposing a defiance tax on local residents. On average, this tax amounts to $500 per man, woman and child. Major cities like Washington, D.C., New York and Chicago have the most to lose, and nearly $27 billion is at stake across the country.

Here are the top 10 takeaways from our findings:

  1. $26.741 billion in annual federal grants and direct payments flowed into America’s 106 sanctuary cities (FY2016).
  2. On average, the cost of lost federal funding for a family of four residing in one of the 106 sanctuary cities is $1,810 – or $454 per person. A total population of 46.2 million residents live in the 106 sanctuary cities according to census data.
  3. Washington, D.C., and Chicago, Illinois governments received the highest amount of federal funding per resident and, therefore, have the most to lose by maintaining their sanctuary status.Washington, D.C. municipal government received the highest amount of federal funding on a per capita basis: $3,228 per person; $12,912 per family of four; or $2.09 billion total. The City of Chicago, IL received the second highest amount of federal funding on a per capita basis: $1,942 per person; $7,768 per family of four; or $5.3 billion total.
  4. In cities with populations of 100,000 and above, the communities with the least per capita federal dollars ‘at risk’ are St. Paul, Minnesota ($47 per person, $14.2 million total); Downey, California ($36 per person, $4.2 million total) and Miami, Florida ($67 per person, $29.7 million total).
  5. $15.983 billion in federal funds flowed into just twelve major American cities where 1 in 5 illegal entrants reside (FY2016).
  6. Department of Justice grants to law enforcement – i.e. city police departments – totaled $543.97 million (FY2016). Typically, this funding was only a small percentage of the local law enforcement budgets.
  7. $4.23 billion in federal funding of the 106 sanctuary cities flowed via the ‘direct payment’ type. These payments funded municipal services such as housing, education, community development, and schools.
  8. $21.5 billion in federal funding of the 106 sanctuary cities flowed via the ‘grant’ payment mechanism. These payments funded local police and fire departments, schools, housing, and city services.
  9. In Los Angeles, fully 1 in 5 city residents (22-percent) are illegal entrants. However, the amount of federal funding amounts to only $126 per resident; $504 per family of four; or $502.5 million total.
  10. In Newark, New Jersey, 19-percent of city residents are undocumented entrants. However, the amount of federal funding amounts to $733 per resident; $2,932 per family of four; or $206.7 million.

The threat of losing nearly $27 billion in federal funding seems to be having an effect on some cities. In fact, Miami already reversed their sanctuary city policy.

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Hulk's picture

Pull their fucking funding and then see how loud these bankrupt entities scream...

Tallest Skil's picture

This is a felony. Just have the National Guard arrest every single one of them.

Obey the law or kill them all.

espirit's picture

Let them sue when the checks stop coming.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Felony Obstruction of Justice, Conspiracy to Commit Obstruction of Justice, Impeding a Federal Officer, and let's throw RICO on top of all that, just for starters.

Ms. Erable's picture

Charge them all - Mayors, City Council members, County Supervisors, School Board officials, School Administrators, and teachers - as accomplices to ANY felony committed by ANY illegal douchenozzle fucktard within the LAWFUL AND LEGALLY DEFINED BORDERS of the country.

Art Van Delay's picture

California is off the list. Since Based Stick Man ruffled some feathers around there, MAGA movement is pushing back strong against the commies.

He's a natural born leader and good with words also not only with the stick:

Not to mention the Trump Army scared away the antifa at another rally:


bobdog54's picture

This string of comments has it exactly right according to our laws which are very similar to most nations on illegal border crossings as it is the very crucial to the security of our country, never mind the economy.

These are all felony offenses ans ALWAYS have been.


This is a very strong indicator of how corrupt our country has become and how close it is to the time we become a third world country.

SerfsUp's picture

The communist Dems will do anything for illegal votes.  ANYTHING.

Arnold's picture

Whites need not apply.


Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Obey the law or kill them all"

Is this the new "an eye for a bad attitude"?

Trying to get my mind around it

Ms. Erable's picture

Each of them will get a fair trial, followed by a first-class hanging.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

I don't know if we need to use lethal force, but I agree it is a felony and it is time these leaders resigned their office. In fact, when they swore in for their office, they swore on the Holy Bible to uphold and support the US and State Constitutions. 

They are in violation of their oath and US Codes (OF WHICH THERE ARE MANY).

Arrest the leaders and this situation will be manageable.

See what happens when we have a DESPOT like OBAMA in charge for 8 years. America is all screwed up with rebel DESPOTS everywhere who no longer support the US Constitution.

Harlequin001's picture

“It welcomed my grandfather 100 years ago, we continue to welcome entrepreneurs, immigrants, "

Was he a legal or illegal immigrant 100 years ago?

and I would just say think of it this way: Half the new businesses in Chicago and the state of Illinois come from immigrants, nearly half"...

So I suppose the big question is, "Are Half the new businesses in Chicago and the state of Illinois run by legal or illegal immigrants?

Hate to be picky but...

In fact I've got a question for you. I'm an illegal immigrant in California. I haven't actually arrived there yet in fact I'm still living on the other side of the planet BUT, if I rent an apartment somewhere, so I can claim residence (without the need for official approval), can I have an EBT card please?

For when I get there you know, so that I'm well prepared an all that...

and can I have a car, and a phone, and some money to pay my school fees and stuff over here, cos it's not cheap you know...

and can you help me pay the rent in California as well?

and if I can, can someone help me find another apartment in New York and Chicago as well, because I'm illegal there as well, and since I have no docs then no one will know I can claim three times will they, or that I'm not actually there either when you think about it?

Thanks for that, in advance...

Oh, and I don't want to pay any tax, either. Do I have to pay that if I register and become legal, or should I just stay illegal for now, because it's cheaper?

not dead yet's picture

Cut the funding and then wait awhile. Once these cities are up to their necks in illegals sucking the the cash out of the coffers and turing their town into a garbage dumb the residents will string these people up. Until then problems will cause these people to age beyond their years with a few ulcers thrown in for good measure. What I would do is cut the funding for all sanctuary cities, and do robust roundups of illegals, except LA, Sanfrancisco, NYC, and Chicago. That way all the illegals will migrate to those cities and suck them dry. They asked for it so let them have it.

jerseychris's picture

Then hang them from the wall.  For treason.

Yen Cross's picture

  Jail everyone of those criminal {fake vote} taking scumbags.

  Those assholes took an OATH to support the Constitution. They are shitting on LEO, and the minorities that they represent, by disrespecting the majority!

  The people have spoken. BITCHEZ

espirit's picture

Train to Fight.

The opposition is doing just that.

SoDamnMad's picture

National voter ID cards.  Easy to get if you have a US passport.  Verifiable paper ballots with ID and proof of citizenship would be RACIST, therefore we will never get them as long as Democrats have any power.  Never mind that Guyana requires ID + proof of citizenship + an address check.  Guyanans can't be racist because they aren't white.

ebworthen's picture

"Enforce the law?  That's preposterous!"

Yeah, yank the funding.

Hulk's picture

better give them a diaper first, just so they dont embarrass themseves too badly when the funding is yanked...

steve2241's picture

"We don't need no stinkin' badges!"  Or in this case, any stinkin' laws from the Trump administration.

devnickle's picture

The laws are already in place asshole.

Tarjan's picture

Reaad the article.

Attorney General Sessions: "This policy is entirely consistent with the DOJ's Office of Justice Programs guidance that was issued just last summer under the previous administration."



PitBullsRule's picture

OK, but we can still afford that one bullet

IndyPat's picture

Bill the recipient for the bullet.

IndyPat's picture

I hear a whole lot obstruction of justice in those comments, and that's just for starters.

Send the US Marshalls in to arrest them and charge them.

Bloodstock's picture

Send in Walker Texas Ranger and Trivet.

IridiumRebel's picture

Round up every one that's violent and dump them there in those cities. They want them so bad? Ok, here are rapists and murderers.

Your funding is cut off too.

Yen Cross's picture

  The mayors of those cities should be served subpoenas at "day break".

  They are breaking, violating Federal Law, and circumventing the majority.

  ^ WHAT part of ELECTED, don't those scumbags understand???!

steve2241's picture

This has the makings of a literal civil war.  Sanctuary City vs. Non-Sanctuary City. Wow.  The very idea is pathetic, to take such a stance, these sanctuary cities.  Tucker Carlson had a segment on it today.  I had to turn off the TV.  Cognitive dissonance. America has become diseased.  Scary.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) steve2241 Mar 28, 2017 10:58 PM

Awwwww sounds like reality is a too rough for the little snowflake. Lube up.

Shit is going to get a lot rougher especially if you live in one of those liberal shitholes.

espirit's picture

Damn Darlin', you show no mercy.

August's picture

A fair number of the "sanctuary cities" are merely governed by dumb-fuck trend-followers (e.g. Spokane), and have little "committment to the cause".

But in LA, Chicago and a few others, there is a good chance of large-scale civil disturbances, openly tolerated by the local government, in an attempt to extort continued funding by the Trump Administration.  

If Trump is serious, it will be a golden opportunity for him to make his mark.

Ms No's picture

Dude, this has the makings of a Bolsheviking.  They own the money.  They have the courts.  They dismantled the Constitution.  They have killed somewhere in excess of a half a million people already, in reality they have killed so many that we can't count them.  They are trying to force vaccines after they changed the laws about consent to experimentation.  They have bubbled everything.  They want WWIII. 

When our interim courts or civilian courts come on line and try these fuckers who attempted to enslave our children and wiped their ass on the Constitution they were sworn to protect, they need to be hung with their thousand dollar ties.


Grandad Grumps's picture

Was it Emanuel's father or grandfather who was the Israeli Irgun terrorist. Maybe Chicago should not have been so welcoming!

The other spokespeople should probably be jailed for their illegal actions. I have nothing against immigrants. However, I do have a problem with those who support terrorism and those who believe they are above the laws (including government officials).

IntTheLight's picture

Father. And Rahm is so loyal to the US that during first Iraqi war, he volunteered to fight. For Israel. Not the US.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Mar 28, 2017 10:53 PM

I can't wait until this administration cuts off all federal funds to these cities. Let them howl.

I don't give a damn anymore.

dchang0's picture

The federal gov't should also defund all jurisdictions (almost all deep blue cities and counties) that violate the 2nd Amendment with restrictions on weapons (guns, knives, swords, billy clubs, whatever) as well as the 4th Amendment (civil asset forfeiture, which Sessions unfortunately likes) and the 1st Amendment (restrictions on conservative or libertarian political speech, in favor of leftist/progressive political speech).

johnwburns's picture

Session's announcement was a direct challenge to Democratic carte blanche rule over the major cities by way of importing mud people and using welfare or outright payments to get their vote. Also a challenge to illegals declaring urban centers as conquered territory. About time, game on motherfuckers. 

Sledge-hammer's picture
Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 28, 2017 11:02 PM

Christ, has anyone been to NYC or L.A. lately.  They are third-world crumbling dumps.  There are no Caucasians left in either city. Their entire populations are mystery-meat minorities and jews.   I would say that calling them sanctuary cities is a day late and a dollar short.  I say let them have both cities and call it even.  The jews in both places can figure out the rest.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Christ, has anyone been to NYC or L.A. lately.?"

I regularly spend a month at a time in Pasadena. Its quite lovely, although it does possess a Thelema dark side,  with good food, nice climate. I dont bring a car or travel much there, but work goes well and I learn a little Armenian from whatever cab rides I take. 

ZD1's picture

Pasadena? It's inland not near the beach, hot in the summer, and where LA's smog collects and hovers. 

Caucasian population in 1950: 91%

Caucasian population in 2016: 37%

DirkDiggler11's picture

I'm in LA on business this week, first time in a long while. Nothing but hispanics and asians, no white people anywhere.

First question I asked the owner of this decent sized company, "why the fuck are you still in Kaliformia? His response " believe me, we're working it, already looked at real estate in TX, LA, GA, FL, and SC....

August's picture

The City of Los Angeles is, across the board, 20% illegal alien.

Duc888's picture




Next President Trump needs to cut off all financial assistance for illegals.  Dozens of Nations already said they would not repatriate the illegals that are in our prisons.  He needs to cut 100% of foreign aid to those countries that will not take their criminals back, after he secures the borders of course.

Yen Cross's picture


 GITMO needs some Tennant Improvements.


Old Hippie Patriot's picture

If a country does not take back its citizens that have been deported, that country's citizens can no longer get a visa to enter the US. That's the deterrent on the books.

alfbell's picture

Why is it that no one ever enforces the rule of law any longer? All politicians, elites and bankers have been being held unaccountable for their crimes for decades now. Crimes, that if we citizens committed them, would put us in prison immediately! Trump is supposed to be draining the swamp.

It's time for daddy to start putting in some discipline. Stop funding these cities and put these treasonous, disruptive, disrespectful "civil servants" in jail and use them as an example. Heads need to be put on pikes. This is long overdue.

If you don't slam these people, and media personalities too, for their treasonous and seditious acts you'll never stop the tide of neo-liberal chaos and barriers that they keep putting in front of the MAGA agenda.


TBT or not TBT's picture

Send them half way home then?        

Invaders:    You don't have to go home but You Can't Stay Here. 

BigCumulusClouds's picture

Trump obviously is not running the show.