The Transformation Of Our Nation Into A Surveillance State Is Almost Complete

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Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via,

The headlines are awash with the recent tensions with North Korea, and most are focused intently upon this act of the play that has been running hot for several years, now.  Akin to the proverbial frog in cold water, however, we are not paying as much attention to the surveillance state that is continuing to wrap its tentacles around us.  Eurasia is our ally, Eastasia is our enemy…and nobody notices that the chocolate ration has been diminished.  While everyone focuses on what is reported in the headline news, everybody misses what is happening right before their eyes.

Point of Sale is the new jail, the ubiquitous surveillance system that records your every purchase and stores it in a personal database…an algorithm…in the government storage facility in Utah.  Look above that register.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a debit or credit purchase or not.  Paying cash?  Your anonymity only lasts until your image is captured in the little black dome camera right above your head…right next to the register.  The sale is recorded, as well as your image.

Now the biometrics are becoming advanced enough to be able to measure the spacing between your eyes, the shapes of the ears, and other idiosyncrasies that are peculiar to each individual.  But these differences do not matter, as long as they can be catalogued.   All the states pretty much have Real ID, now, with driver’s licenses all linked into a central database and passed through the fusion centers and police departments at local, state, and national level.  1984 is now.

Here is an excerpt from the Passports page of the State Department of January 12, 2016:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Friday that Real ID-compliant identification, such as a passport or a driver’s license from a Real ID-compliant state, will not be required to fly domestically until 2018.

Yes, this is serious.  Laws are not in place yet to prevent you from disguising yourself or altering your appearance.  Yet.  They do make it a crime to alter your appearance in the commission of a crime.  The question becomes when do they make it a crime to vary from their THX-1138 program for us and keep them from recording you?  Probably very soon.

In previous articles, it was mentioned that it is a rollercoaster with the administrations and the amount they can push the peoples’ perceptions of what is intolerable.  As many of you have pointed out, the political party doesn’t matter…the surveillance state inches forward in increments: steadily and without respite.  We are in a “slow” phase right now.  President Trump is “in,” and the people are riding the crest of their “newfound freedoms,” right?  Not so fast.  Bush Jr. was certainly better than Clinton; however, his actions enabled the Warner Defense Act of 2006 and the abrogation of Constitutional rights in that 100-mile buffer zone around the Continental United States.  The Patriot Act had already been in place, and many refinements were made to alter limitations on presidential actions concerning disclosure on actions overt and covert initiated by the Commander-in-Chief.

Obama came in and took the driver’s seat, and took away so many more of our individual rights and protections that the staggering populace is just now beginning to realize exactly what he did.  Those actions have not been negated, and may even be promulgated.  Most of the limaceous public is unaware, because the handouts and entitlements keep them stultified and obedient to whatever politician throws them the free Gaines Burgers.

The surveillance state is almost ubiquitous, and it has been made so through the efforts of our own complacencies.

Let us return to the point of sale.  It isn’t simply for “inventory.”  The main reason these corporations claim to store your demographics is for “marketing purposes,” but all of them are (at a minimum) “back-doored” by the NSA and other agencies who are scanning your information.  They also have that cellular telephone to work with…the one that transmits a “pulse” every 4 seconds and stores information…metadata for large groups of people or geographic peculiarities…and personal information.

The happy cell phone is off and in your blazer, but it has sent a pulse out with your GPS location…in front of Cabela’s.  When you go in and buy the ammo?  The camera records your image and there’s a tie-in with the real-time purchase on your receipt.  You’re known.  Your vehicle is known, your itinerary for the day is known.  It is also recorded.

All your shopping habits, everywhere you drive, where you shop for gas, and stop for a coffee break.  All the cameras are recording.  In addition, our fellow citizens, the “Muppets” are always communicating with you and photographing things with their little cameras.  All of your activities, all of your banking, your entire life’s actions are all right there for them to paint a picture of you…and catalogue you for a later date…information stored and ready at their fingertips to access.

Edward Snowden spilled the beans concerning the surveillance that is becoming even more out of control.  The satellites are being fine-tuned and honed, and it is occurring all over the world.  Whole generations are being taught to conform now, while they are in their youth…in the schools, that are merely cages where children are taught only what they need to be functional.  Children are made into obedient little beasts of conformity that can be controlled laterlater, by those with power and money who were schooled to think creatively and to actually think, instead of regurgitating useless bits of information.

The funding for all of these actions come right from our taxes.  We pay our jailers to create larger, more ingenious prisons to control us.  Eventually come the chains for the ankles, and the abattoir materializes.  There is less of a gap between total surveillance and “Soylent Green” than most people realize.  For a good read, check out an older article written by Brandon Smith entitled Low-Tech Solutions for High-Tech Tyranny.  It’s a good “starter piece” for your consideration if you have not thought of these things.  Pick up Citizen Four, a documentary about Edward Snowden.

This stuff is happening now.  Just because we are rid of Obama does not mean we are rid of the Globalist agenda and the transformation of our nation into a complete surveillance state.  It is almost in place.  Almost.  The important thing is to know about it and not be lulled into a false sense of security that all is well, when it is not.  It hasn’t happened yet, but “yet” can mean that it happens tomorrow.  It is going to depend on us: seeing it for what it is, and refusing to go “gently into that good night.”

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IridiumRebel's picture

Almost? It's fucking complete.

rubiconsolutions's picture

Has Donald Trump indicated a willingness to dismantle the surveillance state? I haven't heard him one time bitch about everyday Americans being surveilled, only himself. 

monkeymoney's picture

Surveillance? What is the alternative when our planet is becoming overpopulated and self-destructive .... like dysfunctional cancerous cells! We need to learn to function and coordinate in order to survive

monkeymoney's picture

We don't see humanity as a compilation of individual cells compromising a single body. That's why we will continue to attack each other like cancer and be blindsided and impotent to defend against meteor collision, solar flares, etc. ASS obsessed monkeys were predicted by Idiocracy what a disgrace of humanity

hxc's picture

Fuck off, commie trash. I am not your property.

monkeymoney's picture

You'll get what you deserve

hxc's picture

Which is more than a thief like you

monkeymoney's picture

I paid more in taxes this year than you made in 5 years. But at least some of it is going towards protecting your freedom. Haha

Yen Cross's picture

    Not even close...  The pendulum is swinging back.

Slingsby's picture

At this point it's probably safe to assume that all our electronic communications for the last decade have been recorded. If you have a DL or passport they have biometric data on you. If you've been using credit cards or ATMs, your spending is being tracked.

It s almost a "who the fuck cares" moment. I could give a crap if my coworker John has foot fungus and enjoys blowing sailors down at the wharf or if the girl working at the local convenience store is a black jack fiend who is into German bukkake dungeon porn and is studying to be an osteopath.

It's all out there somewhere. Fuck. We might as well have just stood on a soap box in our front yard and shouted it.

Smedley's picture

You may be missing the point, the 'info' may be used later to lean on someone, wink, wink. Good ole extortion.

If they need to of course...


Would you like to live in a corrupt, extortion racket....oh wait... nevermind!

goober's picture

Agree and would also add that this article is 5 years or more behind the times ? Only one sentence is truly relevent today

"The surveillance state is almost ubiquitous, and it has been made so through the efforts of our own complacencies."

The rest is well past old news if any news today, and in many ways past the "almost" point. But realize we do have ways to defeat this shit and side step nearly all of their worthless spying. Once you realize it is all about capturing your personal info and creating the many ilusions we all live under, then you can easily defeat it all. Until you fully grasp this you are still a victim of it all. Here is how they do what they do rather easily ! 


And here are the end games


buckstopshere's picture

The 2018 elections will need to see a surge of candidates serious about our constitutional rights or America is lost.

DuneCreature's picture

I know to some on ZH I sound like a crazy man.

I am a little crazy (ok, a lot) but I also know some things as fact that are going to be hard to accept unless you were hiding under my watch cap or living in my socks next door the Towcruds and had seen and heard everything I've been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to see and hear.

There are people doing evil things in this world that are hard to believe.

Targeting is real and I have been paid to work on mass targeting projects for what I believe to be 'CIA front companies'. ... Can I prove they were front companies? No. ... And I don't want to try either.

What I can tell you is; With visual and audio media I can turn about 20% to maybe 30-40% of an adult population in a given demographic into almost wild animals doing irrational, crazy or stupid things that they would never do without the media mind manipulation. .... TV is NOT your friend. .. It could be, but it isn't as broadcast TV stands today.

You may want to listen to this interview if you are a doubting Johnny or Ginny - On Victurus Libertas VL

You may think I'm crazy,...........BUT I can make you crazy too.

What? .. Me Crazy? .................. Not a chance, but I keep trying.

Live Hard, Stare Into The Tube Long Enough And I Can Make You Stand Up And Throw The Nearest Object Of Handy Tossing Size At The Wall Next To The Window, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Fascal rascal's picture
Fascal rascal (not verified) DuneCreature Mar 29, 2017 12:48 AM

Be more afraid of focused beam ka radar.

It'll make people go nuts.. like ants under magnifying glass..

Space based is the new weapon..

Land based is already in use..

Ever hear of a normally sane person go nuts near an airport?


Fuck T fucking V. At least there's a decision involved..

DuneCreature's picture

Rumor has it 5G is going to be a real bitch too. ... Way more power output than 4G.

Just the power gird RF bothers me. ... I was off of it for 12 years and getting back on has not been fun at all.

Live Hard, ELF Transmissions Aren't Little Green Helpers Baking Cookies In A Tree, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Fascal rascal's picture
Fascal rascal (not verified) DuneCreature Mar 29, 2017 1:19 AM

5G is getting up there..

Depends on Tx antenna, you can make someones skin crawl..

I have some fun designs!!!

My 11 year NDA is up. But am happy in my different life.

Stealth diagnostics was the peaceful purpose...

It's already out there though.. weaponization..

Again if you read about somone going bat shit crazy near airport or military installation.. think focused radar..

francis scott falseflag's picture


Why would anyone ever go to an airport?

What could be so important that you would ever get on a plane again?


VWAndy's picture

 What would the effects of such a weapon feel like?

 Would this weapon simply just piss people off or would/could it be used to focus the anger in a specific dirrection?

 Is it a narrow beam or a area thing.

 Is it possible to hide from such a thing? By going under a bridge or underground? Tinfoil hats?

scintillator9's picture

For what it is worth, for at least a decade, NOTHING seems crazy, or even implausible anymore.

Know why?

Had ANYONE told me a decade ago what is going on NOW, I would have said that ONE IS TALKING CRAZY, or at the very least taken crazy pills.





DuneCreature's picture

It's WHAT they are doing with the tech that pisses me off.

Not to mention the tech they are sitting on.

We could stop mining coal and drilling for gas and oil tomorrow.

Live Hard, Now Watch The Men With The Straight Jacket In Hand And Lab Coats Appear As If By Magic With My New Meds, Die Free
~ DC v5.0

Fascal rascal's picture
Fascal rascal (not verified) DuneCreature Mar 29, 2017 1:25 AM


We do not need oil at all.

The only reason it's relevant is because people are making money on it.

Fuck the world, I needs my money!!!!

Not me, the greedy doooooooshbags that suppresses technology.

francis scott falseflag's picture


With respect DC, sometimes you sound like a crazy woman.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

DuneCreature's picture

Thank the good dog I have your approval, fsff.

Are you sure you know what a real crazy woman sounds like?

Live Hard, You Can Please Some Of The People All Of The Time And All Of The People Some Of Time But Only I Can Piss Off Everyone On A Routine Basis,.........According To Ms Creature, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

francis scott falseflag's picture


Did I not grow up in the lap of my sainted mother, RIP?

Ms No's picture

Your next employer is literally going to be able to buy a package giving your health a rating/what you might cost them in benefits or illness, your obedience, political tendencies, you name it.  These pieces of shit need to be charged with treason and breach of oath to the Constitution.  They have stolen our fourth amendment knowing full well that our founders gave us that to prevent our children from being enslaved. 

They also changed the wording of laws so that they can experiment on people without their consent via vaccines and pharmaceuticals.  People need to wake the hell up.  Somebody said recently that they watched a political hearing on vaccines and some dumb Bolshevik said something to the effect that "Our biggest problem is people who think they have individual rights."  Hello, they have even spelled it out.

They have seized your country and you have no rights until you get them back.  They have the courts.  You are slaves now.  Trump isn't doing shit either.  They already wasted their neoliberal party in everybody's eyes so now it's the Republicans pushing laws allowing the complete proliferation of Nixon's lists on a national scale/publicly and proudly shitting on the Constitution.

If we get to the other side of this I will not have one ounce of compassion for these bastards that fry electric chair for treason.  They know your democracy/republic is already gone.  They are simply fighting to secure their position in the new world and they think you're a moron.


wolf pup's picture

I.e.; our Technocracy in bloom.
Hand in hand, private tech "leaders", worshipped as Godlets, and, at the utmost echelons, our willingly owned government. Cozy in bed together, in their Totalitarian dreamscape.

Fascal rascal's picture
Fascal rascal (not verified) Mar 29, 2017 12:25 AM

Suck my balls. Surveillance that.

Cash Is King's picture

They just did! Black hellie's in 3...2...1_____

Yen Cross's picture

  Jon Mc Insane~~~ for the Looney Bin '18.

Rebel yell's picture

HOW things can turn on a dime. This morning, I was worried that I have cancer, now I am worried that I will live. This is too creepy.

Giant Meteor's picture

Had a similar experience not long ago. Strange isn't it? I'm ok with going, have been for some time. I don't talk about that much around the familiy, as they don't fully appreciate my meaning. Point is when one has faced their own mortality, and ultimately made peace with it, then life, no matter what is going on, or what is going down, gets much easier, tolerable by orders of magnitude.

On really good days, the sense of peace and wellness can be profound. And then I remember I need to call bullshit on myself. The reality is, they are ALL good days, some merely better than others.

The "deep state" counts on, banks on fear. Fear and ignorance, and let us not forget fear's close connection, relationship to pride. Wise friend instructed me many years ago, about "those two eternities." One called yesterday, and the other "tomorrow." And these two eternities can, will, and do, drive men insane. I needed no convincing, as I had lived that life, better than half my life.

Been under the knife many times, many reasons. Should not have been here from the age of 19. Bad wreck etc.

I'm glad you made it through OK Rebel. Better than good!

Best to you and yours,


francis scott falseflag's picture

Nice comment, GM.  

I had the very same experience in 1967.

I think the end is very near, so I'm cleaning up my house and throwing

away everything.  That way when they come in to find my body, they'll say

"look how neat he was."  

Remember the Supreme Being in Time Bandits?  (He was the nice one.)

He liked things neat, too.  I'm counting on being neat to get me to the next level

before arthritis totally cripples me.   

Tell Tyler to do more Putin stuff.  The MSM is so busy demonizing Trump, Dutere, and

Kim Jong un now, that they dropped poor Putin like a hot potato.

Giant Meteor's picture

Good Morning,

Thanks Francis, and as to your Tyler request consider it done. 1977 was my banner year, and might I add, neatness I'm sure, does count. Ahhh, all that MSM demonizing, and so little time. Why you'd think  they thought, they're gonna live forever the way they carry on.

Lot's of good eggs here, and I'm certain, you would be one of those.

Lastly, May you be half an hour in Heaven , Before the Devil knows you're dead!



francis scott falseflag's picture


As we will prolly all go at the same time, maybe I'll see you there.


Wear your Légion d'honneur rosette, so I can recogonize you.

Rebel yell's picture

Thank you GM! Very kind of you! Back at ya!

Giant Meteor's picture

Absolutely Rebel, and although I did not have time to go over your full bio this morning, damn there is a lot of good stuff there, so I will be re-visiting. No worries my friend, and see ya at the top.

Well done!


shadow54's picture

Message from SkyNet  --- The System has Failed: Global Data Wipe in Progress. 

Death By Cold Steel Report's picture

Republican house & Senate just passed the advertisement/sell your data directly from ISP's Now let me translate! YOU FUCKING TROLLS DAYS ARE NUMBERED! GUARANTEED!!! It doesn't take much to get access to the data now! That means if your a teen and your trolling. You may be endangering a family member. If your a troll and someone firebombs your house! You will know why!

ZH is worried because its going to put a Chill effect on Bloggers! Someone will be able to find out who you are if you post. Like right now ZH has access to my ip address, and now we will all have access to your ip & your name, address, phone number ect. Isn't that just Great Under TRUMP? I will just submit My Biz Tax id and pay the service fee for access to the data like everyone else. Get Ready! AND REMEMBER! IT TAKES TWO TOO DANCE! GET ACCESS!

buckstopshere's picture

The Tor network will be getting a lot more traffic.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Tor and TAILS are not trusted now. The guys who comment on are working with data diodes, air and energy-gapped systems, hardware cards, and encryption of course. Reading the comments there makes it clear how vulnerable we are to state actors or well funded corporations.

TheLastTrump's picture

Hey, does ZeroHedge benefit if we discuss a controversial subject?

kochevnik's picture

ZH not even encrypted.  As private as posting on bathroom wall.  I not fault them as it is free service and no privacy implied

veeger's picture

complacencies my was completed by the COMPLIANCE of the treasonous trash that infest this country.......the people that pay for this country have to work every day..they do not have time to follow every qwerk and CROOK that goes on in the federal government.....they expect the people that they vote for do what they voted them into office to do.....yet that has not been the outcome.....the time for the people to take the law into their own hands ...........has come.

Ms No's picture

The next court system we have might be a citizens court or a interim court of some kind.  Whichever court tries these demonics, and for those who watch the proceedings, you need to remember that sometimes people's brains will come out of their eyes as they are electrocuted.  Since old ladies like Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi have tried to enslave all of our children and allied themselves with crimes against humanity, we may be subject to having to watch executions of these old demonics too. 

I am just warning you in advance to prepare yourselves because I don't want anybody complaining if they fry these old bitches.  Yellen and the rest of them, none of them were sweet Grandmothers baking cookies.  While they would like to hang all of us before long they will scream cry and beg for their evil lives.  Just ask the half million dead in Iraq, they can dole out death like nobodies business without so much as a minute lost of sleep. 

francis scott falseflag's picture


"they can dole out death like nobodies business"


You ain't seen nothing yet!     Wait till the Great Culling begins.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

"Pssst... say Honey, don't look now but the toaster just made that weird "modem" sound and that funny glass-button just swivelled & blinked in our direction - errmmm... any chance of putting, say, an extra 5 or 6 cornflakes in my bowl?

Certainly wouldn't want the "authorities" to think we're not using our full ration-allotment and being food-hoarders would we?"