Is George Soros Behind This Plot To Topple Trump?

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Authored by Nick Giambruno via,

The Establishment is setting up Donald Trump.

The mainstream media hates him. Hollywood hates him. The “Intellectual Yet Idiot” academia class hates him.

Most critically, the CIA hates him. So does the rest of the Deep State, or the permanently entrenched “national security” bureaucracy. They did everything possible to stop Trump from taking office. None of it worked.

I think the CIA hates Trump for a very simple reason: he’s threatening to take away their livelihood.

Trump wants to make nice with Putin and the Russians. But countering the so-called “Russian threat” is how many thousands of Deep State bureaucrats make a living.

These people feed off the trough of the $1 trillion-plus military/security budget. Playing nice with the Russians would kill their jobs—and end their way of life.

Trump has said:

We will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments.

Toppling regimes is the CIA’s bread and butter. No wonder they hate him.

Of course, the feeling is mutual. Trump has used plenty of sharp words to describe the “intelligence community.” He’s reportedly aiming to fundamentally restructure the CIA.

John F. Kennedy’s Battle with the CIA

Donald Trump is the first president since John F. Kennedy to openly take on the CIA.

After being suckered into the Bay of Pigs disaster in Cuba, JFK said he wanted "to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds."

Kennedy fired CIA Director Allen Dulles. But that was about as far as he got.

JFK, of course, failed to break the Deep State’s grasp on power. In an ironic twist, Allen Dulles would later be appointed to the Warren Commission to investigate Kennedy’s assassination.

The CIA is the undisputed all-time world champion of orchestrating coups. And right now, Trump is squarely on its radar…

How the Deep State Will Take Down Trump

The way I see it, the Deep State has three main cards to play against Trump. If one doesn’t work, they’ll move on to the next one.

  1. The Delegitimization Card

  2. The Herbert Hoover Card

  3. The John F. Kennedy Card

The Delegitimization Card

There’s a joke that goes something like this…

Question: Why can there be no “color revolution” in the US?

Answer: Because there are no US embassies in the US.

To get the joke you have to understand the role the US played—through CIA officers based out of US embassies—in orchestrating various color-coded revolutions, really coups d’état, over the past 17 years:

  • The Bulldozer Revolution in Serbia (2000)

  • The Rose Revolution in Georgia (2003)

  • The Orange and Euromaidan Revolutions in Ukraine (2004 and 2014)

  • The Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan (2005)

  • The Cedar Revolution in Lebanon (2005)

  • The Jeans Revolution in Belarus (2006)

  • The Saffron Revolution in Myanmar (2007)

  • The Green Revolution in Iran (2009)… though that one didn't work.

  • The Grape Revolution in Moldova (2009)

  • The Colorful Revolution in Macedonia (2016)

All of these AstroTurf revolutions have one thing in common. In each case, George Soros’ NGOs helped delegitimize the targeted government.

Of course, there were valid grievances against these governments. But the US Deep State manipulated these situations to advance its geopolitical agenda.

Here’s how it worked: Soros’ NGOs would help fund and organize “professional protestors.” Then they’d use color-specific branding to help rally others to their cause.

Soros has turned colored revolutions into a science. The pattern is predictable.

Now it’s playing out in the US.

It smells to me like the CIA and George Soros’ NGOs are trying to start a “color revolution” in the US, just like they’ve done in numerous foreign countries.

The US color revolution already has a color. It’s purple, the mix of red and blue (i.e., red and blue states).

Hillary Clinton has developed a recent fondness for purple. She’s worn purple in almost every public appearance since the election.

Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. Notice her purple blouse and Bill’s purple tie.

There’s also a flood of social media postings about the color purple. So the branding is already done. And, of course, the professional protestors financed and organized by George Soros are already there.

Again, there are valid complaints against Trump. But the Usual Suspects are using their usual tricks to remove a government they don’t like. It just happens that, this time, the target government is in Washington, D.C., instead of Eastern Europe or the Middle East.

I don’t think the Deep State can get rid of Trump with the Delegitimization Card alone. So they will have to escalate to the next option.

The Herbert Hoover Card

When people think of President Hoover, they mostly think of the Great Depression.

Throughout the 1920s, the Federal Reserve’s easy money policies helped create an enormous stock market bubble.

In August 1929, the Fed raised interest rates and effectively ended the easy credit. Only a few months later, the bubble burst on Black Tuesday, in October 1929—barely seven months after Hoover took office. The Dow lost over 12% that day.

It was the most devastating stock market crash in the US up to that point. It also signaled the beginning of the Great Depression.

This happened on Hoover’s watch. And because of that, people pinned the blame squarely on him, regardless of where the fault lied.

Hoover inherited a stock market bubble near its peak—fueled by the Fed’s easy money policies.

I think Trump has, too. And he knows it. In recent months he’s called the stock market a “big, fat, ugly bubble.”

There’s an excellent chance this bubble will burst on Trump’s watch. And Democrats will pin the blame on him, just as they did with Hoover.

If that doesn’t work, the Deep State still has one card left.

The John F. Kennedy Card

Chuck Schumer, a powerful Democratic senator and quintessential Deep State swamp creature, recently discussed the war between Trump and the intelligence community on TV.

Schumer said, “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

It doesn’t take much imagination to understand what he’s alluding to.

Of course, the Deep State could try to assassinate Trump. It’s obvious the possibility has crossed his mind. He’s taken the unusual step of supplementing his Secret Service protection with loyal private security.

There are only three possible outcomes to the Deep State’s war on Trump…

  • Trump will defeat the Deep State.

  • The Deep State will co-opt Trump.

  • The Deep State will overthrow Trump.

As things stand, I think it’s unlikely Trump will defeat the Deep State. It’s been entrenched for decades. And it’s far more powerful than the president.

It’s also unlikely the Deep State will co-opt Trump. It’s just not in his personality to submit and roll over. He didn’t overcome all the odds to become president just to be another empty suit.

The Deep State will play the Herbert Hoover Card next. But if that doesn’t work—or if the Deep State starts to get antsy—they’ll move forward to overthrow him by any means possible.

The Deep State is planning moves during Trump’s first 100 days in office that could change everything in sudden and unexpected ways.

*  *  *

New York Times best-selling author Doug Casey and I put together this time-sensitive video explaining how it could all go down. You must see this urgent video before the Deep State makes its next move. Click here to watch it now.

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Yes he is
100% in the game. 

Purple revolution

The man is a criminal, crimes against humanity

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Is a frog's ass watertight?

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HRC belongs in prison.

Don't care about her color purple.  I care that she's a chronic liar, a white-collar thief, and a US taxpayer fraudster - and is still walking free.


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Chris Dakota (not verified) nope-1004 Mar 29, 2017 7:08 PM

You're just asking this now??!

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Hang that traitorous son of a bitch!

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She / They deserves nothing short of:

1. Being Hung Upside Down in Public for all the World to see.

2. Having her Throat Slit, drowning in her own Blood while:

3. Being simultaneously set on Fire.

For all the World to see. This will deter future Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous, Seditious Psychopaths from engaging in the same behaviors.

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George Soros has two scrotums. Both are located under his eyes.  ;-)


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Will Trump play the Al Capone card?  Hit first and hit hard.

Hey Nick, many here, myself included, were noting the coordinated purple attire and its significance the night the Klintons wore it.

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Will Trump play the Al Capone card?  Hit first and hit hard.

He really should. Like a young Mike Tyson on hearing the bell to start the first round.

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Trump is a goddamn xenophobic, morally bankrupt, robber baron. The only fucking 'conspiracy' is that somehow, fucking Breitbart convinced you to vote for his cheeto, worthless ass. ha! was it a Liberal conspiracy to fucking tweet moronic vitrol at 2am in the fucking morning? SOROS HIRED BUS LOADS OF PEOPLE TO MAKE HIM DO THAT! yeah, and right after that, soros melted all the glaciers to get you to pass a .1% budget for scientists...

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Ask any CIA and/or intelligence person what their "Plan B" is-  what would they do if their job ends tomorrow?

You'll get that deer-headlights look.

There ya go.  Deep State of personal entitlement.....

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kavlar (not verified) jcaz Mar 29, 2017 10:06 PM

For sure, Soros is behind the conflict with Russia.

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Bite him.

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Its all starting to make sense; the blackouts, the lost time, the strange dreams, the amnesia. Waking up in weird places like Z/H and not knowing how I got here.

Thanks for the tip Tyler.

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sorry, I forgot a few: Criminal. Embezzler. Spoiled rotten. BILLIONAIRE (he got that money by fucking over average people).

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Trump caused you to experience anal suffering. Apply ice to the inflamed area.

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I voted for him and he was our best choice.

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Get off the site, idiot

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...Or you could do what every 12 yr old knows how to do and fix the problem-  

Been covered here ad nauseum, dude- kick your game up a  notch and search....

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does not change the fact that 'Tyler" allows Ameritrade, E-trade, John Elway, HILLARY FUCKING CLINTON, and buzzfeed to advertize on their web page.

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does not change the fact that 'Tyler" allows Ameritrade, E-trade, John Elway, HILLARY FUCKING CLINTON, and buzzfeed to advertize on their web page.

I don't believe you.

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lol. why would I lie about that? We wll know the first rule of fight club, I'm pretty sure if there is a second rule it would read: don't be a sell out to HRC.

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lol. why would I lie about that?

I'm sure I don't know. What I do know is that I don't see any of the ads you mentioned in your previous comment.

don't be a sell out to HRC.

Never heard of targeted ads? All the big ad farms use them. You wouldn't be seeing ads for HRC unless HRC is a frequent topic of web pages you've been viewing.

Tell you what, go on over to google and do a search for Samoan amputee tranny fart porn. Then click on a few of the search results. See if you notice a difference in the ads displayed on the sites you usually visit.

Go ahead, give it a try.

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Do some site maintance and don't accept ads from sites that push HRC. Not that hard. and yes, I visited sites that promote HRC (it's called facebook, and I deleted my account about a month ago), and yes they are certianly targeted ads. Maybe you should stop trolling midget fart porn and beritbart and read some differeing opinions once and awhile. If all you see are ads for ammunition, dick pills and Trump you should rethink your internet habits.

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You still don't get it.

I see one ad, the one on the right for "Live Audio Market Commentary".

If you see HRC ads, that's pretty much your own fault.

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Go to Firefox website and download it.  Look through all the options to find AdBlock Plus and install that too.
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I'm trying to do that. I'll figure it out one day. I'll write anti-trump editorials for Liberals and Soros to masturbate to while Yellen blows wall street.

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Talk is cheap. When is someone actually going to take some action? You American People have the guns, as distinct from we the disarmed. I agree 100% what needs to be done. Another (many) "Night of the Long Knives", needs to happen and very soon. The ball is at your end of the Court, are you ever going to play the shots? A weapon placed against the head of one of these cretins, to extract an appropriate confession and would have them "singing like canaries". The evidence is when it comes straight out of their mouths. Does someone really have to tell you this..

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If you want to know why governments are undermined by certain groups, just look at (((who))) makes off with most of the assets after the country falls. Think of all the (((billionaires))) that were created when the USSR fell.

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George Soros, Adam Schiff, Janet Yellen, Lloyd Blankfein, Jared Kushner, Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, Larry Summers, Robert Rubin, Steve Mnuchin, Jacob Lew...blah, it makes me sick.

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Is George Soros Behind This Plot To Topple Trump?

Does a chicken have lips? 

Does a bear shit in the woods?

Is the Pope Catholic? ... wait scratch that one

Are the Clintons gangsters?

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Does Soros have ball bags under his eyes?


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Love the "Hitler" filter ZH applies to the Soros thumbs. A little more subtle than the "Citrus Orange" filter the New York Times applies to all Trump photos.

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"LOCK HER UP!"  What a joke that is.  And the joke's on YOU.

I'm "good people", don't you know?  Didn't you hear DJT say it?  Sure, be a libertarian Snowflake. Redirect your anger at me or anyone but at the guy who is responsible for me being free as a bird:  Your POTUS, DJT.

If you must know the real reason why I'm UNTOUCHABLE, it's because we (Bill and I) know too many dirty secrets and know where the bodies are buried. Therefore, the Deep State has our back.  Yours? Not so much.

Only a 1776 Revolution will stop the Purple Revolution of the Global Elites, and DJT is no George Washington.  Good luck, break a keyboard.

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LOL... these guys are evil. 

Sometimes you can tell with charts, what they are going to do. 

These guys who called the 2008 stock market crash, and also very accurate about the TRUMP rally, shared a SHOCKING chart no one is looking at is LOW VIX ==>

So, TRUMP and his TAX policies better pull up their PHUCKING britches....because if that TAX policies fail like the healthcare crap did, the market is going to SHIT THE BEDPAN!!! so to speak. 

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Is the Pope Catholic? (this used to be a tautology)

Does a Bear shit in the woods?


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Used to be. He is satanic so it's no longer a tautology.



Tylers, can you find a positive story to post?  I am a negative nellie here with all this true, but overwhelming negative shit.  Isn't anyone saving elephants or something?

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Substitute 'Catholic' with 'Mooselimb'

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Trump's a winner.  Drain the swamp.  #MAGA

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He is just ONE, remember the Nuland female and Ukraine?

And Trump has them in his own family, the POOR man.

Soros backed Trump son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in real estate venture with $259 MILLION:
George Soros was the man who provided Cadre with a $259 million line of credit. “Soros has had a long and productive relationship with the Kushner family.”

UK: Former Conservative Minister Forced to Publish Anonymously for Fear of Jewish Power

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Tony Blair has taken to wearing purple ties for his anti Brexit talks.