Meet The Mercers - The Most Powerful Family You've Never Heard Of

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Authored by Alex Thomas via,

History is full of powerful families that have left their mark on the political and economic systems of their age. During the Italian Renaissance, there were the Borgias and Medicis. In the United States, a number of families have realized America is not only the land of opportunity but also the land of wealth and dynastic power. We’ve had the Astors and Rockefellers, and even the Rothschilds have a foothold in the American power system.

More recently, the Koch brothers have drawn attention to themselves, and though Charles and David generally try to avoid the spotlight, their fingerprints are all over the political system. Apparently, it’s tough to be the mysterious Wizard of Oz when you’ve bankrolled half the politicians in the Emerald City. Though they’ve historically backed Republicans, the pair has also opposed President Trump. Only last week, when the administration’s Obamacare repeal died before a vote, it was brought down by the Freedom Caucus, a group of congressmen loyal to the Freedom Partners, a political arm of the billionaires.

However, under the Trump administration, a new family is entering the generally cemented world of D.C. power-grabbing. The Mercer family is headed by Robert Mercer, who the New Yorker characterized as “a reclusive Long Island hedge-fund manager, who has become a major force behind the Trump Presidency.” And while Mercer is still a relatively new face on the scene, he’s been building his influence for several years. Like a brilliant chess player, he has been placing his pieces exactly where they can inflict the most damage.

The Mercer patriarch is constantly described as “a brilliant but reclusive computer scientist.” He made a considerable portion of his wealth as CEO of the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies. In their profile of him, The Guardian wrote that Mercer “very rarely speaks in public and never to journalists.” I asked a handful of D.C. contacts, people usually quite willing to talk to me as a journalist, for more information about the family and was met with a wave of the hand or a refusal to go on record — even to be quoted as an anonymous source.

As The Guardian noted, Mercer is a hard man to find, and so “to gauge his beliefs you have to look at where he channels his money.” Last week, the family appeared at a conference in Washington D.C. sponsored by the Heartland Institute, an organization they pumped over $5 million into between 2008 and 2015. It is best known for its efforts to deny climate change. The Washington Post sent reporters to that conference, but unsurprisingly, the Mercers (Robert and his daughter Rebekah) refused interviews.

In their report, the Post noted a number of familiar and prominent faces in the audience, including Myron Ebell, a scientist who has become the go-to man for climate change denial. Ebell even led President Trump’s EPA transition team.

Mercer was influential in putting President Trump in the White House, pumping millions into GOP super PACs. The New Yorker’s profile of him even paints him as a man who endorses the sort of fringe theories that are common on alt-right sites like Infowars or Gateway Pundit. A colleague stated that Mercer insisted at a staff luncheon that Clinton had participated in a secret drug-running scheme with the C.I.A” (though the C.I.A. has played a role in drug schemes in the past, evidence of this particular theory is shaky at best). In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Trump declared,The Mercers are incredible people who truly love this country and go all out to protect America and everything it stands for.”

The Mercers’ success arises from the family’s ability to invest their money in the most strategic pockets and come out big. While most Democrats and old school conservatives were busy funding think tanks and pumping their cash into candidates, the Mercers put their money into Breitbart, the news organization that has become synonymous with the Trump presidency. The Wall Street Journal reported that shortly after Steve Bannon met Mercer, “Mr. Bannon drew up a business plan and term sheet under which the Mercer family bought nearly 50% of Breitbart News for $10 million.” Bannon is the former chair of Breitbart news and now a top White House strategist who is widely seen as the most powerful man in Washington.

Despite their hefty backing, Breitbart has struggled to be recognized as a legitimate news organization in Washington DC. Though they have a number of very talented reporters, their top correspondent in the capitol is seen by many traditional journalists as a bad joke. On Monday, Breitbart was passed over for a Congressional press pass, which would have minted them as big league. Politico reported that the reason for the Committee of Correspondents’ denial was “members were not satisfied with the information provided thus far regarding the right-wing website’s connections to the White House and the Republican mega-donor family the Mercers.”

Nevertheless, it seems the Mercer family’s influence in Washington is only beginning. Amid the rise of populism, they have funded all the right players. With their funding of climate change denial, they are eager to see regulations rolled back. Under President Trump, there’s a fair chance that will happen. They put their money behind Breitbart, which is among the most powerful news outlets in the nation and has the ear of the White House. The Washington Post reported that the family had pumped millions into The Media Research Center, which is a right-leaning media watchdog. They’ve contributed to The Federalist Society and The Heritage Foundation — both conservative think tanks with huge influences on politicians. If the family continues to play their hand this well, they’re sure to continue shaking up Washington D.C.

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That's the most needlessly complicated, 3-person org chart I've ever seen.


What a hyped-up, bullshit charge.

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No shit... Make it look complex and confusing to influence the snowflakes.

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Amaterurs in comparison to the Clinton crime cartel.

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Mercer must have good connections in intelligence to have known about the CIA, Clinton, Abedin, Wasserman Schultz, Gulen and Awan drug running ratline.

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I thought it was the Arkansas connection flying Escobar's product from Central America to fund weapons deals and that the Governor in AK had a slice and funded an aircraft parts manufacturer with public monezy that was a drug front and the pilot was hit in an execution in New Orleans once he started talking to DEA. One version has Vince Foster as the bag man picking up cash payoffs in his car

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Christopher Reed, a reporter with the Guardian, recalls asking a senior news executive at the Los Angeles Times if the paper had investigated the allegations of drugs and arms smuggling at Mena. “Yes,” the executive told Reed. “But nobody in authority would confirm it.”

Such passivity on the part of the press allowed the CIA and Bill Clinton to portray the Mena scandal as, in the words of White House spin doctor Mark Fabiani, “the darkest backwater of right-wing conspiracy theories.”

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"Mercer" pronounced MRSA....Or 'Taint boil,' if you prefer.../AssHole Herpes even...

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Chris Dakota (not verified) clade7 Mar 29, 2017 1:50 PM

Ugly jews.

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That's not a nice thing to say about people who may frequent these hallowed comment sections.  Oh, who am I kidding.  Nothing said in these sections is hallowed, or nice.

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What are we talkin' here? I don't know this Watchdog Group or any other others.

Zeocons, Zios, PNAC, Center for New American Security (CNAS)?

Persons associated with the PNAC
Project directors

[as listed on the PNAC website:]

William Kristol, Co-founder and Chairman[1]
Robert Kagan, Co-founder[1]
Bruce P. Jackson[1]

Mark Gerson[1]
Randy Scheunemann[1]

Project staff

Ellen Bork, Deputy Director[1]
Gary Schmitt, Senior Fellow[1][51]
Thomas Donnelly, Senior Fellow[1]
Reuel Marc Gerecht, Senior Fellow[1]

Mitch Jackson, Senior Fellow
Timothy Lehmann, Assistant Director[1]
Michael Goldfarb, Research Associate[1]

Former directors and staff

Daniel McKivergan, Deputy Director[52]

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Elliott Abrams[3]
Gary Bauer[3]
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Dick Cheney[3]
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If true at least the guy is an engineer that in effect built something ( the AI to do the trading ) ......versus a lawyer.  Would be much better if he designed a new kind of smart bomb. Woops. Scratch that.  You'll be callin' me Irish butt a M.I.C. soon enough eh ?

williambanzai7's picture

That is the most needlessly complicated article about Mercer. Allow me to restate the article.

This is a guy who made a shitload of dough on machine trading and can' t stand the fucktards in Washington DC.

janus's picture

Dollars to doughnuts says he has a ZH username.


Is-Be's picture

Homo Capensis, obviously.

They are very, very good at maths. And their skulls ate voluminous.

Very interesting to this Jotun.

H.Sap wouldent spot them. He has been thoroughly indoctrinated that he is alone on this planet. Poor old Sap. All alone.



quadraspleen's picture

"Even the Rothschilds have a foothold" made me chuckle

LMAOLORI's picture

This piece of crap article is as bad as reading CNN.  It's a leftist opinion piece.  Very Fake News 

stacking12321's picture

Very Fake Comment!

instead of hurling insults the way monkeys hurl feces, maybe you could post an intelligent comment explaining why you don't agree with the article.

SunRise's picture

"profile of him even paints him as a man who endorses the sort of fringe theories that are common on alt-right sites l"    


I left you after you inserted the propaganda line.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Propaganda line?

Check out this quote of "Operation Mocking Bird" MisInformation:

From the Scripted False Narrative Piece:

"(though the C.I.A. has played a role in drug schemes in the past, evidence of this particular theory is shaky at best)"

It's Irrefutable FACT Hillary & Bill Imported Drugs for the Pure Evil Criminal Psychopaths at the CIA trough the Mena, Arkansas Airport.

For Fucks Sake, Bill & Hillary are Company People. Hillary is Bill's "Handler."

Bill Clinton's Lies About CIA Drug Trafficking in Mena, Arkansas

These Re Visionist's are constantly Gas Lighting & Re Writing Histroy.

"We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

-Pure Evil Criminal Psychopath / Sociopath
Karl Rove.

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Joo World Order, version 3.0 loading..... please faster your seat belts!

besnook's picture

so he likes the truth. he is a very dangerous man.

Offthebeach's picture

Uike Senator McStain,  he doesn't crave spotlight, thus an enemy of the MSM, who hold the "prize" of celebrity for all the weak, pathetic Schumer/Kerry type camera/print sluts.

Consuelo's picture



One might think that someone from an 'anti-media' organization, might have views which run contrary to canned Democrat Talking Points handbook, ver. 2.0 cliche's - like 'climate change denial'...


One might be wrong though, I guess...  

stacking12321's picture

that's an extremely simplistic notion - do you really have a view of the world that's black-and-white?

all people of group A have to think this way and hold these beliefs?
and all people of group B have to think the opposite of group A? is a small group of writers, not some giant media foundation, and the authors are allowed to have their own opinions, which often but not always run counter to the mainstream narrative.

taketheredpill's picture



Mercer “very rarely speaks in public and never to journalists.”


I agree...he is brilliant.

Ignatius's picture

In basketball they call it a 'slam dunk.'

Ignatius's picture

So we have yet another rising American crime family?

Yukon Cornholius's picture

With a snowflake (((daughter))). They all run in the same circles. Reclaim New York? Who would want that (((place))).

Lemmings For All's picture

Why. Because they make money?

The Harlequin's picture

People, people! You need to think of this man as a 21st century Howard Hughes, and judge him accordingly. Although it went badly at the end of his life, Hughes was the kingpin of a vast empire of influence, everything from avionics, the space programs and US military might, to Hollywood and the shaping of the American Dream. This man has the same potential, and is similarly reclusive and weirdly wired. May you live in interesting times they say, and this man is very interesting indeed, for the times!

Thinkpad's picture

Renaissance Technologies

Renaissance Technologies LLC is a New York-based[4] American investment management firm founded in 1982 by James Simons, an award-winning mathematician and former Cold War code breaker, which specializes in systematic trading using only quantitative models derived from mathematical and statistical analyses. Renaissance is one of the first highly successful hedge funds using quantitative trading— known as "quant hedge funds"—that rely on powerful computers and sophisticated mathematics to guide investment strategies. From The New Yorker Monday


 MARCH 27, 2017 ISSUE THE RECLUSIVE HEDGE-FUND TYCOON BEHIND THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY How Robert Mercer exploited America’s populist insurgency.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ The Harlequin,

I would suffice it to say he is the exemplary example of the Red Pilling the American Psyche needs to wake from their Slumber.

trader1's picture

ROBERT MERCER: The Billionare behind Trump


TAALR Swift's picture

If you read an earlier post on ZH, from Aug. 22, 2016, you've heard of Mercer et al

Notice that NO Presidential Candidate becomes the DNC or GOP Nominee, without the approval and financial backing from a small and homogenous group of people, related by DNA to a very small gene pool.  They may be Ashkenazim or Sephardic, liberal or conservative, but all are billionaires with social and political agendas that are either Domestic or Global. At some point you would too, if you were a billionaire and held strong worldviews.

Keep cheering your favorite Candidate, no matter who it is.  It matters only that you cheer.

trader1's picture

When a son asked his Orthodox Jewish father from Brooklyn if he should marry a Catholic girl, his father exclaimed: "Her?!, you should marry?!"
Did the father want his son to marry the girl? 

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

They are criminals making pennies from every 401k funds, buying shares just seconds before mutual funds and selling them on fractions of the penny profits.

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

They are criminals making pennies from every 401k funds, buying shares just seconds before mutual funds and selling them on fractions of the penny profits.

shimmy's picture

Basically quit reading at the part about climate change denial as it came off in the typical libtard style way of vilifying him.

It' be nice if the libbies would realize that there is a difference between accepting the climate changes (I am sure all but a tiny percentage of people grasp the climate changes and hasn't been a constant over billions of years) and believing climate change/global warming is created and controlled by humans.

Naturally of course they won't ever do that since it kills their propaganda bullshit of trying to imply those who are skeptical of the human controlled/created part must be crazy to think the climate doesn't ever change.

So fucking sick of the libtard cult.


Cassandra.Hermes's picture

There was ozone hole caused by human and fixed by human! It is FACT!!! Now Australian have 92% less skin cancer and the beaches are full with tourists again.
So human can cause and fix climate change problem, but Ronald was not Donald, both are illiterate but one knows it and admits it and listen to scientists, the other one can accept that he is not the smartest person in the room, he even fakes his own IQ, crowd size, approval rating, penis size and so on...

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

There was ozone hole caused by human and fixed by human! It is FACT!!! Now Australian have 92% less skin cancer and the beaches are full with tourists again.
So human can cause and fix climate change problem, but Ronald was not Donald, both are illiterate but one knows it and admits it and listen to scientists, the other one can accept that he is not the smartest person in the room, he even fakes his own IQ, crowd size, approval rating, penis size and so on...

FU in Advance's picture

The only Ozone hole is the one in your fucking head.

Wildchemist's picture

Cassandra, the difference between the ozone hole and "global warming" is the ozone hole was real and didn't require government funded "climate scientists" to go back and alter historical temperature data to generate a trend. These so called scientists who believe in the "climate change" hoax were, up until recently (thank God), firmly entrenched in an internally resonating echo chamber complete with a self-rewarding management structure that's the product of over 8 years of virtually unlimited funding to create.

I can walk you through some of the chemical reactions that lead to the ozone hole. It was repaired simply by migrating to different aerosol chemicals that had more tightly bound fluorine atoms or moving away from fluorinated compounds altogether.

"Climate change" is a complete blasphemy of science, and has lead to the labeling of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a "pollutant" which is antithetical to life itself.

Unplug my friend. You've been had.

----_-'s picture
----_- (not verified) Mar 29, 2017 12:18 PM

drain the sw....  swallow it!

jimmyfromminny's picture

It's true that the only money he's made is off the backs of average investors - a penny at a time to billions.  But all legal - good for him for taking advantage of eveyrone else being slow and overregulated.  Trump played this guy like a fiddle - took money from him and his dumb, sad, loser daughter and rode it to the presidency.  

Now Trump should complete the circle by dumping this fool and his daugther, and thanking him for all his money and telling him that he's no longer needed - a final lesson on the true free market (mercer thinks deregulation is great as long as he can use his own money to regulate/influence - not so fast!)

NobodyNowhere's picture

"It's true that the only money he's made is off the backs of average investors "

But the Jews of Wall Street are the champs in that category.  And they even do it ILLEGALY,

land_of_the_few's picture

She seems very far from dumb judging by her bio.

jimmyfromminny's picture

What's her bio?  Went to liberal ivy league school that takes any billionaire offspring that will stuff its endowments coffers.  Only job ever was working for her father.  Really impressive.  

Money_for_Nothing's picture

This is a typical example of fake news. It has more fnods than words. Scott Adams ( has done a fine job of analyzing hit-job-journalism, why global warming science doesn't convince anyone who doesn't make money from global warming science, and a realistic way global warmest could convince people if they had a case. You research, you decide.