Recent TSA Molestation Video Proves Americans Have Become Authority Worshipping Slaves

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

TSA treating law-abiding American citizens like livestock for the privilege of boarding a plane has been a festering problem for over a decade. Such demeaning “security” practices represent just one of many unacceptable privacy invasions we’ve allowed to happen to us as a people since being overwhelmed by irrational fears of terrorism following the attacks of 9/11. Such fears are never allowed to dissipate since they’re constantly reinforced and encouraged by corporate media, hack politicians and the military-industrial-intelligence complex looking to make money from imprisoning Americans in an all-encompassing surveillance grid panopticon where we cheer on our own enslavement.

Today’s story brings a very important yet unresolved issue back to the forefront of public discussion, where it must remain until this practice is done away with forever.

The Daily Mail reports:

A furious mom has blasted the TSA officers who she says gave her disabled son an ‘unnecessary’ and ‘horrifying’ pat-down in a Dallas airport on Sunday.


Jennifer Williamson says that her son Aaron, who has sensory processing disorder, was detained for more than an hour at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport despite not setting off the metal detector.


And although she asked the TSA agent not to perform a pat-down, saying it would upset the boy, the agent went through with it anyway.


Williamson then recorded the ‘traumatizing’ incident in a video that has now been seen more than 1.5 million times.

It’s now up to 5.4 million views.

Sometimes the agent appears to pat the boy on areas that he has already checked. 


In a Facebook post, Williamson said that she and Aaron were punished and made to wait ‘well over an hour’ because she asked the TSA agents to respect Aaron’s condition.


‘We were treated like dogs because I requested they attempt to screen him in other ways per TSA rules,’ she said.

Now watch the video.

Yeah, it’s disgusting, inappropriate and anathema to a free people, but that’s the point. We aren’t a free people. We’ve become a bunch of authority-worshiping subjects toiling on a plantation dominated by multi-national companies who write our laws and manipulate our thoughts through corporate media. The worst part is we don’t do anything about it. We elect Trump and then puff our chests out yelling stupid slogans like MAGA, as molestations from the TSA get worse. Well done everyone.

More invasive TSA searches? What exactly am I talking about? Perhaps you missed the recent Bloomberg article, U.S. Airport Pat-Downs Are About to Get More Invasive:

While few have noticed, U.S. airport security workers long had the option of using five different types of physical pat-downs at the screening line. Now those options have been eliminated and replaced with a single universal approach. This time, you will notice.


The new physical touching—for those selected to have a pat-down—will be be what the federal agency officially describes as a more “comprehensive” physical screening, according to a Transportation Security Administration spokesman.


Denver International Airport, for example, notified employees and flight crews on Thursday that the “more rigorous” searches “will be more thorough and may involve an officer making more intimate contact than before.”


“I would say people who in the past would have gotten a pat-down that wasn’t involved will notice that the [new] pat-down is more involved,” TSA spokesman Bruce Anderson said Friday. The shift from the previous, risk-based assessment on which pat-down procedure an officer should apply was phased in over the past two weeks after tests at smaller airports, he said.

This from an agency that couldn’t find a bomb if it was placed in its hands. Don’t believe me? Perhaps you missed the following:

Big Brother Idiocy – TSA Spent $160 Million on Naked Body Scanners that Fail 96% of the Time

Just great. Unfortunately, the move to more invasive pat downs is merely one aspect of a move to even more idiotic security theater when it comes to air travel. Like the banning of electronics larger than a phone on flights from certain airpots, which a former Israeli airport security boss basically called total idiocy.

Finally, while we know the TSA isn’t good at catching terrorists, we do know its agents are very good at theft and sexual perversion. How do we know this? Take a read:

TSA Agents Caught Gaming System so Male Screener Could Grope Attractive Passengers; No Criminal Charges Filed

Caught on Tape – TSA Gropes 10 Year Old Girl for Two Minutes Due to Capri Sun in Baggage

TSA Agent Caught Stealing From Passenger’s Wallet at NYC Airport Checkpoint

TSA Agent Arrested for Sexually Molesting South Korean Woman at NYC’s LaGuardia Airport

Judicial Watch Obtains Documents Proving Systemic Sexual Abuse by TSA Workers at Airports Nationwide

TSA Air Marshal Arrested for Taking Photos Up Passengers’ Skirts

This is not what freedom looks like.

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MagicHandPuppet's picture

TSA: Because pedophilia perv can be a goobermint job description.

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

I don't want to watch.... how bad is it?

Belrev's picture

Judge Napolitano is back on Fox News, stands by that Obama went to British Intelligence (GCHQ) to spy on Trump

InjectTheVenom's picture


>>>>   1984

>>>>    2017

GadExp's picture

Count it!!!


14 times the guy passed his hands over the kids butt!

13 times the guy passed his hands over the kid’s crotch!


Repeated shoulder passes and repeated armpit passes.  This man is dirtier than mud!

Bigly's picture

Revolting. Yes, as I noted below....

Skateboarder's picture

Think about it... who else but someone pervy would work in that kinda role? It inspires perv-Os to legally obtain their fix, every day, and getting paid for it. Fucking sick..

GadExp's picture

I’d be suing the heck out of the man, the airport, the airline, and the TSA – if for no other reason than to resist the insanity!!! 


No law exists that requires/allows a man to pass their hands over your children’s private parts 27 times for security reasons!

Bigly's picture

Really? That is it? This is a dusabled kid. Look at him. You can tell he is not a troublesome kind of kid. DUH.

I would stake out the employee lot and follow him home if that were my kid.

Good thing he isn't....

knukles's picture

Watdafug?  The kid gets a pat down while illegals flood across the border and get free housing, food, medical care.
And the kid gets fucked with.

And the politicians wonder why?
The Progressives wonder why?

I'm not wondering why anymore.  I fully understand.

So I guess for my Daily Dose of SOMA Matrix AgitProp, I'll go grit my teeth for an hour watching Steve Harvey.

Awakening can be very disturbing.

manofthenorth's picture

"There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action."  - Goethe

"We do not need to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe."  -Goethe

That TSA guy is an obvious pedo fucktard perv broke dick scumbag low life motherfucker.

Watching this shit makes my blood boil.

Something has got to give people.

I FUCKING REFUSE to allow the state to teach my children that being treated like a criminal is OK.

The logger in me wants to beat the evelasting ugly off that fat pig.

Seriously...... WTF !!!!

beemasters's picture

It should break anyone's heart to see a kid being treated like a common criminal. Absurd stupidity personified.

DollarMenu's picture

All this shit would stop immediately if everyone would just stay off the airplanes for a few weeks.


But no, every trip is so damn important -  fuck the abuse, fuck the questions of rights, 

"I've gotta get where I'm wantin to go, by plane.

Bend me over, chip me, I'm not gonna do a god damn thing."


I have not been on an airplane since Chertof's scanners went in.

adanata's picture


I stopped flying as soon as TSA came online. If I cannot drive there, I do not go. Of course I'm old and retired so it's easier for me.

Not only that but they have TSA VIPER thugs on the road now too. Their motto is "Dominate Intimidate Control"... 

sonoramic commando's picture

Do they both get a smoke afterwards? This is more foreplay than both of them will ever have in their lives.

lil dirtball's picture

Well, this certainly does it for me. I've had it. Next election, I'm voting out every incumbent who supports this shit. Every fucking one of them! And I'm telling my neighbors to do the same! I'm also writing a letter to president Trump.

Man, this pisses me off.

DollarMenu's picture

Yeah, but are you still flying in the mean time?

That vote shit don't mean a damn thing.

sonoramic commando's picture

I will just fly on my buddies plane, his security measures are that everyone has to be carrying a gun.

lil dirtball's picture

Lol ... I was being sarcastic. I haven't voted or flown in 20 years. People who vote are idiots. People who vote and think it's gonna change something are just retarded.

Flying is for the birds.

338's picture

Write a letter to an elected psycopath that has no reason to fucking care at all what you think.


That'll teach em.


I haven't flown in 4 years, fuck em.



Richard Chesler's picture

Mutherfucker pervert ought to burn.

Never One Roach's picture

Rumor has it Pedopodesta already watched it over 800 times!

07564111's picture

I only think about how much americans love this shit...ya must love it because they're still standing and there's no holes in them.

Cowards you be Americans.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Belrev Mar 29, 2017 4:46 PM

Fucking Obama perv pig

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Disgusting.  Fluffy ol' retired aged queen rubbing a thirteen year old boy's junk six ways to Sunday.

MsCreant's picture

A disabled boy. Be clear. No boy is okay to molest. A disabled one who is probably on the Autistic spectrum, this is even worse. 

knukles's picture

People are losing patience.
I refuse to fly anymore if it can be otherwise avoided.

Betcha next hailstorm will be when a local sheriffs deputy attached to an airport arrests some fuck like Uncle Skheevy for molesting a child.
I can hear it now.
All the Democrats and Neo-Con Republiturds condemn it heartily and still vote for continued even more invasive frisking to Keep You Safe

All the while the light shines brighter on Pedo and PizzaGate

Madcow's picture

Yes - this obviously has nothing to do with public safety and everyting to do with Authoritarian Rule by Pedophiles. (ARP)

Outside of DC, NYC and Hollywood, Authoritarian Rule by Pedophiles is EXTREMELY controverial.  

Because these kids are OBVIOUSLY not threats - there must be another reason.  The only possible explanation for this behavior is that Gov-Co recognizes that ARP won't be accepted overnight (outside of DC, NYC, Hollywood ...) So, they've got to figure out a way to slowly acclimate people to ARP.  

Clarly, the TSA is there to get parents used to the idea of government officials raping their children in public - and to abandon the thought of protesting. Apparently, the goal is to create public demand for tax-payer money to fund public child raping centers (and to pay governemnt employees handsomely for their services).

Look at what they're doing with their media propaganda.  "Child sexual abuse" is now something that only "crazy people on the Alt-right" are concerned about. The governemnt wants you to believe that it is your "progressive," patriotic duty to support, defend and cheer for child sex offenders. 

I believe this will remain controversial as a locus for public policy in places like Oklahoma, Texas, New Hampshire and Wyoming.

chiaroscuro's picture

It seems like lately every time I see one of these stories briefly come up in the media the victim of the latest TSA outrage is a mentally disabled person. The spin is always that because the traveler was mentally challenged they couldn't UNDERSTAND the TSA's screening procedures which resulted in them feeling traumatized and/or resisting. I'd say this boy understood perfectly what happened to him. It's the rest of the populace that thinks this sort of abuse is normal who is suffering from a far more dangerous and pervasive mental condition.

Kayman's picture

As bad as having your girlfriend lap dance on your face.

Darktarra's picture

Its pretty bad ... the TSA agent molests the child then gives him a teddy bear to keep the child's mouth shut! 

Paper Mache's picture

It's a very, very thorough search of a young, fresh-faced  teenager, by Uncle Pervy. Like watchingan unfettered Joe Biden on steroids.   This man really loves his job. Outrageous. 

Bigly's picture

Real question.

Does this qualify as watching child porn?

I feel disgusted.

Laddie's picture

Well there was a black TSA agent in Austin who was found stealing guns from airplane passengers.

Ever go through Atlanta airport or O'Hare?

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

It's really not bad at all. If the kid is bothered he doesn't show it.

My problem with this is he didn't even check the most common place for criminals to hide contraband; his anus. At least put two fingers in there to poke around, kid could have had a carbon fiber pipe bomb up his ass and he would have slipped right through security.

Hell this agent didn't even strip search him and check for surgical scars. You know it's possible to remove a lung and store a nuke made out of non ferrous metals in its place. Do they WANT someone to nuke an airplane out of the sky!? With these casual security protocols it sure seems like it.

Have they forgotten about 9/11(tm)?

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

I’m reasonably sure that these perverts develop a highly-tuned back-of-hand arousal response so even though they are (usually) not patting with front of hand, they acquire some sort of memory formation for subsequent masturbatory sessions just from the indirect back-of-hand method. Why does this perv have to go over the same areas three times? Makes no sense otherwise unless he has some sort of short-term memory deficit but he should self-disqualify himself if that’s the case. Won’t happen. Of course, passenger victims for the most part are clueless of the role they are playing in this drama, never suspecting for a second that they become the instruments for the sick fantasies of their official assailants.


It wouldn’t matter to me except I resent subsidizing these sickos with my tax dollars.

MsCreant's picture

I can't fly any more. I would hurt someone, yell, get arrested. You touch my son like that and I will fucking hit you. I actually wanted to take that guy's head and jerk it down while I brought my knee up full force into his face. I want him destroyed. 

NoDecaf's picture

watching this video, all I could hear was 'ting'...the sound of an aluminum bat.

Riga's picture

I am sure I could not tolerate watching the video; and because of the policy of indecent touching, I went from flying several times a year to not once since not long after 9/11. I am to understand that there are no feel-ups for private flying, should getting somewhere quickly ever be necessary.

chiaroscuro's picture

We need more mothers like you!

HRClinton's picture

I suggest you wear a large Star of David and a Yamulke. Pre-order Kosher meal in your flight profile. 

Things will go much smoother.

Or you can go full Southern Rebel outfit, if you want the full cavity search. Cough!

knukles's picture

Fuck that.  Dress like a Muzzie refugee and they'll offer to fly you free with caviar and champagne.
But get pissed at the Champagne and demand a refund.  Even though you flew free.

Where's that Nibiru thingamajig they're talking about?

If I identified as Charlemagne, would they let me wear my armor and sword?

overbet's picture

That is molestation and we were shown kiddie porn.

wchild's picture

Shit, we're just so FUCKED UP!!  The Libtard, creempuff, snowflakes are like aliens and argue this shit is necessary

silvercity's picture

Feel sorry for the kid. Feel disgust for the parent who would allow this. Don't fly commercial, especially with kids. Betcha money mom will still fly again soon with the same child.

SallySnyd's picture

The terrorists won.