Second Foundation: Empire Crumbling

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Authored by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,

In Part One of this article I analyzed the similarities of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy to Strauss & Howe’s Fourth Turning, trying to assess how Donald Trump’s ascension to power fits into the theories put forth by those authors. In Part Two of this article I compared and contrasted Donald Trump’s rise to power to the rise of The Mule in Asimov’s masterpiece. Unusually gifted individuals come along once in a lifetime to disrupt the plans of the existing social order. Despite the forlorn hope Donald Trump or some other savior can reverse our course, decades of missteps, dreadful decisions, ineffectual leadership, and unconcealed treachery have paved a path to destruction for the American Empire.

American Empire Crumbling

“Mr. Advocate, the rotten tree-trunk, until the very moment when the storm-blast breaks it in two, has all the appearance of might it ever had. The storm-blast whistles through the branches of the Empire even now. Listen with the ears of psychohistory, and you will hear the creaking.”Isaac Asimov, Foundation

“Now any dogma, based primarily on faith and emotionalism, is a dangerous weapon to use on others, since it is almost impossible to guarantee that the weapon will never be turned on the user.” – Isaac Asimov, Foundation

The elitist ruling class gathers at Davos and their secretive Bilderberg meetings to plot the course of the world, divvying up the vast wealth plundered through their globalization schemes, and developing the newest propaganda narrative to keep the global masses confused, distracted, and powerless to fight back. Despite their wealth and power, an epic level of hubris is always their undoing.

The normal people have begun to fight back but, like the rotten tree trunk Galactic Empire, the “mighty” American Empire, forged from the debris of two world wars, awaits the storm blast which will expose its true level of rot. The American Empire is crumbling under the weight of military overreach; the burden of unpayable debts; currency debasement; cultural decay; civic degeneration; diversity and deviancy trumping common culture and normality; pervasive corruption at every level of government; and the failure of shortsighted leaders to deal with the real problems.

You can hear the creaking as the winds of this Fourth Turning winter howl through the branches of this dying empire. Trump may have forced the Deep State Second Foundation to reveal itself as they seek to destroy him, but the relentless decline of the American Empire continues unabated. Tinkering around the edges of a healthcare system designed to benefit mega-corporations and the Deep State will do nothing to reverse or even delay the decline.

Slowing the growth of government when the national debt is already $20 trillion and headed to $30 trillion within the next decade won’t cure the rot in our tree trunk. Completely ignoring the $200 trillion of unfunded welfare state liabilities helps accelerate the inevitable collapse of this empire. Cutting taxes while expanding the war making machine known as the military industrial complex does nothing to reverse what is already in motion.

In addition to the absolutely quantifiable reasons why the American Empire will collapse, there are demographic, cultural, and societal trends which will contribute dramatically to the fall. The rapidly aging populace, with 10,000 Americans per day turning 65 years old, is the driving force towards national bankruptcy, as this inexorable demographic tsunami sweeps over the fraying fabric of welfare state promises.

The onslaught of illegal immigrants and purposeful execution of a plan by the effete liberal elite to weaken our common American culture through the insertion of Muslim refugees into our communities, is undermining the shared values which built the country. The immigrants who built this country assimilated, learned the language, worked hard, and adopted our common culture. The hordes invading America at this time hate our values and refuse to assimilate. This Soros funded effort to create diversity havoc throughout the world is part of the globalization one world order plan.

As Europe disintegrates under the unrelenting wave of violent refugees creating upheaval, chaos, and spreading religious zealotry through viciousness, the next target is the mighty American Empire. Fighting in the streets between the normal law abiding Trump supporters and the Soros funded, draped in black, flag burning, social justice warrior criminals has begun. Widespread societal strife is just around the corner.

When the next financial crisis, created by the Deep State to further their plans, destroys the remaining wealth of the barely surviving middle class, all hell will break loose in the streets. The 86% of the country occupied by red state, gun owning, Trump supporters will openly go to war against the condescending, left wing, violence provoking blue state liberals. Blood will be spilled in copious amounts. It always does during Fourth Turnings.

Will Trump’s reign resemble the reign of The Mule? The Mule’s conquest was astonishingly fast. He defeated the Foundation and established the Union of Worlds after only five years. The unpredictability of his arrival and rare mental talents befuddled the Foundation. Then he inexplicably paused in his campaign of conquests. Instead he launched repeated expeditions in search of the Second Foundation. The mysterious Second Foundation inhibits The Mule from further conquest as he is consumed with finding their location and paralyzed with fear they can defeat his mentalic powers.

The Second Foundation comes briefly out of hiding to face the threat of The Mule. It is revealed to be an assemblage of the most intelligent humans in the galaxy, descendants of Seldon’s psychohistorians. Using the force of its strongest minds, the Second Foundation ultimately wears down the Mule. They succeed in defeating the Mule, transforming him into a relatively harmless individual, lacking ambition, and no longer a threat to the Seldon Plan. His destructive posture is adjusted to a benign one. He returns to rule over his kingdom peacefully for the rest of his life, without any further thought of conquering the Second Foundation.

Trump has had an astonishingly fast rise to power. He went from frivolous reality TV star to the most powerful leader on earth in the space of two years. With his clownish exploits and rhetoric, he rose to power through being underestimated every step of the way – infuriating his many enemies who miscalculated his level of political savvy and persuasion skills. Unless he is overthrown by the Deep State or killed, he will be able to put his imprint on the nation for at least four years and possibly eight.

His first two months in power will likely reflect his entire presidency. The Washington establishment and sinister Deep State players will attempt to thwart Trump’s every move. They have already impeded his immigration controls and attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, while using their illegal surveillance state techniques to undermine his administration.

The Second Foundation, through unyielding pressure and generating fear of the unknown into the mind of The Mule, was able undermine his plans of conquest and turn him into a non-disruptive, toothless, nonthreatening, passive figurehead. As Trump’s best laid plans are obstructed, agenda foiled, and legislation hindered, will his enthusiasm for governance wane?

The surveillance agencies who are supposed to act on his behalf are clearly trying to subvert his presidency. Leaks and fake news designed to sabotage the credibility of Trump and his administration will continue. Will the fear of retribution from mysterious surveillance state operatives convince Trump to fall into line and become a submissive lackey, no longer making waves for the Deep State?

I have no illusions Trump is some sort of savior who will reverse decades of political corruption, currency debasement, financial market rigging, global military missteps, cultural decay, pervasive entitlement mindset, and out of control espionage operatives. At best, he will slow some aspects of the decline over a short time frame. More likely, he will provoke his enemies to such an extent the decline will be accelerated due to civil and/or global war breaking out. The oncoming financial collapse will further push the country toward the brink. It’s not a matter of if, but when. And the when is closer than most people imagine.

The seeds of destruction for the American Empire were planted as Ben Franklin departed the Constitutional Convention two hundred and thirty years ago responding to a question from Mrs. Powell that they had given the people a republic, if they could keep it. The seeds were slow to take root, but the transition from republic to democracy insured long-term decline as the people voted for more benefits, paid for by their fellow citizens and financed by debt.

With the secretive creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve in 1913, the debasement of our currency was begun. The true birth of the American Empire occurred with surrender of Germany & Japan at the conclusion of World War II. As the only major power not in physical and economic shambles, America dominated the world until its hubris kicked in during the late 1960s with the birth of the welfare/warfare state financed by debt. Closure of the gold window in 1971 sealed our fate.

We’ve crossed our Rubicon with the preservation and expansion of empire bankrupting the nation. We just refuse to admit it. It’s already a done deal. Default is baked in the cake. It’s happened to the Greeks, Romans, Spanish, Dutch, British, and many other civilizations throughout history. The path to destruction is always the same because the actions of humans in large numbers are entirely predictable. The American Empire has exploited all of the productive people, leaving nothing left to invest in the future. Investment by corporate America today constitutes greedy CEOs buying back their stock to boost earnings per share and share price in order to earn multi-million dollar bonuses.

The globalization scam was the last dying gasp to exploit the dwindling resources of the planet and the people. There is nothing left to fund the bread and circuses keeping the ignorant masses distracted, amused, and fed. The monetary machinations of the Federal Reserve have reached their limit. Economic crisis is inevitable before this Fourth Turning runs its course.

The economic meltdown will likely result in the final breakup of the American empire. The best laid plans of Deep State billionaire intellectuals will be for naught. The law of large numbers will win again. All empires eventually die, and life will go on, unless the psychopaths controlling this country blow the planet up rather than relinquish their wealth and power. Is history already written or do we as individuals have a say?

“Throughout you have invariably relied on authority or on the past—never on yourselves.”Isaac Asimov, Foundation

“But Empire building also bears the seeds of its own destruction. The closer a state comes to the ultimate goal of world domination and one-world government, the less reason is there to maintain its internal liberalism and do instead what all states are inclined to do anyway, i.e., to crack down and increase their exploitation of whatever productive people are still left.

Consequently, with no additional tributaries available and domestic productivity stagnating or falling, the Empire’s internal policies of bread and circuses can no longer be maintained. Economic crisis hits, and an impending economic meltdown will stimulate decentralizing tendencies, separatist and secessionist movements, and lead to the break-up of Empire. We have seen this happen with Great Britain, and we are seeing it now, with the US and its Empire apparently on its last leg.”Hans-Hermann Hoppe


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E pluribus scrotum!

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Constantly trying to prove to us what we already know.

Those who don't want to know will kill you to retain their delusion, and the truth will destroy us all anyway. House of cards.

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kavlar (not verified) Oldwood Mar 29, 2017 9:46 PM
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techies-r-us (not verified) kavlar Mar 29, 2017 9:50 PM

Empire's end is always a guarantee.

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Mano-A-Mano (not verified) techies-r-us Mar 29, 2017 9:55 PM

It's the vanity of those in power.

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bob_bichen (not verified) Mano-A-Mano Mar 29, 2017 10:12 PM

RE: chronic SPAMMER kavlar, techies-r-us, lexxus, stizazz, mano-a-mano, etc.   (ALL THE SAME PERSON REPLYING TO HIS OWN COMMENTS)

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In addition to the names you listed (Which I think you obtained from my posts, below is an additional list of SUSPECTED logins for the same psycopath:

One of these is not like the others (Confirmed)
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Some of these may be incorrect (for which I apologise for any honest errors but keeping up with this multiple spammer is not easy) and if the real owner(s) respond I have ways to check.

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"use your imagination to try to conceive of what type of whackadoo would spend their life in pajamas, fake eyelashes and high heels, eating stale chips and drinking cheap soda from the dollar store, popping zits, and spamming zerohedge".

Um, with acknowledgement to fellow poster erkme73, as follows:

PS. ZH can't can't do very much to prevent him from constantly opening new accounts because he will be using a VPN to generate dynamic multiple IP addresses.


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Audio Feeline (not verified) Anarchyteez Mar 30, 2017 7:23 AM

Let's start donating pills for those two

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bob_bichen (not verified) Audio Feeline Mar 30, 2017 6:29 PM

RE:  Spammer    Audio Feline ( comment  above), blue fin, TrollAndDump, XYTHRAS, etc. ect. (the same person):

You have NO IDEA how deeply WHACKED this individual, the High Heeled Fishnet Spammer With Three Hundred Log-ons, really is.  He has trolled and spammed his website crap on here forever, always with the same macabre conversations with a long series of "imaginary playmates." It really is quite perverse and whoever "he" is, he seems to really get his rocks off voting himself up arrows and replying to his own comments, and also appears to have no life beyond making off-topic comments with his link to the SPAM-, TROJAN-, VIRUS-INFESTED  ""dailywesterner,com""

Other ZHers  may wish to take one minute to send an email to requesting that all of the "imaginary friends" (in the list below; copy and paste)   be permanently banned for spamming.

As you do that, use your imagination to try to conceive of what type of whackadoo would spend their life in fishnet stockings (hairy legs) and stilletto heels, heart racing, eating stale chips and drinking cheap soda from the dollar store, popping zits, and spamming zerohedge. 

Many of the following have been banned but, like crabs and cockroaches, they just seem to come back.  The "short list of imaginary playmates" includes:

Audio Feeline
blue fin

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bob_bichen (not verified) philipat Mar 30, 2017 6:31 PM

ZH users CAN continue to out him on each and every single post.

He can run (not very fast in the high heels) but he can't hide (he's too fat).


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some of those on the list have different personalities. so... is this someone with multiple personality disorder, for real? unemployed bored actor self-casting in different roles--keeping up their chops? a handicapped individual stranded at home and ZH is their one and only source of engaging entertainment? or is it leftist political operative subterfuge?

folks, this is a case for Sherlock--or philipat and bob_bichen. (; will be interesting to see if a named conspirator defends themself.

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The bigger the Empire, the bigger the pop. Where is Borodino?

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Those who pay the bribe( israel) are not the ones with the power. Why is that concept so fucking hard to understand?

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Actually, it's E scrotum pluribus. Unless your nuts were fried by Fukushima or something

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I never get tired of looking at that map.

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I never get tired of wondering about your return key. It keeps getting hit 3 times before you type.

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The use...


...of white space...


...should never be underestimated.


Love that map too; restore land-owner's only get to vote.

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HRH Feant (not verified) Mar 29, 2017 10:16 PM

Yes. The end of the American hegemony is nearly over. When will the FRN / USD as the world reserve currency end? Soon.

How will it end? With lots and lots and lots of blood.

TGF Texas's picture

It's an an uplifting night on ZH. I am becoming immune to my floggings, moral is improving.

red1chief's picture

Yes, I am becoming more moral as well.

Lets Buy The Dip's picture

if the empire is crumbling, probably not too far till the Stock market is next. 

These guys from the US, who called the 2008 stock market crash, and also very accurate about the TRUMP rally, shared a SHOCKING chart no one is looking at is LOW VIX ==>

Trump is a bit nervous cause he has lots of money in the market, so they will stop at nothing to stop the market crashing, but the inevitable is coming. Most likely. 

Cabreado's picture

The "turnings" are getting old and tired, given that we now have enough information and communication to turn them upside down.

Oldwood's picture

Confusion is our friend. Stay distracted because the truth is just too awful to contemplate.

new game's picture

lol, as i'm confused. not, really, just fukin with ya... seriously, i look fwd to this destruction, as it is what it is and soon as it happens a new life begins(or ends-mine) and so-the-fuk-be-it, because(pause), i cant change a fukin god DAMnED FuKIN THING, (pause), anyways...

Oldwood's picture

There is nothing new about suicidal thoughts as that is the entire premise of progressivism, the belief that we are doomed b our own hands and therefore should simply do the world a favor and end it all.

One of the easiest ways to defeat your enemy is by encouraging them to defeat themselves, being unworthy of existence much less happiness. Low self esteem enables self destruction.

Giant Meteor's picture

Well I clicked in because the tag line for this essay is my thesis as well ..

Happenstance, planned, makes no difference .. the empire is groaning, gasping under the strain of many tears (years) of hubris, lies and skullduggery, brought by a cast of thousands .. When taken in sum, its not confusing at all ..

The trouble is there is a growing shortage of greater fools, a system of "non - cooperation" in accepting ANY state narrative. There is no faith in the money system, no faith in government, no faith in institutions that "dispense" the government ..

Just a lot of bag holders, operators, and fakes,  treading water, desperately searching for relevancy, while staying in place, in a world gone completely batshit crazy ..

Smoke em if ya got em ..

pipes's picture

Right on.

While I'm young, already. (or at least not decrepit :o)

DuneCreature's picture

Here is someone who 'gets it', .... worth a listen:

~~~~~ )) C. O. G. Continuity Of Government (( ~~~~~

From Vermont - Tom D'Ambra .... Just a square shooting US citizen, certainly not CIA Anderson Goober caliber liar. .. (948 views)

National Security is being used to mask, hide and cover up criminal activity. .. Then the MSM covers up the cover up.

The COG is the bear trap set to ensure the Shadow Government can recover their reigns of power from any, coup, revolution, take over, inside or outside insurrection or nuclear war or natural disaster

The CIA is up to their necks in setting up and having their paws all over COG. ... We can easily end up with another Muslim president.

One a lot less covert and lazy.

The FBI covers up messes for the CIA. .... Lies covering lies, covering lies, covering lies, ending in COG.

Live Hard, The Shadow Of The Shadow Of The Shadow Blocks Out The Sun Entirely, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

gregga777's picture

Asserions of National Security hides a multitude of the United States of America's Feral Gangster Government's criminal activities, such as:

  • concealing the real reason that US forces still occupy Afghanistan.  The Afghan's are the US Centrial Insanity Agency's main supplier of pure heroin;
  • the fact that the US Drug Enforcement Administration exists solely to destroy the US CIA drug cartel's competitors to their heroin and cocaine production, distritbution and wholesale and retail sales operations;
  • suppressing the truth around other government criminal operations by "disappearing" anyone with factual evidence inclined to leak or testify;


fbazzrea's picture

it appears Oklahoma is the only state without a single blue county. (:


oh yeah, AK, too.

besnook's picture

hawaii is the only state that went all blue and massachusetts

Quatermain's picture

We have them concentrated...

Grandad Grumps's picture

I ca not believe it is coincidence that virtually everything we experience these days has common thematic elements of a dimestore novel or reality tv program ... written by an idiot computer. Why is the computer an idiot? Because it cannot learn to understand how humans will react when humans figure out that they are being played. The computer just keeps on doing the same thing it has always done because it worked before ... and that, myson, is the difference between a human and a computer. The human learns and adapts. The computer only does what it was programmed to do, even if it possesses all of the knowledge of many histories.

pipes's picture

Individual humans may learn and adapt their behaviors.

Larger groups will not.

uhland62's picture

".... from frivolous reality TV star to the most powerful leader on earth"  Really? His position is being the Empreror with the biggest club. His is the power for destruction, not kindness, not cooperation, not ethics, no power that convinces others of his thoughts or ideology. It is nothing but raw power for destruction.

Yes, dear leader we salute you - but Borodino is not far now.

Sledge-hammer's picture
Sledge-hammer (not verified) Mar 29, 2017 11:33 PM

Our Glorious Trumpenfuhrer is a existential threat to the Jew Matrix.  Big Jew will do anything to shut down our Glorious Leader and his agenda, which is our agenda.  There is a saying of mediocre men for mediocre times.  Jimmuh Carter, George Bush the First, Bill Clinton, George Bush the Second, and Bill Clinton were all mediocre men for mediocre times.  Now that we have come to an inflection point in our nation's history that affects our nation's/people's survival due to their cucked, corrupt, gamma-male leadership, along comes a true Alpha Male Lion to set history right again.  Cometh the hour, cometh the man.  Embrace the Lion.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Mar 29, 2017 11:45 PM


I Write Code's picture

And The Mule may well have been a renegade or bastard Second Foundationer, so he really wasn't the shock and surprise to quite everyone that is commonly made out.

Victory_Garden's picture


Ponderance in motion.

For the sake of one, He would save us all.

Walk like an Egyptian and Know...all the answers are here...implementing them through the dark haze of evil and corruption not ever known to cause such a rash of ignorance in the mass mind and has never in the history of this planet ever been so prevalent and pervasive in the societal sub-cultural existences of mankind...can be done.

Had a dream about black meteors with black poofy smoke trails coming down and watching them...2...3...4..5....watching one incoming and dodging it as it slowly came down....telling others to watch out....

Dreams are rare.

Often it is asked...what brings people together in almost an instant?

Many have many answers but the most correct is, disaster.

A given example goes like this: if you look out your bathroom window at three thirty three in the morning and see your neighbors house on fire, will you not be one of the first to be there to help if you can, no matter how many years and how high you built the wall of division between you and them?

You can bet your sweet bippy most would, although there are the individuals that would not do anything. Blame improper Instruction/edumacation.

So...long story short...what would happen if say an unimaginable disaster took place that affected the entire planet? Yes, fuckushima will eventually kill off all natural biological life, but what about something moar sudden, and surprising?


What is isreal doing now?

What if man were to demand their govts absolutely stop warmongering like they are for a farkin pipeline in Iraq and Syria now? Will the endless useless senseless woarmongering ever stop?

Pray for the suffering to find peace and salvation.



ElTerco's picture

"The American Empire is crumbling under the weight of military overreach; the burden of unpayable debts; currency debasement; cultural decay; civic degeneration; diversity and deviancy trumping common culture and normality; pervasive corruption at every level of government; and the failure of shortsighted leaders to deal with the real problems."

The above quote from the article is good. Captures all the major points, although I would have called out the Fed, other Central Banks, and the human sources of corruption a little more clearly.

The last part of the article is overly cryptic and could use some cleaning up.

quasi_verbatim's picture

You gringoes sure are fucked.

And Peak Mozzy nowhere yet in sight.

Batman11's picture

There is a single flawed assumption behind today's problems.

Future historians will look back with incredulity at an era that offered so much opportunity for a successful globalised world and how that opportunity was squandered.

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, many dictators around the world have been deposed and apartheid came to an end in South Africa, there was so much opportunity to change things for the better.

Unfortunately, free market fundamentalism was taking hold in the US and a new ideology was being born, neo-liberalism. These were the new ideas that were to be rolled out globally.

Francis Fukuyama talked of the “end of history” and “liberal democracy”.

He gave the impression that one successful system had stood the test of time and this was to be the model for globalisation. Behind the scenes a new model was being rolled out, the neo-liberal model.

Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan got the ball rolling in the West.

The Euro was designed by economists of the new ideology.

Underlying the new ideology was an assumption:

“Capitalism naturally tends to converge to stable equilibriums”

Capitalism does not need Government intervention as it runs itself in the optimum way.

In the Keynesian era we had worked with a totally different and mutually exclusive assumption:

“Capitalism tends to diverge and polarise”

The surplus needs to be recycled on a national and personal basis (strong progressive taxation) to stop the capitalist system destroying itself.

Hardly the “End of History” we were adopting a fundamentally new idea on how capitalism itself worked.

The assumption that “capitalism tends to diverge and polarise” is proving itself true around the world.

1) Inequality is rising

2014 – “85 richest people as wealthy as poorest half of the world”

2016– “Richest 62 people as wealthy as half of world’s population”

2017 – Richest 8 people as wealthy as half of world’s population

2) Fault lines are opening up within the global economy between surplus and deficit nations

3) The Euro-zone is splitting into a prosperous North and a poor South

As neo-liberalism is an ideology and it has been rolled out globally everyone is having trouble admitting it just doesn’t work and its fundamental assumption:

“Capitalism naturally tends to converge to stable equilibriums”

was just the dream of US free-market fundamentalists.

What better illustration of polarisation, than the wealth distribution of the US: shot 2015-06-15 at 11.28.56 am.png

They still believe in free market fundamentalism and hopefully Trump can bang the last few nails into the coffin of these failed ideas.

Further tax cuts for the rich should soon cause the whole thing to fall over and die.

They had the idea, so who better to test it to destruction.

Trickledown was just a myth.

SunRise's picture

What you describe is not capitalism - It's Cronyism.

Verniercaliper's picture

Capitalism creates cronyism.

IranContra's picture

Armageddon is About to Happen

Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon (Iraq) and rescued the Jews from Babylonian captivity. Jews have an even more important bond with Iran/Persia. The False Messiah, The Antichrist, was crowned King of the Jews 14 centuries ago in Isfahan, Persia. Arabs call the Antichrist "Dajjal" (the Great Conman) and believe that Jesus Christ will come back soon to Damascus to kill the Antichrist in Jerusalem.

Just like the Rothschilds and some other "special people," the Antichrist is half Jew, half devil. Lucifer impregnated some Jewish women, and these "special" human beings were born. Muhammad pointed the Antichrist out 14 centuries ago and said: beware of this young Jewish man whose father is Satan (he's a hybrid man-jinn), he is bonded to a faraway Island (Britain), and he will be launched as the Antichrist in Isfahan/Persia soon after my death.

Arabs witnessed the crowning of this Jewish man as King of the Jews in Isfahan, Persia, three years after the death of Muhammad. He kept denying that he was the Antichrist for fifty years, then he disappeared.

Unlike the Rothschilds who die of old age, the Antichrist's luciferian "genes" allowed him to live in Iran/Persia for 14 centuries. The Iranians call him Mahdi, the Hidden Imam, or al-Qaem. Ahmadinejad (Jewish) said that he met him and was inspired by him all the time. Ask any Iranian, they will tell you: The Risen One (al-Qaem) is with us, alive.

Armageddon or what Arabs call Malhama (the big battle) reportedly involves an alliance between Arabs and Romans (Americans) against a common enemy who hides behind both nations.

This common enemy of Arabs and Americans, the Antichrist, King of the Jews, certainly hides behind both Americans (Liberals) and Arabs (the Muslim Brotherhood).

Armageddon is about to happen between Jesus allies (Trump and his Arab allies) and Antichrist allies (Iran, the Liberals, and the Muslim Brotherhood). The Almighty will support Jesus' allies. The prophecy says that they will win the battle. Hopefully, the Christian Russians will wake up and join the side of Jesus.

Now you know why Obama bonded with Iran, why the stakes are so high for the Liberals, and why they have gone psychotic.

Rhal's picture

I see no parallel between Foundation and us today.

You compare Trump to the Mule as though we were on a good path to start with. In too many ways it was the other way around. Consider Trump may be a tool of Foundation; at least as far as the analogy goes...