You Will Never Hear These Truths Discussed In The Mainstream

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Authored by Brandon Smith via,

The general public truly lives in two separate worlds.

We have the world of the mainstream media, popular culture and political rhetoric; a world which constantly and desperately seeks to twist or destroy any legitimate measure of reality, leading people into a frenzied fog.


Then, we have the world of concrete facts; an ugly, brutal world that upsets many people when they see it and leaves them with little more than the hope that the most innovative of us will perhaps reverse the disastrous course, or at least, survive to carry on a meaningful level of civilization.

The sad thing is, if a majority of the population studied and accepted the world of fact, then preparation and intelligent or aggressive action might negate any destructive outcome. Reality only grows more ugly because we continue to ignore it.

Have you ever come to a logical or practical conclusion in response to a national or global problem and waited in vain to hear it represented in the mainstream? Have you ever thought — if I can figure this out, why can’t they? And by “they,” I mean the people most commonly offered a mainstream platform. This includes so called “professional journalists,” political leaders, mainstream economists, highly paid “analysts,” etc. Well, I think more and more Americans in particular are finally considering the notion that these “professionals” are either not very smart, or they have an agenda that seeks to perpetuate the problem rather than fix the problem.

Yes, the intellectual class, the longtime gatekeepers of public thought and consent, are actually mostly morons and/or liars with a terrible purpose in mind. I understand that this does not come as a surprise to many of my readers, but remember, the masses are still trapped in a stupefying fog. The goal here is to bring just a few more of them out of the doldrums whenever possible.

In the meantime, they are being fed one dishonest narrative after another, and there are certain truths, suggestions, solutions and philosophies they will never stumble across in their daily lives. Here are just a few questions and ideas on very specific mainstream events and propaganda memes which just don’t seem to receive the light of day.

The Healthcare Bill Debacle

If you happen to take note of stock market reactions to legislative events, you may have observed that equities recently suffered a swift sidekick to the solar plexus (read the section on stocks below as to why this matters little). This is, according to the mainstream, due to the failure of the Trump administration’s Obamacare repeal efforts. The first assumption here is that stock markets exploded higher after Trump’s election win purely because the investment world was placing bets that Trump would ram through tax cuts and pro-business legislation within his first year. The second assumption is that because Trump’s first piece of major legislation, the repeal of Obamacare, has failed, he will not be able to achieve any of his other stated goals, including tax cuts.

There are perhaps some minor truths within this narrative. A repeal of Obamacare might have helped free up billions in capital which could have been used for Trump’s infrastructure programs among other things. With the health care act still bleeding Americans dry and overextending the expenses of government, that border wall is looking a little less likely right now. Unless, of course, taxes remain the same or even increase in the near term.

My question is, why isn’t anyone in the mainstream questioning why a “new” healthcare bill was necessary at all? What was the point of this debacle? To marginally shift Obamacare so that it still exists but with reduced funding? Why not just get rid of the damn thing completely? That is what people voted Trump in for.

Instead of chasing a pointless piece of legislation through congress trying to make every special interest happy, why won’t Trump simply remove enforcement of the Obamacare tax? It is, after all, a perfect example of taxation of without representation. If businesses and individuals no longer had to worry about the fines for not paying into Obamacare, then most of them would not voluntarily pay for it. Thus, Obamacare would be defunded naturally. It seems to me that the most obvious solution to the problem is being completely ignored in the mainstream.

Russian Hackers And Political Influence

This narrative just refuses to die, and the only point I can see to it so far is that it is a way for establishment elites to keep the political left constantly agitated. The left becomes more and more insane in their rhetoric and behavior exactly because the mainstream continues to perpetuate the rationale that Trump is “not really president.” Think about it — the left was already hurtling towards the madness of full blown communism, but in order to reach a crescendo of schizophrenic violence, they need a little more psychological justification. If they can be convinced that Trump is now a “Russian agent,” they have all the justification they need to take their mob actions to the next level.

Just one problem — why is no one in the mainstream asking for the evidence that supposedly proves that Trump’s campaign was influenced by the Russian government? I keep hearing it exists, but where is it? The media is more than willing to demand hard evidence that the Trump team was being electronically tapped by the Obama administration; but so far there is more evidence coming to light of Obama wiretapping than evidence that Trump is working for the Russians.

Beyond this, as far as the Russian “hacking” of the DNC during the election is concerned, why is no one presenting the most important point — that point being, WHO CARES who actually hacked the DNC? It does not matter. What matters is that extreme corruption was found, along with regular collusion between the Clinton campaign and the media. It is the corruption that people should be up in arms about, NOT the hacking.

Clinton Corruption

Why are the Clintons still running around free? Why is no one talking about prosecution anymore? This question is for Trump, of course. Now, I predicted post election that Trump would indeed abandon all talk of Hillary Clinton going to prison almost immediately, but I would like to hear his argument as to why this should no longer be pursued.

Stock Market Relevancy

Why do mainstream economists hyper focus on the stock market? The stock market is nothing more than a trailing indicator of economic decline, and is ultimately irrelevant to the bigger fiscal picture. Yet, the health of the economy is almost always first tied to stock market performance (and to unemployment numbers which are also highly manipulated).

If stocks are in complete reversal by June/July as I predicted right after the election in my article 'World Suffers From Trump Shellshock — Here’s What Happens Next', does this mean that the economy is finally considered “in decline?”  Or, does it mean that the economy has been in steady decline for years and only now is the stock market reflecting that reality?

Also, why do people still listen to mainstream economists? They are almost always wrong, and alternative economists are almost always right. Shouldn’t these supposed “professionals” be out of a job by now?

Illegal Immigration

Why is enforcement of existing immigration laws, laws which have been a standard for decades, such a divisive issue? Most countries in the world have stringent immigration laws, why is it that America is not allowed to enforce similar laws? Why does the left in particular consider the removal of illegal immigrants representative of “racism” or “fascism?” I realize they are mostly insane, but I would just like to hear one valid and practical argument from them as to why the U.S. specifically should be saddled with wide open borders and why American conservatives in particular are racist merely for demanding that the current laws be followed?

I don’t want to hear nonsensical mainstream arguments about how we are a “nation of immigrants.” We are NOT a nation of immigrants. I was born here. Most of us were born here. Our ancestors settled here and built this nation from nothing. This nation is established now and has been for generations. Times change and we don’t need a flood of random immigrants. If anything, we need highly selective immigration of only the best and brightest and most skilled from around the world.

Illegal immigration is not a debate. There is no logical reason to defend it, unless your goal is to overwhelm the American system with potential democrat voters or to completely destabilize the country altogether. Why are we still arguing about this?

The Mainstream Media Is Dying

The bastion guardian of all that is “mainstream,” the arbiter of who is “fake news” and who is “real news,” is actually in rapid decline, but you will never hear them admit it publicly. Many alternative media outlets are crushing the readership and viewership numbers of many mainstream media publications and shows, but much of the public still clings to the faulty concept that there is a particular level of “professionalism” that goes into the production of these narrative peddlers. We have been brainwashed with stories of “journalistic integrity” that lead us to consider media a higher calling. This is, of course, pure garbage.

As was made fully evident this past election, there is absolutely no integrity whatsoever in the journalistic field. There are only people with agendas and people who whore themselves out for people with agendas. That’s it. You may find a few honest souls on the conservative side of the media apparatus, but in large part, journalism is like a Vegas brothel.

Unfortunately, our society is in a period of transition in which the public is skeptical of mainstream media influences, but still pays attention to them. While people are rapidly abandoning these “news sources” for more independent fair, this may be too little too late. As I have outlined above, there are numerous questions which are never asked; numerous solutions that are never presented. The majority remains oblivious to practical options and practical actions. They remain oblivious to certain truths. The mainstream may have already done all the damage it can do. All that is left is for alternative analysts to pick up the pieces, ask the right questions, fight for the right causes and see if we can salvage this mess in time.

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ebworthen's picture

"We have always been at war with Eurasia."

What did Limbaugh say today?  "Is the Media an arm of the Democratic Party, or is the Democratic Party an arm of the media?"

Good question.  I'm not sure of the answer, but I know the hive mind is completely deluded and misled.

Idaho potato head's picture

I do anything but 'ignore it' and it has not ceased to be ugly in any way.

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Yah. I could say a lot...but why. You are correct.

stizazz's picture

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Mark Twain

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lexxus (not verified) stizazz Mar 29, 2017 10:01 PM

The truth needs to strap on its boots instead and get running.

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bob_bichen (not verified) lexxus Mar 29, 2017 10:09 PM

RE: chronic SPAMMER kavlar, techies-r-us, lexxus, stizazz, mano-a-mano, etc.   (ALL THE SAME PERSON REPLYING TO HIS OWN COMMENTS)

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He shares this pathology with "blue fin" AKA "TrollAndDump" (formerly known as XYTHRAS - since banned) whose "dailywesterner,com" is, if anything WORSE than the biblicism fetishist, also SPAM-, TROJAN-, VIRUS-INFESTED.

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As you do that, use your imagination to try to conceive of what type of whackadoo would spend their life in pajamas, fake eyelashes and high heels, eating stale chips and drinking cheap soda from the dollar store, popping zits, and spamming zerohedge. 

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Give it up bro.

I wrote to Tyler on three occasions about that insufferable cunt.

Aparrently he/she has no fucks to give.

Spammy still be a spammin.'

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Well at least xthyras appears to have been banned...

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Same could be said of the right. If you're picking sides they're picking your pocket.

HRClinton's picture

Truth is for wimps and Eagle Scouts.

Ask Machiavelli, Attila, Genghis Khan, Mao what they'd do to rule. Or Queen Elisabeth I, or Queen Victoria.

ALL great leaders have one thing in common:  They are all willing to "DO WHAT IS NECESSARY".  Not what is nice or what Jesus advises, but what is necessary.  Bill did what was opportune and what was necessary.  So would I.  So does George Soros.

Study this clip about Machiavelli and absorb it well:

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Why wasnt this bigger news:

5 million goyim we were told were murdered by the baddies... like over 2 million (all non jewish oddly) alleged Auschwitz victims, have now been said to have been... made up... by a guy some always said was a fucking fraud.

So, any jew here care to justify why it is a crime to doubt 6 million jooos died?

dark pools of soros's picture

It is a crime to make them work for a living. Get back on your usury treadmill goy boy

Refuse-Resist's picture

The Goyim know.


Somewhere a cheesepope symbol is being displayed in the night sky, like Batman.



Radical Marijuana's picture

Thanks for that link, HRClinton.

POLITICAL THEORY - Niccolò Machiavelli

Starting at about the 4 minute mark,
that discusses political 'virtues,' and
points out Machiavelli's paradoxical
use of the phrase 'criminal virtue.'

Under previous articles from Brandon Smith republished on Zero Hedge I have indicated my views that Smith likes to indulge in what I refer to as the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies and the related impossible ideals. Doing so enables one to present superficially correct analysis, that then may recommend "solutions" which are similarly too superficial.

The sentence in the article above which I most disagreed with was:

"Our ancestors settled here and built this nation from nothing."

The ancestors of the European invasion of North America genocidally wiped out people who ancestors had been living there for more than ten thousand years. The original European immigrants brought with them their social systems and physical technologies, as developed during the history of Neolithic Civilization, which had previously spread throughout Europe. The long-standing adaptations for survival through their political methods and physical technologies enabled the European invasions to decapitate the previous societies that were living in North America, eventually resulting in a tiny percentage of the original immigrants that survived becoming assimilated. About 10% of the current population of the USA had ancestors who were brought as slaves, while at least one quarter of their genetics are the result of the hybridization of the masters with those slaves.

In general, it is politically impossible for the currently established systems to become any more honest about themselves. Rather, the USA became the leading component of Globalized Neolithic Civilization due to the flourishing of ways that more or less organized systems of lies operated robberies. However, those sociopolitical systems developed in ways whereby the biggest bullies' bullshit social stories dominated Civilization for thousands of years, while for several Centuries that has become domination of Civilization by the bullshit which became primarily based on public governments enforcing frauds by private banks, while exponentially advancing technologies have enabled those to become exponentially more fraudulent.

For several decades, I have been thinking about the relationships between natural selection pressures and artificial selection systems, which have driven Globalized Neolithic Civilization to become as dishonest about itself as possible. Almost everything is based on ways whereby legalized lies are backed by legalized violence, while those have resulted in people becoming personally successful to the degree that they were the best available professional hypocrites which were able to take advantage of sociopolitical systems which were actually based upon the abilities to enforce frauds, which worked well to the degree that those doing that would never publicly admit and address that was the case.

Since human beings and Civilization live as toroidal vortices engaged in entropic pumping of environmental energy flows, they necessarily live as reproducing gangs of robbers, that operate according to the principles and methods of organized crime. However, since Civilization was dominated by the biggest and best organized gangs of robbers, which have become such that the international bankers were the best organized gangsters, or the banksters, the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science are almost totally based on taking for granted those bully banksters' world view. (In that context, people like Brandon Smith typically manifest as forms of controlled "opposition," since they continue taking for granted thinking and communicating in ways that rely upon the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science, without appearing to have the slightest clue about how totally clueless they actually are regarding themselves doing so.)

As Cognitive Dissonance has pointed out:

"The absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled."

That applies to almost everyone almost totally. It certainly applies to authors like Brandon Smith, whose facile ways of indulging in superficially correct analyses are then are followed by bogus "solutions," which are similarly too superficial. Civilization has always been directed by its murder systems, and therefore, militarism is the supreme ideology, since that is the ideology of those murder systems. There must be some death control systems. That necessarily drove the existing systems to become as deceitful and treacherous as possible, because those were the most socially successful strategies.

It is barely possible to exaggerate the degree to which "We" are living inside Wonderland Matrix Bizarro Worlds, where everything is publicly presented in the most absurdly backward ways possible. The biggest and best organized gangs of criminals and terrorists have become banker dominated governments. However, because that is the case, they have also been able to dominate the public debates, through the development of the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies, and the related impossible ideals, whereby the biggest and best organized gangsters are able to publicly present themselves as not being gangsters, but that ONLY smaller, less well-organized groups are gangsters. For a long time, the public schools and mass media have been teaching generation after generation of people to believe in the biggest bullies' bullshit, to the degree that most people want to continue to believe in that bullshit.

To the degree that human beings are perceived and defined as separated from their environment and each other, then they necessarily live as reproducing gangs of robbers. The prolonged and persistent ways that has developed has become Globalized Neolithic Civilization, inside of which the USA became the single most significant component. The most important manifestations of living according to the methods of organized crime have become the ways that public governments enforcing frauds by private banks are runaway symbolic robberies.

What I recommend is that human beings and Civilization should better understand themselves as manifestations of general energy systems, which requires using more UNITARY MECHANISMS, rather than relying upon old-fashioned DUALITIES. However, almost everyone totally takes for granted thinking and communicating in ways which use old-fashioned DUALITIES. Moreover, it appears to be quite politically impossible for enough people to develop better understanding of the principles and methods of organized crime, because of the ways that the biggest and best organized crimes have totally dominated Civilization so much, for so long, that there is now almost nothing but the central core of the most triumphant organized crime, namely, banker dominated governments, surrounded by various layers of various controlled "opposition" groups, which stay inside the same frame of reference, thinking and communicating in ways which almost totally take for granted the natural languages and philosophy of science which the biggest bullies were originally able to develop and promote to dominate Civilization.

At the present time, there are growing Grand Canyon Chasms between prodigious progress in physical science, WITHOUT any genuine progress in political science. Instead, there is developing an increasingly oxymoronic scientific dictatorship, which uses about exponentially advancing technologies to be able to enforce frauds, in ways which are therefore becoming about exponentially more fraudulent. In that context, Brandon Smith illustrates the general pattern of the kinds of controlled "opposition" that present superficially correct analyses, which then are followed by collapse back to bogus "solutions" which are too superficial, since their original analysis never went deeper.

My current conclusions are that the exponentially increasing fraudulence of Globalized Neolithic Civilization will drive itself through series of psychotic breakdowns, and crazy collapses into chaos, because there is practically nothing within those systems which makes it possible to go through intellectual scientific revolutions, and profound paradigm shifts in political science, in order to better reconcile prodigious progress in physical science with anything that remotely approached genuine progress in political science. (Therefore, I have come to expect that it is quite futile for me to point that out, although I am passing the time by watching that video linked above, and commenting upon its appropriateness.)

As described at the 4:12 mark in the video above, the "deliciously paradoxical phrase criminal virtue," is functional regarding Globalized Neolithic Civilization, whose sociopolitical systems, that almost everyone is now living inside, are NECESSARILY based on the principles and methods of organized crime, whose NECESSARY corollaries are that those who are the biggest and best organized gangsters are publicly able to get away with presenting themselves as not being that, while they have also been able to dominate their publicly significant "opposition," who have adapted to operate inside using the biggest bullies' bullshit-based languages in order to discuss politics. Hence, Christianity, as mentioned in the video above, was one of those forms of controlled "opposition," which is how and why its public presentation of "morality" could effectively amount to recommendations that the majority of people should allow the bullies to dominate them. Metaphorically speaking, the wolves in sheep's clothing taught the sheep to bleat their morality. To put it another way, the controlled "opposition" tends to recommend that "everyone should be better sheep," while I recommend that everyone should become better wolves.

The essential issues are that politics is applied human ecology, in which the death control systems must be central. However, the actual history of the development of those death control systems selected for those to become most successful by becoming as deceitful and treacherous as possible, from which followed what I have outlined above, namely that everyone lives inside reproducing gangs of robbers, which operate according to the methods of organized crime, but that doing so was most socially successful when done in the most deceitful ways possible. Therefore, not only are the existing death control systems as deceitful as possible, but also, the controlled "opposition" to those systems stays within the same frame of reference of the maximum possible deceits regarding death control issues.

All of that can both be theoretically derived from better understanding the ways that general energy systems work, as well as empirically confirmed from observing the actual social facts which surround and pervade the USA, within the overall context of Globalized Neolithic Civilization. Furthermore, it can also be both theoretically and empirically demonstrated that those systems were driven to become as dishonest as possible, and therefore, continue to become about exponentially more dishonest, due to the paradoxical ways that progress in physical sciences is being channeled through sociopolitical systems which are based upon being able to enforce frauds, because human beings and Civilization ARE manifestations of general energy systems.


Although the laws of nature are never going to stop working, and so, nothing that depends upon those laws of nature is going to stop working, what that means for human beings living inside Globalized Neolithic Civilization is that they have become quite psychotically dishonest, and are becoming much more so, in ways which are automatically getting worse, faster ... Artificial selection systems were driven by natural selection pressures to become the excessive successfulness of controlling Civilization through the methods of organized crime, to result in Civilization manifesting runaway criminal insanities. Tragically, to better understand that becomes like better understanding that one has terminally fatal illnesses, in the sense the Civilization has become too completely crazy and corrupt to be able to stop itself from continuing to be so. The USA, as integrated into Globalized Neolithic Civilization, has become too sick and insane to be able to recover from that. Therefore, while one may better understand how and why that happened, doing so is analogous to diagnosis of a terminally fatal illness, in the sense that it would take a series of political miracles for that to get any better, before it gets much worse.

Authors such as Brandon Smith may well provide superficially correct analyses of the accumulating apparent anomalies due to the international bankers being the banksters, or the best organized gangsters, which have effectively captured control over the government of the USA, as well as almost all the other countries. However, Brandon Smith then also illustrates the failures to go through any deeper analysis, such as indicated by the kinds of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts which would be necessary to admit and address the degree to which the biggest bullies' bullshit world views have been built into the basic structure of the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science.

At the present time, there is NO good language, which is widely understood, to enable better public discussions of the "criminal virtues" of the banksters. For the vast majority of people, the problems presented by the extreme paradoxes that governments are NECESSARILY the biggest forms of organized crime and terrorism, which are dominated by the best organized criminals and terrorists, are TOO EXTREME to come to better terms with, or to cope with comprehending any more rigorously. Instead, the systems based on being able to enforce frauds continue to be able to become exponentially more fraudulent, not only because of the exponentially advancing powers and capabilities of scientifically advancing technologies, but also because there is practically no publicly significant genuine opposition that is able and willing to go through series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in the ways that they think and communicate about those political problems.

Therefore, my current conclusions are that the USA, inside Globalized Neolithic Civilization, shall continue to become more criminally insane, at about an exponential rate, as that Civilization heads towards manifesting PEAK INSANITIES, while articles such as the one above by Brandon Smith provide some superficially correct analysis of some of the aspects of that happening ... At the present time, NOBODY knows what the longer term consequences are of exponential progress in physical science, enabling Civilization to become exponentially more dishonest. While that kind of dishonesty used to work all too well throughout previous human history, there has never before been anything like globalized electronic money frauds, backed by the threat of force from atomic bombs. Every day, in every way, the prodigious progress in physical science, WITHOUT progress in political science, develops bigger sets of consistent contradictions, such as exemplified by Machiavelli's "deliciously paradoxical phrase criminal virtue!"

malcolmevans's picture

I generally agree with your analysis of HOW THINGS ARE, but not why they are, and certainly not with your proposed solutions. Force and lies alone cannot sustain a Criminal State. The State succeeds because it is suffcienctly in HARMONY with our evolved human psychology, both the good, and especially, the dark Shadow Side of our Unconsciousnes which they expolit. The Mafia, despite its fearful reputation, flourishes because it meets human needs otherwise unavailable, be it drugs, prostitution, loans or simply personal favors. Similarly, the Criminal State meets needs on the one hand, and cathartic release of our Shadow impulses through Shock and Awe, for example. The most despictable individuals in power could not succeed without satisying other's needs.  Reality is a continuum, not Manichaean, as you seem to suggest. The State exploits our evolved Tribal Instincts, our crowd psychology, our Will to Power, and all the other aspects of our shared psychology. 

Your top-down solutions, advances in Political Science, as well as other scientific advances, alone will fail because they are not in sync with our still relatively primitive psychology. The new Political Science with have to rely on Force and Lies, and thus we are back to square one, having simply switched Masters. I have faith that we can evolve, because we already have. Compare our present state with ancient civilizations, and you see how much progress we have made. And I wouldn't count on a giant Paradigm Shift, short of Alien contact. You get smaller shifts in scientific circles, but not on a mass human scale. Not even Zen contemplates that. 

Even with all the theft and lies life is not really all that bad for most, and getting better for the rest. it was far worst in the past. I certainly don't mean this post as an apology for the Criminal State, but a recognition that things are what they are because, for the most part, we want them that way. 





Radical Marijuana's picture

I mostly agreed with your reply, malcolmevans.

I prefer to regard the theoretical "solutions" which I recommend as working from the inside out, rather than from the top down. However, I emphasize that I do NOT believe that those can work in any practical political ways. Instead, I repeat that there are NO politically possible resolutions to the deeply entrenched vicious spirals of the funding of political processes driving enforced frauds to become exponentially more fraudulent, other than the longer term consequences of Civilization having done that ...

Meanwhile, the relative improvements in the lives of many people are due to advancing physical science and technologies, able to be applied to a FRESH PLANET, which never was subjected to those series of industrial revolutions before. However, the underlying features of THAT were the ways that more and more "money" was made out of nothing as debts, in order to "pay" for strip-mining natural resources in every way possible.

One example of how lives are based on strip-mining basic resources:

Groundwater Depletion:

As long as there are enough natural resources left to continue to strip-mine at an exponentially increasing rate, then Globalized Neolithic Civilization, and inside that the USA, could continue operating in the currently entrenched ways ... HOWEVER, the issues of diminishing returns and the limits to growth are manifesting more and more, in ways which are becoming less and less able to deliberately ignore, despite that the existing sociopolitical systems developed on the basis of being able to misunderstand doing that as much as was humanly possible, which was facilitated by everything operating through fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems, while the profits from those frauds were reinvested in funding the school systems, and purchasing control of the mainstream mass media, so that almost everyone was brainwashed to believe in the biggest bullies' bullshit for generation after generation, to the degree that there are NO good grounds to expect that could get better, other than PERHAPS after it goes through series of severe social storms ???

I agree that most people want to believe in the bullshit that they were originally taught to believe, and thus "that things are what they are because, for the most part, we want them that way."  Although I recommend that the theoretical solutions are for enough people to understand themselves and Civilization better, I actually expect doing so to continue to be politically impossible for the foreseeable future. Hence, "We" will NOT respond to diminishing returns and the limits to the growth of the exponential strip-mining of a fresh planet in any better ways than that the debt slavery systems will continue to generate numbers which become runaway debt insanities, which will provoke death insanities, as manifestations of PEAK INSANITIES ...

The only theoretically better resolutions of the real problems would be to radically change human, industrial and natural ecologies, which means radically changing the ways that the debt controls are backed by the death controls, or the ways that the money systems are backed by the murder systems. However, practically speaking, that is NOT possible, due to the degree that the existing systems are based on the maximum possible frauds and deceits, in ways which are far worse than authors like Brandon Smith appear able and willing to admit and address, due to the ways that authors like Brandon Smith can call upon magical phrases, such as the "liberty movement," in order to short-circuit NOT thinking through the imperatives for some death control systems, which are actually imperatives for profound paradigm shifts in the ways that those death controls are perceived. Globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threats of force from apes with atomic bombs, continue to cruise on the autopilot of the psychologies of people, in ways which would require a series of miracles to change to adapt to the limits to exponential growth in any other ways than spectacularly overshooting, resulting in series of catastrophic collapses into chaos, in the longer term, which longer term is approaching faster than ever before in human history.

While such series of psychotic breakdowns in the mass psychology of people may be postponed as long as there are enough natural resources left to still strip-mine, "We" are approaching the manifestations of diminishing returns ... while the established systems continue to deliberately ignore and misunderstand that as much as possible, BECAUSE "that things are what they are because, for the most part, we want them that way."  Almost all of us are living inside Globalized Neolithic Civilization in ways that provide no reasonable expectations that "We" will change to adapt in any better ways than by continuing to head towards manifesting PEAK INSANITIES. At the present time, it is politically impossible for enough people to better understand themselves and their Civilization, especially due to the degree that they do not want to! Rather, only those who promote alternative fantasies, such as Brandon Smith does, are relatively popular when they present their superficially correct analyses of what is going wrong due to the ways that Civilization has become based on exponentially increasing fraudulence, due to the long history whereby it was possible to enforce frauds, such that, for generation after generation, people have adapted to living inside those systems, in ways which are based on lying to themselves as much as possible.

Liberty2012's picture

Brandon Smith is using language to reach as many people as he can. Communication requires considering your audience.

Never knock someone attempting to share truth to the best if their ability - particularly over style issues.

It's fairly easy to knock down and destroy.

It's much harder to lift up and create.

Christianity, in a practical sense, is about recognizing those differences.

BTW I upvoted you. You would reach a wider audience if you edited your comments. A good rule of thumb I heard once was think of a woman's skirt: keep it long enough to cover the subject and short enough to be interesting.

Life is about competing interests. Always will be. It's quite elegant and beautiful when considered from a creative standpoint. It only seems harsh when viewed from a particular individual's viewpoint.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Liberty2012, I agree that Brandon Smith, and many others regularly republished on Zero Hedge, such as articles from George Washington's Blog, are written to appeal to a wider audience. However, I have made my choices to not bother to attempt to do that. Rather, I indulge in articulating what I have best been able to learn, so far, about the ways that things really work, although the main theme of doing so has become THE MORE I LEARNED, THE WORSE IT GOT.

I agree that, from a sublime point of view, the conservation of energy will continue to operate, and since I believe that Energy IS Spirit, that provides some philosophical consolations, although the consequences appear "harsh when viewed from a particular individual's viewpoint." When one regards Globalized Neolithic Civilization as a finite entity, within which the USA is another relatively finite entity, then my current conclusions are that there is no reasonable hope for the foreseeable finite futures of those entities.

I an NOT interested in reaching any wider audience, if doing so means that I have to dumb down what I present to the point that it no longer interests me. Rather, I am only interested in attempting to build better mental models of the world, while doing so is assisted by the tools of writing down articulations of those developing mental models. In my opinion, the mental models of their world that the vast majority of people have are so deeply defective as to NOT be practically possible to ameliorate. That is why I usually regard most of the content published on Zero Hedge as being gross understatements, based on superficial analyses. While that content is far superior to that presented by the mainstream mass media, which has become almost totally psychotic bullshit, I do NOT expect that there will be any wider audience for the kinds of radical truths which I articulate within my life time ... Meanwhile, I also more and more believe that Civilization is rapidly running out of enough time to go through the processes of paradigm shifting, as outlined by Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

Therefore, while I propose and promote the series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts in political science that I think are most consistent with the prodigious progress achieved in physical sciences, I do NOT believe that enough people are going to do that ... Rather, I expect that the existing systems of globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by threats of force from apes with atomic weapons, are going to continue to dominate Civilization in ways which will continue to manifest runaway criminal insanities. Human beings which are still basically monkeys and apes, who have electronic and atomic energy harnessed, are such a serious mismatch between old-fashioned psychologies, compared to technological capabilities and powers, that there are no good grounds to doubt that resolving those problems is only possible to happen in the worst possible ways. Although I expect that I will continue to attempt to do so, I am more and more becoming convinced that it is futile for me to propose and promote ways to better reconcile political science with physical science.

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It's makes sense to use the word futile since two of your stated goals are incompatible: 1. propose and promote 2. not reach a wider audience

While it's gratifying to observe and think in depth, it has limited meaning if one doesn't figure out a way to share that knowledge with others.

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I must agree with your statements, Liberty2012.

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Bill did NOT do what is necessary. Liberals never do. Avoiding the necessary is a crucial component of the reason why they are such fuckups, who fuck up everything around them.  

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And ISIS is a US/Israeli/Saudi proxy.

Too bad the US has millions of Judeoprotestants who think "Israel" is holy or otherwise other than Lucifer's waiting room.

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Synagogue of Satan and all that. You will find out the truth. There are Jews there that you apparently have no cognizance of. They hate the hexagram flag. Again, you will find out.

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Just above this post there is one with two-headed snake thumb.

Then we have you and 12 upvotes (so far)?



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Republicans and Democrats; two wings of the Satanic USA government. If you view what they do based on what Satan would do, it all makes very logical sense.

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In transistion to collapse and destruction. 

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Alas, i am in the second group. Concrete brutally repugnant facts. Red pilled.

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in order for any real change to occur the bottom half of the class has to wake up to reality or 6% of the people need to get violent.

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One tenth of one percent of US population is roughly 10 times as large as the Taliban. 

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They do not have to wake up, reality is hurtling at them head on. 8 months from now the only people not awake will be dead. Universe has decreed change, you either walk under your own power and embrace the change, or universe grabs you by the scruff of the neck and drags you along until you are able to walk on your own. Unfortunately alot of people will not survive being dragged.

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Terror frauds, always derided, never discussed.

OKC, WTC '93, 9/11-anthrax, Underwear Bomber, Sandy Hook, Boston, San Bernadino, Orlando, etc., etc., etc..

What's interesting is how sloppy the perps can be, in the knowledge that people so fear ridicule they will not really look at the evidence of fraud.  This fact demonstrates a deep understanding of human nature on the part of the high perps.

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Then we should remember that and learn to do better.

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I would be thrilled if the mob stream media would just admit that the sky is blue!

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It's not always blue....and is only blue due to the refraction of light and the way our rods and cones respond to that. I'm what the fuck does blue mean?

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It's not refraction, it's Rayleigh scattering - blue (short wavelength) scatters more than red (longer wavelength), giving rise to blue skies during the day and orange sunsets.


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logicalman, what does the red 1+1 mean?

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There can't be many more obvious logical conclusions than that of the result of one plus one.

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Guess I just flunked the IQ test. However, these days it does depend on who's doing the counting "-)

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"so what the fuck does blue mean?"   Man, that opens up some fascinating philosophical doors. 

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The real question is 'do you percieve different wavelengths in the same way as I do?'

All of us with decent coour vision have learned the names of what we see from others. people call longer visible wavelengths 'red' and shorter ones 'blue/purple' just because that's what they were labelled by others as we started to understand words.

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Yes, I remember that from physics way back in the day. I was simply going off on a philosophical wild goose chase. Can language communicate meaning? The color blue is more that just a wavelength. It carries a psychological feeling to it. He could just as well could have asked, "I can't distinguish wavelengths, so what does the color blue MEAN to you? Does it feel different than red?".  If artificial words fail to completely communicate meaning, then what can we really know, and how sure of it are we? And so on. 

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Well we have specifically blue green and red cone cells in the retina so it's probably nothing mystical why we see distinct bands of colour in a rainbow and so on. Plus certain things in life are naturally particular colors which may be logically attached to emotions for good reasons such as blood, fire, blue mold on food, runny brown goop, a blush on a cheek, nice fresh green plants, a ripe colored berry, clean sparkling water, a striped wasp .....

By the way I got stung on the back of the hand by a hornet or wasp last year. Ho-lee-fock what a sensation, almost as if specifically meant to be that way for people. Hand didn't swell up but nerves felt very messed around with. Yes, colored stripes are important.

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Next time, put baking soda & a dab of water on the wound.

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Fascinating to 17 year olds and people who haven't been invited to a social gathering of any kind since 1988, perhaps. 

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We have all been subjected to the "MSM" all our lives. I know I was. Born in the 50's, an eagle scout, patriotic to the T...just like I was programmed to be. I saw the bullshit when I was a kid but in the mid 70's as a teenager watching news of the Vietnam war and starting my career as a rock musician I buried my head in the sand. My head was buried for another 25 years. Those are the years that I, and everyone else let the shit creep up on us. I reawakened a few years ago and can't believe how stupid the American public has become. It's time for pitchforks! I am sorry I slept so long....But these guys are good. That's why most are still stymied by the glossy bullshit.

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Me too.  We were the first TV Generation and never really knew what hit us.

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I hear ya..Walter Cronkite was not just a newscaster, he was GOD in the flesh.

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I was born in '55, fortunately to an anarchist mother and a father that would be considered libertarian these days (I don't think the term had been invented yet!)

When I was about 14, during one of the many converations I had with may dad, he said to me that trans-national corporations would be the end of humanity if people didn't wake up.

I've never had to do the 'wake up' thing, and the more I've seen, the more I've appreciated their wisdom.

As you point out, most are stymied by the glossy bullshit, but if your parents were, likely you will be too, barring some smack-in-the-face event.