James Comey's Secret Twitter Account Has Been Exposed

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Gizmodo did some digging into comments by James Comey, who said he had secret Instagram and Twitter accounts, with great success.
The writer, Ashley Feinberg, surmised that his Twitter account had to be @projectexile7.

Project Exile happens to be a federal program that James Comey helped develop when he was a U.S. attorney living in Richmond. And then, of course, there are the follows.
ProjectExile7 follows 27 other accounts, the majority of which are either reporters, news outlets, or official government and law enforcement accounts. The New York Times’ Adam Goldman and David Sanger and the Washington Post’s Ellen Nakashima and David Ignatius, all of whom have been aggressively covering the FBI investigation into Trump’s contacts with Russian agents, made the list, as did Wittes and former Bush Administration colleague Jack Goldsmith. Donald Trump is on there, too, but @projectexile7 seems to have begun following him relatively recently (its first follow was @nytimes).
There are two outliers: William & Mary News (where Comey attended undergrad) and our colleagues at The Onion (everyone deserves to have fun).

Let's assume Ms. Feinberg nailed Comey and his secret Twitter account. What can we learn from his activity? He hasn't tweeted, so there's nothing to judge there. His list of follows, as mentioned above, includes both media and political accounts. He follows a sundry of law enforcement accounts, such as the CIA, NYPD Counter-terrorism, Office of the DNI, FBI NY,  elitist publication The Atlantic, and main stream publications like Washpo, NY Times and Politico.

Of the 39 articles he 'liked', 8 were about him. Here are some other noteworthy ones.


Republican Scott Walker attacking MUH college professors

Pro-Kasich article

He doesn't follow Breitbart, but liked this anyway. Perhaps he was amused by it?

He liked a marxist propaganda piece by Washpo.

EPA shilling.

Russian conspiracies.

Our FBI director gets all of his news from main stream media fake news outlets and seems to favor a lot of liberal shilling in his twitter feed. Is it something? Probably not. But it's interesting to see how self-absorbed he is with the way media perceives him -- with 20% of his 'likes' being articles that talked about him.

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Is it possible that Comey follows many different information sources including these?  If this is one of his private Twitter accounts (ooh, top secret !  Comey reads articles in the Washington Post!  Quick!  hang the traitor!), it is possible he tracks news from other sources on other accounts.  Perhaps he watches Fox News after dinner?  Or reads the Drudge Report with breakfas?

If I were to select a director of the FBI, I would want someone who looks at as much information as he can.  As opposed to the crowd here which is content with the New Testament and whatever liquid shit pours out of Trump's mouth at any given moment.

But hey, have fun with your ignorance.  I realize it makes being a dickhead easier when you don't know the facts. 

chindit13's picture

You really do enjoy your Fake News, don't you!

Does your Fake News also have fun stuff like good Crossword puzzles and Sudoku?

Infinite QE's picture

Ah, Captain Envious Brown Man has returned. What pray tell are you envious of today?

IranContra's picture

Yes, Comey is no Mueller. The FBI was being corrupted since 9/11. Hopefully Trump is ready to make his move and fire the sucker.

Trump needs the support and understanding of the American people on the subject of Iran, too. So far he has been let down.

Political Correctness 301

When Trump broke the yoke of political correctness in the US which among other things prohibited talking about Islamic radicals and international Jewish conspiracies, he also gave permission to Arabs to break their yoke of political correctness.

In the Arab world, you can freely talk about Jews and Zionism. There is no anti-semitism police. But if you talk about Shiites or Iran in most Arab countries, you could easily lose your life. The governmental anti-shiism police is ruthless and it is supported by massive media presence of pro-Iranian pundits and authorities. Until recently, nobody in the Arab World was allowed to talk about the Iranian butchering of Iraqis in Iraq. American psychologists who treat Iraqi refugees are very much aware of this fact.

Shiite Iran ruled over Arabs for centuries with an iron fist:

Fatimids 909-1171 AD: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatimid_Caliphate

Safavids 1501-1736 AD:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safavid_dynasty

After World War II, Israel, Britain and the US imposed Shiite-Iranian influence in the governance over Arabs in a very clandestine way. It cannot be talked about. For example, the CIA put the Assad clan in charge of Syria, and anyone who discussed the fact that they were a Shiite sect were executed. Israel selected Hamas (pro-Iran Muslim Brotherhood) to "represent" (sabotage) the Palestinians.

Obama held a very important speech in Egypt, subliminally rallying the Iran-tied Muslim Brotherhood to rise in all Arab countries, and this became the Arab Spring. At the same time, Obama and Hillary made a strategic deal with Iran against the Arabs.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Their Relationship with Iran

Iran-Brotherhood ties: rooted in history with eye on future

Obama and Hillary also brought Iranians and crypto-Iranians (posing as Arabs) into powerful positions in the US. Just think of Hillary's buddy Iran-born Huma Abedin. She is just the tip of the iceberg. CNN has a powerful set of pro-Iran pundits. All Liberal Muslim activists in the US have Iran ties and are either Shiite or crypto-Shiite.

On ZH there is no anti-semitism police. However, there is a very strong anti-iranism police on ZH and in America in general. This type of political correctness is not safe for America.

IranContra's picture

Kazem Alonezan, leader of the clans council of Southern Iraq said this: "I went to a hospital in Tehran (Iran) to visit a wounded relative of mine from Badr (pro-Iranian Iraqi shiite militia fighting against ISIS in Iraq). I entered the wrong hospital floor, and I was shocked to see an ISIS man in every bed! How dare they treat ISIS and our soldiers who are fighting them in the same hospital?"

ISIS is Iranian militia

Go figure! I guess as long as it is not Iranian blood that is spilled, who cares?

They are not prisoners. The article lists many proofs that Iran runs ISIS. Iranian militias share the same Iraqi territories. ISIS are Iranian militias.

To explain the conflicts in Persian culture, a British diplomat wrote a famous novel:


"HAJJI BABA OF ISPAHAN, hero of The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan by James Justinian Morier (3 vols., London, 1824), the most popular Oriental novel in the English language and a highly influential stereotype of the so-called “Persian national character” in modern times. Morier (1782-1849), a former diplomat who had resided in Persia for nearly six years (1808-1809 and 1810-1814) at a critical juncture during diplomatic entanglements with European powers, fashioned his novel on his personal observations and direct knowledge about Persia, but with a decidedly hostile and satirical overtone. An Orientalist project parexcellence, Hajji Baba lampoons Persians as rascals, cowards, puerile villains, and downright fools, depicting their culture as scandalously dishonest and decadent, and their society as violent."

IranContra's picture

I see, I mean a new level of corruption. Since Chertoff ordered the FBI to stay out of the 9/11 investigation and confiscated their Israeli students and dancers evidence, the FBI has been reorganized and so corrupted that it would participate in staged terrorism without saying anything. Trump is just waiting for the right moment to clean up the FBI.

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Assaf isn't Shiite, he's Alawite. 

medium giraffe's picture

a secret twitter account?


blindman's picture

the mind fucking will continue
until such time as the morale
improves. that is, expect nothing
new till ever, never, they have
carved it all up and in stone.
ridiculous nothingness suffocating
living and breathing beings. ...
under attack.
Bob Dylan - Jokerman
where is the music here?

blindman's picture

Traveling Wilburys Tweeter and the Monkey Man on Vimeo

blindman's picture

Traveling Wilburys - Wilbury Twist [2007 Version]

blindman's picture

collective cruelty is just
murder and genocide, here we are
in our 'money' 'making' pursuit.
(cackle here) the the phlegm pouring
on the lying system of enslavement
become common currency, fantastic.
with product commercials and ad-
you could fill a big book with it,
then make a movie or ten million
of em', wup, no one sees.

blindman's picture

there are two kinds of people,
those who know and get it and those
who do not; whatever 'it' might be.
there, the two kinds of people.
ironically, the two kinds are not
, collectively, very kind. the best
are cruel to be kind, but independently,
not collectively. this cruelty informs
the members, the individuals,
of the demands of the collective,
the common and the structure of 'us'.
ah, the missing link and the leverage
point to slip your stream into the
domain of nod.
i think they call it 'culture'?
this cruelty, pain,
tells them who and what they are.
everyone buys some version of bullshit
and, it is bad for you. g.c. ....
anyways poems ^tm
Nick Lowe Cruel to be kind

wwxx's picture

I doubt 'jamescomey' is even a real name.  Wake me up when the tweetdistraction headline 'hooverhomo' reappears... its like 1984 all over again, or was it '74?  There is 'fake news' and then there is 'doublefake news'...you decide.  hahaha



blindman's picture

as it is, the criminal class is just
'killing it' so well and famously.

Grandad Grumps's picture

Surprised that Comey's Twitter account is not @theweasel.

Watch Bird 1's picture

 handle @theweasel likely already taken by Ryno Ryan.

blindman's picture

what is the crux of this russophobia at this time,
what does it signify?
is that the right question?
here a quote from a yahoo search, so perverse.
"What is the meaning of 'Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel'?
complete shit search available to anyone. do you see the
sick funny in it? the deception to accomplish control
and total usury of the other persons and people.
so what is the point of all the media and two party
russian fear in the current illusion and delusional
fake news bullshit stories, really?
some 'agency' is blustering by projection and accusation,
ever truth less and adversarial by original inception and
intent. you are what you project.
some one said 'if you ever go to find yourself, you will
know your search is well founded and true when you find
yourself on your knees and bent to the ground.' i think
someone said it?
then you will laugh all right.
"it is all bullshit and it is bad for you." george carlin.
hear this. today, only comics and such have the 'balls' to
to use the language to promote the truth,
funny days.
Jimmy Dore Show - Re- broadcast
Thu, Mar 30, 2017 5:00 PM

the senatorial and congressional 'investigations'.

Jam's picture

I always think of a Bob Dylan tune when I read that scoundrel quote.

They say that patriotism is the last refuge
To which a scoundrel clings
Steal a little and they throw you in jail
Steal a lot and they make you king


blindman's picture

@"the senatorial and congressional 'investigations'."
that, in itself, the phrase and idea of it is hilarious,
ridiculous and doomed on basic principles; an obvious
fraud by which no thinking person could abide,
however, the basis of our legal system. i think we
may be screwed by this concept, belief and paradigm.
somewhat, pretty much screwed by it? yup
the know nothings and partial,
the slaves of convention,
the desperately angry, dependent
feeding on human life.
feeding on all life.
'killing it'.
.... there is always moar....
hungry ghosts, always moar

oldguyonBMXbike's picture

I tried to add him on Twitter.

koan's picture

I like how Comey comments "My privacy is important to me".

Yeah fuck you to Comey.

GreatUncle's picture

His privacy is important to he him, why he used an alias to conceal his identity.

If you tried to use aliases for many things you would be arrested by the FBI and Comey.

Mad max or the goose on the driving license would be fucking amusing to conceal you privacy.

Georgiabelle's picture

Seriously, what a hypocrite. I'm glad he was outed, and that the reporter made it look so easy. May Karma revisit his life very soon. 

Common_Cents22's picture

what brilliant sleuthing by Ashley!!!

Common_Cents22's picture

fire this ahole now!

prymythirdeye's picture

For reasons yet to be revealed, he is untouchable.  Maybe he's a bastard Rothschild son, who knows?  It is absolutely remarkable what you can get away with if you're in the club.

DirtySanchez's picture

Comey is a hopeless twat!

Trump should fire him, or find a good reason and then fire him.

Cabreado's picture

No matter this Twitter crap...

Comey should've been sent to pasture a long, long time ago.

That Trump has yet to deal with the guy -- that is terrible news.

And that public murmurings from Congress are not audible -- that is very bad news too. 

frontierland's picture

Could be a limited hangout, trying to entrap White Supremists, pushing dank memes to sway elections.

gilhgvc's picture

no public official should have ANYTHING hidden or private. Price you pay for suckling from the teet

GreatUncle's picture

All communications need to be monitored 24/7 to ensure the corruption is flushed.

Memedada's picture

Sad people, you US-tards. So empty, soulless and easy manipulated. Clamoring for authoritarianism and suppression (of the “other people” of course).

Who will monitor those who monitor 24/7? Who will be the Über-Stasi of your fascist nightmare of a society? Who is the “uncorrupted/un-corruptible” entity you would give that power?

Plus, to repeat myself: it is a scam to call anyone in US a “public servant” – US is a fascist dictatorship. It is only run by and for the ownership class/the 0,01 %. You have “servants of the oligarchy” and nothing else. Enjoy your shit-hole of a society and its accelerating demise – you seem to deserve what is and what is coming (with most on this site).

DuneCreature's picture

** Keep Pushing The Truth Shock Troops Through MSM Pirate Lines **

There are some good troops behind the enemy lines that are trapped in various pockets. .. They need relief bad and we need to help them join up with us and each other.

Pass these links along, please. .. They contain hard information YOU WILL NOT see on CNN or PBS or MSNBC.

* Wire tapping (signals intercepts)

* False documents used to put foreign born enemy (ISIS) moles into high office.

* Lying to Congress.

* Lying to the American people.

* Lying to the FISA court for warrant under false pretenses.

* Cover-ups by federal law enforcement (If LE isn't 100% trustworthy that is a MAJOR, very, very dangerous problem)

* Laws broken at the highest level of dot gov.

Don't let the enemy (MSM, Google, Twitter censorship) JAM out the lines of communications.

Massive corruption = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKCemZ8lhiU

Russian hacking and other inter-agency alerts =

Censorship report =

Live Hard, End Transmission From Relay Station - Alpha Zebra Hector, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Northern Flicker's picture

The stakes are high. "If we win now, it is possible we win forever; but if we lose now, it is very possible we lose forever." Stefan Molyneux

It blows my mind that these power hungry globalists are leading us back into the dark ages - WTF... a cold war, or even hot war, with Russia/China/Iran?  Maybe they should start running air raid sirens again to wake people up.  For that matter, WTF is the US doing still invading the 3rd world countries for the sake of MIC and energy projects.  Why can't these bleeding-heart liberals fathom the wanton destruction and misery being caused around the world by the US (particularly) and NATO?  Here you have Afghanistan and Yemen, probably the 2 poorest countires in the world - and they are a threat? .. no, just making somebody rich at our expense.

Never One Roach's picture

The weasel is not doing his job. In fact, he may be an accomplice given that he refuses to indict or even investigate obvious criminals. Granting immunity to these criminals was the last straw.


Comey shoud be replaced.

DuneCreature's picture

OH! OH! OH! .... Here's one! ... Here's one!

A REAL token arrest! ......... Slippery Jim must be getting nervous.

Candice Claiborne - Clinton State Department employee arrested as Chinese spy.


"The charges were announced by Acting Assistant Attorney General Mary B. McCord for National Security, U.S. Attorney Channing D. Phillips of the District of Columbia and Assistant Director in Charge Andrew W. Vale of the FBI’s Washington Field Office."

Spy or secrets purchasing agent for the Chinese with the blessings of Killary?

Connections to Bimbo Bill Lap Dog Sing?

Live Hard, One Arrest? I Wonder How Candy Got So Unlucky?, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

Northern Flicker's picture

maybe a song bird? 

The FBI now seems more attuned to creating crimes, rather than solving them (e.g., Boston Marathon and 16 others as cited by Judge Neopolitano) now coming to Canada compliments of the RCMP.


goober's picture

Depends on who he is working for doesn't it, if he is actually doing his job ? Sholuld be obvious he is not working for you and I and is part of the democrat shadow government cabal.

divingengineer's picture

I don’t want anybody looking at my photos. I treasure my privacy and security on the internet.- James Comey


Is this guy for real? The hypocrisy is beyond imagination. 

aliens is here's picture

Comey needs to go, shamed and never find a job ever again.

francissba's picture

COmey is a slimy, low rent, self aggrandizing  amoral cuck

WhackoWarner's picture

Far as an observer of US politics sees.  Comey and thousands of others.  Used to be the joke about popcorn to watch.  NOW there is no giggle left in any of this idiotic mafiosa dance of the bribed and corrupted.

USA is so sick that I think it is time to turn off the machines and give it a decent burial.  (maybe at sea with Osama's corpse).  Beyond all belief how low and far and wide the self-interested rats will sink.

Comey is nothing.  USA is just so corrupt and lacks any semblance of morality.  EXCUSE me for even bringing up the concept of using tax dollars to benefit the people who pay.  Foreign and probably commie concept.

You folks are beyond redemption.  Nobody can drain your swamps.  The swamp os too deep and pervasive.  Trump cannot save you.  And it is lazy to think he can.