Matt Drudge: "Rand Paul Is America's Best Senator"

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Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge does not personally tweet too often, so when he does, it is either when something has infuriated him or, more rarely, when he has words of affirmation.  Today it was the latter, when Drudge praised Senator Rand Paul, tweeting that he had an "Intriguing lunch in hill office of America's best senator, Rand Paul. He's bold, brave and has somehow kept his heart in such a corrupt city."

While according to many, Drudge was a driving force behind the Trump election, Drudge has been very outspoken recently about his displeasure with the GOP.

In early February, Drudge tweeted that the "Republican party should be sued for fraud. NO discussion of tax cuts now. Just lots of crazy. Back to basics, guys!" and "No Obamacare repeal, tax cuts! But Republicans vote to shut Warren? Only know how to be opposition not lead! DANGER "

One month later, Drudge was even more direct, saying "Republicans lied about wanting tax cuts. Can we get our votes back?"

Then, last Thursday, amid the struggle to rally enough Republican votes to pass an ObamaCare repeal-and-replace plan, he tweeted, "The swamp drains you," which many saw as a jab at President Trump's campaign pledge to "drain the swamp."

As The Hill notes, this was not the first time he's singled Paul in a favorable light: earlier this month the Drudge Report featured a headline touting, "The return of Rand Paul," which was viewed as a warning to moderate Republicans. The headline linked to a Washington Examiner story that outlined Paul's problems with the GOP's healthcare bill.

Rand Paul has consistently called for repeaking Obamacare first, and worrying how to replace it later. So far this strategy has proven unsuccessful.

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bigdumbnugly's picture

It used to be Walter Johnson, but he retired.

bigdumbnugly's picture

Walter had a better fastball than Ron.

Belrev's picture

And the worst senator is Mark Warren of Virginia. He just discovered 1000 Russian internet trolls that helped Trump to win the election.

lexxus's picture
lexxus (not verified) Belrev Mar 30, 2017 11:10 AM


J S Bach's picture

"He's bold, brave and has somehow kept his heart in such a corrupt city."

Yes... he wears his little yarmulke well.

The Gray Man's picture

I think you're a Jew. You and the other Jew haters here are probably all Jew lovers trying to stir up anti-Jew sentiment to bring attention to it.

PrayingMantis's picture


... "Matthew Drudge was raised in Takoma Park, Maryland, near Washington, D.C. His parents are Reform Jewish Democrats who both worked for the federal government, and he is their only child.[1] His father, Robert Drudge, a former social worker who owns the reference site,[1] and his mother, a former staff attorney for U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy,[2] divorced when he was six. Drudge went to live with his mother.[1] He had few friends and was an avid news reader and radio talk show fan.[1][3] In his book Drudge Manifesto, Drudge says that he "failed his Bar Mitzvah", and graduated 341st out of a class of 355 from Northwood High School in 1984, giving himself, in his words, a "more than adequate curriculum vitae for a post at 7-Eleven".[1]

In the 1980s, Drudge worked as a telemarketer for Time-Life Books."

... source: >>>

... if that was his self-assessment (and I wouldn't have any comment about it), who could argue about his "Rand Paul" assessment? ...

J S Bach's picture

"I think you're a Jew. You and the other Jew haters here are probably all Jew lovers trying to stir up anti-Jew sentiment to bring attention to it."

No need to insult me, Gray Man.  My comment is a result of seeing a picture of the good Mr. Paul, shortly after his first-term election.  In it and wearing his little yarmulke, he was genuflecting, eyes closed, palm extended at the "Wailing Wall" with a leering rabbi smiling behind him.  I'm sorry, but when I see my representatives doing this, I lose ALL respect for them for I see where their ultimate loyalties lie.  Do any of our esteemed leaders go before the Pope at the Vatican and do likewise?  Do they make pilgrimages to Mecca to show their respect for Muslims?  No... never.  Only Israel.

Oh... and I don't "hate" jews any more than I "hate" cancer.  Both exist and both do what they do to our bodies.  I only wish them gone so that we may heal and rise to our ultimate destiny.

steelhead23's picture

"RAND for POTUS!"  I say no.  He'd be more divisive than Trump.

Okienomics's picture

Rand is too damn whiny, and his dad sounds too much like Winnie the Pooh (although I contributed to both, I don't think they have the stuff to win a POTUS election).  Where is libertarian with the balls and the charisma to pursuade the American people: The system is not broken, it's working exactly as intended by the corporatocracy feeding on it, and will continue to do so.  We cannot "drain the swamp" as long we continue to feed the swamp monster, but we CAN starve the beast by vastly reducing the amount of money flowing through and being siphoned off to this corrupt city.  Cut Entitlements: Yes.  Cut Military: Yes.  Cut Discretionary Spending: Yes.  Cut Departments: Yes.  CUT CUT CUT and let the STATES do their thing, as intended by the Framers who ENSHRINED it in The Bill of Rights.  As for me and my family, we plead the 10th!

Playtime's Over's picture

I LIKE Drudge but Ron and Rank are all talk and grandstanders.  There is absolutely no way they accomplish anything in Washington ever.  TOO PURE.

adanata's picture


Whatever the original intent, the Pauls are the new insiders perceived to be outsiders. Ron talked about the Fed... because the Barons are finished with it... but he never, ever spoke of the reality of the Rothschild's Global Central Banking system and the total control by the BIS of the global fiat currency system. He never even hinted at humanity's enslavement to the fake fiat con job destroying us all, the criminal unconstitutional personal income tax, the fact the US is a monetary soveriegn with no need to tax [because those revenues go right to the central banks] and our capture by the globalists. Weasel Rand, Rand the Banker's man... never touches the truth either. Beware.

The_Dude's picture

Isn't he an open borders libertarian?   I'm sure that would work perfectly. ..

Turbo_diesel's picture

Open borders is a two way street. That wall is designed to keep you in every bit as much as it is to keep others out. Don't believe me? Try to move to another country with all of your financial assets and see how easy it is.
The libertarian viewpoint is open borders but zero welfare. Open borders in a welfare state is untenable (look at Europe). Open borders that only provide opportunities rather than guarantees IS liberty.

TheLastTrump's picture

These financial laws were in place before the wall so your statement has a critical error. Actually, it died.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I agree with drudge, and I don't even like Rand that much anymore. He repeated way too much neocon nonsense during the campaign in effort to appeal to the republican base. This strategy didn't work, at all, but he did end up alienating a lot of his fathers supporters, including me.

But, even still, I agree that he is the best senator, which is pretty fucking sad.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) greenskeeper carl Mar 30, 2017 11:10 AM

You can't win with the Ron Paul model in a nation of entitled people.

Obamacare is proving it.

Troll Magnet's picture

Rand Paul / Trey Gowdy.  That's the ticket.  Would love to see them challenge Donald Trump in the primary 3 years from now.

TheLastTrump's picture

Sure let's split the vote and lose what's left of our country to the Bolsheviks.


If they get back in conservatives won't. They're not going to allow any more Trumps.



Withdrawn Sanction's picture

"You can't win with the Ron Paul model in a nation of entitled people."

I suppose you'd have to define "win" first. 

Consuelo's picture





Thank you Chris for your usual dose of Clarity ---

enfield0916's picture

Couldn't have said it any better myself, all these instant gratification Instagram idiots are part of that "elite club" of stupid "useless eaters"!

Chupacabra-322's picture

Rand is no Ron. Doubt very much he would utter a word on the Senate floor exposing the Pure Evil Criminal Psychopaths at the CIA like his Father did.

Or even come close to uttering the following:

From Ron Paul:

"The announcement by President George HW Bush on September 11, 1990 about the new world order was well received. Prior to that time it was only the “conspiracy theorists” who constantly talked about and speculated about the New World Order. Neoconservative ideas had been around for a long time. They were endorsed by many presidents and in particular Woodrow Wilson with his goal of spreading American goodness and making the ”world safe for democracy” – none of which can be achieved by promoting war. In the 1990s the modern day neoconservatives, led by William Kristol and Robert Kagan, enjoyed their growing influence on America’s foreign policy. Specifically, in 1997 they established the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) for the specific purpose of promoting an aggressive foreign policy of interventionism designed to promote the American Empire. This policy of intervention was to be presented with “moral clarity.” “Clarity” it was, but “moral” is another question. Their goal was to provide a vision and resolve, “to shape a new century favorable to American principles and interest.”

It was not a surprise that admittedly the number one goal for the New World order was to significantly increase military spending and to be prepared to challenge any regime hostile to America’s interests. They argued that America had to accept its unique role as the sole superpower for extending international order as long as it served America’s interests. Although neoconservatives are thought to have greater influence within the Republican Party, their views have been implemented by the leadership of both Republicans and Democrats."

TwelveOhOne's picture

That, or, the speech about Armed Chinese Troops in Texas -- still gives me chills when I watch this, well done transitioning into his voice:

malek's picture

"You can't win with the Ron Paul model in a nation of entitled people."

The moment you relativate your morals because you're told and you start believing they're a "can't win" proposition, you already lost entirely.

Dabooda's picture

Some games can't be won.  The government game, whether played by democratic or authoritarian rules, is inherently immoral.  Kick over the game table, shun the players.

malek's picture

Kick over the morals table with it => "solving" the problem by making it worse

Mr. Universe's picture

Think of it just like Monopoly, except the Banker makes all the rules, as he goes along. First problem is that they never run out of paper dollars. Second problem is they then distribute unequally to their friends and then charge interest as a convenience fee to use said paper. This tilts the game in favor of a very few at the expense of everyone else. Why you would want to play this morally bankrupt game that you can never win is an exercise in futility.

Dabooda's picture

It's even more basic than that.  "Moral government" is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms.  "Government" means coercion, substituting the will of those who govern for the independent moral judgment of those who are governed.  When your choices are governed, your personal morality becomes moot.  Under government, people do things "because it's the law," instead of "because it's right."

Mr. Universe's picture

The entire basis for law, in fact the reason it exists is to hold up what is right against what would harm another. This sadly has been corrupted beyond repair.

Dabooda's picture

Nope.  That's just  the excuse that governments give, to justify their depredations.  The harm they inflict on those they govern is never "illegal," hm? 

Stealing is immoral, you say?  What about taxes?  Oh, that's different. No, it isn't. 

Murder is immoral, you say?  What about war? Oh, that's different.  No, it isn't.  

People buy into the huge lie that we need government to protect us from evil men -- and are astounded that the most evil men in the world gravitate into government.   And somehow "voting the rascals out" never works -- there's no shortage of rascals who salivate at the thought of LEGAL plunder and impunity from punishment.

MEFOBILLS's picture

Your worldview is not part of reality.

Let's do a little thought experiment shall we?  

We live on an island.  I have a bunch of tough brothers, because my mother and father enjoyed screwing.  My brothers and I get together and take over the fishing grounds.

The fish are the only source of protein on the island.

I then use my brothers to quarantine fishing area, and keep YOU out.  You then start to starve.

By limiting supply of fish to you, I then drive the price up.  

In trade for a fish, I want your daughter.  She is kind of juicy and I want her.  You eventually trade her to me for two fishes.

Or, you go whining to other tough men on the island.  Then the island elects a sheriff.  Said Sheriff then bashes my head in, and the new laws are passed to keep the fishing grounds open.

This is just how it is.  Humans work together in a tribe, and they make law, and they select leaders.  

Your diatribe against  all government being bad is just plain BS, and doesn't comport with actual history.  You are sounding off because government has been perverted.  Yes, it has - but that is a different story.

I can give you many examples in history of good governance.  There is a recent period 1938 to 1974 with Canada, where they had a sovereign money system.  Hungary had a constitutional kingdom that lasted nearly a thousand years.  In the beginning of Venice, the Dodge was selected in a straw vote that prevented psychopaths from getting into power.  The original kings period of Rome, circa 790 BC.  Even Babylon under Hamurabi released debts and tried to be fair.  Some of the Tsar's in Russia tried their best.  Justine of the Byzantine empire beget the word "justice."  Kaiser Wilhelm, etc.

TheLastTrump's picture

The Biblical welfare system:


farmers, leave 10% of your crop in the fields. If the poor want to eat, let them come pick it

Turbo_diesel's picture

Entitlement is not what prevents a Ron Paul model, it is that 90% of people that need external authority to guide them in all things.

Mr. Universe's picture

While true, we must remember that we have come to this point in history by design. Before big government and megalopolises people were for the most part self sufficient, pursued education they saw fit as well as other necessities. While all men may have been created equal, on those whom God has favor on is not. We do not have a monolithic sea of humanity each possessing the same intelligence or aptitudes. The sad fact remains, those that could be considered the bottom 50% are receiving failing grades in life with little chance to improve in todays geopolitical climate. Talk about climate change, things have always skewed toward the elite, but now they are going global. They flash fake cash, buy assets, in-debt nations and then takeover on the inevitable default. Debt slavery at it's finest, as long as this continues, no real change is possible.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) bigdumbnugly Mar 30, 2017 11:07 AM

Rand should have been the nominee, but my view is Ted Cruz was the stalking horse to take Rand down.

Trump took over that role and the media helped him by giving free 24/7 coverage because they tought Hillary could take him, they knew about the Pussy video.


DownWithYogaPants's picture

What about Ru Paul?  Shahee's going to feel left out!

The Gray Man's picture

Cruz didn't take Rand down. The republican voters have never wanted Rand because he will set things back to the way they need to be, and that won't be comfortable to anyone who doesn't understand true Liberty. The republicans and democrats and their voters don't understand true Liberty.

Okienomics's picture

What?!  GrayMan, you're crazy!  My HOA said I could plant yellow OR white daisey's in my front yard. If that' not true liberty, I don't know what is.

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers have a song about Walter Johnson

TheReplacement's picture

Well Ron is retired so get the fuck over it or run yourself and do something about it.

So tired of these pathetic "not Ron" whiners.  #SAD

Laddie's picture

Ron Paul was something else and he knew the score on the FORBIDDEN ISSUES too. His son is, to put it nicely, nothing good.

Matt Drudge is WRONG.

Rand took up the cause of "BLACK LIVES MATTER" he has done free eye surgery for people of color.

Unlike the historic race of America, the founding stock WHITE CHRISTIANS.

FACEBOOK 'Hunt & Kill White Women' Post Not Hate Speech?

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Jewish Ethnic Networking

The really shocking thing here is that no one could have predicted it.
How to End Up in a Shallow Grave in the Congo: Step One – Be White and Go to the Congo (That is the Only Step)

The publisher of DS makes some very salient observations. The MSM doesn't want you to know about
Real Swordsman Hours: Daily Stormer Gets Blamed for Sword Attack!
Also see:

Whites are IN a race war...
The Race War of Black Against White
by Paul Sheehan 20 May 1995 The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

MEFOBILLS's picture

Whites are IN a race war..


It is also a race war against Jews, and their cousins - other Semites.

Our Jewish friends originated with two immigration waves of Neanders down out of the Caucaus mountains, where they met up with Cro-Magnons at end of fourth ice age.  They were being forced out of their lands, where the black sea is today.  There was at least a niagra of water every day blasting over the bosporous to fill in the sea.

These heavily neanderthalic peoples met up with Cro-Magnons.  Cro Magnons used skiffs to navigate along riverways and coastlines.  The skiffs were made of tanned leather, sealed with bees-wax.  They were light in weight and could be portaged.  Cros at this time had alread domesticated cattle, as is evidenced by cave art in France, hence the leather.

Our neanderthal friends have heavily sloped skulls, brow ridges, a long hooked nose, mouths that wrap around the face.  They have long torsos, and short legs.  They are hairy.  They tend to gesticulate when they talk.  The more neanderthalic characteristics, the higher the voice in pitch.  Eye sockets are large, along with large eyes... this so they could hunt up close and personal with large animals at night.  Women were not treated well.  In Jewish literature, women are used as sluts to con other races.  None of their cave art has carvings, hence 'NO GRAVEN IMAGES" or idols allowed.  

It is also likely that our friendly Cro-Neander Jewish hybrid people, formed near the black sea and became Khazars.  They got along well with Semites from middle east, who were a different immigration pattern, but similar in phenotype.

Early in history, the Haibaru (Hebrew) were traveling donkey tribes.  They would go from city state to city state, trading wares.  Later manifestations of this are jews as merchants.

In those city state times, psycopaths would be kicked out of city states, to wander.  Excommunicaiton was punishment of choice.  It is beyond reasonable to expect that psychos would then hook-up with the trading haibaru donkey caravans, thus in-breeding bad genes into the tribe.

Our jewish friends only build a laboring class if they can take rents on populations.  For example, during Tsar period they always wanted to own distillaries, that way they could get serf populations drunk and take from them.  In other words, their laboring class is seldom honest labor.  It is things like goldsmithing, diamond cutting, distillaries, crooked merchant behaviors, tax collectors, banking, the taking of rents and getting over by hook or crook.

Tailors and bread makers are exceptions - nothing is 100%, but in general they have evolved to be parasitic, and want to host other populations.  This is a pure evolutionary construct, which created a race, and a combined religious system over thousands of years.

Whites who do not believe they are being hosted, or who don't believe they are in a race war -have been hypnotized by their public skoool education, and are programmed with a false reality.

By the way, our ((friends)) like precious metal money.  It is the system they rode to wealth, especially as they traded metal on their caravan routes.  Read the protocols "Gold has been very good to us."  They took rents on exchange rates, Silver was plentiful in the West, and Gold plentiful in the east. 

TheLastTrump's picture

Neither is Ron. :)


RP is an ideas man, not a leader of men. Sorry. Maybe Rand will pan out different but you know?


Apples don't usually fall far from the tree.