Does Size Matter? Visualizing The Population Of Every Country (In Bubbles)

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The beautiful thing about data visualization is that it can appear deceptively simple, writes VisualCapitalist's Jeff Desjardin. The world is infinitely complex and burgeoning with all kinds of information. As a result, it seems counterintuitive that things can be reduced to a basic bubble chart or a graph – and to be fair, most things can’t. When the opportunity does arise, however, the results can be very compelling and thought-provoking. A distilled story can help create insight around a subject that wasn’t possible when looking at it with more nuance and complexity.


Today’s visualization comes from Datashown, and it helps to give some perspective on world population.

It’s a deceptively simple visualization, but the story that gets distilled is loud and clear:

The beauty lies in the simplicity – and although all countries are represented, only the labels of the biggest are shown.

If you want to dive into the granular data, here is an interactive version of the same diagram, with all countries and population statistics embedded.


On the above bubble chart, envision “zooming in” on the circle representing the United States, which is located just below China and India.

Here’s the population of every U.S. county. Click the image for an interactive version, from Overflow Data.


Feeling small yet?

Just for fun – here’s a video that notches it up to a more universal level:


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Too many damn people.

tmosley's picture

Not enough white people.

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yes and with global warming they are gonna be moar brown skinned than eva !

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How many whogivesadamistanis does it take to screw in a light bulb?    

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None, they'll sit in the dark and bitch about it.


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I wonder, if you make a mountain of the amount of cooked rice India and China go through in a day - would it be taller than Everest?

Also, what if you could combine the curry/pickle-y smell of every Indian or Korean household into one point source? That would surely be a superweapon.

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The could of shown the video with Obama and just called itthe black hole...beginning to end.


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Where is Canadia, #2 large country of land mass?!

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There's not enough people to deserve a labeled circle.

Pop 34mm

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Does Size Matter?  She told me it didn't, then she left.

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Donald Trump (not verified) Muddy1 Apr 2, 2017 11:54 AM

Here is my take on this:

The Video that Triggered the SJW: “Immigration can NEVER be an Effective way to deal with Poverty”



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Mr President, now that you are here on ZH to grace us with your presence, is it true that your hands and not only, are tiny? 


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Donald Trump (not verified) Dyler_Turden Apr 2, 2017 12:05 PM

Ignorant socialist Peasant !

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I read a book once called Guns, Germs, and Steel, which posited that temperate climate-based civilizations (Europe, N. America, etc.) with solid ag and just a few specific resources were better adapted to technology development, long-term planning, political consolidation of tribes, clans, etc., and ultimately empire. These charts say a lot in that regard. Hot areas with lots of people fucking don't equal successful civilizations or empire-builders in many cases. Although some Middle-Eastern civs have flared up over time.

sunnyside's picture

Muslim countries are going to out fuck every one of us (including China and India) in just a couple of generations.

onthesquare's picture

I read a book a long time ago called Winter Kill.  That is the process that kills off most grasses in the winter so they can start new in the spring.  10000 years of that in the northern hemisphere made humas rich soil or top soil which was perfect for crop yeild.  "Canada-Britains Grainery".  Equatorial countries have no winter kills so no humas.


The Gun Is Good's picture

Interesting! I'll hafta check that one out....

AGuy's picture

"I read a book once called Guns, Germs, and Steel,"
By Jared Diamond

"Hot areas with lots of people fucking don't equal successful civilizations or empire-builders in many cases."

I don't think that is Correct. For instance Egypt had an extremely successful empire that lasted about 3000 years. Consider that the American Empire is about 230 years old, but only stated its empire building in the 20th Century. I doubt the American Empire will make it pass another 20 years.

Egypt was the top technology empire in its day. Today its nearly a Sh*thole, largely now propped up tourism for its former glory days.

What makes an empire is when resources are abundant and the people are willing to invest in themselves to make a better living standard. In the case of the west, Its population reverted from working for a better living standard to begging the gov't for a better living standard.

waspwench's picture

Good point!   Compare Canada's land mass:population ratio to that of the UK.   Britain is seriously over-populated and ought to have an an indefinite freeze on almost all immigration.   If we were not importing other races who have large families (at our expense) then our population would slowly fall to a more reasonable level.   Britain is a very over crowded island.   Unless an immigrant is highly educated and has needed skills they should never be allowed in.

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ZHCampers-----here is the original "Powers of Ten" pulled off in 1977...

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Let's kill the dirty, smelly ones.

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Start with Washington, New York, London, and Tel Aviv...that's where the dirtiest ones are.

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India sounds like a beautiful place to live. Where else can you see millions of smelly people shitting everywhere?

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You have clearly never been to China.

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I stand corrected. Who would eat in these shit holes? Imagine these animals preparing your food

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Americans eat carbs and chemicals and mostly don't know what they eat and why they are mostly fat pigs. Scum of the earth. 

got lucky and now they think they are Gods. Sheeples!



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Then why don't you do us a favor and kill yourself.

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Let's start a war between dot heads and slopes.

Problem solved.

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more likely to happen than you may think

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USA... we are little, but we are cute...

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I'm sure you spelled 'cunts' wrong!

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You need to fire your joke writer...

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His joke writer is cute. Americans? not so much

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Cute def.  attractive, charming, sharpwitted.  Deceptively straightforward.


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china has the biggest pair of "hands" !

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So the Alien cattle trucks land in India first,       Cool, Hope they don't like white meat.

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Politics is either eugenic or dysgenic.

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I live in Maricopa County...population 4.009 million, and about 4 million of that is Latrinos...

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Cooked County really stands out.

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Crooked County, there I fixed it  for you.

I fled that area decades ago because of the corruption and crime, it ain't gotten any better... Shitcago remains.

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I thought Russia was bigger, it sure looks bigger than the US on the maps.  Yeah I think a teenage high school class made this??  lol

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They are talking about population. The size of the country is another kettle of fish!

knukles's picture

Oh thank God!  That had me so confused as well.  You just saved my day.
(pinching your cute little cheek)

RagnarRedux's picture

Germany is still very competitive and productive despite being "occupied" as well as having a relative population disadvantage! Population genetics and the resultant cultures are what matter.