46% Of Millennials In San Fran Ready To Move Out; Blame Housing, Traffic & Trump

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A growing number of snowflake millennials are saying they can no longer stand to live in the preeminent American 'safe space' of San Francisco because the "rent is too damn high", the traffic is too damn congested and, well, President Trump.  According to a new poll conducted by the Bay Area Council, 40% of all people living in San Francisco say they're ready to ditch the city for greener pastures while the number is even higher among millennials at 46%.

A growing number of Bay Area residents, led by millennials (18-39), are looking to greener (or less expensive) pastures as the region’s housing and traffic crises combined with an astronomical cost of living take their toll, according to results of the 2017 Bay Area Council Poll released today. The poll found that 40 percent of respondents are considering leaving the Bay Area in the next few years, with millennials leading the way at 46 percent, along with those who spend the biggest share of their income on housing.


“Losing our youth is a very bad economic and social strategy,” said Jim Wunderman, President and CEO of the Bay Area Council. “But until we get serious about building the housing we need we’re going to continue seeing our region drained of the young and diverse talent that has helped make the Bay Area an economic powerhouse. We know what the solutions are – streamline local approval and reduce fees and regulatory costs – we just need the political will here and in Sacramento to make them happen. It can be done, it must be done and we’re working now to get it done.”

Meanwhile, the number of people saying they're looking to ditch the city jumped 6 points versus 2016.

San Fran


Of course, housing and traffic were the most cited reasons that people were looking leave San Fran.  But, in a rather surprising new addition to the list of complaints, President Trump also showed up as a key threat to life in the Bay Area.  Perhaps, the snowflakes of California's northern shores aren't aware that even if they move elsewhere in the country that President Trump would still be their president?

San Fran


So it's probably not at all surprising that a growing number of people think San Fran is on the "wrong track."

Santa Clara County, home to Silicon Valley and some of the region’s most expensive housing, has the highest number of residents thinking of finding a new address outside the Bay Area, at 47 percent. Across the entire region, renters (50%) are also much more likely than homeowners (31%) to want to cast off, while those who have lived in the Bay Area the longest are far less likely to want to exit than those who have more recently arrived.


“We’ve pulled up the welcome mat,” Wunderman said. “A healthy, growing economy needs new blood, but resistance to new housing combined with the grind of traffic and an ever-lengthening commute are closing the door to new residents, to a new generation. The Council is addressing these problems by supporting new funding at a state level to fix roads and highways, advocating for federal funding to increase capacity on Caltrain, working to expand regional ferry service and urging employers to promote greater use of carpool and rideshare technologies. On the housing front, the Council last year sponsored the only significant housing bill to win approval, making it faster, easier and less expensive for homeowners to add affordable in-laws units. This year, we’re working with legislators on a number of bills to streamline housing approvals that represent our best
hope to address the state’s massive housing shortage.”

San Fran


Seems like the flood of tech gurus swarming San Fran have just found out that their $200,000 salaries will buy them the same lifestyle as a $60,000 salary in any other 'normal' American town.

Here are the full survey results:

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Tallest Skil's picture

Guess they don’t realize that when Trump deports all 40 million illegals, their traffic will be a whole lot better.

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

Damn it, they better not come to Texas.  Austin (I don't live there anymore) is as bad as San Fran regarding traffic, high rent and snowflakes so it would not be a better option for them.

jcaz's picture

...But yet they won't, because they'll have to get real jobs.

Go be a web designer in Midland Texas- I hear that pays HUGE there, like $3.35/hr, as long as you're parking cars on the side....

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

I always do better in major recessions, the sheeple not so much. I'm hoping for a nice big one soon. I would love to see land prices and housing fall off a cliff. I would not mind some major layoffs either. That will stop a ton of millenialtards from moving.

pitz's picture

The only "wall" that needs to be built is at the ICE/CBP area at the country's major international airports.  To keep the H-1B visa holders and similar scams, out of the country.

Everyone knows that there's an abundance of US citizen STEM workers who could take every job held by a H-1B and probably do it better.  And it'd be a lot cheaper to build that "wall" than a physical one with the border with Mexico.

Yog Soggoth's picture

So you are saying that we kicked everyone out in WW2, without all the fancy laws, but it would be impossible now because of the new fancy laws? We kept some law abiding citizens in a holding pen (mostly Japanese and Chinese). They were fed and clothed, and that is pretty good for a World War. No, that is not the only wall that needs to be built! The Northern border is the weak link in the chain. MAGA pitz.

noless's picture

The issue for me with foreign tech workers is security clearances, it just seems like a massive sellout.


But I'm just some bum with an internet connection so whatever I guess.

Beowulf55's picture

Build that wall around California.

ThuleNord's picture

Don't come to the upper Midwest either, it's awful. Cold weather and bigoted anti-snowflakes everywhere. Snowflakes: Stay out. We hate you.

BingoBoggins's picture

I'll give that an uffda! Now, if they'd just close the Lake Street Bridge ...

ThuleNord's picture

Just wall off the whole north side

BingoBoggins's picture

Adopted old school e. side - swede hollow ain't what it used to be

Whenever there's trouble from the Asian bar next door, I yell out the walk-up's window,

"I'll knock you out!" in my best pissed off drunk voice. Drives 'em crazy.


eatthebanksters's picture

It will be interesting to see how libtard snowflakes move and assimilate into their new towns...how will they be treated by more conservative locals who look at snowflakes as the base root of problems in our country. They would fit best in college towns but we all know that finding jobs in small out of the way college towns is next to impossible. They made their fucking bed, now they can sleep in it.

Yog Soggoth's picture

Interesting not. These are the children of the (1) used to have money libtards and the (2 ) still have money libtards. Most of these follow under (1) with, "used to be drug culture'. I don't care if one of them is 30 something or more, they are still kids of a culture of self destruction. They suck because their parents taught them how to be the lamest people on Earth. How is that interesting? Are you some kind of sick bastard that I need to put my big toe up your ass? You ain't running yet?

NordikAvenger's picture

Extermination isn't far off.  Maybe slavery will do them good.

BingoBoggins's picture

Taken from a tradesman's viewpoint, 'cuz it's simple: If they're worthy, or you're somehow stuck with one, you try to help. Tis your duty, you tell yourself. Sometimes you lie to youself, but that's your problem. Some petty resentment, or worse yet, something you ate.

Some will respond, some won't. The really good ones, you challenge them to the point of tears. Then they they get mad. Challenge further. They want to kick your ass and kick it good. If they haven't quit by then, there's a good chance they *will* kick your ass.

Success. You still have the dirty tricks up your sleeve in reserve, however. When the legs go, the mind takes over. And, they have to go and make it on their own. Fail at trying at least once. Then you might reveal that you like them after all.

The roles of Master and Apprentice are indomitable however. A thoughtful master will ignore them. He realizes the trust established is an unbreakable bond. And he has better things to do. Like break out some dirty tricks. Maybe become a forest dweller ...

Minnesota, specifically the Twin Cities, is the California of the North. Thank God we're five years behind the Coast here in Fly-over land.

Either way, I'm fucking splitting, Jack.

any_mouse's picture

Use to cross that bridge a lot. Selby-Lake bus line, bike, or walk depending on weather.

Which side is it that you want blocked?

I attended school just across in Mpls because diverse migrants from the US South residing in the Central HS area kept threatening my well being.

One morning at the breakfast table I matter of factly asked my RN mom "where on the back of the neck could I hit someone with a wrench and knock them out". She knew if I asked I was going to do it.

That was the end of public school for me.

BingoBoggins's picture

Lucky stiff. That's sad (example; late '60's vernacular, CDBG 125% <poverty level, addressees residing < 1000 block, ex-Crocus Hill: Translation:: "That's so square, man!)

South? Sure they weren't from the East, young fella? Risen from the dregs of the Rust Belt, from Newark to Detroit, Cincinnati to the Windy City, their forebears, pioneers in search of a better life, ingenious traders, slingers and Rude Boys all 'round? Jolly good! If they had a chip on their shoulder, son, it's only 'cuz they had to. So claimed their first apologist, anyway. He worked for a non-profit that probably advertised in their home towns using Community Development Block Grants from the Feds, indirectly ... CDBG inspired a host of jobs, that is, to people giving it away. They'd better. If you didn't use it all, you might get less of that free taxpayer money from the next year's funding cycle. At least they did until there wasn't any left. 

Well, you see, the Bridge is a direct quote, uhh, taken from a conversation overheard, umm, describing a certain cross-section of residents sampled from that hip, trendy neighborhood designated as Uptown, over in Sin City. Minneapolis. The place they always mention on TV.  Lake St. being a key route, of course, and once safely across the magnificent Mississippi, a quick detour might bring one to the Noble Roman on Grand. Or, it did. It's just a fairy tale now ... and any representations made in this comment are not necessarily those of the poster. They may be ironic, however.

Before those liberal delights overtook this most unassuming of State Capitals, you should have walked into Cossetta's when it was just a storefront on Ryan and Chestnut, at the bottom of Irvine Park, the original Gold Coast until its mansions became rooming houses for migrants spawned in the Depression. Using recipes from the home country, the sausages and cheeses those two old gentlemen rendered! Only staggering distance from the Dutch and close by the Capital, I knew a free spirit who called his Rice St. digs, "the last bastion of whitedom", if only for his powers of observation. My father once mused that the German girls there still had "big legs." That was the '70's. He spoke of the 30's. It's true even today.

I have a photo of a young gangster-ish fellow in slouch hat and a pinstriped double-breasted leaning menacingly by the stone wall across from Lake Como ... and what could any aspiring boy do, bored with catching carp beneath the landing just upstream from the northernmost port on the Mississippi River, vexed with idle time and idle hands? Steal every damn thing that wasn't nailed down. It isn't called the City of Thieves without reason. Most boring, too, I heard someone say. There's something comforting in that statement. I never took any offense from it.

Well, maybe not in F. Scott's stomping ground at the top of the hill. But those Irish were all drunks anyway. How do you think the streets got laid out as haphazardly they did? Only a local can find his way around. Nor would they admit to it, other than the City Councilmen and Inspectors - but only in the course of their duties. Oh, maybe they'd allude to a little larceny, pretending even, when the big time hoods came to town for a rest, fawning and boasting in a speakeasy inside a cave on the banks of the river. By agreement, the gangsters had no fear of police reprisals as long as they kept quiet, although everybody in town knew. it was like a shared secret among fellow conspirators.

And why did Snoose Boulevard have the largest collection of Italian Restaurants? Odd, especially along Swede Hollow there, where the poor folks lived with no plumbing, with only the creek to serve their various needs. Combined with a stretch of Highway 61 to the East, named Arcade St. for its selection of mercantile establishments, the two thoroughfares were prosperous enough, sedately Victorian in nature, as well as sporting 22 bars between them.

The Hamm's Brewery must have been a draw. The night shift would get off and punch in to their favorite stool promptly at 8 o' clock every day. A group of us went to the Moon one night, driving from Oakland Cemetery and its Black Angel, through turn of the century neighborhoods going to seed, the housing stock converted to cheap month to month rentals to serve the working stiffs that came for jobs. Industry still thrived then. Manufacturers and foundries set up by the railroad tracks that are ubiquitous around town. You could smell the stench of glue at midnight from the 3M plant overpowering the stale beer smell pouring from open transoms on every corner.

That was the night the whole town and every n'eer do well, biker, head, and Foosball expert was flying on Acid. Our ship had come in on the backs of postage stamp sized snippets of paper, divisible by four. The crack of the strike, a screaming shot from the back line, discernibly slooooowing to, discrete, single rotations of the ball, plenty of Time to address it ... I must have drank three pitchers of 3.2 with no ill effect. Closing time and outside to -32 F below, white breath and harsh light congealing in the sound of a far off train's warning - a glance at a car window and it shattered, a thousand sparkling pieces, falling over one another - an Iron Moon in each shard of glass; the thirteenth night - I had to motion to the others that we had to leave. Otherwise, I was incapable of speech.

May Day at the Polish Club? Not - so lucky. Shots of Blackberry Brandy with the Whazzit -ski brothers, I can't remember ... something with that Outcast flippin' a wheelie with his bitch on the back, flipped over backwards and laid out flat, motor screaming, the echoing roar mingling with the train horns that blare at any time of the night or day.

No. That was the Harvest Festival, wasn't it? How many decades had they put those on? Nine? Ten? It was the biggest event of the year, the biggest crowds, most fights, most babies conceived - the biggest parade, too. No doubt about it - at every Harvest Parade you'd see someone, a person from your past yet still familiar, an old friend to exchange warm greetings with, always, or, until they're forgotten. 

Shut the fuckin' bridge already, would ya?


duo's picture

we get enough snowflakes in the winter, eh.

BingoBoggins's picture

ja. ' least there's no mosquitos

GUS100CORRINA's picture

San Francisco is a modern day "Sodom and Gomorrah" on the PACIFIC located in a high risk earthquake zone with a cost of living that is one of the highest in the USA.

Anyone with a sane mind would want to move out if they could manage it.

ExplodingEntropy's picture

To be washed out and made into an inland sea.


Real scientists know, California is toast

SixIsNinE's picture

and there is the very ugly reality of having to deal with the fallout resulting from confusing their children / teens that its ok to not be a male or female, and it's ok to start changing the English language and inserting made up pronouns -
one such confused teen brutally murdered the teacher in January - a 27 year old FEmale teacher. The confused teen was not happy about the pronoun situation. The murderer caused quite a scene at the last court appearance as the very real vision of further life behind bars becomes the reality - and i don't think commifornia prisons are upgraded to gender-fluidity yet.

to be fair though, for those who are set with a house in the berkeley oakland hills, and can work from home - it is gorgeous.

WhiteEagle1763's picture

Minneapolis-St. Paul is already on the downward path.  It's a destination for migrants because it is very generous with the freeloader giveaways and it also is attracting many of the people fleeing other states as well, such as Illinois which liberal policy ran down the toilet.  Minnesota's severely fucked up and unless something is done, it *will* suffer the same fate as all of the other liberal infested, totalitarian leftist states like CA, NY, NJ, IL.  And MN is also dominated by a political system that loves central planning and crony capitalism, which is turning it into a cesspool.  I love the Upper Midwest but it is actively being destroyed by leftist anarcho-tyranny and mismanagement and MN is going that way the fastest.

duo's picture

I got lectured by a MN resident at a bar about how great the Somalis were for the state. I asked, and of course she had never been to a Somali enclave, especially alone. Hadn't been within 50 miles.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

I would've personally driven her to one, right on the spot, even if I had to take a day off from work to do it.

canisdirus's picture

I have noticed that MN is becoming sort of the CA of the center of the country, after IL became sort of the NY.

The upside is that the lifestyle in MN is better than IL, but it's still a horrible thing to have happen to your state.

WhiteEagle1763's picture

Two thoughts: 1.) MN is becoming a sort of Berkeley North, if we could agree that places like the Boulder County complex are Berkeley East.  However, the real locus of this is the Twin Cities.  Outside of the TC is not nearly so homogeneously liberal.  Many parts of the state go the other way.  But TC and the North Shore really cement liberalism in the state b/c they have the most population.  Similar effect to what goes on in WI with their North Coast and the liberal metros, though apparently there, there has been more resistance.  2.)  I agree that, for now, lifestyle in MN is better.  But this will not last.  The way it's going right now is putting it on the same path as the states that have already been trashed.  I don't know how long it will take but unless there's an unprecedented reaction against it (which isn't impossible), I think it will meet the same fate.

canisdirus's picture

CA is the same way, though, with vast deep red areas. Only the major cities and college towns are blue in CA.

johnconnor's picture

Yes, dear millenial Snowflakes from San Francisco, Texas is horrible, don't move here please, take your social justice dreams and lattes far East

Doug's picture

Oh no.  No.  We have enough snowflakes already.  How about Manitoba?  Thanks!  - NY State

duo's picture

And if you drive 15 MPH in the rain and brake check the guy behind you, remember that most of us have gunz. Seriously, don't bring that crap.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Noooooo!!!  We don't want them in the East, either!!!  Let them congregate in Vancouver ... 

Lanka's picture

Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa are nice choices also.

Thomas Paine's picture

Texas is awesome compared to Florida.  They're running out of fresh water and the place is overun with cheapo conservative retirees from Michigan and Ohio. i hear Quebec is a real sweet area though.

Thomas Paine's picture

Texas is awesome compared to Florida.  They're running out of fresh water and the place is overun with cheapo conservative retirees from Michigan and Ohio. i hear Quebec is a real sweet area though.

shamus001's picture

oh they're coming pal! You better believe it!

That and Seattle/Portland ... needs more pansies- not at max capacity yet!

algol_dog's picture

What's Trump got to do with their lamenting? 

knukles's picture

They need somebody else to blame for having chosen underpaid jobs in expensive cities to be cool.

Lore's picture


But they don't.  Most are entitlement-acculturated Agenda 21-brainwashed progressive-leftists who will infiltrate local municipal planning departments and encourage taxpayer-subsidized "redevelopment" of "affordable" shoebox towers in prime locations, fucking up the local market and creating distorted valuations like we now see in Vancouver and Toronto.  And when the market turns, thousands of bagholders will scream to be bailed out, "as is their right." 

WhiteEagle1763's picture

You're right about this and one can see it in every major metro these days.  There are these ugly midrise complexes going up everywhere, both in urban cores, and suburban districts as well as newly made exurbs, and it's all designed with an ugly post-postmodern aesthetic that fits perfectly with the soulless, crony capitalist, materialist lifestyle they're all selling these days.  I never thought I'd long for the days of boring suburbia and tacky strip malls, but by God, those are actually much preferable to this garbage of 'density development'.  I do not see the appeal of that at all.  And of course ground zero for this is in blue states where they absolutely love central planning.

curly's picture

Was in a couple of the 'stans last summer.

Your mention of the "midrise complexes" reminded me of the Soviet era buildings in the 'stan cities.

(the real stans, not Londonistan or Dearbornistan or any of the growing western stans)

shamus001's picture

I hate SF with a passion, but @Lore you have to know, it wasn't the millenials that fucked up your housing market, it was your legeslative branch whom allowed foreign entities from China to invest in local assets with no limitations!  Freshly printed Yuan, embezzled through controlled markets over there left communist insiders with a LOT  of money to hide!  They hid it in your homeland, and you can thank your govt for welcoming them in there.

UBER Chinese billionairs bid up homes (which are worth 150k elsewhere) into the likes of 4 million $!  They don't have to live there, they just need a place to park all of that FREE FIAT!

curly's picture


And now that they tired of blocks of empty houses bought by chinese investors in Hongcouver, BC, and have passed some laws making that kind of real estate "investing" much harder, it's just moved a little south to seattle and portland.

So, you 2nd and 3rd tier of SFO snowflakes, who haven't moved here yet, Seattle and Portland are becoming just like SFO, minus the charm and good universities.


Anne_of_Green_Gables's picture

You just described the situation in Vancouver BC to a tee.


Lore's picture

Foreign capital certainly adds fuel to the fire, but it's only a fraction of the local market, even in the bubble hotspots.  The loathesome multistorey boxes that I'm talking about have been popping up all over the nation over the last 2-3 decades and now number in the tens of thousands, the result of rigorous community brainwashing, particularly at the college level, where curricula are saturated with Agenda 21 propaganda. Tour some of the glass towers downtown, and you see some Chinese occupants, yes, but also more non-Chinese.  I haven't seen any hard data, but I suspect that the majority are drowning in debt.

It seems to me that complaints about "affordability" go out the window when you consider that they seem loudest amidst the nicest places to live.  Most imbalances would resolve on their own if only market-blind 'urban planners' and their subsidy-gobbling developers could be made to fuck off. 

Unwashed's picture

The 5% blaming Trump are illegal aliens.

Yog Soggoth's picture

Har Har ... now your just being mean. Once they realize that they can't afford life, is lesson enough.